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Muslim-BJP Dialogue

Dr. Mustafa Sherwani's proposal for Muslims RSS dialogue would be disatrous at this stage. Here is a body that has been nurtured on Muslim hate, and they appear on the accendance right now. Any Muslim offer at this stage will be viewed as a sign of Muslim surrender. It could only make life more difficult for us, once they come to power. Note that there is no apology about Gujarat or even Muzaffarnagar in which Amit Shah and Ashok Singhal were triggers. By taking a hard line at this stage, we make it clear that our community will not tolerate any future Muzaffarnagars or Gujarats. That may have an impact on most Indian voters, who would be deeply worried about severe religious divide in society. That may also make the RSS moderate its course .

Dr. J. S. Bandukwala,Vadodara, Gujarat

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani,Rajkot, Gujarat


uslims are the biggest minority community comprising 16% of the total population, and a great reality of our country. India is a multi-religious country, yet most of the riots occurring between Hindu and Muslim. since 2 or 3 decades the BJP which is also the biggest reality of India, trying its best to polarise Hindu and Muslim community of India playing different types of dirty and destructive communal games to gain over political interest. The vast majority of muslims, especially the new generation is severely disgusted hearing the old slogans of secularism and communalism. Innocent Muslim youths are primarily being the scapegoat of every terrorist attack in india unquestionably and now it is the fact that most of the cases are fabricated. Apart from that communal and many so-called secular political forces are utilising terrorist forces to blame others in their political interests. Now a crore-rupee question is how long such mud-throwing game between the two will go on? As this game disrupting the true development and national harmony of our country and consequently both sides can not be able to get true-gainer. A time has come to think anew. At the present perspective trust building between BJP and Muslim for everlasting peace and to regain country’s past glory by repeated and direct dialogue between Muslim and BJP is the need of the our. We have to keep in mind that people from all communities in India have their respective contribution more or less in building our today’s developing country. It was written in support of the article “Need for Muslim-BJP dialogue” by M. K. Sherwani in the MG.        

Hasim Ersad, Murshidabad


Where is amnesty international?

Where is Amnesty International? Anupam Kher, film actor, asked while mentioning 23 pundits allegedly killed in Kashmir. He tweeted saying even after 15 years victims did not get justice. Really it is a shame for Hindustan when in the 1989 Bhagalpur anti-Muslim riots, 2500 Muslim were killed but they did not get justice. Victims of Meerut, Maliana, Hashimpura, Aligarh, Mumbai, Muzaffarnagar, Tatanagar, Nelli, Gujarat genocide-like thousands dastardly incidents demand justice. The victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riot raise voice for justice. Everyday of the year is death anniversary of anti-Muslim riots or genocide. Anupam Kher’s voice is not the only voice but media suppresses others’ voices for justice.

S. Haque, Patna


Aam Aadmi Party

It is very good news that the All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat, in its meeting a few days ago welcomed the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party as a viable positive party on India's national scene. This positive attitude of Mushawarat will help many Muslim community leaders and Muslims make up their minds to support AAP. Overall that will further induce AAP people to oppose BJP and appreciate the interests of the Indian Muslims. Please see below the excerpt from the said Mashawarat statement.

Kaleem Kawaja,


On one hand, it has exposed the duplicity of both Congress and BJP in relation to corruption, on the other, it is a blessing in disguise for Mr. Kajrewal, who, now, can travel and extend his campaign to every nook and corner of the country without the official responsibility on his shoulders. The fall of AAp govt. has betrayed the fear psychosis among the major parties, who are neckdeeped in the corruption and the worst has come when Mr. Kajrewal ordered to register an FIR against Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The Supreme Court must suo motto declare whether it is obligatory on the part of any state govt. to take permission from its governor for passing any bill. Since, both Mr. Kajrewal and the opposition have been claiming that they are talking about the propriety on tabling the jan lokpal bill. The major plank of AAP was only the eradication of corruption from Indian polity and by introducing the jan lokpal bill, it has not betrayed the voters but has complied with its election manifesto. And for this reason alone both Congress and BJP have been trying the strangulate the Kajrewal govt. Mr. Kajrewal is a crusader and a crusader never cares about the consequences while trying to achieve the target. If he had wanted, he would have compromised with the system and kept clung to the power. It has been an open secret that Ambanis and other corporate giants have been funding the political parties and extracting huge benefits in return. And Mr. Kajrewal has touched the nerve centre when he registered an FIR against Mr. Mukesh Ambani and Mr. Veerappa Moily. Now, the ball is in the court of the voters whether they mean business in eradicating corruption in public life or will they get lured by the fake statistics of major parties. Mr. Kajrewal is an answer to this.

