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My beloved Uncle – The Maulana with a vision for youngsters


A leader and a scholar, my maternal uncle Maulana Amin Usmani died fighting Covid-19 on 2nd September 2020 in a local Delhi hospital. This personal loss is unbearable even after two weeks have passed and as I sit down to write a few words about him—my mentor, instructor and trainer.

He was a man of character. He never got involved in trivial issues related to different school of thoughts of Islam, which generally maulanas get into. He belonged to a family of religious scholars. His father, Shah Eisa Firdausi Usmani (my maternal grandfather) was also an Islamic scholar. Maulana Amin Usmani joined Nadwatul Ulama in 1968 and completed his Fazeelat before joining Jamia Millia Islamia in 1975 for further studies. He got a government job offer from Punjab University which he accepted and joined however when Islamic Fiqh Academy (IFA) was formed he resigned and joined it as Secretary Administration on the request of Maulana Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi. For what IFA is now, all credit goes to him. He would organise international seminars, conferences and workshops which would be attended by thousand renowned scholars. All logistics would be arranged, however he would always avoid being in limelight. This is the reason there is very few speeches of him and just one book that he translated from Arabic.

He had a vision for youngsters. He would advise and encourage many youngsters to do something for the Ummah. He would arrange financial helps to those contacted him for support to continue education. He travelled to many Arab and Muslim countries, and helped hundreds of people. He had assisted many Syrian refugees in Gaziantep, Turkey.

It was he who asked me to be in the circle of scholars of Syria when I was studying there in 1999-2001 and through him I came to know of Shaikh Wahbah Zuhaili and Shaikh Ramadan Booty. He was the one who helped me practice and gain experience of translating between different lingual pairs and that made me a professional translator in a short span of time. He was a very caring, loving and affectionate person. He would almost daily call me to enquire about me and my family’s well being and especially in during this Covid pandemic era. Through Whatsapp he would send different weblinks, articles, videos which were informative. He would also encourage me to get in touch with various Muslim organisations and to be aware of the Muslim activities around the world. He helped me achieve what I am today.

He had the pain of the Muslim community as a whole and especially Indian Muslims. His love for Masjid-e-Aqsa was unfound. Whenever I met him at his house he would discuss issues on it and how to propagate its importance among people. He would also have discussion on different Shariah topics such as Zakat and Awqaf.

He had active association with many national and international organisations. He was a member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, International Union of Muslim Scholars, Minbar Al-Aqsa Association among many others.

May Allah bestow patience to his family in particular and to us in general for this big loss to us which can never be replaced. He was a man of intellect, connection, foresight, mentorship and insight. May Allah have mercy on his soul, bestow his grave with light, put him in highest place in paradise and reunite him in the next life with those who love him dearly. Ameen