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Milli Bedari?

After reading my MG copy, I send it known professors, doctor, writers, Muslim organisations, etc. Never ever I have seen positive results. Do you find any bedari among Ummah?               

                S. Haque, Patna


Terror cases in India

I wonder if you have been able to develop all the information that have received a complete list of Muslims who have been arrested or detained and prosecuted on charges of terrorism. A very small percentage of them have been finally acquitted, perhaps 30% and, that too, after many years of confinement and torture and received no compensation from the central or the state government for the loss of time, education, income and the tension caused to the affected families. In our writings we have used the word hundreds or thousands of number but are have no breakup state-wise of the Muslim suspects’ even for the last 10 years. There is no point in Muslim spokesman claiming that all there under suspicion are innocent only after trial. But the facts of their being lifted suddenly, kept in confinement and tortured before they are prosecuted need to be focused on according to government statements, they are still looking for Muslim suspects who are absconding. We started work out a systematic list of those who disappear or are apprehended by the intelligence.

Syed Shahabuddin, Ex-MP, New Delhi

MG: The work on “White Paper on Terrorism” has continued for the last 6 years at least and quite rigorously since mid-2012 and a lot of ground has been covered but not exactly as I had in mind. This is basically for two reasons: organisations that claim to have information are reluctant to part with it and our own financial constraints, although, I think, we have already spent over twenty lakh rupees on this project on salaries, travels, remuneration to researchers, editors, etc. Financial constraints prevent us from employing better workers and even to retain those who work with us as, having little commitment to milli causes, they easily migrate for greener pastures. In any case, we have a list of some 350 persons who have been acquitted in terror case over the years; we have another smaller list of people who are still facing trial or are incarcerated in jails on terror charges. There should be a similar number of persons who have been indicted in these cases, usually on the basis of “confessions” obtained by third degree torture and doubtful “recoveries”. Some, like Muzammil of Malegaon, are in jail for the last ten years without being even chargesheeted which means that only their dead bodies will come out of the prisons even if they are acquitted as trials, once they start, take some ten years or more to complete and these persons are usually implicated in a number of cases to make it impossible for them to come out even if they are acquitted in one or two cases. With the exception of the Makka Masjid accused, no one has received compensation despite acquittal. Even the Makka Masjid accused got only Rs 30,000 per person which has no meaning today. It is not an exaggeration that “thousands” have been arrested on terror charges since around 1993 and more so since 2002 after Advani jumped the war on terror bandwagon of Bush. We have collected a lot of material on this matter but the same has not been properly sorted due to lack of staff. We shall release the White Paper within the next few months Insha Allah. Although it has been endorsed by Mushawarat, no financial help has been received from any organisation. Some Milli Gazette readers, though, have sent advance purchase orders. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


We are in a wonderful journey in this country

If we go by the media reports, it seems that we the only people will go to heaven after the polls. Lights have been off in the houses of some contesting candidates and some houses are shining day and night like marriage functions with twinkling sounds of glasses and liquor bottles. The candidates and their supporters are not gathering in roads and buildings to support the notion or people but to build their future and plan for corruption. It is reported that more than 35% of the contesting candidates are criminals facing trials, then how the election commission allowed the criminals like Modi, Advani to contest elections? Will the elected saviours bring back lakhs of cores looted in deals and by leaders and stashed in Swiss banks?       M. A. Khan, Trivandrum, Kerala


Why Muslim leaders are kicked out easily?

Sabir Ali, the JD MP was kicked out of BJP on 24 March. After being expelled, he said “I did not get ticket because I am Muslim. Muslim leaders when get a chance they forget that they are Muslims and avoid Muslim causes. That is why after using them, such Muslim leaders are kicked out so easily.  S. Haque, Patna


Muslims and AAP

Muslims should not compromise AAP/Kejriwal with emotional statements Unfortunately some Muslim media and Muslim community leaders have made excessively emotional statements saying that Kejriwal/AAP have adopted many Muslim practices. BJP activists are posting those statements on facebook pages claiming that AAP/Kejriwal are agents of Muslims working against the best interests of Hindus. They are doing it to sway secular Hindus into the BJP/Modi camp. The Muslim Mirror column of about a month ago, “Kejriwal - Hindu by birth, Muslim by practice” is one such column. It has been circulated on many facebook pages and websites by BJP people. This is very very harmful to the secular society of India and the Muslims of India. Shazia Ilmi’s wrong use of the word “be communal, not so secular” in Bombay recently has been widely exploited by BJP to sway secular Hindu votes in favour of Modi/BJP. Why do we educated Muslims indulge in such foolish and emotional practices? Let us not compete with Imam Bukhari or Togadia or Akbar Owaisi. That is very harmful for Muslims of India.   Kaleem Kawaja


