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:: Gadkari’s initial steps a shamble, fails to unite BJP


:: Indian MP: Israel a danger to world peace and security


:: Good results of Urdu medium schools


:: Social Profiling: Indian Style


:: Muslims unable to benefit from govt welfare schemes


:: Muslim leaders condemn the attack on Kerala academician


:: Mr Minister! Jamia is Our Offspring


:: India: Unconstitutionally Yours! — the Census 2011


:: Centenarian wants to go for Haj


:: Sikhs rebuild mosque demolished in 1947


:: Get over false pride to prevent communal friction


:: A story of oppression - Unheard Voice from Manipur


:: Selective Justice in Tahiliyani’s Terror Court


:: Pakistan's terrorist challenge


:: Rejoinders, opinions & letters to the editor


:: Free coaching programme for Civil Services for Minorities


:: Gujarat's "Nero" Modi exhibits his hatred towards Islam


:: The whole world should see this: Israeli killing Palestinian at point blank


:: Urdu in missionary school


:: Awards last fortnight to Indian Muslims


:: Indian Muslims demand government to break all ties with Israel


:: Judicial Imbalance: Kasab faces trial, others face guns


:: CPI protests against the nastiness of Israel over Gaza aid flotilla


:: Career in publishing, National Book Trust comes up with a course


:: Welfare programme for Orphan and Poor Muslim Students in Vijayawada


:: Join Protest March to Israeli Embassy Delhi


:: Popular Front of India protests Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla


:: All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat outraged by the Israeli piracy in the international waters


:: Indian Muslims Condemn Israeli Attack on Flotilla carrying Humanitarian aid and Peace Activists


:: Israel Strikes Once Again, This Time in International Waters


:: The Road to Gaza is open: take part in breaking the illegal and cruel siege


:: India: Dalit leader accepts Islam, pens a book


:: Indian Muslims save your citizenship, appeals minorities NGO


:: Headley Saga: Mumbai attack was a joint IB-CIA-Mossad-RSS project


: Chief Justice of India to preside a convocation, “Nero” Modi Chief Guest


:: India: Fellowships for students from Minority communities


:: Gujarat pogroms 2002: Modi is Culprit No. 1


:: India: Dialogue between Islam and Eastern Religions to start tomorrow


:: India: Azamgarh youth kidnapped by plainclothes


:: Muslim and Christian Leaders Meet Home Minister on Reservation for Dalit Muslims and Christians


:: twocirclesTV interviews Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor, The Milli Gazette on its 10 years of publication


:: Is Israel Controlling Phony Terror News?


:: Hindutva goons disguised as "Gao Sewa Samiti" terrorise Muslims of Malegaon


:: Book smashes "Islamic terrorism" myth in India


:: Maulana Azad Foundation announces scholarship for minority girl students


:: Umra and the Ugly virus H1N1


:: Murderous attack on Muslim youths by BJP's MP in Azamgarh


:: Administration's version about Mysore riot and subsequent events


:: Jamia teachers reject Batla House encounter's farcial enquiry by human rights commission


:: Mysore police attacks protesting Muslims: Popular Front's reply to Police


:: Murderers of Professor Sabharwal Roam Free; Peaceful fight for justice this Sunday


:: AFMI to Award X, XII Indian Muslim students for excellence in studies


:: AIMMM condemns illegal arrest of Feroze Mithiborwala, Kishore Jagtap


:: Indian Muslim leaders on AMU VC's inquiry


:: Human Welfare Foundation announces scholarships for students


:: We condemn 'illegal' arrest of Feroze


:: Educational Scholarships for Minorities in Karnataka


:: Reality of the allegations against AMU VC


:: AFMI announces XIX Convention to be in Ohio in October


:: Watch this video campaign "Palestine: I Resist"


:: Indian American group concerned on Ghori's arrest by police


Rejoinder from the Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Mysore District, Karnataka  
:: Mysore: your story is only half true


