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Why Modi Is Projected by Bhagwa Grouping

Modi is projected in the name of vikas purush although he is a vinash purush by the Bhagwa extremists because they are united on one point that only Modi is capable of repeating Gujrat Genocide experiment on all India basis and then claim whole country as RIOT FREE. The Product Modi is being projected taller than the Brand BJP. Although it may be late but still there is a time that all secularists specially Muslims should made tactical voting to defeat Modi candidate with AAP as first option , Congress as second followed by others depending on local conditions. Modi can not keep the country united but shall destroy the country. Till now he governed only one state but governing the country is different. Muslim is a divided house and is not serious to analyse the danger of Modi occupying PM chair. VOTE FOR AAP or Congress if AAP candidate is very very weak.

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


Demonizing Indian Muslims

The main goal of chauvinistic Hindu communal organizations that is R. S. S, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sena, Ram Sena, Abhinav Bharat Sansthan, Sanatan Sansthan and BJP- the standard bearer of Hindutav is to demonize Indian Muslim community by lumping all Muslims as terrorists and equating them with violence prone Muslims lunatic fridge with all Indian Muslims They are thus creating among non-Muslims wholly irrational and entirely baseless fear from Muslims and consequently hostility towards all Muslims. It is most unfortunate that a large section of the press and most of the TVs offer platform to Muslim haters who spread malicious canards and lies against Muslims. Several activists of Abhinav Bharta Sansthan and Sanatan have been arrested for bomb blasts and other terrorist activities yet only Muslims are called as terrorists. This is rising concern across the country on the large number of arrests and harassment of Muslim youths by security forces. They are punched up, taken into custody and are subjected to inhuman third degree tortures and eventually thrown into jails and awaiting trial for years. This amounts to state terror. On this account Muslim community no longer feels safe.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 91


Jihad against dowry - Ulama must start

Muslim society of India is badly infected with the desease of dowry. Our country brothers have dharmic sanskar of "kanya-daan" and Hindustani sanskirti has modified and made it costly. This is very vital reason for female foeticide which is opted in every part of India. Islam strictly banned dowry; instead Muslim  boy has to pay "Dain-Mehar" to the girl for marriage. The girl would keep this Mahar amount for use in future as she wishes. But Muslim society is also bitten by the dowry virus and Muslim girls are reeling under dowry demands. Here and there some news appears that Ulama are ready to ashun such nikahs in which dowry is demanded. Ulama have to take this issue as Jihad because dowry virus has badly bruised Muslim society of India.              S. Haque, Patna


Et tu, Akbar?

Like the rats in the tale of the Piper several have deserted the sinking ship of Congress and have joined the BJP bandwagon. The list is still unending What perplexes is the "policy" statement of MJ Akbar. Under what policy he has sought the BJP favours is best known to him - may be a governor's or ambassador's or a chairman's post where he shall be accommodated. He has sent "legitimacy" to 2002 clean chit showing his intellectual / ethical bankruptcy.               A. G. Khan, Ujjain


A Tiniest Pen Is Much Mightier Than A Mighty Sword Mr. M. J. Akbar's joining the BJP on the eve of the Parliamentary Elections bears eloquent testimony to the fact that he is an A-1 opportunist. The Urdu adage "na khuda hee milla na wisaal-e-sanam; na idhar kay rahay na udhar kay rahay" is apt in his case.

S. M. Pasha, Convener, Forum Of Muslim Journalists, Chennai 600003


Lalu's stand commendable

May Yadav Lalu's lantern shine

Whose leadership appears fine

Who does not shed a crocodile's tear

Even Advani had felt his fear

May Lalu Yadav's tribe increase

May all communalist combines freeze.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Say No To Bottled Water

Do you have a habit of buying and drinking fanciful Bottled Water? Please read how bottled water is 2000 times costlier? Also read why the bottled water is against the environment? It is worth considering to show this PPT (editable) to various groups including school/college students, NGOs and Church groups, housing society members and even for the congregation gathered for the Mass on Sundays as protecting Gods creation is a deeply spiritual act.         

