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My experience has shown that, rare exceptions apart, there is near total reluctance - bordering on refusal - on the part of the educated elite, and even non-elite, belonging to the majority communities to read anything like your esteemed magazine. Periodicals such as Tehelka, Communalism Combat, Hard News, and often the well known Outlook, also meet the same fate, generally speaking. When asked to glance through some of the aforesaid periodicals at least sometimes if not regularly, I was told by an old friend in the IAS that all such magazines generally and even exclusively, present only "one side" of the picture. He didn't want to express himself clearly on the issue of one-sidedness of the periodicals in question. Mind you, the said gentleman who does not belong to any of the minority communities is one who has had plentiful of experience of grass roots administration in a state (not UP) with a sizeable Muslim population and is otherwise a fair-minded person and has friends belonging to minority communities. The mystery of onesidedness needed to be resolved, however. Eventually, it was quite a disappointment for me to gather (or, perhaps discover) that onesidedness referred to the presentation of the news and views from a typically minorities' perspective and bringing out the experiences of the minority communities. I was, therefore, not surprised to find that the aforesaid periodicals are not subscribed to by the government libraries either. The result is that even those who are supposed to be well informed ( e. g. intelligence walas, et all ) remain blissfully ill-informed about the plight of the minority communities. Very few, for instance, know that even at the level of class IV jobs, for which there is no dearth of educationally qualified persons, the representation of, say, Muslims, continues to hover round the tragically low level of 5-6% and this despite the fact that the minority communities including Muslims stand included in the list of backward classes. And so on. The need of the hour, in my view, is to devise an appropriate strategy so as to ensure as best as possible that the majority communities become truly aware of the genuine problems of the minorities. There is no dearth of well meaning people in our country and they can surely make a difference provided they only get to know the truth. Can you, as an important step in the right direction, think of supplying your esteemed magazine to select officers in the administrative services and the police throughout India, especially the Hindi heartland, for free in the hope that these worthies would some little time, by chance if not by design, to glance through it and thus acquire at least a smattering of the desired information which will do good to them and, needless to say, to our country we are so much in love with. More, later.

S A T Rizvi, IAS (Retd.)


I have read your e-paper, I got an idea about approach and content, and i must congratulate you and your team for fantastic efforts.

Mohd. Monis Siddiqui, Lucknow


MG's service and reporting area is satisfactory. Best of luck.

Malik Mohd Tareeq, Modasa - 383315 Gujarat


Characterless judiciary cannot deliver justice

SC judge justice A. K. Ganguly is facing severe charges of sexual abuse slapped by a lady law intern. Other lady law intern revealed that justice Swatantra Kumar had abused her sexually thrice. Niira Radia tapes had many secrets about judges and many cases of corruption appeared in media. Bharat Bhushan in an affidavit wrote that 14 CJIs were definitely corrupt. Now three senior judicial officers were caught in compromising positions in Nepal (Nepali Daily Udgosh / 29/01/13). Komal Ram, J. N. Singh, H. N. Gupta (judicial magistrate / principal judge) are sacked. Riot cases are closed, Babri Masjid was demolished when cases pending in court totalled 60 thousand cases in SC, 44.3 lakh in HC, 2.69 crore in lower courts.

S. Haque, Patna


Kejriwal at Banaras

The treatment meted out to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was not beyond expectation.. The public welcomed Kejriwal and his colleagues with love and those who hurled eggs and splashed black ink on his face is also a form of love hatred is the beginning of love. Kejrwal should forget this act of hate and think this will change into love and affection after they listen his speech. The real voters are the poor people of Banaras who are being exploited since centuries. Kejrtwal is the champion croes of poor masses of the constituency. Congress and BJP could not solve their problems. They are suffering since decades Now people are seriously thinking to bring revolution. Through the power of franchise it ispossible. Now we hope that a AAP party will do this Herculean task and will give an Utopia to the Indian Nation. All Hindus Muslims ,Sikhs Jainis and Christians should support AAP

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


BJP factional fights

As time of election draws closer, the factional division within BJP is emerging, which might create obstruction for Narendra Modi in achieving the magical number-272. Quiting of Jaswant from the party will inevitably create a storm in the tea cup of Narendra Modi. Nor was LK Advani pleased with the dictat of Sangh for persuading to fight election from Gandhi Nagar. The tension brewing from within may prove disastrous for the party, for Modi was annointed candidate of Sangh rather than BJP. Narendra Modi was not a consensus candidate of Prime Minister. It sounds there would be dark horse within the party if Modi failed to get 272 seats. Secular party might not second Modi if support was needed

Wakeel Ahmad,New Karim Gunj, Gaya


Where is the sporting spirit?

