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I am thankful for your renewing my subscription for a further period of one year. MG covers various topics concerning the community elaborately. But I feel that the write-ups/articles in MG generally appear to be too lengthy, which loose its significance considerably. These should not be more than half page. The articles of Ram Puniyani are ideal and to the point (e. g. "Statute of Unity"on one side and, Asthi Kalash Yatra on the other 1-15 December 2013).Further, number of Letters to editors are numerous and lengthy, even more than 20 letters, that too, letters of the same writers (of course, on different subjects) appear twice in the same issue. I suggest that there should not be more than 4-5 letters in one issue and writer of the letter should not be repeated in same issue. If the artcles/letters are minimised significantly, emphasising on quality and not the quantity, the number of pages of MG can be reduced to even less than 20 pages, which may cause in saving the cost substantially. MG may consider above-mentioned suggestions into account.

U. F. Malek, Ahmedabad

MG: Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We too understand the same. Some lengthy articles are published due to their "documentary" value. It is necessary to bring things on record. MG acts as a chronicle as well. You would appreciate that MG's purpose of existence is quite different from other publications. As regards letters to the editor, some readers write 20 odd letters in a fortnight. Imagine the pain we go through to trash their writings. Due to scarce resources, we are understaffed and sometimes are ourselves not happy with an issue. But we dont believe that quantity is better than quality, for sure.


I subscribed last time for theMilli Gazette in the month of March 2013 but received the Gazette from July onwards. Otherwise MG is doing excellent job to create awareness but I think it hast to go long way to harmonize the different sections of Muslim society.

Islam Uddin Sarkar, Dhupdhara, Goalpara 783123 Assam

MG: Post to and from North East is slow, this might be the reason for delay.


MG enlightens on various topics concerning the community.

U. F. Malek, Ahmedabad


"Who Killed..." & "26/11 Probe..."

The sooner both the abovementioned books published by the Pharos Media.... are published in all the languages mentioned on our currency notes, the more are chances of saving Maanavta (Insaaniyat / humanism) because there are many good natural people in our country who readily risk their lives to rescue people of another caste, creed, class, colour, community, word or language.     

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


No Compunction

How can anyone be so brazenly indifferent like liquor-baron Vijay Mallya who still has enough money for his Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar, 2014 but cries hoarse when it comes to paying the dues to the employees of his now defunct and grounded Kingfisher Airlines? Many former employees of Kingfisher Airlines committed suicide and are still agitating, yet this shameless man has no qualms and compunction. One can still find him in page-3 parties boozing and hobnobbing with aspiring, scantily-clad models, whom he hand-picks (pun intended) for his erotic calendars that pander to voyeuristic instincts of men. He throws lavish parties at his Bangalore farmhouse which are attended by all obscenely rich and insouciant people like him. I wonder, why government as well as media conveniently ignore this man's shenanigans and despotic display of ostentation?

Sumit Paul


Hindutva terror-Mushawarat writes to Home Minister

It is a very good step that All India Majlis-e-Mushawarat President Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan has written to the Hon’ble Home Minister Shuhsil Kumar Shinde wanting to know why the Security and Police organizations under his direct control are not showing seriousness to probe into the involvement of the RSS bosses who were no doubt deeply involved in the saffron terrorism. The president of the Majlis also reminded him that he as the Home Minister of India and the ruling UPA government can't escape from their responsibilities to punish the real perpetrators of terrorism in India whose crimes are equal to treason. No doubt it is a good step but very lately taken. One thing one shouldn't forget is that the present Congress leaders are very cautious not to disturb the RSS or VHP, for all of them are afraid that any action against those terrorist organizations will effect their own vote banks for the RSS and VHP have super media power and very deep contact with religious Hindu population and they are masters to make blatant lies appear truth; they can manipulate the Hindu masses many ways. Even a Congress minister who really wants to stand against those fascist forces isn't getting the ground while the majority community don't take it aas  serious problem for the nation. Muslims, who are the sole and only targets of the Hindutva militant forces, never created enough pressure on the government in the entire history of Independent India to ban those terrorist organizations. What Muslim organizations whether political or non-political always did was to give memorandums or wrote letters to the government ministers or even prime minister or president... We must make the hands of the people like Dr. Zafarul-Islam -Khan more stronger and the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat our the loudest and strongest voice!

