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Narendra Modi

The long-dreaded day has dawned. Narendra Modi has been chosen PM of our motherland. The day is not far when Modi will usher in a "saffron revolution" and convert secular Bharat into a total Hindu "asthan" .  The success of the BJP reminds Muslims what Allah says about the defeat of the Romans in the Surah Rum that tables turn and the vanquished become victorious by His Infinite Grace. In Allah, we must trust but at the same time we must tie our camels, as enjoined by our Holy Prophet (pbuh). The imperative of the hour for us is to be united and to strengthen the one and only umbrella body of Muslim organizations in India viz., the Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat- the earlier, the better. May Allah guide us aright. Aameen.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


The president of Muslim Majlis-e Mushwarat with all its members should meet the new Prime minister Mr Narenfra Modi and congratulate him after the oath taking ceremony and put the urgent demand of release of thousands innocent Muslim youths. Who have been apprehended and were sent to jail on fake charges of terrorism they are languishing in jails since years together this sheer injustice meted out to them in the congress regime .Hope Modi will release them and allow them to lead a peaceful life.

Dr Maqdoomi,Hyderabad


Golden words

Sharad Yadav was the NDA convenor when JD(U) was with BJP. Seventeen years they were partners. They separated as Modi got centre stage in BJP. Sharad Yadav addressing an election rally in Katihar on 12 April said: "home breaks when elder brother becomes unfair". His  golden words must be remembered.

S. Haque, Patna


G-50 leaders should find-out solution for the communal strife

'BJP-led alliance in the 2014 Parliamentary elections has gained a huge majority. So much so that with its alliance partners of NDA, it can even muster two thirds majority required for even Constitutional amendment, as in case of Article 370 of Constitution by taking support from non-alliance. This has created a gory liability on BJP due to it's election manifesto where BJP promised (i) Construction of Ram Temple in place of Babri Mosque (which was demolished in 1992 by BJP and Sangh-Parivar namely RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajarang dal etc) (ii)- Removal of Article 370 of Constitution from the State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) which will allow Hindus from rest of India to go and purchase land and landed properties in Muslim majority Kashmir in order to transform demographic composition of J&K in favour of Hindus (without solving gory and chronic Kashmir problem) and (iii)- Common Civil Code where Muslims will not be able to marry as per Sharia Laws (which as per Hindu propaganda allows Muslims to marry four wives, as if in Muslims sex ratio is 1:4)...Now it is left to time to tell that how much people of India are intelligent, responsible and wise, who despite knowing above mentioned background of BJP and Sangh-Parivar, have given huge majority to BJP for implementing this gory Hindutva agenda, which was made public through BJP election manifesto.    Hem Raj Jain, Pennington, NJ - 08534, USA


BJP victory and Indian Muslims

Instead of being bitter and sullen, we have to try to make the BJP victory an opportunity for us for course correction. First of all, quality education has to remain the top priority for Indian Muslims. We have to veer away from demanding reservations and government doles and rely more and more on our own individual and community resources. In public life we have to learn to be Indians rather than Indian Muslims. Being Muslims is our private affair. We are Muslims both at home and in the mosque but not in the public square where we should be in the main stream. Let India's economic development be OUR agenda. If we find that the BJP is better at economic development, let us support it or even join it. If Congress has better ideas or plans for economic development, let us support Congress. We may disagree with Narendra Modi on many issues, but we can surely agree with his slogan, "India first!".                   

Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York USA


Muslim girls opting non-Muslims: reasons and solution

The first reason for a Muslim girl to marry a non Muslim is the lack of the knowledge of ISLAM. A very large section of the by birth Muslim's are devoid of the least knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). And the parents who raise their children away from the commandments of the Creator are prone to fall in the trap of this duniya and destroy their akhirah. It is the responsibility of the parents to make their children adher to the five main pillars of ISLAM and God willing results will be better for the Ummah. Dowry which is HARAM in ISLAM is becoming a reason in many cases for the Muslim girls to marry a non Muslim. Dowry  must be dealt strictly and all the Imam`s of respective Masjid should speak very strictly against the system of dowry. It is a major responsibility of the Imam`s to let the common Muslims know that if Dowry is taken from the girls side it Invalidates the Nikah as it is against the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh). All of us Muslims also have a responsibility to eradicate the system of Dowry from the Muslim Society. I appeal to all Muslims reading this article to avoid or boycott any Muslim marriage where dowry is involved and also let the people know why you are boycotting the marriage. This type of strict steps have become the necessarily of this time to eradicate Dowry and please don't worry about the society or your relatives as your LORD will definitely be happy with you.....

Dr. N Rahman, Karimnagar, Telangana.


Modij, heartiest congratulations for the great victory. Hope there will be a new definition of politics where each sector of our society will be benefited with a standard level of civilization. Where every citizen must have accommodation, health wealth and social security with dignity. All political party have been ignoring their own people for centuries. India is great but why then people are so helpless. Please try to eradicate poverty from its root, tears and heart breaking grief. I wish you all the best.

                Abu Taha


As a mark of mercy and good will Modi should release all detainees in jails who have not been given charge sheets even the kliiers of Rajiv Gandhi should be released they have been in jails more than 20 years It is sheer injustice towards the accused and the common Indians who are tax payers.                           Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Strangely Arvind Kejriwal wants to stake a claim to form the government in Delhi. He takes Congress support for granted although the Congress is dismissing any such possibility. Kejriwal also wants people to advise the party through interaction whether they want reelection in coming months or they want AAP to form the government again. One wishes Kejriwal had not forgotten to consult the "janata janardan" before taking the foolish decision to resign on the 49th day of their erstwhile government.   


For an admirer of Arvind Kejriwal it is quite unbelievable that he must have made the statement which he is supposed to have made and for which EC has sent him a notice. He has said that voting for Congress or BJP will be equivalent to treachery against God and the country. In Hindi with the use of the word "Khuda" for God it sounds more communal and hence more detestable: "ek bhi vote agar Congress ya BJP ko pada toh Khuda ke saath, desh ke saath gaddari karoge." This statement of Kejriwal is quite comparable to much condemned statement of Abu Azmi of Samajwadi party that Muslims who do not vote for his party are not true Muslims. The Muslim community has hauled him over the coals for this statement.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054


Suggestion to Mulayam Singh

Some Muslim social activists want to start a movement to pressurize Mulayam Singh to put some Muslim candidate on Mainpuri seat to be vacated by him. Their argument is let the true face of Mulayam Singh be exposed , I feel there is no use for such move. Is it not yet Exposed . What will be the community gain if one more Muslim goes to Parliament. Give name of any Muslim MLA. MP or Minister who has taken any stand on any of Muslim Problems including Akhilesh Govt inaction on Muzaffer Nagar Riots. So it is immaterial that how many Muslims are elected it is the party or person concerned which should matter. If Muslim is elected and he is criminal or Bharasrt then? If you see the behaviour of Muslim elected representatives they are not lagging behind others in Corruption and Criminal activities. They rarely work for the community but for their own welfare. There are few exceptions like Zafer Alam of Aligarh and Berk sb of Sambal etc who are honest but even they did not open their mouth regarding Muzzaffer Nagar Riots. So try to elect clean ,honest and Secular person without seeing his cast or religion. Both BSP and SAPA are Bharast the only difference between them is on Law and Order . BSP is comparatively better on this account. So we have to sit and discuss.

Prof Shamim Ahmad, AMU


29  residential SC/ST schools, none for Muslims...