Until the number of 'Abdullah's who hail Jadeja's batting and 'Mohan's who clap on Shaihdi's sixers increases sufficiently let there be no cricket between India and Pakistan. Otherwise Dhoni and Misbah should be made members of one combined team.

Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150



National politics is a game of very high stakes. Our community is essentially simple-minded and trusting. This goes back to our faith in Allah. All parties have taken advantage of our trust using upper crust Muslims from the film industry, from cricket, rich businessmen, journalists and finally our over ambitious Shahi Imams and Madani uncle nephew duo. After every election we feel cheated, as our interlopers obtain the choicest advantage in the Rajya Sabha and in their financial dealings. But the ghettoisation of the community continues. Every riot our women get raped, our youth end up in jails for years, and our businesses and properties are destroyed. I urge our community not to put blind trust in any political leader. Question him when he comes to you. Raise genuine issues that our troubling us. But never, never promise him our vote in advance; especially when asked to say so in the name of Allah.

Dr. J. S. Bandukwala Vadodara Gujarat

Farooq Abdul Gaffar BawaniRajkot Gujarat


India is heading towards a crucial election which is going to be more crucial for minorities and poor of this Country. We know that Modi with the help of Media is trying to create a wave and common people has fallen in that. Even during the rule of Congress minorities had suffered a lot and have been jailed with false charges all over the country from Kerala to J&K. As our police forces are so much prejudiced, the fate of minorities will be much worse if Modi comes to power. It is now important that all Muslims should unite and consolidate their votes against these communal forces. I strongly believe that only Aam Admi Party can do good for Muslims and poor. I have no hope in Congress. Hence I request you to kindly make efforts so as to consolidate Muslim votes against one point, that is Modi. Our votes should not be bifurcated.

Mohammed Iyas AK, Malappuram Kerala 673634


History puts seal on RSS bomb blast connection

Samjhauta train blast, Makkah Masjid blast, Malegaon blast -- the main culprit Swami Assemanand's interview to English magazine "CARAVAN" exposed the real face of RSS which claims that it is a nationalist cultural organisation and never believed in divisive, disruptive and demolishing policies. Swami Aseemanand had said that all the blast plans were well within RSS top brass leaders’ knowledge like Mohan Bhagwad etc who is currently sarsangh chalak. "CARAVAN" stands by its story and released the audio tapes too. No BJP / RSS leaders are ready to challenge the magazine and audio tapes in courts but are verbally denying. Many judicial commissions probing anti-Muslim riots and the history puts seal on the RSS blast connection. Congresss’ soft stands on RSS had been the real history in India. "A life of our times" autography by Rajeshwar Dayal who was the home secretary of UP in 1948 and retired. He wrote about an incident of 1948 when DIG of western UP B. B. Jaitley came with three big trunks loaded with documents, maps and proofs captured from an RSS office which were significant that it were a conspiracy to wage riots in western UP by RSS. Mr Dayal and Jaitly presented all documents, maps and proofs of RSS's anti-national programmes and activities to Pandit Govind Balabh Pant, Congress CM of U.P. But Mr. Pant only ordered to issue a letter to RSS to explain the situation and it was never delivered to R.S.S. Without smashing the Congress’ very soft stand on RSS myth, India cannot prosper and justice cannot prevail without taking such saffron mentality to task.