:: India: Police attacks peaceful rally protesting Hindutva miscreants


:: Scholarships for boys studying in Bangalore


:: India Muslims welcome Liberahan Babri Masjid report, want govt to take action


:: Muslims: Legalisation of homosexuality is an attack on Indian values


:: India: National Agenda for Muslims Development


:: Indian Muslims want news channel to stop showing Babri Mosque demolition visuals


:: Indian Muslims' apex body deliberates on national and international issues


:: Delhi: Send your boy to Summer Islamic Classes


:: Indian Muslims demand quota for Muslim Women in Legislatures


:: Human Rights Defender Assaulted for Pursuing a Case in North East India


:: Indian Government keen on Muslims welfare: Union Minister


:: Syed Shahabuddin's on President Obama's Speech


:: Apex Indian Muslim body welcomes President Obama’s overtures to the Muslim World


:: Scholarships in Karnataka through Centralized Single Window Scheme


:: Indian Muslims criticise underrepresentation in Council of Ministers


:: Charity Alliance to start school at Murshidabad


:: India: Stock Markets, Weaker than a Spider's Web


:: India: Murshidabad reflects the plight of Muslims


:: Muslims in Union Cabinet


:: Hawaii State of USA honours Islam


:: Indian Muslims welcome the election results


An exhaustive look at the performance of each MP in 14th Lok Sabha—and the state of each of the 543 constituencies.


:: Indian Muslims say Pakistani Talibans treatment of Sikhs is illegal


:: India: Muslim mushawarat condemns continued kidnapping and torture of Muslim youths


:: BJP as slave of RSS: What do the RSS archives tell?


:: Report on incidents human rights violation in Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat


:: The Ugly Face Of Sangh Parivar - Human rights orgs report


:: Times of India leads the terror-mongering pack



:: Coaching for Civil Services Exam 2010


:: India: Muslim mushawarat dismayed at Justice Katju’s “Talibanisation” remarks


:: Charity Alliance sets an example


:: Save taxes the Islamic Way


:: Free NET/JRF/B.Tech coaching for minorities students



:: A test to check if you a part of the Ummah

:: Are we FUNDING Israel to kill?

:: Free NET/JRF/B.Tech coaching for minorities students

:: Free NET/JRF/B.Tech coaching for minorities students


:: Anti-Muslim riots in North Assam


:: Support victims of anti-muslim violence in Assam: 1,17,000 homeless people are now living in about 44 Relief Camps 


:: India: Muslim mushawarat's statement on Delhi serial blasts


:: The Mark of a Jurist in Mumbai


:: India: MG reporter released by Madhya Pradesh police


:: India: Madhya Pradesh police arrests MG journalist


:: Indian Muslims protest against the siege of Gaza


:: Lift Gaza Siege: Protest against Israeli occupation

Centre must prevent a Gujarat 2002 in Orissa



Palestine Conference on Quds Day, Oct 5

:: Conference on Jerusalem & Palestine

Hamas supremo Khalid Mish'al: "Balance Has Moved in Favour of Palestinians"
Hamas supremo Khalid Mish'al: "Balance Has Moved in Favour of Palestinians"


:: Your action required to Punish the Guilty of the Anti-Muslim Pogrom of 1992-1993


:: Mumbai: new probe into the deadly riots of 1993


Gujarat lab comes to U.P.

:: Six hours of Gujarat in U.P. village

:: Fact-Finding Report On Dhanni Deeh Case

:: “Dhanni Deeh is first Hindutva lab in UP”

:: Presidential election: whither Indian republic?

:: Facts versus Myths: New Book on Terrorism

:: Democracy Defeated: Palestinian democratic experiment smashed to pieces

:: National Seminar on Encounter Killings

:: Cochin declaration: Charter of demands of the Muslim community

:: Meeting with President Kalam on Death Penalty

:: Pratiba's statement on veil condemned

:: "Presidential Candidate's Comment is an attack on Indian 'WOMANHOOD'"

:: Indian Muslim organisation: 'Muslim Package' a farce

:: Communal Crimes Bill 2005 rejected by jurists, academicians and activists

:: AFMI announces convention theme: "Educational and Economic parity: A must for a resurgent India"

:: Assam: Thousands of AUDF supporters arrested

:: SANE: An Islamophobic group attempts to banish Islam from the U.S.

