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Indian society in danger because of moral anarchy

The recent Madras High Court judgment supporting live-in-relationship and legalizing pre-marital sex is really shocking. India has the distinction of having highly valuable moral standard with regards to sexual relations. Marriage has always been regarded as a social and moral bonding without which sex is prohibited. Islam has made a significant contribution towards this. In a marriage, sex is preceded by a commitment to develop a family life in accordance with INdian traditions while live-in-relationship, sex precedes the commitment and the commitment has no legal or social sanctity. Unfortunately blind imitation of western society, pursuit of materialism, influence of hedonism and commercialisation of life has affected our society to a great extent. A steady increase in heinous crime like rapes and molestation of women are indications of the highly dangerous situation. It is a matter of great concern that some judges are under the influence of decadent of western thoughts and are undoing the time tested Indian moral principles. The need of the hour is that our society should be thoroughly overhauled and there should be strong doses of morality and religion and we should have judiciary which fully respects Indian moral standards.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi-110091


No reason to rejoice for Muslims

Muslim writers and mediamen repeatedly wrote that not only 20 crore Muslims opposed Modi but 60 crore Hindus too did not favour Modi and in Gujarat Modi could muster only 41% of votes as 59% of Gujaratis did not vote in his faovour. What is the logic behind projecting such datas? It had only two MP-strength, then with others’ support it formed government at Centre and ruled many states. For example, Babri Masjid was locked and Namaz was banned, then after some years Ram shila pujan was allowed a few hundred meters away from the historical Babri Masjid. Then Masjid was nlocked and puja allowed inside. Then finally Masjid was demolished in broad daylight in front of the judiciary. Slow poisoning works meticulously so that victims won’t even cry.

S. Haque, Patna


Profession And Election

“It is true that vocations help man to develop. But it is equally necessary to develop vocations.”(A. SAINT-EXUPERY. Wind, Sand and Stars) The choice of profession is a future project. It is important to know what you want and have courage to look for it. Man’s capacity is limited. Doing something effectively requires focusing on something concrete until acquire operative habits. We are not generally effective. We have efficiency into a particular field. Profession requires specialization: it is necessary to be expert in something to be efficient and successful. There are a lot of professions, but we must choose only one. The right choice that is made in its initiation (profession and workplace) is critical to the performance of professional life. It is understood not only from an economic viewpoint but also from the satisfaction or personal development. The social development degree of the individual also influences in the choice of work. In a society that needs increasing levels of knowledge and cultural preparation, if the family does not prevent that need, it will limit the opportunities of its components. Every profession has proper characteristics that we need to know to check their adaptation with personal skills. If we execute activities within the field of own qualities, it will be most likely to succeed professionally. Individual choice of a job is determined by many factors: education, vocational training, personal dedication, consistency in effort, demand for generic activities or specific jobs within each period of life and the condition to mobility of work, not only companies but also for the city.  The success in work is connected with character and individual abilities: adaptation between skills and tasks. If we have abilities for work, the performance, in proportion to the effort, will be greater than if we had not those skills. Personal interest in the daily work also plays an important role, because if interest does not exist, even having skills to do it, nothing will be started. Sometimes the interest and enthusiasm are more important than the skills for professional performance.

Agustín PÉREZ CERRADA, Zaragoza (Spain)


Assam violence

The Congress-led Assam government has completely failed in ensuring safety to the residents of BTAD. Apparently since BPF is an ally of the government, the Gogoi government is unable to take action against the Bodo militants. Despite that former members of Bodos Liberation Tigers Force have been disarmed officially, they are still equipped with sophisticated weapons which they misuse for various illegal ends like coercing non-Bodos and even killing them at will. The reason behind the recent militancy is that non-Bodos voted against the will of Bodos. Interestingly, in BTAD around 70% are non-Bodos yet in the governing body of that area i. e. Bodos Territorial Council the representation of non-Bodos is almost nil. This government appeasement of Bodos has been costing the lives of non-Bodos on continuous basis. Instead of playing politics over the issue the government should ensure that non-Bodos in the area are safe. Besides, it should also bring the Bodos in mainstream so that they are not much concerned about the public lands of BTAD which they fear are being occupied by the perceived increasing non-Bodo population.