Izaz Ahmed, (through MG website)


Are PM & HM sleeping?

RSS must immediately be declared as a 'Terrorist Organization' under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967, & Mohan Bhagwat & his associates must immediately be arrested by NIA. If govt. did not take action then a drive should be initiated for lodging complaints u/s 154 of CRPC at each police station throughout India.

Bhayyasaheb Deshmukh (throughMG website)


Farcical election and referendums

Kindly allow my humble being to say "Ilaahee Aameen" to the last words in K. K. Ghori's wish (M.G., 1/2/2014) viz. "The curse of the pharaohs will not take that long to be lifted." Down with the hypocrisy of media throughout the world.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Shameful Police Brutality - where is Justice?

This is what we call street justice meted out in public. Is it democracy? Shame because even Hitler got 'democratically' elected and he is blamed for what Germany suffered for. History does not repeat but....... The criminal who was at the helm of affairs, instead of being blamed is publicized to be exonerated. While a witness is sentenced for 'perjury', the accused are acquitted. There were cases filed against Hitler but here, no cases 1948, 1992, 1993, 2002....... surely the state of affairs show that someone from outside will come and beat the cowards in submission. The Bangladeshis or Taliban? Choice is not.....

M Naqqaad, MG website(


The Question of Muslim leadership in India

Every party cheats Muslims as much as it can do. Muslim voter are not having proper man who could raise voice at Muslim issues. see in UP Muzaffarnagar and many other riots against Muslims took place but no Muslim MLA gave statements against govt. they are totally concerned with their seat.. a matter of great sorrow. may Allah help us..

Helal Anwar,Khalilabad. UP (through MG website)


Aam aadmi confused - Who is corrupt?

Of all the people constituting the three organs, the law maker, politician, is the only one who atleast once a couple of years actually comes to the people and presents a balance sheet to him. It is for the people to evaluate their candidate objectively and choose the right one. However, even after being elected, the fact remains that NO politician can swindle public resources without the active support of a bureaucrat. Then there is the media always on the prowl looking for news to slander the politicians. And ultimately the politician can always be hauled up before a court by any citizen. The bureaucrat, the behind the scene player is actually the real power broker. But twisting facts and laws he can actually make the politician a puppet. But officially atleast h e is supervised by the politician, the media and also the courts! Coming to the courts, once a judge, the person enjoys a lot of immunity. In the case of higher judiciary it goes to the preposterous extent of absolute immunity! I need not highlight this further as the media is so full of reports about the crimes committed by judges (Dinakaran, Soumitra Sen etc) and the existing system looking helplessly on! The provision of impeachment is a fraud. It is as good as promising free medical aid if the patient can be transported to the moon! Nowhere is the truism in the saying 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely' more evident than in our judiciary.P M Ravindran, MG website)


Myth of Vibrant Gujarat

Is this discussion even real? For one, while facts and figures are mentioned in a slanted manner, why does it sound so anti BJP.? The facts mentioned in the study mentioned in above article clearly say that Gujarat is a progressive state and with or without Modi would have done well. So, if it has done well, who remains to appropriate the credit!!!? Off course the person who is seen to be at the helm. While people choose to blame "Narendra Modi and the BJP" for the pogrom, they do not want to give credit to the same entities for ANY development. How is it that after that incident/pogrom, there have been NONE such elsewhere in the entire state for the past 10 years of so, with the same person handling it?? Well that seems to be something that people skip conveniently. Also, during this very time, there have been endless replays of the same community based tension (not even described in negative terms, lest the importance of the Gujarat riots diminish or lose sheen compared to these recent incidents and rob the rest of the country of an opportunity to belittle the man that is trying hard and achieving a semblance of governance, not only in Gujarat, but also with an intent on repeating it across the country.

Srivas (through MG website)


Muzaffarnagar victims are dying...Shame for the Muslim community

I already gave u the method. Organize yourselves. Select a brave and strong leader. Write to the Muslim as well as secular minded Hindu politicians about your plight. Project this on the TV programs. in local newspapers,. Use rich Muslims to engage powerful human right lawyers. Muslims of India are Indians like any other. So what are you afraid of. If you don't help yourself nobody will help you. Take the example of China. The country became the world's superpower merely by strong unity and organization and faith in the aim. So Muslim INDIANS rise up and act now before it is too late!