Fr Felix Rebello,


Muslims and secularism

Thanks to Modi phobia, for every so-called secular party, Muslims are the only secular community, and it is only their ' undivided secular vote' that can be relied upon as the last resort to salvage its singking ship. It is only Muslims who are supposed to safeguard the country's secularism, while others are struggling with each other to strengthen their respective prospects, either to become a king, or at least king makers. As usual, Muslims will be voting to defeat B. J. P. However, the candidate, other than the B. J. P.'s, who wins, will never acknowledge, either publicly or privately, that in his victory, the 'secular vote' of Muslims had any contribution, but all those who lose will certainly shout, "…ne dhokha de diyaa". i.e.,"Dhobhee ka kutta, ghar kaa, naa ghat kaa"

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani Lucknow


About shaking hands of two hypocrite groups

This is reference to the article 'Islamic Scholars shares dais with Indresh' published in Milli Gazette (01/15-3/2014). We are distressed and agitated to have learnt so called scholars like Hashim Miyan and others have become toy in hands of hypocrites like Indresh Kumar. Indresh Kumar and the likes pose themselves as well wishers of Muslims whereas their hidden agenda is something else. On the other hand so called Muslim scholars are just touting for their vested interests sharing dais with pagans and hypocrites giving false impression of communal harmony. Aim of Indresh Kumar is totally politically and electoral on the behest of their organisation (RSS). Muslims and their so called Muslim scholars must be aware of their game plan which will have very adverse impact on Muslim's interest in future.           

Ajmal, Lucknow (via email)


After BJP Manifesto, India faces grave communal threats

Whatever people may think and talk about economic and development issues during on-going Parliamentary election in India, but India will vote for or against mainly on one issue (that is Hindutva) which is mentioned in BJP Manifesto as Ram Mandir, Article 370, common civil code, cow protection, India being natural home for persecuted Hindus etc: First and foremost people should understand that religious communalism (which partitioned India in 1947) still remains politically the most potent issue in India. There is a huge Hindu constituency all over Hindu majority India which is ready to become communal if favourable political environment is there in India (like Modi as PM with this communal agenda of BJP). It is not a coincidence that BJP (which had only two members in Loksabha in 1984) gained political ascendancy and power at centre and in various States on the issue of Hindutva from the days of Ayodhya dispute and consequent riots and massacres in which thousands of innocent Indians lost their lives. People should also understand that every element of Indian State (including its judiciary / Supreme Court) is prejudiced in favour of Hindus in this matter. Any body who knows any thing about law knows that Supreme Court of India (SCI) is under legal obligation to restore the status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished on December 6, 1992 in the presence of SCI Observer, but communal SCI has not done it till date. In 2002 Gujarat massacre cases which SCI is monitoring closely, again Communal SCI never asked to book the then Prime Minister Vajpayee, Home Minister Advani, Defence Minister Fernandez and Military officers despite Section 130 & 131 CrPC, with the result BJP is moving round the country boasting that the judiciary has given clean chit to the Gujarat government functionaries including Modi. With this background of communal India and communal Indian State, especially two Hindutva issues of BJP manifesto (Ram Temple and Article 370) are to be considered. The mention of "within the frame work of the constitution" for constructing Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, should fool no one. If after giving affidavit in SCI by BJP government to protect Babri Mosque, if it could be demolished by BJP without any effective and legally expected action from communal SCI then what thus emboldened BJP would do again to rake-up Ram Temple issue in order to drag India in the bloodbath of riots and massacre of innocent Muslims is any body's guess. 

                Hem Raj Jain, USA


Awareness about banned medicines

Union government banned 'Pioglitazone' because of some medical-research having determined it harmful for developing dangerous diseases like cancer. But under influence of drug- manufacturers, government removed the ban even though most medical-practitioners stopped prescribing this medicine also in accordance with continued ban on it in other countries. There may be more such cases where Union government removed ban on medicines after first imposing. Union government should issue white paper on medicines where ban was removed after first imposing it clearly mentioning status of ban in other countries. Medicines like 'Pioglitazone' are taken continuously without requiring repeated prescription. Union and state governments should make people aware about banned medicines through wide- spread media-advertisements because normally patients go on taking course of regular medicines till some new complication is developed. It is unfortunate that while governments spend hard-earned tax-payers' money on costly multi-page advertisements for their photo- publicity, such aspects needing media-publicity in larger public-interest are grossly ignored.    

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Mushawarat and elections

While I appreciate the effort of Mushawarat in at least presenting some strategy for voting in 2914 election, the name of Salman Khurshid in their list could have been avoided.               

Mukhtar Ahmad

MG: Mr Salman Khurshid is a member of AIMMM's central committee.