AAP, a minnow in a vast Indian political ocean, is surrounded by boa constrictors (Congress-BJP) ready to swallow any party without qualms of conscience. The most important question is about the dignified survival of the newly born AAP under the battle-line barricades erected by the two political giants. Surely and certainly, the survival of AAP will be the burial of both which they won’t allow to take place at any cost. This should be resisted by Muslims as true patriots for which we as true patriots throughout the country should come forward by playing the role of king-makers and builders of the Nation by associating unitedly while voting for AAP to make the party a reality on one side and to teach a lesson to Congress-BJP on the other.            Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


Arab Spring

The big question is what lies next. People have experienced the taste of freedom in Egypt though for a short period and with so much impediments from old regime remnants. One way seems possible that through continued peaceful mass protest, the army will finally succumb to popular will. Another way is armed uprising against the military rule which may go Algeria way with the difference that this would bring the Egyptian military directly into confrontation with Hamas. Israel would try its best to escalate the internal conflicts in the whole Arab region to expand its territory. Now the Arab world is facing sectarian strife of Sunni-Shia and within Sunnis, people versus monarchs and military supporters. If the strife continues for a longer period, the Arab world would be forced either to adopt democratic regimes or would be forced to invite US military for protection.

Salahuddin Khan- (comment on MG website)


The military aid for guns and machines would be of no help to common man. The EATSCO enquiry launched by Sadat, that would have revealed the role of Mossad, GAD and CIA is stated to have proved fatal for Sadat. Any such attempt would naturally have such consequences. But, the obedience of the team of victimising their own people has no semblance in history. They should read a leaf of BJP manifesto which invites every persecuted Hindu into the country.

Khan- (comment on MG website)


Salam and thanks for your excellent analysis. We are circulating it.

Mohideen, Penang, Malaysia -


Those who hinder the saffron way are terrorists

The BJP PM candidate tried to prepare a base for terrorism when he visited Kerala. He announced that Kerala was famous for tourism but terrorist were preparing their base there. BJP actually don’t have base there and cannot win even one seat. Bihar government was pious when JD (U) was with BJP but after the break, Bihar government became a protector of terrorists”. BJP senior leader V. K. Malhotra called Jamia Nagar a den of terrorists. Jamia Nagar area is a Muslim-dominated area which straightforwardly opposes saffron politics. AMU, Madrasas, Muslim institutions etc are all branded as terror dens by these people.                S. Haque, Patna


Modi’s Hindutva face

The chief minister of Gujarat and now the prime ministerial candidate is very much busy in campaigning for himself rather than his party. During the campaign He cried sougandh muje is mitte ki, main desh nahi mitne dunga, main desh nahi mitne dunga, main desh nahi jhukne dunga. May be his supporter pleased and clapping for this but the question is does he really have concern for the country in anyway? Is he really capable to change the future of the country, the time will prove it. But one thing is very clear that he has concern for the country for his dream where only Hindus are living and no other religious group will be allowed to go free in his religious off airs. Our preamble says that we are proud to be Indians and one nation despite having diversity in various ways including religions but the fact is that persons like Modi are to rule the country in their own ways and linking. All the stories coming out from the mouth of Modi are nothing but a bunch of manipulation and falsehood for the purpose misguided lot.

Bushra Tarannum Khwaja, Nagpur


In the recent days Narendra Modi has tried to build his image as person caring for every section of the society. He even tried to approach Muslim community which was allegedly targeted by his state government during the 2002 riots. However, it must be worrying for Modi that his associates seem to be spoiling the game plan. If he himself is cautious against using anti-minority tone the likes of Togadia, Giriraj and Kadam unhesitatingly and fearlessly express the anti-minority stands; which is said to be the core unofficial agenda of the BJP and its affiliate outfits. By showing Kadam and Giriraj the way out of the BJP Modi can send a clear message that he has the guts to cleanse the party he represents from criminal minded persons. Similarly if the likes of RSS, VHP or Bajrang Dal persist over their anti-minority agendas, Modi must say frankly that the BJP no longer needs their support.     Abdul Hameed Yousuf, Siddarth Nagar, UP, 272189



