Clean chit for Modi: BJP-Congress deal

Modi is Congress’ son-in-law

New Delhi: No, neither Afzal Guru is Congress’ son-in-law as Gadkari lambasted nor are minorities as Sudarshan bewailed. The VIP to claim such preference is none other than Narendra Modi who got a clean chit from CBI over Sohrabuddin encounter case as a quid pro quo for BJP’s support to the Congress’ pet project to offer immunity to the American suppliers of useless nuclear technology to India.

Almost all the opposition parties were stunned to see the new duet sung by the duo on the nuclear deal. Both the houses were paralysed when angry RJD and SP members stormed the wells of the two houses. "The Congress and the BJP are one," accused Mulayam. Lalu declared, "They have struck a deal over the nuclear bill to bail out Modi." The cordiality of the new "relationship" was seen at Shahnawaz’s iftar party where beaming Congressmen led by the prime minister himself were hugged by jubilant Saffronites.

For the Congress to seek BJP support was a priority. The nuclear bill has to be passed before Obama arrives next November. American firms supplying nuclear reactors will not be responsible for another Bhopal-like disaster. Indian life, we all know, is very cheap. The BJP, on the other hand, had to seek Congress "favour" as exposures involving RSS activists in bomb blasts across the country began upsetting them. The Bellary mining scam had been another thorn in their flesh as BSP and Andhra parties wanted the dismissal of the BJP government in Karnataka. For BJP, it was business as usual. Sushma tried to convince that they had agreed "with our point of view". Arun Jaitley further said that the seven suggested changes incorporated now have made them join the bandwagon. So, Modi can relax. CBI is no longer "an extended arm of Congress"! The hand is out for Lotus friendship!