Malikul Aziz, Chennai


The tussle between Kejriwal and congress and BJP has turned into the poor and rich .The congress party and BJP are representing rich and Kejriwal is being supported by havenots .It means Karl Marks and Maosedong have taken rebirth in the form of AAM ADMI Party .Now it is obligatory on the communists and Marxist should support Kejriwal morally .In India all the political leaders have become millionaires and billionaires. The excess money has been deposited in foreign .Mr. Ram Deve has repeatedly demanded the government to bring back ll the capital to India but it was not possible for them to take action against such politicians .because they themselves are defaulters .This Step is possible only by Arvind Kejriwal if he is made Prime Minister .The British rulers carried the capital to England as it was their motherland it is logical but how the Indian politicians can deposit in foreign banks All such Politicians after passing the must hanged .They have amassed the wealth unlawfully and secondly deposited in foreign banks neglecting the Indian banks .The double crime must not be neglected .The AAP should be fully supported in the coming parliamentary elections Before the onset of testing time the defaulters should get back all their capital and credit into the government treasury get pardon from the nation.                      

Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad


Racism in India

The death of Nido Tania came as a rude shock to our country. It is time we educate our youngsters to respect the diverse cultures and people of our country. It is also a wake up call to the Government of India to develop northeast states. Many youngsters of Northeast are forced to leave their native place in search of better opportunities.

Tasleem Ara, Kadapa 516003


Managed Media

In AAP press conference on 16 Jan to clarity its MLA Binny’s allegation against Arvind Kejriwal that the latter and Sandip Dikshit (Congress MP, son of former CM) had tacit relations and that Kejriwal was autocratic etc,  the senior editor of IBN Ashoutosh said this press conference was very open and journalists were asking tough questions. He has been in media for 23 years and had attended hundreds of press conferences and knows that only selected journalists ask questions which are allowed by leaders and parties.

S. Haque, Patna


Anna’s decision reveals his real face

Anti-corruption crusader and social activist Anna Hazare shifting his earlier stand of not entering or supporting any political party, announced that he would help mamata Banerjee’s Trinamul congress [TMC] put up 100 candidates from across the country to fight coming LS election. Anna Hazare’s decision is a sign of his helplesness and losing relevance in the present complex political scenario of our country. he is not much aware of the fact that Ms Banerjee, and leaders of her ruling party in three years has thrown women, laborious and economically weaker job aspirants of WB into the most unsafe and uncertain state. Primary TET scam and increasing atrocities against women are burning examples. Trinamulisation of panel in the recruitment has pushed many eligible job-seekers into the dark. Women and girls in the state are suffering from the most barbaric forms of violence and in many cases, leaders and activists of the ruling party are involved and often the reaction of the Chief Minister is being insensitive and not reflective of any intention of punishing the perpetrators. Leading character’s, of a ruling party in a state, leading simple life can not change a country if all or at least most of the leaders and activists don’t have moral and ethical sense and a sense of justice, sensitiveness on women issues etc. Sheltering the anti-social elements by the State government, police and administration has deteriorated the law and order situation and victimised women without having any fear of law. Hence Anna Hazar’s decision to campaign for the TMC has been against his principle and has brought his real face to the light.

Hasim Ersad, Murshidabad


Life Is Always Good

“Life is always a good. This is an intuition or rather, a fact of experience, whose deepest reason (man) is called to understand it” (John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 25-III-1995). We usually say that life is a gift from God, something that we have neither requested nor deserved and God with his benevolence and love has given us for our pleasure and enjoyment. Saint Josemaría Escrivá said: “You must have very much God’s love and appreciation when he sends you these creatures. Many times as a child comes to your family, there is a sign of trust from God. Be happy. In my country it is said that “every child born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth,” and, moreover, the last one will give you more happiness.” Obviously, this human-life approach is based on faith in God because life ends well with faith, although we suffer the pains of illness and setbacks of life. At the end, we run to met God in order to be with him for all eternity. This means complete and endless happiness although the body stays in earth indefinitely until the last judgment. “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” said Jesus Christ to the good thief because he regrets of his sins before he died at the crucifixion. However, the unbeliever thinks that life can become in something unbearable caused by the intense and permanent pain due to an incurable disease or any other cause. Unbeliever also ends badly, away from God and plunged into the physical and moral pain for all eternity.               Roberto Grao, Zaragoza (Spain)