According to news published in ToI, Ahmedabad edition (21 April 2014), VHP international working president Dr. Togadia has asked members of Hindu community to evict Muslims from Hindu areas of Rajkot. His statement is unconstitutional and highly objectionable. According to the provisions of Indian constitution any Indian citizen can purchase / sell property anywhere in India barring few states e.g. J&K & others. Mr. Togadia has made the provocative statement just before voting. This will polarise the voters & benefit the BJP.         Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot (Gujarat)


Convert Shibli Degree College into an University

ETV Urdu / khas baat / 20/03/14 organised a programme in Shibli Degree College, Azamgarh. College professors, scholars and party representative participated. The participants complained that the political parties’s callous attitude is responsible for not developing the area. Many Muslim speakers and professors said that Shibli degree college is the oldest college, established just after seven years of AMU, but has not been converted or made a university. Political parties deliberately kept the Muslim-dominated commissonary of Azamgarh educationally backward. Congratulation ETV / Urdu for organising constructive programme. Let Ummah shun the habit of depending upon government. Muslims can establish a university themselves - why not make Shibli degree college a university?           S. Haque, Patna


Obama and Rohingya Muslims

Obama must be congratulated for speaking for the rights of the oppressed Rohingya Muslims in Burma. It reveals his compassion for the oppressed. Very few world leaders have spoken on this subject. Strangely Ang Sang Sue Kyi, the much honoured Nobel Peace prize winner from Burma , is largely silent. A true sign of greatness is to stand against the hurricane, and speak the truth. Hussain did it in Karbala , Lincoln in Gettysburg and  Gandhi in Noakali.

                J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara



Shariah is the only law which a Muslim has to be follow if he or she desires to remain within the domain of Islam. Muslims are, however, permitted to obey mundane man-made laws only if and when they do not clash with the “Shariah” The latest Supreme Court judgement pertaining to maintenance after divorce is against the Shariah. The judgement has to be challenged before a Full Constitutional Bench of the Apex Court.

S. M. Pasha, Periamet, Chennai

MG: You are right that the SC judgment is wrong and an interference in Sharia but are Muslims themselves following Sharia? Is triple talaq in one sitting follows the Quran and Sharia? Is throwing wife out in a fit of rage and vindictiveness after living together for decades also part of the Sharia and according to the spirit of Islam? Was throwing Shah Bano after a marriage of some sixty years also part of Sharia? Has Quran not specified an exact way and procedure for talaq -- are even one percent of Muslim husbands shooting “talaq! talaq! talaq!” at their hapless wives, following this procedure? Governments and courts, Muslim or non-Muslim, are duty-bound to intervene and give justice to the wronged and weak party when injustice is practiced so flagrantly and so openly. Sorry to say, we have invited the intervention of courts by our unjust practices. We cannot shout “Islam in danger” when Islam is so flagrantly flouted by us in the first place. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


Using European numbering system

MG The ‘Milli Gazette’ newspaper claims to be ‘World Leading Muslim English Newspaper’ but uses Indian numbering system like lakh and crores. You can use them Indian regional newspaper but not in international arena. In English the numbering system is million, billions, etc. Pakistan’s English newspapers have made the change but Indian English newspaper are still stuck with this system.  The Muslim people outside of South Asia does not understand what is ‘lakh’. This fact must be clear to you.            Arsalan Khan  - --

MG:Our masthead says “Indian Muslims Leading English newspaper since 2002”. I agree with you that since our audience is international, we should use numbers understood by people outside the Subcontinent and we do try this but sometimes the Indian numbers sneak in because almost all our writers are used to them. In any case, we are not shy or apologetic about the Indian numbers. This is part of our heritage and distinct Indian or Subcontinental identity. “Lakh” (Lak) after all was being used even in Arabic during the Muslim rule over India.(Zafarul-Islam Khan)

BJP leader’s diatribe

The Bihar BJP leader Giriraj Singh’s blatant diatribe that those opposing Modi as India’s Prime Minister should go to Pakistan is a reflection of the Hindutva ideology. Though the taunt by Giriraj has caught the media attention as it has come from a senior politician, an average Muslim is faced with this kind of loathing since the BJP flared up the Ram Mandir - Babri Masjid issue in the early 1990s. Once I was travelling in a train with my family from Hyderabad to Delhi when the TTE allowed some men and women in their bikini dress into my ‘reserved first class coupe’ at the Agra station. When I tried to convince the TTE that the women members of my family are feeling discomfort to sit with the strangers who are in an objectionable dress - the official brashly replied that in that case I shall shift my family to Pakistan.    

