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Urdu Ghazal

Don’t tinker with Ghazal. Marathi is no need to follow any language for ghazal... We have our own essence and understanding of ghazal... Basically, we should not compare any language for any music genre... Urdu is different and Marathi is different.. Let them grow separately with their own colours.

S Panjari


Media exposed by former media persons

Ashutosh, the eminent journalist of IBN-7 group, joined AAP. While in a debate on Aaj Tak  (13/02/14 / 11 am), he said: when you take on Ambani, Modi and Rahul head on, then you be ready to face planted news in media to malign your image. S. Shahnawaz Hussain (BJP) Rajiv Shukla (Cong) were present in the debate. Another former media debater, Yogendra Yadav, said about media: it was very fruitful of being in media because media person had both cards in their pockets and media is spreading false and fake news against AAP. He dared media if they insist on naming the mediamen who are spreading false he would name them in a press conference.

S. Haque, Patna


The Whole Truth About AIDS

In my opinion, it is very important that parents talk to their children about the dangers of using condoms, contraceptives and abortion methods, as the morning-after pill or RU-486. Today, young people are constantly besieged from the media and schools. They tell them that using condoms will prevent unwanted pregnancies, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Likewise, they are besieged by television programs where it is normal to see infidelity, pornography, explicit sex and all those degrading programs of junk TV. Health campaigns based on condoms distribution to prevent AIDS led into deception. These conceal information and do not contribute towards prevention, but a greater spread of risk behaviours, since they imply that health authorities are giving their approval to the behaviours and lifestyles that are responsible for the epidemic. It has long been known that the condom has a relative effectiveness as a contraceptive. Statistics show that this prophylactic failure in 15% of cases as a contraceptive and therefore we can not believe that AIDS virus that is 450 times smaller than sperm can be stopped by the latex barrier as if by magic. Uganda is the only African country where this problem has decreased because the system of abstinence and faithfulness to one partner was adopted. When sexual promiscuity decreased, the HIV infection rate dropped from a peak of 15% in the early 90’s to approximately 4% in 2003. Would it cost so much to educate young people in this regard? In this very sensitive matter, the numbers prove it.

Isabel Costa, Fraga, Huesca (Spain)


Aah Naogaonavi!

May the noble soul of Br. ‘Kaif’ Naogaonvi rest peacefully in Jannatul-Firdos and may all of his near and dear ones have Sabre-Jameel. That the mentality of the rulers who hesitate to ban the RSS but continue to suppress SIMIi has not changed at all can be seen from the fact that, at the time of the first Indo-Pak war of 1965, when thousands of Maharashtian Muslims, including the khadi-clad and gandi-capped ones were imprisoned for months, ‘Kaif’ was not allowed even to attend his wife’s funeral!! Down with such stone-hearted ‘secularism’.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


The myth of Modi’s “clean chit”

Those who have been brandishing the "clean chit" to Narendra Damodardas Modi do not understand the situation. The S.I.T., as its name tells us, was only a team of investigators, not a court of law; and the court which accepted that body's recommendations was merely that of a Metropolitan Magistrate. When passing judgment the MM told Zakia Jafri's lawyer that his team "have the liberty to approach a higher court" (Indian Express, 27 December 2013). This tells us that India's judicial structure has many levels, with an appeal possible at each. Thus it is absurd to see any kind of finality in the MM's judgment. The door is wide open through which Mr. Modi and many of his "parivar" will walk to the gallows.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Episode of ND Tewari & Islam

ND Tiwari was bestowed by God with three important characters 1) handsomeness 2) sexual vitality 3) political power. To satisfy his sexual desire he had number of ladies were at his disposal. The political power helped him and no authority could stop him. But in his old age when he was governor of AP he was caught red-handed and was compelled to resign. The important part of this episode was his illegitimate “wife” and son who claimed in the court if law that he was the biological son of Mr. Tiwari .But Tiwari denied. After six years court litigation Tiwari accepted Rohit Shaker is his son his mother was his keep. One cannot imagine the disrespect and mental torture the mother and son had to bear years to gather. Still Rohit and his mother has to get share in his property .The dignity and honour can never be restored. The question arise why Tiwart did not dare to marry the mother of Rohit ? it is only because Hindu Dharma does not allow second marriage. But the history reveals that Lord Ram had three wives and Lord Krishna had thousands of Gopies. According to historical examples every Hindu could marry more than one wife. The Hinduism has been modified many times and its teachings are not in its original form .The Hindus are following wrong version of dharma which cannot safeguard the rights of people like Rohit and his mother. There are millions of such examples in the society leading the life of disrespect If you look into the teachings of Islam it has permitted such men like ND Tewari to marry four wives and have legitimate children. All Mughal kings had more than one wife. In Islam whoever develops illicit sexual relations is punished. With this rule one can understand how Islam has safeguard the respect and modesty of women folk. It is in practice since last1400 years

