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Social Activist Uzma Naheed honoured with International award


Mumbai (29 March 2017): Uzma Naheed, famous social activist has received a prestigious international award for her exemplary work for women mainly to uplift them economically and socially. 

Her programs under her NGO, Iqra International Women's Alliance (IIWA) is recognized for women empowerment at national level in India. The award was given to her by the Consul General of Sri Lanka in a Global Economic Summit organised by World Trade Centre Mumbai today. 

Addressing to the august gathering of delegates from 25 countries she narrated a story of a mother who was thrown out of the house by her five sons, she fainted by this harsh act of her own sons and was lying whole night on a road, with dogs trying to bite her. She said this incident made her so restless that she vowed to empower women.

Uzma Naheed further said that there are two problems of poor women who have art in their hands: 'what to make and where to sell'? IIWA solved these problems. IIWA is an NGO of the women and more than 3000 women are manufacturing 150 products with high quality.  It  is very important to open avenues for them specially to promote them. 

She said we do not want our customers to do charity since the product manufactured by these women conforms to the international standard and quality at competitive price. It is sad that a majority of workers manufacturing beautiful Indian handicrafts are Muslim women but they work as petty labourers. 

IIWA is a confluence where opportunities meet talent. On this 6th Global Summit keynote address was by Dr Mokhisakituji, Sec General United  Nations for Trade and Development Geneva, Ms Dhondy Tembo, Deputy exec Director, Int Trade Centre, Ms Michaela Markova, Honourable Minister of labour and social affair of Czech Republic, Ms Nora K Terrado, under sec Dept of trade & industries Philippines were honouring the stage. Beside these guests the delegation from consulates of Iran, Indonesia Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many more were gracing the event. The world trade centre is offering one year membership for entrepreneurs too.