Abdul Hameed Yousuf, Siddharth Nagar, U. P.


Political corruption galore

22 ex-ministers occupying ministerial bungalows in New Delhi: Lalu and Buta given special rent-concession on extended lease of ministerial-bungalows  It refers to RTI response revealing 22 former Union Ministers still occupying big ministerial-bungalows in New Delhi despite their losing entitlement to retain these with Dayanidhi Maran being one having occupied one such bungalow since 12.07.2011 after losing entitlement. List does not include oldest such cases of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Buta Singh who have granted special favour to retain these bungalows that too on a special concessional lease-rent against Supreme Court directions. Big question arises if reasons given by Lalu Prasad Yadav and Buta Singh for retaining ministerial bungalows that too on special concessional lease-rent can provide such palatial residences to common people of this nation! Political rulers including also those chaired in Cabinet Committee of Accommodation (CCA) must not be allowed to bypass Supreme Court directions in respect of government- accommodations. Any relaxation from Supreme Court directions should be cleared by Supreme Court only. Supreme Court should ensure compliance of its verdict dated 05.07.2013 in the matter ‘SD Bandi vs Divisional Traffic Officer, KSRTC & others’ (Civil Appeal number 4064 of

2004) in letter and spirit.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006


Muslim Terror -- Boko Haram et. al,

Your effort against state or private terrorism against the Muslim community in India and even parts of the world are known for many years. A Muslim group Boko Haram is active in Nigeria where Muslims are in a majority. The latest report says that it has abducted over 100 non- Muslim school girls. This terrorist attacks began in 2011 before that a bomb attack on bus had killed atleast 100 people and many are active in other Muslim majority states. I, therefore, request that you should publish an editorial or brief story on such attacks by Muslim terrorists or insurgents in various parts of the country. We are known that in some countries especially in the Central Africa the Christians are killing Muslim in revenge.

Syed Shahabuddin, Ex-MP New Delhi


Do or die situation for Indian Muslims!

The Indian state is passing through a very critical political phase regarding this general election. Bhartiya Janata Party -the political face of RSS founded by the hard core communal man with a perverse mind (M. S. Golwalker), is desperately bent upon to grab the political power by resorting to all possible means and measures whether fair or foul to win this contest. In this endeavor to achieve the decisive political power to fulfill their old dream to convert this secular democratic state into facist Hindu Rashtra to sideline minorities especially the “largest minority to confine and enslave them in miserable political, social and economic condition for ever. They have orchestrated their game-plan parallel to the following steps to mention a few. 1) They have brought at the centre stage a man like Narendra Modi who has proved his mettle of cruelty, brutality, hyprocrisy in dealing with Muslim in Gujrat as PM candidate 2) They have managed media, some industrialists of communal bent, some hypocrite babas, some so-called social activists/leaders for incessant drum beating of success of Gujrat model development. 3) They are spending money thriftlessly on road shows, noisy processions, banners and relentless rhetoric speeches based on distorted & dubious facts to charge the whole atmosphere with Modi-Modi chanting. 4) They have also deployed their hypocrite men like Indresh Kumars to divide the Muslim Community into sects and groups by misguiding or alluring them. 5) They have also penetrated into some constitutional institutions as Judiciary, Election Commission and Other administrative deptts. by taming few biased elements of communal temperament. 6) They have made some unnatural alliances with some opportunist political Parties/ turn coats whose only goal is to bag post of benefit by all means. Since a large number of Indian voters are less educated or illiterate so that they are unable to see through the dirty tricks and hidden insidious agenda of the BJP. Therefore, at this crucial juncture of test of Indian democracy all right thinking and secular minded persons of all castes and creed and especially Muslims should unite politically, ignoring their sectarian differences to defeat this communal party which is a grave threat to the base structure of this country of secular and democratic constitution, having unity of diverse caste and creeds practicing their faith & religion freely. Otherwise fanaticism of RSS and its protégé BJP to transform this country into Hindu Pakistan will lead towards disintegration, diminution and defamation bringing unrest and grief to millions. At the same time we should also pray to God to save us from the havoc lurking on us.