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Half historical truths are in school syllabus

Kids are taught in schools that Shershah built the grand trunk road from Kolkata to Peshawar but it is half fact. Shershah built the G.T Road from Chitogong (now Bangladesh) to Kabul. Prabhat khabar (Hindi daily) published this fact.

S. Haque, Patna


Comparison between - they - and - we

Just or unjust, right or wrong is not the matter or subject of consideration but importantly the way the weird and warmly played tactics adopted by crooked Hindutva fraternity with the object to turn vengeances into voraciousness and vice-versa which is under process since the dawn of Independence in all respects. Soon after the arrest of Hindutva elements in bomb blasts in Samjhouta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Shareef, Malegaon and other places, RSS, BJP and other allied forces immediately came out openly with the denial of involvement of any member of their family in any terrorist and disruptive activity claiming themselves to be innocent, peace loving and patriotic. They also want to the length of turndown the admission of Aseemanad before the Court and media calling the same absolutely false. Recently, a delegation of LT. Col. Prasad Prohit which includes Aparana Prohit and VAsanti Prohit met President of India at RAshtrapati Bhavan on 18th, Fem: 14 and sought his intervention towards the immediate disposal of the case relate to Malegaon blast couple with other maters relate to accused. Such tactics are continue in practice since long obviously to prove the culprits innocent by hook or crook. Back to home, hundreds of innocent, educated and well settled Muslim youths have been implicated and languishing behind bars by the anti Muslim bias men in khaki under the nose of union and state home ministries without any trial for years to gather whereas many have been killed in the name of fake encounters and the process continued but no public (Muslim) agitation or even strong country wide protest is held or even no bandh and other mode of agitations have been adopted by general members of Ummah which is a matter of great concern. The so-called Muslim leaders, MPs, MLAs, dared not to speak on the subject or went or raising the voices the floors LS, RS, and state assemblies atleast for name sake. Baring JIH, JUH and one or two such organisations like AIMPLB no organisation specifically taken up the matter seriously objectively to represent the Muslim grievances before higherups IUML, claimant of only Muslim representative political organisation of National status appeared to have taken ‘U’ turn from its basic object and virtually not exists. Muslim representation in L.S., R.S., or state assemblies look like soulless creature, a show cased commodity hold no water are always at the heels of their party bosses acting in scion fashion. Notably with the aim was drawn, this time, in M. P., Chhatisgarh, Maharashtra to arrest Muslim youths in the name of anti National activities being members of SIMI to level the ground for extension of ban which is done ultimately but no Muslim representative, minister, leader, organisation, group and activists came openly to condemn the illegal action of Central government which shows where we stand.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


Somnath temple - facts versus lies

Mr. Narendra Modi - the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate who has earned notoriety for his colossal ignorance of facts and coming out with fabricated statements has said in one of his speeches that the Somnath temple had been reconstructed by Sardar Patel. But says Sardar Patel “last year when I came to Saurashtra, I went to Somnath. I was then accompanied by Jam Saheb (Ruler of Nawa Nagar) and Mr. Gadgil (a central minister and father of Mr. V. N. Gadgil, a union minister in the Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi Govts.) when we saw the ruined temple of Somnath and walked on those sacred precincts and surveyed that historical and religious place, vision of the past spread itself before us. We then resolved to renovate its ancient glory. The Jam Sahib contributed a lakh of rupees, Samal Dass (The chief minister of Saurashtra) on behalf of the provincial Govt. contributed rupees 50,000 But to implement our decision we felt necessary to take expert opinion. We also sought the advice of elderly people of Jaunagarh. We have now decided to constitute a committee to draw up plans and to create a trust for the supervision of the work. Two trustees will be nominated from the centre, two by the Saurashtra Govt., two will be selected from the donors and the remaining will be nominated from the rest of India. After my visit to Jaunagarh I went to Calcutta and spoke to some friends there. They have promised to donate Rs 25 lakhs. We have Rs 21 lakhs already. Our aim is to collect a crore atleast so that not only would we be able to renovate the temple but also to improve its surroundings and open certain institutions as well.” (Sardar Patel in tune with millions edited by G. M Tendulkar, Volume-III pp.52-3). Earlier Jawaharlal Nehru himself and contradicted Mr. Advani’s contention that the inaugural function of the temple was a governmental function. This is evident from the following quotation from Nehru’s letter to chief minister of May 2, 1951, you must have read about the coming ceremonies at the Somnath temple. It should be clearly understood that this function is not governmental and the Govt. of India as such has nothing to do wit it (letters to chief minister volume - II pp. 388-389).