Italian Killers And India's Timidity

After China and Pakistan ITALY is the third country where India is showing cowardice or chikenheartedness.. Pakistanis come in a motor boat to Mumbai cause mayhem kill 160 innocent Indians and three ATS officers no action is taken except wailing like widow whose husband is killed .Pakistan Army intrude in our border behead two army men and fled Chinese forces intrude 130 KMs in our Laddakh border But India Army remain like mute spectator .It has broken the boundary wall of Arunachal Pradesh India did not take any action against China . In the year 2012 the Italian Marines kill tow fishermen off the Kerala coast .The culprits are apprehended and so far no punishment was meted out The reason may be that the Killers are native of Italy .From where the wife of ex-prime minister and present president of Congress party Sonia Gandhi has come. If the case had been settled by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by giving the blood money to the families of the diseased was good but after lapse of two years the Indian govt says to Supreme Court that the Marines will not be tried under Anty-piracy Law. How the centre can take such cowardly decision is in the influence Italy or a super power EU .. This delay tactics made India ridiculous .and minimize the life value of tow Indian fishermen .If the same case would happened with Americans and Chinese citizens Instant action would have been taken the tow Marines would have been killed instantly .The lives of tow fishermen are as valuable as the life of Late Rajiv Gandhi. Now to safeguard the dignity of India the Kills should be tried under Anti-piracy Law and hang the both as they are boastful lads India should shun its historic timid policy.         

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Ajmal’s party AIUDF and Gogoi’s Congress have exploited Muslims

Both Ajmal’s party AIUDF and Gogoi’s Congress have played politics to the fullest with the most backward community in Assam. Before Ajmal, it was congress who looted for at least 10yrs and then Ajmal started his mission with the same people and dalals who were in congress before. Right from selling tickets even for the panchayat election to involvement in horse trading in recently held Rajya Sabha election, AIUDF MLAs have done all with much interest. Still the condition of the general people is same as that of 20 yrs back. Dhubri district is still have lowest literacy rate(59.36% according to 2011 sensus) in Assam. Dhubri district is still in the list of top 20 most deprived districts of India. Moreover, after the violence in neighbourhood BTAD, the burden in all aspect has increased upon this district. Also it is a known fact that these Muslims being one third of the total population of Assam reside only in 8% of the total land. AIUDF’s commitment was that it would solve the apprx. 50yrs old ‘D’ voter problem and then the genuine Muslim Indian citizens in Assam would not suffer harassment. But, later it is observed that AIUDF also has the intention to keep the ‘D’ voter problem alive. So, people find no difference among AIUDF, Congress, UMF, BJP. All parties want the people to remain illiterate forever so that they can exploit them like Firaun.

M Shah Jamal Alam, Bilasipara, Dhubri (Assam)

Congress Trapped In BJP Gameplan

It seems that Congress think tank is playing in the hands of BJP. Its first blunder was to create technical hurdles in introducing Jan Lok PAL Bill which culminated in resignation of Kejriwal. Now Kejriwal is a free man and shall devote more time to manage Lok Sabha election. The second and biggest blunder is to put the Assembly in suspended animation instead of dissolving it. Congress should forget that it could recapture Delhi in near future. By this action Congress is indirectly helping BJP because if election for Delhi Assembly are not held with Parliamentary elections then the BJP shall use all malpractices to manage four or five MLAs or by bribing some MLAs to resign to achieve majority in the house. BJP morality is just upto the elections, BJP will not take the risk of going for Assembly Elections as it is sure of AAP clear cut majority. Still there is a time to dissolve the Assembly to hold elections with Parliamentary Elections. 