:: Hindutva Mob in India Beats, Strips, Parades Pastor

:: War Foretold: Mark Twain and the Sins of Our Race

:: Losing Afghanistan: Firepower Doesn't Always Win Wars

:: Hidden agenda of PEW Center's million dollar survey of American Muslims

:: Resolutions of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat

:: Special Religious Zones in India

:: Muslim count in UP assembly – 2007

:: Indian Muslims and the Media

:: NCHRO to organise National seminar on Fake encounter killings at Mumbai

:: Indian Muslim organisation Proposes that Armed Forces should Stop Operation Sadhbawa in Jammu Kashmir for Restoration of damaged Religious Places

:: Indian Muslims and the Media

:: For Boycott of Israel to be Effective, an International Coalition Is Indispensable

:: Misdirected Hyderabad Bomb Blast Investigations

:: Indian Muslim Org. condemns Dausa Firing on Gurjars and call for their inclusion in ST list

:: Muslim Deprivation: Some Thoughts in the Context of the Sachar Committee Report

:: Minorities Council welcomes Misra Commission's Recommendations

:: Absence of Intellectual Freedom an Impediment for Muslim Societies

:: Indian Muslims welcome Mishra Commission's recommendation for reservation for Minorities in Public Employment and Education

:: Letter to Prime Minister on the situation of Muslims in the country

:: CIM Urges CBI Probe in Hyderabad Blasts

:: Best Bakery Case: Courts cannot allow bullshitting with justice

:: Report of the fact finding committee on the bomb blast at Mecca Masjid and subsequent police firing

:: Sachar Committee Report: An Overview

:: American Muslims of Indian Origin Condemns Blasts in Hyderabad & Gorakhpur

:: Brief Report of the National Workshop of Muslim NGOS held in New Delhi

:: The Sachar Committee Report

:: Killer Videos

:: Save Aligarh Muslim University

:: Appeal to Maintain Peace on AMU Campus

:: Manpower required for Gulf Company

:: BJP's Anti-Muslimism

:: US-EU : An International Double Standard

:: Demand for Security of Christian Institutions in Chhatisgarh

:: Freedom for Alan Johnston

:: Newsstands with MG in Mumbai

:: "The Politics Behind Anti-Christian Violence"

:: Woes of Indian Muslims: Vast resources but to no avail

:: Political Parties mum in UP on Urdu in Education and Administration

:: Muslim Organisation endorses candidates in Phase I & II election

:: Ruling on Status of Muslim in UP is ill-conceived to the Point of Absurdity

:: Want to become a Chartered Accountant?

:: Rand Corporation's new recipe to handle the Muslim World

:: On hate campaigns in politics: Time to make the Sangh Parivar pay for its poison

:: Not an Intellectual Squabble

:: Draft Resolutions for the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla

:: Myopic Builders and Elusive Moderates

:: A Paradigm Shift: America as Proxy

:: India: Ten Day Live-in Muslim Youth Camp

:: One million Iraqi deaths

:: Truth Trickles Out: The Gujarat Pogrom Five Years Later

:: Hindu-Jewish summit!

:: Open Letter to Speaker of Lok Sabha on Communal Riots

:: TMK to march to Parliament for reservation

:: 64 killed as Samjhauta Express becomes terror target

:: Council of Indian Muslims deplores attack on Samjhauta Express

:: Empower India Conference 15-17 February

:: New Book ferrets out the Bible of Hindu Fascism

:: "Delhi Chalo - Huq maango" Join us on in our march to Parliament

:: Countdown for Iran: When Commonsense is Nonsense

:: Powerful Bomb explosion in Nanded

:: Happy new Hijra year

:: Employment Opportunities for Muslims in Private Corporate Sector

:: Pre-Election Communal Violence Starts In U. P.