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 110091


Aam Aadmi Party - a party opposed to our system

Our media has been showering praises on the newly formed Aam Admi Party ignoring the fact that this party has neither a glorious past which can nor a charismatic precedent which can inspire Indian people. Communal fascism or politics of communal hatred which is being practiced by BJP is the gravest menace not only to Indian democracy and secularism but to be very existence of our country, but this party and neither condemns it nor intends to fight it. Minorities, especially Muslims and OBCs are extremely backward in all aspects of life and therefore they need reservations in government jobs, educational institutions and other walks of life and welfare majors but this party has not a work about minorities and OBCs. Bureaucracy is the main hurdle in the second working of Indian democracy. But this party has no plan of effectively controlling it or scrapping red-tapism. The party has rightly been described by Mr. Salman Khurshid, External Affairs Minister as an anarchist party with Jurassic ideas deadly opposed to our system it is extremely harmful to the country.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,

Delhi - 110091


RSS stalwarts, no chagrin please

In an interview to Caravan Magazine, Aseemanand an accused in Samjhouta Express, Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Shareef blast confessed that planning for blast was evolved and sanctioned by the RSS Leadership thus admitting the direct involvement of fascit Organisation in disdainful act of blast at the said places. The statement sparked of a controversy leading RSS big-wig to reject and rebut the interview in usual stereotype manner by questioning its veracity and publication in Caravan. Soon followed by Hindutva fraternity from low to high level the interview came to be attacked in defence or the parental body under the habitual denial of truth by charging the Caravan Magazine and authenticity of the interview in question. On the other side the so-called secular political groups like Congress, BSP, SP supported by CP-I spared no time by condemning the RSS and its involvement in the anti-National and terrorist activities. The condemning appears to be a drama to get Muslim favour during the ensuing election on one hand and to prove that till this date they were unaware of the disruptive incursion of RSS and that for the first time they have come across the devilished designed of RSS. What is the necessity of staging such drama as Muslims have full knowledge that all are birds of same feather. Such denial and condemnations are not new as they are the part and parcel of old strategy as far Muslims are concerned. It is admitted position that very foundation of RSS is laid on distortion, distraction, deception and decaying plannings and demureness can go any extent to achieve its goal in a most ugly way. It is to be noted with all drearily that on various occasions, specially gathering of National importance, our intelligence agencies are bulging out with fake inputs of terrorist activities which they gleefully beefed to the Union and state home ministries with around the clock publicity by electronic media which later on reach them to well educated and well settled innocent Muslim youth under the instruction of the said ministries and thus trap them maliciously. However in the case of blast on Samjhouta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Shareef, Malegoan, Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Patna the same intelligence agencies are bulging out with fake inputs of terrorist activities which they gleefully briefed to the union and state home ministries with around the clock publicity by electronic media which later on reach them to well educated and well settled innocent Muslim youth under the instruction of the said ministries and thus trap them maliciously. However in the case of blast on Samjhouta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Shareef, Malegaon, Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Patna the same intelligence agencies failed to get any input.... so surprising. Whereas Congress and other parties continued to remain in darkness. It is therefore advisable to RSS and other Hindutva forces need no apprehension for any legal action against the out-fit being patronized and protected by police around the Country, Law of the Land and all major political parties by making the State a safe heaven for the Saffron Brigade despite it stigmatized for the assassination of the Father of Nation, still no one is there to question the patriotism of RSS and allied forces. Jai Bharat.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