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU



The creation of Telengana had become a foregone event but the manner in which the two principle parties chose to clear the bill with a voice-vote without debating over the apprehensions of the Seemandhra people over key issues like water-sharing, safety of settlers in Hyderabad etc., has set a wrong precedent. What is the guarantee that the Congress and BJP will not resort to clear the contentious bills in future, by a give-and-take policy?       Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)



Most of the political leaders around the world do fight like cats and dogs. And it is no surprise that there is a written history about ugly and nasty fights between politicians during Parliament sessions. With this is mind, if you look at the list of countries that witness such notorious fights, which keep on occurring in Parliaments across the globe(as listed by MSN), India along with other nations like Taiwan, Hong Kong and other nations seems to be topping this list. If you look at the recent incidents in Indian parliament, the chaos discovered over the bill of creating a new Telangana state was among the worst spats found in such sessions. The angry MPs were seen blowing off by pulling out a microphone and pepper- spraying the chamber. This was not all, they went to the extreme by holding banners and shouting slogans, and disrupted the lower house of parliament as the Congress-led government introduced the contentious bill to carve a new state out of the existing Andhra Pradesh. It is reported that several lawmakers climbed into ambulances suffering breathing problems before reportedly being taken to hospital. They should learn to behave before they aspire to rule the country. I wonder if such character and conduct can really help in developing our nation.

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440012


Muslim personnal law board?

It seen the MPLA has become a static body .It comprises a good number of Islamic scholars but they are very much busy in their own personal activities .We do not mind if the widen the responsibilities of the board ,instead they are minimizing the their obligations .So far the enforcement of Islamic personal laws are concerned they are in enforcement since the time of British regime .The government of India tried to impose common civil code .but its competence was of not any use as no civil code has yet been framed perfectly well .The aim of the government was just to malign the Muslim Personal Law and thereby attach the feasibility of Islamic laws .The Islamic laws are divine laws no intellectual moral authority could downgrade it The Islamic Law have protected the interests of the women since the advent of prophet Mohammad sas Islam has given strict instructions to the matter of marriage, maintenance, divorce and deeds of inheritance .It has allocated 50% share of the brother in the property of deceased father and 12.5% to the wife .Islam has strictly denied the female feticide. It has allowed 4 marriages but not extramarital sexual relations, It has recommended marriages of widows .It has not downgraded the self respect of widows like in Hindu society.. All divine laws are natural, practicable and applicable The laws of penal code now are getting applaud by the society specially in the ever rising cases if rape and gang rape, India is no more Hindustan but has turned into RAPISTAN .IN view of all these prevailing conditions the Muslim Personal board should shun its defensive mode of action but come in the mode of offence .They must not think in terms of self security but present the laws of Khilafat system of governance .This system is in demand in many Arabian and African countries. India is in more need of Khilafat type of government as Gandhi had opted before independence Now it is high time that the Board be named as Khilafat Board and work for the establishment of this holy system .The present political scenario is very much ideal for offering the NIZAM-Islam let the members be bold and courageous

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Scientific investigation of terror cases

News appeared that Bodh Gaya and Patna blasts-accused Haider’s parents blood would be tested to match the sweat of clothes recovered in Mahabodhi mandir after the blast (Hindi daily - 06 Jan. 2014). Certainly it is welcome move of NIA but why the same scientific analysis and investigation was not done in Batla House fake encounter case when only two policemen witnesses were present and why Narco-test etc was not done to ensure the encounter was fake or real. Even managed judicial inquiry was not allowed. Justice was not only denied but buried.

S. Haque, Patna


Shivaji & Modi about Surat

Weekly Ummeed (Surat) has, in its issue dated 24/01/14 commented upon Narendra Modi’s statement about the plunder of Surat twice in 1664. ‘Ummeed’ has on front page, interalia, quoted Shri Achyut Yagnik (author of ‘Gujarat Sanshodhan granth). Yagnik has commented that in order to erect his image in Maharasthra, Modi is making statements with an eye on the forthcoming elections. But he forgets that he is tampering with history because Shivaji had looted Surat traders twice and his army was indulged in oppressing citizens of Surat. Makarand Mehta, the famous Gujarati historian is reported to have said that Modi is telling lies; that, in fact, Aurangzeb had no treasury in Surat to plunder which Shivaji might have marched upto Surat; that the Maratha Sardar had not only looted Surat for four days but also burned its beautiful buildings making nights look like days as recorded by east India Company and a Dutch Company; that Shivaji did not attack the Subedar’s fort in Surat but had plundered and thereafter torched the manstons and godowns of big businessmen like Virji Vora, Haji Zahid and Haji Qasim. It is noteworthy that Modi himself did the Vimochan of the reprinted edition (in 2004) of the Gujarati book “SURAT, SONA NI MOORAT” wherein there is no mention of Shivaji plundering Aurangzeb’s treasury.

S. Akhtar,

Khanpur Deh - 392150