Malik Ajmal, Lucknow


An ideology less and glorious past less political party

Two most distinctive features of the newly formed Aam Admi Party are that it has new ideology i. e. it does not stand for any particular ideology and secondly it has no glorious past and its supreme Kejriwal has made no outstanding contribution in any field. Today communalism in the form of chauvinistic and aggressive Hindu communalism poses gravest menace not only to Indian secular democracy but to the stability, integrity and social fabric of the country, but Mr. Kejriwal does not speak against it. To him there is no difference between Mr. Narendra Modi BJPs Prime ministerial candidate who is the greatest crusader of Hindu communalism and preacher of communal hatred and Rahul Gandhi who stands for secularism, national unity, communal harmony and composite national culture and for the integrity and stability of the country. Vast majority of countrymen wedded to national unity and secularism cannot support Aam Admi Party which does not oppose communalism.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 110091


Media coverage of Namo rallies

It is evident from media coverage of NaMo election rally that the real fight is not between Congress or BJP, rather corporate and common people. Paradox it may appear but reality is that media-whether print or electronic media hardly loses any chance in feathering ones nest with ads and flashing selectively. Now, people have lost its faith in media for its allegedly showing leaning towards particular party. In America, the rival of Obama had spent huge amount of money to ensure his victory. But nothing like that happened and Barack Obama registered his win in the last presidential election It appears that same situation may recur. NaMo win would remain in newspaper and channel only. In Bihar, Modi worked alot in Bihar. But Modi entry in Bihar has only proved loss for Nitish kumar. The venom spewed by the likes of Modi has only alienated, segregated.

Wakeel Ahmad, New Karim Gunj, Gaya


Padma award

Forthe first time Padma award is on hold. There is lapse in security clearance exposed: CNR Rao, K Kasturrangan and MGK Menon recommended Sushanta Dasgupta (Names of Recommendators for Padma Awards 2014 attached) Rare aspect of putting on hold Padma award for the first time after being announced in case of Visva Bharti Vice Chancellor Sushanta Dasgupta exposes big lapse in security-clearance in clearing names of Padma awardees. He was recommended for the prestigious national honour by Professor C. N. R Rao, Chairman of Scientific Advisory Council to Prime Minister & Padma Vibhushan awardee, K. Kasturirangan, Member Planning Commission and Professor M. G. K. Menon, former Rajya Sabha member & Padma Vibhushan awardee. Earlier also willful bank-defaulter Arun Firodia was honoured with Padma award on recommendation of Vijay Kelkar a key-functionary attached to Union Finance Ministry in various capacities and himself an awardee of Padma Vibhushan, getting clearance from intelligence authorities relating to economic affairs. It is only by virtue of CIC-verdicts that names of recommending persons are out in public, which should be a lesson for those recommending for Padma awards to recommend only after ascertaining about the recommended persons. Padma awards committee gives enough weightage to recommending persons while making recommendations. Strict-most and stringent action against concerned ones in Intelligence agencies should be taken also as a deterrent to prevent any future such wrong clearance.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, DELHI 110006



Ahwan-al-balaiyat (Election)

Caught between deep sea and devil?

Opt for the lesser evil!

No cause ever for fear

Allah always does hear.

Sultan Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Gone with the wind?

Notwithstanding the current publicity by sold out newscasters, broadcasters & telecasters in favour of a self assumed prime minister is it believable that a number of heavy-weights belonging to his community like Lalu, Mulayam, Maya, Mamta, Lalita will go with the wind by the boastful puff of the one whose only potency is in sarcastic woeds?!