:: Indifferent attitude of Mumbai police towards Muslims

:: Committee on War, Imperialism and Resistance: West Asia

:: Memorandum to Governor of Andhra on Allahabad Madrasa sexual harassment and gang rape

:: JKLF calls for Kashmir Bandh (General strike) on Tuesday, 6 Feb

:: Need to update Indian food labeling laws

:: American and U.S. Anti-terror practices on Trial: Maher Arar Saga Not Over Yet

:: MG articles nominated for European award

:: The 58th Republic Day of India

:: Lest We Forget this Republic Day

:: "Unite also for" campaign

:: Taken for a Ride by the Israeli Left

:: Shameless in Gaza

:: Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz for upliftment of Indian Muslims

:: Riots in Gorakhpur: A preliminary report

:: The Ummah (Muslim Community) is Hemorrhaging

:: Ministry of Minority Affairs achieves several milestones in one year

:: The Yogi And The Fanatic: Would Gorakhpur be the next Gujarat?

:: Blasts Galore: Communalism 2006

:: Critique on Golwalkar's "We or our nationhood defined"

:: Death of Saddam Hussein in New World Order

:: The Black Bull died today

:: Asia Fellows Awards now open for applications

:: Sachar Report: Flawed report on Muslims

:: 2006: Another tough year for American Muslims

:: Middle East Peace Process: Stagnation by Design

:: India's foreign policy and Muslim vote bank

:: Striving for Secular Democracy: new book on resources against communalism in India

:: A job to do: Indian Muslims and govt policies

:: Aljazeera: The Plot thickens

:: The oil connection in the Iraq Study Group report

:: Malegaon: more lies of the Anti-Terrorism Squad exposed

:: 'Hindi media is either very secular or very communal': Zafarul-Islam Khan

:: Summarised Sachar Report on Status of Indian Muslims

:: Malegaon bomb blasts: Time for a fresh probe

:: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Launches Islamic Family Campaign

:: How They Crush Mangalore's Muslims

:: Hudna or Not: Palestinian Rights Must Be Preserved

:: Muslim blood is a cheap commodity

:: Demonstration on Babri demolition anniversary

:: "Islam means peace"

:: Aligarh Alumni Mushaira 2006 held in Washington

:: "Urgent Need to Dismiss U.P. Government": Sherwani

:: Pope's PR visit to Turkey

:: Sacco and Vanzetti are today's Mohamed and Mohamed

:: "Babri Mosque Demolition has a symbolic Relation with the General Discrimination Against Indian Muslims"? UK Muslims

:: Blaming Islam

:: Ethnic Cleansing and Israel's Racist Discourse

:: Democracy Besieged

:: Quds and Palestine Appeal

:: MOEMIN to organize Workshop for Muslim NGOs

:: Read Sachar Committee Report on Indian Muslims

:: ISM Kerala to host International Islamic Exhibition

:: 'Hindi media is either very secular or very communal': Zafarul-Islam Khan

:: Jamaat-e Islami Hind Launches Islami Family Campaign

:: Malegaon Blasts- Partisan approach and biased police

:: From William Hunter to Rajinder Sachar

:: "Sachar report is old wine in new bottle" says former National Commission for Minorities Chairman

:: Killing Hope in Beit Hanoun

:: Intricate Transition: From Moon Sighting to Astronomical Calculation

:: Mumbai Police's shameless treatment of Muslims is exposed by Mumbai's English daily newspaper Mid-day

:: American and Israeli policies thrashed at Delhi symposium on West Asia

:: Malegaon resorts to an unusual protest

:: Symposium on West Asia in Delhi this Sunday

:: Gujarat carnage: Is there hope?

:: Treacherous Road to Oslo Begins Here

:: First Muslim elected to US Congress

:: AMU Students Union condemns the decision of an Iraqi Tribunal

:: Memorandum to National Commission for Minorities communal environment in India

:: Palestine as a Foil for People's Unconnected Dreams

:: Elderly Pakistani citizen helpless in a Bihar hospital

:: Peace TV now on Arabsat Satellite also

:: Ajmal Talent Search Examination

:: Don't We Muslims Need Some Self-Assessment?