Bihar government has decided to establish 29 residential high quality schools for the  SCs/STs. District magistrates have been asked to acquire 5 to 10 acre land. For this mega project a budget of 150 crore is ready. Construction, monitoring, quality maintenance agencies have been finalised. On the other hand, during the last 10-12 years only two minority hostels could be completed; the remaining 32 district minority hostels are still incomplete. Bihar government gave jobs to 3.5 lakh teachers. BJP manifesto in the name of Muslims education promised madrasa modernisation while Congres president Sonia Gandhi laid the foundation stone of the AMU campus on 30 Jan 2014 at Kishanganj without any budgetary allocation or fund allotment. Madrasa modernisation scheme brought by Congress is pushed back. Muslims are so naïve that they quickly deceived with promises and their namesake,  sycophant and timid leaders have no milli jazba to oppose these verbal promises.

S. Haque, Patna



The BJP is deriding Dr. Manmohan as the weakest Prime Minister India ever had. It is true, that the only occasion Dr. Manmohan Singh had shown doggedness to the extent of relinquishing his post as Prime Minister was during the end of UPA-I tenure, over the issue of signing civilian nuclear deal with the U. S. His second innings was marred by scams followed by an uncanny Congress strategy to pass on the reigns to Rahul Gandhi. But wasn't it true that Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was about to reach an agreement with Parvez Musharraf in the Agra summit was also restrained by his deputy L. K. Advani. And the meeting of Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh with the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat doesn't portend that the power centre of the impending NDA government also lay elsewhere.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin,

Kadapa (A. P)


Hyderabad riot

The author conveniently forgets to mention that a Sikh religious flag was burned by Muslims. Look for the true deeper malaise Mr. Khan!


MG: There is no proof, there is no enquiry showing that Muslims burnt the flag. We have evidence of umpteen incidents where Hindutva hotheads did such things in order to cause riot or get Muslims arrested.


Indian Muslims have been discriminated on ground of their religion only and the State should not spare the offenders and the action by State should be taken within seven days otherwise the Indian Muslims leaders and organisations should take all possible steps permissible under the laws and the Constitution.

Naved Yar Khan, on MG Website


Involving UN Human Rights In Indian Internal Affairs

ALLAH helps only those who wish to help themselves. The community stands divided almost on every issue and is as corrupt/ dishonest as any other section of the society not only in India but Internationally. So the suggestion by one of our valued social activist that UN Human Right should assign a special team to India for maintaining Social equalities is very damaging and impractical. When we ourselves can not sit to gather to have minimum common program for the welfare of Community then the above suggestion of UN intervention is senseless.. Secondly UN is also controlled by Super Powers and the Credibility of UN Agencies is also very low. Why should UN involve itself in the internal affairs of Country like India which is strong and great. What UN has done in case of Palestine ,Syria, Egypt and so many other countries? We are Indians and shall continue to live in India with 100% loyalty .Let the new Govt work, when any Injustice shall be done then certainly we have to stand up and face the situation with cooperation of secular forces. No doubt the BJP ideology is based on Muslims hatred but we have to learn to fight against injustice. Those who are working/settled abroad are not well aware of the ground realities in India. Certainly the days ahead for the community may be full of turmoil

Prof Shamim Ahmad,



Elections end but Muslim-bashing continues

I agree with Dr Jamil ,unfortunately we don't have right debaters to put our view point in right and convincing way.Most of so called muslim leaders and panelists should get themselves trained in public speaking.Every issue concerning with community should be well researched before being on panel.

Nadeem, on MG Website

Noted lawyer and activist Mukul Sinha passes away

Its the spirit which never dies. In humanity never dies. Good bye Mukul Sinha. The spirit with which Sinha lived will born us many more Mukul Sinha.

M Naqqaad, on MG Website


Congress’ parting kick: K Rahman Khan humiliates upright officer

Indian Muslims badly need Special Education teachers,Vocational Education teachers,librarians and guidance counsellors.The Educational Leadership should try to fill strategic gaps in teacher education.For mutual fights they can find time later on.

Azam Siddiqui, on MG Website


Congress is no different from Hindutva gang while dealing with upright officers. Mr. Ansari's going out will be a great loss tot he organization which was activized by him.

Shamsul Islam, on MG Website


Who are suspects and terrorists?