I thank AIMMM for a very balanced statement that highlights the need for Muslims to support secular parties & candidates, and that asks Muslims to conduct tactical voting, wherever candidates of more than one secular parties are in the fray, to ensure that the community's votes do not get divided leading to the fascist party candidates' win.                Kaleem Kawaja to MG website)


Muslims like bonded labourers

If ever you visit the area where hundreds of labourers, working under different contractors ( thekedaars) stay, you will find that in the morning, the trucks come, give a horn, and the labourers immediately get loaded, taken away, and dropped at different sites. The same is the position of Muslims these days. They are scattered under the command of different political masters, each giving directions to his band ; " Do not split the secular vote. To stop Modi is your primary responsibility, because you will be the only target if he comes to power. Have no doubt that it is only my party which can stop the fascist forces " However one direction is common , which is inevitably issued by each leader to his or her stooges: " Be careful! If you find any Muslim candidate other than our slaves, immediately be sure that he is B. J. P. agent, fielded by communal forces to divide secular vote, and spread this message amongst your herds so that he may be discarded "

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, LL. D. Lucknow


Shahi Imam’s appeal

One is at a loss to understand why there is hue and cry about the Shahi Imam of Jamia Masjid Delhi, extending support to The Congress and TMC. It is usual for all the political parties to seek support of all the possible segments to win the elections. If Ms. Sonia Gandhi seeks support of Muslims, it is not against any legal or moral or political norms. Is not the BJP, nourishing its party base on the support of religious seers, prominent them being Ramdev. On the other hand, Moulana Ahmed Bukhari, is the only Muslim religious leader, who negotiates with different political parties, puts up demands for the Muslim community, which is the biggest need in the present political atmosphere facing the country and support a political party in each election. His father Moulana Abdullah Bukhari started this campaign in 1977 and played a major role in overthrowing the then Indira Gandhi govt. and backing her again in 1980, after the betrayal of Morarji Desai govt. displayed his political acumen. Does the BJP expect the Muslim leadership should be a mute spectator, while the communal forces are out to grab power at the Centre, by hook or crook?

K. Malikul Azeez, 42, Perambur High Road, Chennai-12


TV or Radio? TB or BB?

TV shows what Satan wants to be seen. Radio can protect both morality and Deen. Society should throw away TV to keep every Miyan tied only with his BV

S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Truth and Falsehood

The root cause of battle amongst men in known/unknown history is the fight for Truth and against Falsehood. Civilizations clashed and millions died simply because people believed to be on the side of Truth. GOD out of his infinite mercy send his messengers in different era to guide mankind to Truth but men out of his lust of this world, sometimes denied and sometimes changed the way of the messengers. And as a result we see chaos in this world we are living. Now if we talk about the Nation of ISLAM we have out last Nabi(Muhammed/SAW) but in the last 1400+ years many sects have emerged each have some difference with the other. This sectarianism have weakened the Nation of ISLAM and the followers of the same Nabi are busy fighting each other each thinking that they are the real followers of Truth and others are somewhat lesser. Notably ISLAM itself denounces Sectarianism and asks it followers to be united under one flag.        

Dr. N Rahman, Dibrugarh, Assam


Muslim Brotherhood

I read your editorial in M G of 1-15 April 2014 under the heading Muslim Brotherhood is not terrorist.  I congratulate you for having called a spade a spade.  We the Muslims give too much respect to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.  But, these so called Muslim countries followers of Islam have never raised their voice against the persecution of Muslims anywhere in the world.  One example is sufficient in this regard.  In 2002 , thousands of Muslims were killed and properties worth crores of rupees were destroyed.  Certain non Muslim countries have raised their voice for the gross violation of human rights and severe persecution of Muslims of Gujarat.  But, so called custodians of Islam have kept mum.  Now, it is up to the Muslim intellectuals to decide how far we can take pride over these Islamic countries?    

       Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani Rajkot Gujarat


We expect the Custodian of the Holy Haramains to set a good example to the Muslim world. By extension Jama e Islam of Pakistan and Bangladesh, and through out the world fall into this category. Fear Allah and HIS wrath will befall very soon. When one Pharaoh fell Kingdom thought of propping up another Pharaoh. Many Pharaohs have fallen before and Allah will not change HIS Plan.     