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, KADAPA (Andhra Pradesh)


Shazia Ilmi Is Not Wrong

The divisive speeches made by political leaders must be differentiated on principle and motivation but the election commission very cleverly tried to balance between Azam Khan and Amit Shah neglecting the motivations of the two leaders. What Azam Khan said was in the interest of the Indian nation and the Muslim community. From the beginning our Hindu rulers did not appoint Muslim captains, colonels, majors etc. They did all favour to caste Hindus and Sardarjis. This injustice to a faithful community made the army weak. The Chinese forces intruded and capturing bit by bit our land, entered more than 300 kms in Ladakh. If Muslim officers had been posted, our borders would have been safe and protected. How funny it is that the former Army Chief Deepak Kapoor had asserted that Indian Army is unable to fight with Chinese forces. As a result Chinese army was emboldened and claimed Arunachal Pradesh and started constructing ROR projects on the river Brahmaputra. The undue favours to the Sikhs made them insurgent demanding Khalistan. Amit Shah clearly instigates Jats to take revenge from Muslims by voting for the BJP. The state government favoured Jats while tens of thousands of Muslims were uprooted by the very same Jats. Instead of favouring the victims, Amit Shah wants to pour petrol over the burning situation. The Election Commission seems in the clutches of fanatics. Shazia Ilmi, an active and brilliant young leader of AAP, told something about Muslims in an internal discussion but she was accused of committing a serious crime.                

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Dr. Lohia and Communalism

Communalism whether Hindu or Muslim is the greatest menace to Indian secular democracy and to Indian composite national culture, but it is most unfortunate that Dr. Ramnohar Lohia the renowned socialist leader and the Godfather and mentor of Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav the Samajwadi supreme never condemned Hindu communalism as is evident from the fact that when murtis were placed in Babri Masjid in December 49, he did not condemn it and also did not condemn the failure of Pt. Govind Valabh Pant the Chief Minister of U. P. for not removing the murtis form the mosque.                        

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP New Delhi - 110091


The Agony Trail

Feza Aazmi’s English / Urdu loveful book The Agony Trail colourfully and courageously published by Pharos reminds me of Kuldip Nayyar’s Distant Neighbours which I had read 43 years ago in 1972. Long Live such writers and publishers who are selflessly serving humanity.

Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Islamic Scholars” meet Indresh

This is with reference to your report ‘Islamic Scholars shares dais with Indresh’. We are distressed and agitated to have learnt that so-called scholars like Hashim Miyan and others have become toys in hands of hypocrites like Indresh Kumar. Indresh Kumar and the likes pose themselves as well wishers of Muslims whereas their hidden agenda is something else. On the other hand so called Muslim scholars are just touting for their vested interests sharing dais with pagans and hypocrites giving false impression of communal harmony. Aim of Indesh Kumar is totally politically and electoral on the behest of their organisation (RSS). Muslims and their so called Muslim scholars must be aware of their game plan which will have very adverse impact on Muslim’s interest in future.

Ajmal (Lko) -


Unforgettable Sardarji

“Learning geography through riots” was written below a map of our country decades ago in The Illustrated Weekly of India edited by Khushwant Singh. Today the whole world learns geography of Pakistan through daily bomb blasts.

S. Akhtar Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Bohra: an Islamic sect reduced to a cult

Yes, what is mentioned here is truth. Dawoodi Bohra preists are now comprising of goons and tyrants. The community members are just doing what they say in order to stay with their loved ones, avoid hardships and getting kicked out of business. I think Govt. of India should investigate the money extracted by these priests as its all tax-free money.

Jamila  -- - (comment on MG website)


Police reality, public mentality

M. Sunil Kumar Nayak, SP of Sahersa, said, “such a huge ganja business and wide network cannot run for such a long period without tacit support of local police. Investigation will be done by civil administration” (30 March 2014). He said this after he cracked the clandestine ganja business. But when police kills a Muslim in the name of fighting “terrorists” in fake encounters. fair judicial enquiry is not allowed saying it would lower the morale of police because then police becomes duti-bound to honour the constitution.                S. Haque, Patna