Razdan Raz - (throughMG website)


26/11 Probe: A Seismic Book

PIL must be filed in Supreme Court of India to stop Narendra Modi from contesting the coming Lok Shaba election. The butcher of Gujrat must be stopped if the Indian Muslim really want to save themselves from further mini-Gujrats or Gujrat-like massacres, chopping, burning and mockery with the honour and prestige of their sisters, daughters, mothers, children and olds. The media, corporate houses and multinational company etc powerful forces are advancing him as the next prime minister of India. A large percentage of secular votes are going to be wasted for the emergence of Aam Admi Party. The political situation is completely in favour of BJP. Time is running out. We nearly twenty cores Muslims are feeling terrorized by the firm march of the terrorist Narendra Modi. Supreme court must be informed of our horror. It is the duty of the supreme court to stand by our concern, our constitution guarantee the right of life and fear free living of its citizen. We must see what the Supreme does. If it can't stand by us then in future there will be grounds to prove that the Supreme is partial; it has no concern for Muslim lives.

Izaz Ahmed - (through MG website)


Modi Ummat

Muslim neutrality is crucial for Narendra Modi. He needs it to convince the Corporate big shots, other political parties and outside world , particularly Muslim countries, USA and Europe. Without their endorsement  Modi will find it difficult to become PM, and even if he succeeds to stay in power for long. That is where the role of Sareshwala comes up. He is a Modi agent to lure rich Muslims It may benefit a few Muslim businessmen. But overall it will hurt the Muslim community badly

 Dr. J. S. Bandukwala(Vadodara Gujarat )

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani (Rajkot Gujarat)


Time has come for show boy Muslim leaders

MP election is approaching and Muslim show boys leaders value is increasing. These Mir Jaffar & Mir Sadiq of modern India would glitter on the stages of political parties and cap on the skull and Haji rural on their shoulders would be employed by political parties to gather illiterate Muslims for the rallies. Even these paid Muslim leaders organise leaders birthday as well as birth day report and photographs are published in Urdu dailies. These paid Muslim show boy leaders drum up the parties flimsy achievements like developed confidence, maintained bhai-chara etc. Let Ummah awake and make aware of these Mir Jaffars & Mir Sadiqs.

S. Haque, Patna

Talaie Kuthal”

Heart-rendering report aired on New Nation (21/12/13 / 3:30 pm) about "Talai Kuthal" killing of elderly people by oil-bathing and cold coconut water feeding and even poisoned injections in hospitals. The report aired was really frightening. Three southern districts of TN including Madurai temple town and rich district where “Talai Kuthal” (Dastardly Way of Killing the Elderly) is socially accepted parampara and is a part ofsabhyata, sanskirti and sanskar. Whole family plans “Talai Kuthal”.
In olden days killing of an age-old person was done by pushing him into a dark well. In the well, pointed sharp bamboo sticks (karchi) stood straight to wellcome the victim. The elderly were pushed into the well. It was known as kashi-karwat in practice in Kashi. The Kashi is Moksha dayini dharmic city. Sati, dahez, partha etc were too dharmic parampra,

S. Haque, Patna


Safforn mentality of judiciary is major hurdle in the path of justice

VHP former Dy. Head of Delhi Mr Indersen Sharma and Mr Raj Kumar Arya had published a pamphlet containing Holy Qur'an’s selected verses where they tried to prove that the Qur'an was an enemy of brotherhood, that Islam motivates fighting with other communities. This was published in 1985. A case was filed against Mr Sharma and Mr Arya. Metropolitan court acquitted them on 31 July 1986 saying that "With respect to The Holy Qur'an, reading the verses minutely shows that these Qur'anic verses are very dangerous and teaches hatred..." The same pamphlet motivated Swamy Laxmi Shankracharya to write "History of Islamic Atankwad" but when Swamy got acquainted with the facts, he apologised and wrote a very good book "Islam - Atank Ya Adarsh". Former Allahabad HC judge Deoki Nandan briefed in a VHP press conference that no contempt of cout would be invoked for capturing non-disputed land. There was contempt of court when a structure (Babri Masjid) was brought down but no action was taken. Nothing would happen even now. News of injustices are pouring from everywhere, by police, judiciary (8th line of lead story about Muzaffarnagar report / Muslim Today / November 2013 / p. 6) Jamia teachers Association has brought out 75-page report "Guilt by Association : UAPA cases from Madhya Pradesh" explaining how Muslim youth were illegally targeted and the report raised questions about the role of the lower judiciary (Afkar-e-milli / Dec 2013 / p. 23). Court decision to hang a Muslim to satisfy majority conscience simply defines our judiciary which is dominated by saffron mentality. In the long run India has to pay heavy price if judiciary is not freed from saffron mentality. Let us read the writings on the wall.

