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Weavers face starvation threat

Sant Kabir Nagar: The apathy of the union and state governments have driven thousands of weaver families to the brink of starvation. Anti-weaver policies of the governments, steep rise in price of material and acute shortage of electricity have compounded the problems faced by the weavers who mostly belong to minority communities who work on powerlooms under the cottage industry. 90 percent of these loom have already stopped production because of inadequate income they bring. Since independence state governments make tall claims of helping the backward communities and promoting home based cottage industries and spend substantial sum for such steps but the industrial race make these units bankrupt. These cannot withstand the onslaught of rapid industrial production which throws away their products out of the market. It is time that governments take timely and effective measures to ensure their survival failing which like the farmers, the weavers too shall have to resort to suicides.