Jawed Anwar


Demands of JCMOE

The Joint Committee of Muslim Organisations for Empowerment (JCMOE), in its guidelines for General Elections, has correctly urged Muslim voters not to divide secular votes. However the nine demands that it has listed to test various candidates, such as reservations in jobs and passage of the Communal Violence bill, are pies in the sky at a time when the most urgent objective for us is to keep Modi out of 7 Race Course Road. We should have only two criteria in mind when we go to vote: (1)The candidate is secular and anti-Modi, and (2) Among the secular candidates he/she is most likely to win.

Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York 12804 (via email)


RSS ruling the country in absentia

It is noticed that maximum number of retired military and police officials belonging to high ranking categories enthusiastically joining politics under the banner of BJP which evidently shows their mind-set and full time irrevocable association with RSS and allied Hindutva forces during their stay in defence and police throughout the country. Under the circumstances it is absurd and unwise to except that either peace on Western Border would be prevalent any time or atrocities, unjustified actions against Muslims within the Indian Union Terrotory stopped any time as both the agencies are under the full control of RSS alongwith congressmen.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013


Islamic scholars and Indresh Kumar (RSS)

There can't be two opinions that the very foundation of RSS is laid on Islam hatred, Muslim enemity, distortion and distraction of Islamic history by and large with fake and frivolous stories. RSS and its siblings disfavour Muslim relationship. This is the reason Hindutva ever since the existence never appreciate or advocated relationship of India with Islamic countries keeping aside Pakistan. For all purposes Hindutva force is untouchable and will remain the same for ever. RSS favours to extend friendly hands and hugs only those wicked in the Muslim guise who are ready to accept its ideology on one hand whereas ready to disfigure Islam on the other under the drawn line of the anti Muslim groups are always welcome there as a right Muslim so no need to get surprised if Indresh Kumar happened to address the Islamic scholars majority of whom coached and trained in the institutions run and managed by RSS which are located in different parts of the country.                      Faheemuddn, Nagpur - 13


Media's diversionary tactics against Muslims

SBI donated computers and water filters to girls schools. Such news regularly appears in media. Other benevolence news "wives of senior executives of corporation bank donated school bags to students of blind school. Army welfare wives association distributed books/copies/school dress etc among students of schools. Simultaneously media publishes Iqbal Khan film and TV actor from Kashmir how he struggled to reach film and TV world and who helped him to reach prominence etc. To distract Muslims from "Taleemi, Tanzeemi and Tameeri" agenda, media presents TV and film actors as real heros as if media is using all tactics to hijack Muslims’ real agenda. In the same issue of the daily newspaper we will find Indian American teens among top science talents. Muslims beware of media's diversionary tactics which are media's hidden agenda.

S. Haque, Patna


Modi - BJP's prime ministerial candidate's colossal ignorance

Narendra Modi, the BJP's prime ministerial candidate, has earned notoriety for his colossal ignorance of Indian history and important facts. According to him Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee's the founder of Jan Sangh the predecessor of BJP ashes had been brought to India in 2003 although he had died in Kashmir while leading an agitation. At a rally in Rajasthan he came out with the incorrect name of Mahatma Gandhi, whose correct name is Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi and not Mohan Lal Karamchand Gandhi as stated by Mr. Modi. Bhagat Singh, the great revolutionary leader with his two colleagues had been hanged in Lahore in 1931 and not in Andamans as stated by Mr. Modi. At Patna rally he contended that Chander Gupt Maurya belonged to Gupta dynasty and Biharies had defeated Alexander the Great's forces although the fact is that Alexender forces did not cross the river Ganga. One wished that the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP not ignorant of Indian history and important facts.       Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi 110091



Mr. Arvind Kejriwal's daring decision to contest against Modi in Benaras must be appreciated by all secular parties. Since, even the Congress is yet to finalise a credible candidate who can take Modi head on, it is the duty of all secular parties including Congress to back Mr. Kajrewal. But there is still a fear that Samajwadi party may a field a candidate with the solitary aim of tacitly supporting Modi, though in the name of fighting communalism. On the other hand Mr. Modi's fighting from Baroda as well only displays his sense of insecurity in Benaras. Otherwise, why a person who claims about a wave in his favour in the whole country, should contest from two seats. And moreover, why is Mr. Modi running away from the challenge of facing Kajrewal for a debate on a TV channel. At least now, will the anti- Modi parties put an unified candidate against Modi or will they play there own game. After all money is the biggest attraction.

K. Malikul Azeez,  Chennai-12