S. Haque, Patna

Wise judgements indeed

Our Supreme Court had, by its judgement against homosexuality, wisely warned our people form being dumped in the Dead Sea. Now a New Delhi Sessions court has reportedly did a good service to society by very wisely proclaiming that sex before marriage is no rape and that no religion allows it. Seven salutes to such really just judges.

S. Akhtar,Khanpur 392150


Strange coincidence!

Is it a mere coincidence that I received from Pharos Media, a marvellous Urdu book Bare Shanasai written by MG's profound regular columnist Janab Karamatullah Ghori, on 13/1/2014, when the slaughterer of Palestinians, Sharon was being dumped in a land usurped by him and his devilish companions to taste Almighty God's eternal anger.

S. Akhtar,Khanpur Deh - 392150



They went for co-education as a solution desiring a revolution?

based on the theory of evolution!

But what is the result?

nothing but insult to human society

Increasing anxiety and also elopement

Oh, what a foolish development

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Kejriwal& Indian Muslims

So far Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has not shown much interest in Muslim community .Kejriwal knows better how many Muslims suffered after independence In the congress rule Thousands of anti Muslim riots took in many places. In Gujarat .Assam the BJP and congress supported the killers to kill Muslims apart from this the Congress government put young Muslim youths in jails accusing them as terrorists .The Hindu brothers did nothing the youths were killed in jails .Still thousands are languishing in jails .The government is not ready to give the correct data's as to how many youth are in jails in deferent states. this is the crime of ruling party is more serious than corruption Mr. Kejriwal fortunately has no relations with the victimized community He therefore not worried about this sin of the tow national parties Kejriwal is bold man he never hesitated in blaming the top congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi .Sonia Gandhi P Chidambaram etc .The honest people will like the idea of Mr Kejriwal no such corrupt persons be elected and enter into parliament .But there are thousands of naïve people who are attached to the congress party they certainly vote and send them to parliament In case of Batla House Fake encounter he just kept quiet saying that the court has given a clean chit to the Delhi police and need not to rake up the old case .But how the Sikh people are demanding the enquiry of Sikh massacre case of 1984 .Why the genocide of 2002 of Gujarat be skipped .Those who died in Gujarat were they not human beings. Now Kejriwal is running the risk of life to take the blessings of desperate Muslim youths at least he should promise orally that he will try to help on releasing the youths who were arrested and send to jail since years to gather, Prayers of sufferers will safeguard his life which is in cent percent in jeopardy

Dr AH MaqdoomiHyderabad 




The hyphen has a legitimate function, but some ignore the conventions concerning its use and stick it in in the oddest places. I have grown used to the "Hindu" newspaper's misuse of the hyphen in such formations as "two-and-a-half". In yesterday's issue, there is (page 13, column 2) the incomprehensible "Thirty three-year-old at the time...". While it speaks of a man of 33, it sounds more like a gaggle of three-year-olds. Besides, the writer does not seem to know that the letter "s" is added to form plurals.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Protest in PM's Meeting

Recent gripe by a young Muslim doctor, Himayat Baig, during a minority program chaired by PM Manmohan Singh not only shows his feeling but the feeling of the entire Muslim population of the country as well. Congress party must have realized the anger emanating from the community which has supported them for the past sixty years.               This man should be congratulated for the courage he showed during that meeting. He rightly pointed out the fact that the previous schemes are still waiting for their implementation and in between that the government is announcing other schemes for the appeasement of the minority community.      Now it is high time for the Congress party, which is going through its tough phases having charges of corruption also, to reconsider its approach towards every community. The announcement of the schemes just at the time when the country is going to the general elections seems to be a classic case of too little too late.

Syed Safwan Ghani, Patna