:: Nuclear Dual Standards

:: American Muslims support Democratic Party

:: When it comes to enrollment in schools, Muslims trail even SC/STs: Sachar panel

:: Punjab Human Rights Committee's Report On Cold Blooded Murder of a Muslim Youth

:: World Universities

:: Free student development workshops to excellence in exams

:: Truth about Afzal

:: Gujarat as another country: The making and reality of a fascist realm

:: No habeas corpus relief for 12 million non-citizens in U.S

:: Should Mohammad Afzal Guru be hanged?

:: Ramadan is Welcome - Islam and Fasting

:: Palestinian Power-Struggle: Siege Within

:: Violence in Karnataka: Police Watch as Minority is Targeted

:: Jains reject Gujarat move to classify them as "Hindus"

:: Iraq: Divide and Rule, 'Ethnic Cleansing Works'

:: CIM Deplores the Sacrilege of Hindu Temple in Pakistan

:: Papal Indiscretion

:: Muslims in Mumbai at the Receiving End

:: Peace Prize for Yunus - a credit to Nobel Committee

:: Educating Muslims: Need to look beyond rhetoric

:: Donate books - Share your knowledge this ramadan

:: Did someone from STF engineer the attack on Parliament?

:: The Logic behind Rice's Grin

:: Mangalore violence by Sangh outfits

:: Charity Alliance Annual Report 2005-2006

:: Mumbai Police Charade

:: Muhammad's Sword

:: In search of a moderate Muslim

:: Empowerment of the Indian Muslim woman

:: Demonizing the Muslim Community in India

:: The Next Palestinian Struggle

:: A True Islamic Matrimonial Portal for Muslims Worldwide

:: Ramadan For Body and Soul

:: Haj Subsidy: Air India should not have monopoly

:: Pope's Remarks: Government should Convey feelings of Indian People to Vatican

:: Pope Benedict XVI and his unwise utterances

:: Israeli Airline demands special rights of surveillance around Mumbai airport

:: Iran Must counter Bush Terror

:: Papal Insults: A Bavarian Provocation

:: Open Letter to Pope Benedict from Indian Muslims

:: Pope's attack on Islam was no casual slip

:: Terror Trails - Investigations into Malegaon Blasts

:: Lebanon: Aggression and Resistance

:: Has The Pope Joined Hands with Bush-Blair in their Crusades? - CIM

:: Investigate Malegaon Blast and Raise compensation to Delhi, 1984 Level

:: Spare SIMI - Enough is enough?

:: Pope Benedict XVI Should Urgently Clarify His Remarks About Islam

:: Bush PR Campaign: Back to the Basics

:: Muslims are trying to integrate, despite New Labour's best efforts

:: Is Malegaon Victim of Hindu Revenge Seekers' Design?

:: The Ram Myth: shedding new light

:: Babukhan meets AP chief minister on minority issues

:: Against the circle of unreason; Gujarat, Mumbai, Kashmir affect us differently

:: Blasts in Malegaon Mosque are handiwork of Hindutva terrorism

:: The politics of fear in US elections

:: Justice India style

:: Indian Muslim Federation of UK condemns Malegaon Blasts

:: Malegaon Blasts: The Corpse with a Fake Beard

:: The history and politics of Vande Mataram

:: What is Vande Mataram

:: Bush defends Secret prisons operated by America

:: Anti-Christian Violence in India

:: Being Muslim in India Today: Some Reflections

:: American Muslims of Indian origin condemns Malegaon blasts

:: Indian Muslim students org condemns Malegaon blasts

:: Surat journalist arrested

:: British Indian Muslims Deplore Malegaon Bombing

:: Azad, Paes to attend AFMI convention

:: The Day After: A Reading into the Post-Lebanon War

:: Five years after 9/11: American Muslims remain under siege

:: Kidnapped in Gaza: Chaos as a Strategy

:: The beginning of the end of the Zionist state of Israel…?

