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Karkare Award Instituted

Chennai-based Darul-Islam Foundation Trust has instituted an award in the name of Hemant Karkare to be called “Karkare Award”. It will honor the bravery, honesty and talents of the former Maharastra ATS chief Hemant Karkare who was killed during the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26 November 2008. Risking his life, he unearthed the conspiracy hatched by saffron terrorists against the Constitution of India to topple the elected government and install a fascist administration based on the ideology of Hindutva.  Karkare’s honest probe applied the brakes to this plot and brought to light the real perpetrators of terrorist in India which claimed many innocent lives of Hindus, Muslims and other citizens of India as well as citizens of other countries. The brave investigation of Hemant Karkare landed him in trouble with the saffron terrorists who claimed his life.  He laid down his life for the cause of the Nation.  This award, named after him, is to keep his cherished memory alive. The award will include a citation and a cash award. This year’s award will go to a veteran fighter for justice and secularism, Mr. Radha Kant Yadav, a fomer MLA of Bihar. Mr Radha Kant Yadav faught against the atrocities of the Emergency and was imprisoned. He is now seeking justice for Karkare. He filed a PIL in the Supreme Court of India, and a criminal writ petition in Mumbai High court. Darul Islam Foundation is headed by veteran Tamil journalist and well-known social activist of Tamil Nadu, Ghulam Mohamed. The foundation may be contacted at darultrust[@]yahoo[.]com