Islamic Perspectives

The Abandoned Role of Masjid

If Masjid made Muslims true conquerors of hearts, minds, souls, lands and geography, thoughts and thinking, then the abandoned and forgiven concept of the Masjid made Muslims defeated, resigned, confused. The Prophet’s Mosque in Madina was the hub of social contacts, political and legal decisions, economic  resolutions, spiritual training and religious education. It was a Muslim Parliament under true democracy called khilafat. The rise of dictatorship reduced the role of Masjid to mere praying devoid of soul and spirit. There is no historical evidence available that the great four imams ever delivered even Jumu’ah khutubah.

The jumu’ah sermons were supposed to be given by the governors and high government representatives. The greatest conquests were made by Khalifah ‘Umar functioning out of the Prophet’s Mosque. Maulana Maududi, may Allah have mercy on him, saidin his landmark book, Khilafat-o-Mulukiyat: had Khilafat continued for another 100 or 150 years, there would not have been left a single non-Muslim area outside the banner of Islam.

When you go to masjid for your next prayers, just do not walk like a monk, but walk like a dynamic believer. The sunnah and practice of the Prophet, peace be upon him, is to offer only two prayers in the Masjid, Tahayyatul Masjid and Fard. It was not the custom of the companions to offer long prayers in the Masjid. That is not the role of the Masjid. The sunnah and nafl prayers can be continued at your homes and workplaces according to the Sunnah.

After the Fard prayers, please shake hands with your Muslim brothers and enquire of their well-being. Feel the ownership of the Masjid. Just don’t go and come back disgruntled and resigned. Masjid belongs to you. You have a right to take interest in its management and ask questions about how it is run.  Some brothers and sisters may be looking for financial help, and some may be having health and social issues, try to help them. Some of us may be looking for jobs, may be in need of business advice. We should also conduct the meetings pertaining to the education and political activities taking in the countries we live. That is part of Islam. Please involve yourself. Don’t allow dictatorships to prosper. It is haraam to see wrong and keep quite.

Dictatorship belongs only to Allah. And that Omnipotent Allah has given us chance to think, to ponder, to ask questions and change the world around us. Dictatorship does not suit humans. They look ugly. If Muslims really wanted to recover their lost glory, Masjid should regain its lost position as the political, social, economic, spiritual hub of Muslims. If we have to regain our respect and honour in this world, Masjid is the place. The revival of Masjid's role is indispensable to our lost respect. (Received from