:: The Neo-Crusaders

:: The War Is Lost

:: India Today's data on Muslim literacy questioned

:: The Allure of Football and Flags

:: Is the Israeli army really so lethal?

:: Season of over-reaction and despair'

:: Muslim 'terrorism' vs Jewish 'terrorism' vs Christian 'terrorism'

:: SIMI is not terrorist: UP Chief Minister

:: The Real Terrorism Plot

:: Furore at Hindutva presence at Government seminar on Minorities

:: British Indian Muslims Anxious at Irresponsible Media Reports

:: From Crusade to Islamic Fascism

:: Lebanon: A Critical Battle for New Middle East

:: Refuting Israeli Ambassador to India's "Unsettling terror"

:: Plane 'Plot': Media Targets Tablighi Jamaat

:: Understanding Suicide Attacks: Listen To Robert Pape

:: Letter From Airstrip One: Fear Over Facts

:: Time to demilitarise Israel

:: Britain's Airline Terror Plot: Questions That Need to be Answeredl

:: God's chosen people

:: Let India beware of hustlers from US/UK/Israel

:: No undue US influence on India

:: Two Bs Are Serial Killers

:: The UK Terror plot: What's Really Going On?

:: Muslims figure prominently in Police Medal's list

:: Muslim MPs meet PM on harassment of Muslims, Babri and Israeli aggression

:: Mumbai: Probe Muslims who travel

:: A Shield for the Make-Shift Mandir or A Political Trap for the Muslims

:: Almighty Axis, Almighty Leaders - Almeeky World

:: Extraordinary Precision: The Logic of Israel's War on Civilians

:: Muslim India is back

:: Markazul Ma'arif declares dates for Entrance Exams

:: Media trial of SIMI

:: Ayatollah al-Uzma Khamenei's Message to the Muslim Ummah

:: An open letter to the Jewish people

:: Israeli aggression and the World

:: Scholarship for Muslim students of Karnataka Common Entrance Test

:: Human Rights: Good intentions are not good enough

:: Re-Interpreting Iraq: Propaganda Campaign Underway

:: COBRAS and TALWAR raaj in Andhra

:: Muslims welcome revised PM's programme for minority welfare

:: 'War on terror' threatens 'war on torture'

:: Minorities welfare announcements

:: Secularism in India

:: Al-Zarqawi Death: Myth vs Reality

:: Terror Attacks: More to it than meets the eye

:: Guidelines for Islamic organisations

:: Bush Needs a Course in Ethics, Not the Soldiers

:: Fact Finding Report on the Attack on RSS Headquarters

:: Trying Times for Palestinians

:: Indian Muslims Deplore Demolition of Mandir in Pakistan

:: Israel Spinning Out of Control

:: Rice statement on Gitmo is highly condemnable

:: All India Muslim Women’s Personal Law Board On Muslim Women's Reservation

:: FBI: Bin Laden Not Wanted for 9/11?

:: Resolutions of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat

:: Salvation: An Islamic Perspective

:: Peoples' Democratic Front holds first open meeting

:: Israeli Exceptionalism: Hamas Is Not the Issue

:: Dangerous dirty tricks in Palestine

:: Gujarat Control of Organized Crime Bill-2003

:: Terrorism: will we ever know the truth?