Advertising campaigns about the false paradises of drug evasión

‘Dance Music for you not to dance’ is the slogan of the last campaign of the Spanish Foundation Against Drug Addiction (FAD) to raise awareness of the risks associated with driving under the influence of drugs , for young people aged 16 to 24.. According to the National Department of Traffic (DGS), about 23 % of drivers up to 30 years who died in a traffic accident had consumed drugs. “Bad night. Tonight may be your turn” is the slogan of another FAD campaign, which seeks to educate the youth against the alkaloids that cause hallucination or distress and can lead to suicide. Out partying until dawn can move in “a bad experience” because these concentrates, “can be your worst enemy.” Drugs have stayed in the fun of teenagers. Reaching a state of rapture in a few minutes and feel the effect of joy for an hour, is the type of hallucinations that causes “fentanyl” a synthetic drug derived from opium that has set off alarms at the UN, so that the International Narcotics Control Board, in its annual report, devotes a chapter to this concentrate, a “ synthetic opioid 80 times more potent than heroin,” and that is causing serious damage in the United States and Mexico. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, also exhibited a painful horizon, whereby drugs are cheaper than ever in all countries of the European Union, a circumstance that has led to a frightening increase in cocaine use, particularly among adolescents. The investigation exposes the rawness of the situation in Europe: each year alkaloids consumption causes more than 8,000 deaths. Drugs, sex, terror and fanaticism spiral will not succeed in his claim to be havens of escape. Young naive believe the drug will “lead to Heaven” and what it gives to them is their own self-destruction, a physical and mental deterioration that will transform the “paradise” of a moment, in a prolonged and unbearable hell.

Clemente Ferrer


Animal slaughtering: different action

There is a picture of four headless Bali (Slaughtered religiously) of he buffaloes at Dariyapur areas of Ahmedabad on public road thoroughfare. The ‘G. T.’ report datelined, Ahmedabad, 25th January ‘14 inter alia, states that ten Devi Pujak Samaj people did the slaughtering (Bali) quite openly; that the police mute a mockery of justice by merely noting a complaint under CRPC 157; that people here discuss a serious community-based discrimination because, day in and day out, Muslim butchers are being wrongly arrested after allowing the so-called ‘Gau Rakshak’ (cow savers) to bent the qassabs who are then severely beaten by police who also clamp PASA etc. etc.

S. Akhtar, Patna


BJP carved Modi into Ram

Through Ram Rath, Ram mandir, etc BJP could not achieve absolute power, therefor it shunned Ram mandir agenda to achieve power sharing  with other parties. Now BJP is again perusing Ram issue not by mandir but by carving Modi as Ram. BJP national president Raj Nath Singh said “bhagwan ram ki tarah avatar puruhi hein Modi”

S. Haque, Patna


Batakh Mian’s family in great distress

Batakh Mian was a British officer’s cook. Under his English employer’s pressure he mixed poison in the milk which was to be served to Mahatma Gandhi when he visited Motihari (Champaran) to experience oppression of farmers in 1917. But Batakh Mian silently revealed the English secret plan to Gandhiji. Rajendra Prasad was witness of the episode. English government sent Batakh Mian to jail and badly treated him and confiscated his land. In India followers of the killers of Gandhi are prospering but descendents of Gandhi’s saviour are reeling under poverty and their family is in great distress. Government promised to give Batakh Mian agricultural land as token of gratitude but the promise was forgotten.

S. Haque, Patna


Left as third alternative

The Left must be applauded for trying to bring as many as eleven political parties to come together as a third alternative in the 2014 General elections. One need not pooh-pooh the idea, as we have seen how a novice in politics like Arvind Kejriwal has proved in the Delhi assembly elections that there is a vast political space for new experiments. The common man is disgusted with the policies of the neo-liberalism pursued by the UPA and the erstwhile NDA government and there is hardly a thin line between the two as regards corruption. It would be desirable if Aam Admi Party can be drawn in the ‘third-front’.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa - 516001


Politicians involved in riots

Rahul Gandhi in his first-ever interview said that some Congressmen were involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Former CM of Bihar Satayandera Narayan Sinha in his autography Meri yadein meri bhulein wrote that some Congress leaders were involved in 1989 Bhagalpur anti-Muslim genocide. Gujarat’s Narendra Modi’s cabinet minister Maya Kodnani supervised killings of Muslims and she is languishing in jail.

S. Haque,