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Muslim League builds a house for family of victim of cow vigilantism


Muslim Youth League National Committee has built a house for cattle trader Mohammad Qasim's family, who was lynched in Pilkhawa near Hapur, Uttar Pradesh on June 18, 2018. A handover/house warming event was organised on the evening of 16 October 2020. The delayed was due to the Corona lockdown.

This house “Baitur Rahma” (House of mercy) was built on land given by Muhammad Naeem Qasim, a public worker in the village. After Qasim's death, the his family was living in the small house of Qasim's brother Salim after Qasim's death. Though they were living happily in the house, it was hard to live for both the families including Qasim's youngest daughter Alia, Arsh, Umma, and Salim's family in a tiny house. Considering their deplorable situation we had completed the work instantly.

“That was our house when Abba was there,” said Alia, referring to the rented house where she lived with Qasim at the time. CK Zubair, General Secretary, Muslim Youth League’s National Committee said that, “Alia will never forget the pain of not having a father. But tomorrow she will say with a smile from the backyard that this is my house. That smile is the result of our efforts and can be owned by every warrior of the Muslim League.”

The families of victim of mob lynching need not only our vocal support, but support in the legal battle and rehabilitation of livelihood and a secure shelter.