:: Social profile of key heads in the national media

:: Imam Khomeini, we remember you

:: Palestinian Violence as an Indicator of a Bigger Battle

:: Freedom of Religion

:: Indian Muslims Deplore Terrorist Attempt to Attack RSS Headquarter

:: Indian Muslims welcome dialogue between the USA and Iran

:: MOEMIN Condemns strike on RSS HQ, Rejects violent ways to fight communal forces

:: A Framework of Muslim Participation in National Politics

:: Where do Indian Muslims go from Here

:: Indian Muslims on Unilateral Demarcation of Israel-Palestine Border

:: Indian Muslim Politics and People's democratic front

:: Millat Bedari Muhim on People's Democratic Front

:: Demolition of Shrine in Gujarat

:: British Indian Muslims Deplore the Ruthless Killing of Hindus in Kashmir

:: Iraq: National Sovereignty and Military Occupation Not Compatible

:: British Indian Muslims Demand Presidential Rule in Gujarat

:: PUCL on demolition of Fatehpura dargah in

:: Vadodara Conflagration: Centre Must Move Quickly

:: Citizens of Gujarat condemn Violence in Baroda

:: Nanded bomb blast report by fact finding team

:: VHP's Call for Hindu-Christian Front Against Islam is an Expression of Islamophobia

:: No going back from peace talks on J&K

:: Palestinian Catastrophe: Myths Revisited

:: Give Muslims' 8.5pc Share in 27pc OBC Reservations

:: CLMC condemns the extension of ban on SIMI

:: Terrorist Attack On Srinagar Congress Rally - A Dastardly Act

:: Canadian Federal Court of Appeal to Hear U.S. War Resister Refugee Cases

:: AIMMM Welcomes Declaration of Nepal as Secular State

:: Muslims of India's largest state float party

:: Vadodara - demolition of the dargah and after

:: Towards a Peaceful India

:: Communalism 2005: Mixed Bag for Hindutva Politics

:: Anti-Conversion bill: yet another challenge to the Constitution

:: Redefining the Middle East

:: Gujarat on fire again

:: Two Bajarang Dal Activists killed while making a bomb

:: Catholic Union: states should not erode national secular ethos

:: NCM takes note of Hashimpura cases

:: Evil That the Good Men Do

:: AIMMM deplores killings in Jammu, Afghanistan and Vadodra

:: Quds and Palestine Appeal

:: Barbaric, demoniac and brutal butchery by Taliban

:: Execution of Indian Engineer by Taliban: A Great Savagery

:: Copies of Holy Quran burnt in Chhattisgarh amid riots

:: Bhatkal: Controversial JSC Report: Time to wake up now!

:: Restoration of minority status of Aligarh Muslim University

:: A Case for the Palestinian Government

:: Dear Mr. Bush, I understand you

:: India: Police shot to kill Muslims in university town

:: Aligarh under communal siege

:: Pictures of some of the seriously injured in the Aligarh riots

:: Blasts in Delhi's main mosque, 15 injured

:: "Indian Society too Mature to Fall Prey to Terrorists" — CIM

:: Police complaint against LK Advani for Blaspheming

:: Killing of Muslims by the PAC in Aligarh: The First Fall-Out of Advani Yatra

:: Sign online petition on Goa communal violence

:: Anti-Muslim Violence due to Police Communal Bias

:: Mushawarat on national and international situation

:: An issue of Conversion: The Case of Abdul-Rahman the Afghan

:: Aligarh Police firing

:: Christian concern at RSS parade with Guns, Modi sacking nuns from hospital 

Hindutva Conspiracy Clear in Rajasthan "Freedom of Religion Bill" 

:: It's the Media, Stupid 

:: AIMMM Endorses PM's Vision of Friendship with Pakistan 

:: The Jericho Prison Raid 

:: Is Gujarat government afraid of something? 

:: Provisions for Muslims in Budget 2006 

:: A caricature of free speech in the West - Nasser Amin's case 

:: Delhi Encounter is highly suspicious, high level judicial enquiry demanded 

:: Mumbai Muslim NGOs Condemns Varanasi Blasts 

:: Lying and Deception as the Government Policy 

:: Indian Muslims Condemn Bomb Blasts in Varanasi 

:: British Indian Muslims Deplore Varanasi Blasts 

:: Varanasi Serial Blasts act of great savagery 

:: Gujarat Muslims: Appeal to Sachar Committee 

:: Indian Muslims and the Bush visit

:: Bombing shrines in Iraq - Devilish barbarity

:: Conviction of Gujarat Riot Culprits Will Re-establish the Credibility of the Judiciary