S. Haque, Patna


Kashmiri students in Meerut university

According to the news published in newspapers that Vice Chancellor of Meerut University has expelled Kashmiri Students for celebrating the victory of Pakistani team over India in cricket match. It seems that Kashmiri students are feeling sense of alienation. They are feeling stranger in their own country Further , let me frankly confess that majority community has failed to instil the feelings of Indianness in them. The fault lies with the majority community and not with Kashmiri students. I , a Gujarati Muslim feel the same sense of alienation after 2002 riots. I am unwanted in my own state. I am being discriminated day in day out. I have to live under constant fear lest fascist forces may kill me at any time.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat



Media avoids Muslims issues

Hindi daily "Dainik Bhaskar" launched its Bihar edition on 19 January 2014. On its inaugural issue its cover page writes "Bihar mein satya, aur nispakchta ka uday" (rise of truth and straightforwardness in Bihar) Dainik Bhaskar published a story of BC and MBC hostels that 38 hostels were to be completed in 2 years but only one was completed. The report published details of hostels and amounts released but Dainki Bhaskar deliberately avoided minority hostels issue. Minority hostel project was started by Laloo Yadav government in 2002-03 but 10-11 years later only in 2 districts minority hostel are complete and 36 districts minority hostels are still incomplete. In some cases funds wsere pent but work was not completed. Urdu media has no courage to expose the mystry.

S. Haque, Patna


Imbalanced sex ratio

India is still witnessing an imbalanced sex ratio when you talk about registration of voters. Recently, there were some pretty surprising statistics from the Election Commission, which showcases India's continuing story of gender inequities since 1971. As per reports, this was the time when the gender break-up of electorates was first recorded. Out of the total 23.16 million first-time voters enrolled voters for the 16th Lok Sabha polls, only 41% of the 18- 19 year-olds registered voters are women, while 96 lakh of them are as against 1.4 crore new male voters. In India, states like Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chandigarh and Gujarat have the most skewed electoral sex ratios. Though the time has changed with improved literacy, intervention of government agencies and aggressive efforts of political parties to bring more people to vote, it is the patriarchal nature of Indian society that fails to bring in more female voters. With a motive to engage more women, the EC has launched various campaigns like appealing to them to vote through household items like gas cylinders and advertisements on all means of media. Not just this, even while registration, the election officers ensured that more women participate in the process by asking men to come with their wives so that they too receive voter ID cards.

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440012



Vote issue of Muzaffarnagar Victims

I have been reading Milli Gazette for sometimes, and found your esteemed contribution for rehabilitation of Muzaffarnagar  victims. This morning I watched a report on NDTV that Mr Hukum Singh, a BJP candidate from MuzaffarNagar, raised the issue with election commission that victims who are staying in camps their votes are should be considered illegal. And he infact went beyond his imagination by allegedly saying that these people are here since 1962 and outsider.  This issue is raised by controversial person who very well know that if victims are allowed to vote he is going to lose his election. I as a responsible Indian citizen want to bring to your notice that please take necessary steps and ensure all victims should be able to vote. And these communal forces supporters like Humkum Singh must be not get re elected at any cost. I wish your group can do and put maximum efforts in order to achieve this. One of my opinion is if you may challenge the election commission consent on Mr Hukum Singh complaint or may be sought guidelines by filing Petition in supreme court. As I am novice and do not have idea about filing petition on behalf of several Muslims who have been deprived of their basic rights on daily basis because of partisans nature of administration and state level governments institutions. I would like to see some steps taken by your esteemed organisation on this issue in your weekly or monthly issue of Milli Gazette. i hope you must take necessary steps.

Md Aasim


Rogue party

No words are strong enough to condemn the political party who wants to form the government by hook or crook. With barely a few months left to go for the Lok Sabha election, each and every party leave any stone any unturned in exposing and blaming one other to score brownie points. Wikileaks poster made by BJP might affect Narendra Modi scope of PM. But, what is harmful for the country is that they create communal tension to cover up scams or corruption charges before election. Muzaffar Nagar riot is the recent example which is bound to haunt in the election. Again, with Narendra Modi contesting from Varanasi, the peace and tranquillity might be affected.