S. A. U. Patel, Khan Deh - 392150


Democratic AAP

This refers to a Fantastic Interview of Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan dated 16-30 April MG is an Eyeopener to not only Muslims but to the Non Muslims also. I congratulate Dr Zafarul Islam Khan for his boldness in supporting AAP is totally justified. Now no political party is clean and involved in many cases which cannot be pardoned. Mr Arvind Kejriwal is a clean man who can sweep and curb corruption from our country. we all appreciate his boldness to fight with Modi and Ambanees ,that nobody dared so for. We will see a Change in Politics very soon for the first time.

Muhammad Azam, Karimnager, TELANGANA


Azam Khan is correct: Kargil liberated by Muslim soldiers!

Is it shameful that Muslim soldiers fought for India? Does this means no good should be done by Muslims lest a Hindu get offended for not doing the same? Come on, come out of by default Hindu syndrome. May be Hindus are offended because they find that not a single Muslim soldier ever spied for Pakistan but many did, most of them being Brahmins and high rank officers. Samba case is an example. Where is the shame on this?

M Naqqaad(on MG Website)


Muslim Brotherhood is not terrorist

In 1953 a democratically elected Iranian Govt was overthrown by the CIA? For which Obama apologised after 55 years. Now Americans lie that they are nothing to do with overthrowing Egyptian democracy. The world will hear American apology in the year 2068 I will not be alive then But I will hear the story on the day of Judgment when God will throw the wrong doers into the hell fire.

Mohamed Ameen(on MG Website)


Outfits like Boko Haram and ISIS are terrorists

Calling spade a spade is really difficult these days....Boko Haram is from geneology of ultra-extremist which must be opposed and boycotted.We must identify this virus which is misusing Islam's name.This abduction is being highlighted by Media but before that many of their actions went un reported by all Muslim papers and sites leave alone mianstream Media. Bokos and their associates destroying Mosques/Dargahs/Killing Muslims is no news for many of us due to some sympathy which is derived from Boko Haram's call to establish so called sharia.

Shahnawaz Warsi  (On MG Facebook page)


Detention of Dr Ghulam Qadir Lone

Dr Lone isn’t the only one arrested. Unfortunately enough the citizens of the nation are kept in dark about Kashmir. Media playing a major role in this.

Junaid Bhat   (On MG Facebook page)


Assam Anti-Muslim Communal Violence by Bodo Terrorists

The largest democracy in the world stands as a mute spectator. If it were Christians who were killed, the Christian nations would have started putting pressure on the Indian government to act. Woe to us, we are 57 Muslim countries and none dare lift his little finger. Shame! Shame!

Khalid Noor Mohammed (On MG Facebook page)


The Congress is responsible for not cracking down on Bodo militants, simply because they are coalition partners with their 6 MLAs, while the Ajmal party is there ready to support the Congress with 18 MLAs, - why does the congress not want Ajmals support - is the Congress also communal and an anti-Muslim party? Madam Sonia you have to step in and either get things straightened out or simply impose Governor rule in Assam.

Khalid Rasool Khan  (On MG Facebook page)


Fire at a cracker factory in Ujjain and ex gratia for the victims is announced in a few hours. In Assam it took them 2 days to announce it. Why is the govt so kind to the Ujjain victims? Also was the Ujjain factory a public sector enterprise? Things in Assam still not under control, terrorists using automatic weapons. Forget about kindness, security is the duty of the government.

Virda Hussain (On MG Facebook page)


Gujarat has been peaceful?

If Gujarat has been peaceful as claimed by Narendra Modi then how come so many areas are still classified as 'disturbed' by the government. 21 police station limits in Ahmedabad come under this act. Thanks to hate monger Praveen Togadia for pointing this out.

Ayub Khan (On Facebook)


Media-money connection exposed

Sharad Yadav, National President of JD(U), is one of the senior most leaders of Indian politics. He is contesting from Madhepura. After casting his vote, he exposed media-money connection. He said money power has been used to influence media and he was upset with the unfair manner in which media reported the ongoing election. He reiterated that he was going to facilitate the opening of a central media institute where journalists would be given crash course in journalism. When media used its power for character assassination of Muslims, it was silently appreciated. We the justice-loving people were then crying; now the same media is pinching and biting those who were silent.

S. Haque,Patna