Darbhanga police caught a person suspected of clandestine activities at the BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi rally. The young lad was holding a briefcase and immediately news was spread and NIA and other security agencies converged there on 24 April 2014. He was from Koeti and son of Budhu Ram. Then the very next day media wrote that chargesheet has been filed against terrorist Imtiyaz (Hindi daily / 26/04/14). On the day of chargesheet filing media, without any judicial process, branded Imtiyaz as a “terrorist”.

S. Haque, Patna


Wages of capital punishment

Congress thought that the hanging of Afzal Guru and awarding Sachin Tandulkar the Bharat Ratana is sufficient to win the election 2014

Mohammad Khan, Dargah Sharif, Bahraich


Is Kashmiriat going to die

A full size photo flashed by an English daily at Nagpur in its 2nd May / 14 issue showing that a burqa clad woman accused of impersonating a voter outside a polling booth at Srinagar being man handled by two male police constables downed my head with great shame, shambling and shattering as the incident took place at Srinagar, Capital of J&K, the state dominated by Muslims with chief minister and majority of ministers is Muslim. Without peeping into the merit and demerit of the case one is sure to believe that no respect and honourable status is bloomed in the state for feminine gender which is a matter of great regret. In case she proved guilty she was liable to be punished by the Law but not by male members of custodian of law as shown in the picture. The question is as to how and what provision of Law, male policemen were allowed to touch the woman bodily or to deal with the womanhood whereas Law has not equipped them with such interaction. Are the lady police guards not there or the lady constables were not posted at the said polling booth, if so why and for what reason? If nothing was like that than how the male policemen tried to disturb the modesty, dignity and chastity of a burqa clad woman for which not only these constables but even their highups are answerable and expected to be tried and punished under the provision of Law. Sorry, the incident put Kashmiryat and the Government there in a bitter taste.


Nagpur - 13


Strategising for the Modi Era

Muslims should keep themselves trained, fit, ready to respond any disturbance, but should should not indulge in any provocation which could fuel clashes. If some untoward happens in this era, be prepared to defend and not to flee from homes leaving behind property children, women and daughters for hooligans to prey upon...............

Bhatt Aurangzeb Alamgir, on Facebook/MG


Walima the same day, just after nikah

Muslims should make it common to have walima on the same day as Nikah & complete the marriage ceremony in a single day so that burden on any of the family can be shared. According to a Fatwa, forcing bride's family to feed people on day of Nikah is wrong.

Khalid Hasan, on Facebook/MG


Some people think that for the walima consummation of a marriage is a must. Which is a wrong belief. One should prove authentic reference according to Islam if they think so.

Zafar Badar Uddin, on Facebook/MG


Kejriwal in Jail for call Gadkari Corrupt

Bribe were paid to the top Maharashtra politicians, including Nitin Gadkari. Documentary proof included supporting documents, diaries and papers seized from the residences of the director of Mahalaxmi Infraprojects (MIL), Dhirendra Anant Bhat, one of the parties to the irrigation scam. In October 2012, government began investigating charges that a vast business empire Nitin Gadkari founded was configured with dubious funding. Of the 18 different firms that invested in Purti Power and Sugar Limited, many share directors and addresses appear implausible. One of the director of firms linked to Mr Gadkari include an astrologer, his former driver. Who is defamed kejriwal or gadkari ?

Imteyaz Ahmad, on Facebook/MG


Dalits are not Hindus

BSP supremo Mayawati straightforwardly announced that Dalit are not Hindus (27/04/14). The father of Indian constitution Dr Ambedkar had announced that "he was born in Hindu religion. In his birth he had no role but he would not die as a Hindu."

S. Haque, Patna


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24 May 2014:Khalid Hasan wants us to inform you all that Muslims should make it common to have walima on the same day as Nikah & complete the marriage ceremony in a single day so that burden on any of the family can be shared. According to a Fatwa, forcing bride's family to feed people on day of Nikah is wrong.