:: Gujarat after four years

:: The Indo-US nuclear deal - an analysis

:: They hate us, we fear them – the situation in Gujarat

:: Muslims present Memorandum to Prime Minister on America's anti-Islam policies

:: Mushawarat Waits on Prime Minister to Review Muslim Problems

:: MOEMIN demands more funds to Muslim in Budget 2006

:: Islam assimilates other religions

:: A lot is rotten in the state of Denmark

:: Middle East Democracy and the Hamas Factor

:: Memorandum on President Bush visit

:: Mushwarat writes to the Danish Ambassador to India on the Cartoon Issue

:: The World will never forget: 27th February

:: Muslims deeply anguished by the Samarra sacrilege

:: 51 crores! How about a varsity instead of Cartoonist's Head?

:: Mushawarat proposes amendments on Communal Violence Bill

:: Muslims Condemn Bounty Offer to Kill Danish Cartoonist

:: Bangalore protests against anti-Islam cartoons

:: Golwalkar: the brain of RSS

:: Resolutions of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat

:: Offensive Cartoons and Need for Standards of Decency

:: In Response to Cartoon Controversy

:: Danish Cartoons & Muslims

:: British Muslims Protest Against Blasphemous Cartoons

:: Indian govt on cartoons: will not accept actions that hurt sentiments

:: Clash of the Uncivilised: Insights on the Cartoon Controversy

:: Ghettoisation of Muslims in India: Trends and Consequences

:: Ford fellowships: Opportunities for Minorities and Other Marginalised Communities

:: Intellectual Terrorism

:: Alleged sexual harassment: A conspiracy to malign AMU

:: Do Depredated Minorities Not Count among the "Public" of this "Nation"?

:: Danish cartoons: Muslims are right to be angry

:: Danish cartoons: enough is enough

:: Memorandum to Gujarat Governor on Hindutva Mela in the Dangs

:: Memorandum to National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities

:: Danish Cartoons: Free Press or Hate Speech?

:: British Muslims To Protest Vilification Of The Prophet

:: It's a Question of Love, BBC Newsnight, not Fear!

:: Cartoon Controversy: Opinions and Comments of Muslim Parliamentarians and Scholars

:: European Council of Religious Leaders on the Cartoon issue

:: What would Muhammad do?

:: Muslim Response to the Cartoons in The Danish Paper

:: Punishing Denmark: Taking on the Wrong Enemy

:: Muslim Education: Put in efforts, results will follow

:: Restoration of AMU's Minority Character

:: Founding member of AFMI passes away

:: British Muslims Deplore Gujarat Chief Minister's Statement

:: Indian Muslim Org acclaims victory of Hamas in Palestine elections

:: Restoration of AMU's Minority Character

:: Diplomacy As a Real Option: Avoiding Iraq Fallout with Iran

:: Reply to Sanjeev Patwardhan

:: Betrayals and Missed Opportunities: The Communal Violence Bill, 2005

:: Communal Riots - 2005

:: Exalting Sharon: A Dire Case of Collective Amnesia

:: Indian Social Institute's records on Communal Riots in India 2005

:: Politics of Chaos: Gaza's Turmoil in Context

:: Greetings for Eid Al Adha

:: An Appeal to Save AMU for our community

:: Azam Khan blames Arjun Singh for AMU controversy

:: Untold Story of Hindukaran (Proselytisation) of Adivasis (Tribals) in Dangs, Gujarat

:: The spirit of Hajj

:: Muslim Org Not Surprised by HC's AMU Judgement

:: There May be More Mass Graves in Gujarat - British Muslims

:: An Abundance of Hope for New Year

:: Strong Protest against Hospitality to Uma Bharati

:: Will the Extreme Right Succeed? Turning the War on Terror into a War on Islam

:: Democratization Process Brings Palestinian Politics to a Crossroad

Daily updates during 2005

Previous daily updates / web only


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