Wakeel Ahmad, Gaya


BJP and Muslims

This is regarding the recent political gimmick of Rajnath Singh. He has not made any confession or expressed any apology - only a vague offer to apologise for any "mistake". Infact there is an implied tone that no serious offence has been committed. I feel that Muslim Personal Law Board or Majlise Mushawarat should call his bluff and issue a strong statement that if Rajnath has an iota of sincerity in his statement, he should immediately demolish the temple in Ayodhya and rebuild the Babri Masjid as a first step. If you agree, kindly do the needful.

K. V. Abdurrahman, Thana, Kannur - 670012


Allow Muslims to live peacefully

The saffron terrorists in India with the support of some medias, politics and especially the cunning and cruel jews acting as villains of Muslims in India. They unleash all sorts of vandalism, riots, killings, raping, looting and arsoning etc etc in the country. Cowards and our Muslims are bearing all these agonies and living as dumbs, deaf and blind cursing their enemies. Due to financial restraints and political as well as the threats of saffronists, they are not in a position to complaint against these savage and cruel ghoondas. Indian police and judiciary are playing double roles in maintaining administration that is one for non-Muslims and other against Muslims. The administration know some master strokes against wounded Muslims and simultaneously torturing them arresting yhem, slaughtering them in mass scale. NOTE: ISI, Lashkae-E-Thoyuba, Indian Mujahideen, Fidiyaan, SIMI, SDPI, Jamaat-E-Islami etc. Are these organisations planed or proposed or promoted or participated to demolish the famous Babari Masjid, massacre in Bhivandi, Bhopal, Srirampur, Calcutta, Bihar, Navakali, Butlahouse, Assam, Muzaffarnagar, Bombay. Addition to the above all the bomb blasts and killings in sacred Ajmer Darga the known power loom city-Malegaon, Meccas Mosque, Samjhoda Express train etc. Over and above all the savagery, holocaust,, the cruel and Narendra Modi and his ghoondas in Gujarat massacred more than three thousand Muslims, raped thousand of women, demolished hundreds of mosque, looting and arsening of Muslims belongings. All these terrific crimes were carried out in the strength of constitution of India and rules. In Kashmir Valley several thousands of graveyards of Muslim youth discovered. The relatives and parents of buried are still crying over the agony of their kids and miserable life among the anti-national monsters. Do they (above mentioned Muslim organisations) committed the above mentioned sins such as non-preceding the saffron terrorist committed in the man-kind. In the Muzaffarnaar several thousands of Muslims were killed and their houses were demolished by JCB. More than fifty young kids were died due to heavy fog and starvation. TRhe refugee camps were also demolished by the authorities in day time. The authorities offered some meagre amounts to the victims on the conditions the victims should not go to their native dwellings and to live elsewhere. India was ruled over 1200 years by Muslims. Their having no proper dwelling places in the country as all the palaces, forts and buildings were changed as offices, garages, as well as temples. The last Mughal king Bahadur Shah Zafar was driven out from India and took asylum at Burma. The grandsons of Bahadur Shan and Tippu Sultan of Mysore pulling on life working as menials in Calcutta slums. Nobody in the country is worried about this pathetic life of the royal family members. Even no pension amount is granted to these unfortunate persons. The constitution of India prescribes justice, social, economic and political liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. It is also specifying that equality of status and opportunity to promote among them all fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and unit and the integrity of the nation. Is the Muslim community treated on these guidance.

Raj Mohan, Kameleswaram, TVM-695009


Anti-Sikh riot-closed cases will be opened

With one announcement of AAP, the government agreed to start investigation of 1984 anti Sikh riots. During the riot 528 cases were registered but half of them were closed by police without proper investigation. Now the closed cases will be opened. In all riots, police without proper investigation, closes cases and judiciary silently watches. Cases of Mumbai riots, Gujarat riot, Bhagalpur riot, Nellie valley riot etc were closed by police. It is police conspiracy to protect rioters and killers.

S. Haque, Patna


Saudi show of Islam

What kind of Islam do the usurpers of the Harmain-ash-Sharifain follow has become clear from their outburst against the Mulsim Brotherhood of Egypt.

S. Akhtar,Khanpur Deh - 392150