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Letters to the Editor (Unedited)

Badaun gang rape case
The gang rape cases are occurring so frequently on the deferent parts of the country no less than an epidemic .But more serious is the unified negligence of our people and the governments .The UP government says it had apprehended. the 5 culprits out if seven and handed over the CBI Now it is the duty of central government to take action against the Rapists .Neither. the state government nor the central government think about the causes of such heinous crime of the group who have targeted the girls of Dalit community ,The criminals must be from the OBCS. .The youths have openly showed their ire against the Dalit community But why it is so? The Dailes are getting jobs and their students in professional colleges. The constitution had recommended them for 10 years .The rulers of higher caste wanted the DALITS to remain in the lowest caste by taking benefits of reservations. The CASTE Hindus can maintain their supremacy over Dalits .Mayawati should take lead and remove her tag of Lower caste. Modi and Bjp Have always talk of material development but neglect the moral degradation of the countrymen .He should form Ministry by Muraly Manoher Joshi or Ms Sushma Swaraj to dissolve all castes and reservations ,Only the poor students from all communities who are rank holders be given scholars for further studies .The Muslims who annoyed with the statement if Najma will set aside their legitimate protest and come into mainstream Mr Modi who is not Brahmin can come boldly forward to nullify caste barriers .and become a real Ambedkar of Hindus.. Gadkary, M. M Joshi. Rajnath Singh and the leaders of RSS will eliminate this False and unscientific belief of Hindus. The hatred among the lower and higher caste and cases like that of Badaun will not occuronceagain
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Muslims media & Muslims mentality
In 7-8 year AMU campus could not be established. In 12 years minority hostels could not  be constructed in every districts. Last year Congress led UPA to verbal promise to establish 5 minority university. But Congress could successfully established 14 central universities. 7 IITs 5 IIMs etc. In Bihar two sainik schools at Gopal Ganj and Nalanda, Chanakya Law University etc established People raise positive issues like medical and engineering colleges and make positive issue election agenda in MP election and the media / newspaper continuously airs the positive issues with prime importance. It develops ripples in election environment. Muslims never make positive issue their agenda and Muslim media do not at all care to make positive issue as important agenda as if Muslims are in deep slumber.
S. Haque, Patna

The use helicopter is not at all helpful. The Naxalite can shoot it down. The precious life of the pilot will be sacrificed. Before giving such advices Rajnath Singh should have discussed the matter with Ex home minister , There are number of other good suggestions can be received from Muslim clergy and others .
AH Maqdoomi  Hyderabad

Obama Modi talks should be held in Delhi as India is the largest democracy in the world secondly Modi was denied visa hence as an apology Obama should visit India As a correct strategy Modi Should visit China first and speak to PM of China to vacate our land in Laddakh If visits first US China may feel insult and will try to bully India Already it has claim on Aruna chal pradesh
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Good-bye Ambassador car
It refers to Hindustan Motors Limited ultimately stopping production of one-time pride Ambassador car which had its root in India ever since the year 1948 just after independence with earlier model named as Land-master till the year 1957 when its unit was shifted from Okha (Gujarat) to Uttarpara (West Bengal). White Ambassador cars were a symbol of dignity when these were the only official cars to be used by VVIPs. It is significant that influence of its manufacturers in corridor of governance never allowed its only competitor Fiat by Premier Automobiles Limited to be on purchase-list of government-departments. Neither Tatas could ever get a license to manufacture cars in India monopolized by Ambassador and Fiat till their monopoly was broken by public-sector Maruti in the year 1983 which was set up as a dream-plan of her deceased son Sanjay Gandhi by the then Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi. However Ambassador which due to steep fall in its demand left with a daily production of just five units by a big force of 2600 workers in present era of SUVs and other foreign car-models flooding India, will be remembered by its low maintenance cost and easily availability of parts and repair-service anywhere anytime in the country with even 'jugad' tactics usable to run it in emergency-conditions thus giving Ambassador taxis to be crowned as best taxis of the world in recently held Beaulieu's World of Top Gear motorsport show. Ambassador cars will soon become vintage cars!
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 110006

The way Foreign Minister Sushama Swaraj is neglecting Ukraine crises and wasting time in sterile Indo-Pakistan issue (highlighted due to unnecessary drama on Pakistan PM Sharif's visit to India on the invitation of Indian PM Modi, on his swearing ceremony) it may land India into trouble, if India does not amend priorities of its foreign Affairs and does not accord the Ukraine crises the top-most and urgent priority, as explained below:-
(1)- India should understand that unless there is Kashmir solution (which is nothing but unification of Kashmir) there can be no solution to Indo-Pakistan disputes. Neither Hindus (with the concept of 'Akhand Bharat', the unified India of pre -1947 partition) will allow government of India led by PM Modi (otherwise also under firm grip of Hindutva forces) to part with whatever J&K is with India nor Islam which, as per media reports, has already laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Muslims for Kashmir will allow Pakistan government to part with POK. Therefore unless either India takes POK militarily (as Pakistan tried regarding Indian side of J&K in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc) or unless India  (including J&K) and Pakistan becomes one through 'Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC Countries' (with the concurrence of powerful global community) there is no solution to Kashmir Problem. Therefore India need not waste its time, energy and resources on Indo- Pakistan issues. (2)- Rather India should understand that mainly the conflicts of powerful countries (like West and Russia) matter and shape the destiny of mankind. Hence India should immediately concentrate on Ukraine crises which has already started assuming the potential of Word War III. After May, 25 election, which West ensured in order to get legitimacy for Ukraine government, the process of removing pro - Russian rebels from government building in Donetsk and Luhansk region of Ukraine has started with blood shedding (which is bound to increase in coming days). (3)- This blood shedding has made the position of President Putin [who up-to March 2014 had upper hand in Ukraine because of immense goodwill among rest of the world due to problems created by West (USA & its European Allies) for elected President Yanukovych, who was removed in a coup (ironically after February 21 accord reached between government and opposition leaders of Ukraine in presence of Germany, France Poland and Russia) carried out by rebels, supported by West] untenable mainly due to blunder committed by Russia in annexing Crimea through Parliamentary Act. This on one hand encouraged pro - Russians (on the non-replicable pattern of Crimea) to go for May, 11 referendum for independence and even merger with Russia in Donetsk and Luhansk region with the result now Russian speaking Ukrainians are seen in rest of Ukraine as suspect and even traitors and on other hand it has triggered strong sentiment in Russia to protect and support in every way (including arms and ammunition) the pro - Russian Ukrainians who are engaged in bloodshed with Ukrainian Military in Donetsk and Luhansk region. (4)- This on-going blood shedding in Donetsk and Luhansk region is bound to suck-in West and Russia in military conflict and this has already started assuming the potential of Word War III in which neutrality will simply not be an option for any country (including India). Therefore India should not be caught unawares and instead government of India should prepare not only opposition political parties but also the people of India (including its media and political commentators) to discuss this matter in detail so that India may decide how to tackle it and how to take sides in this Ukraine crises. (5)- No doubt this is a daunting task because (i)- India under PM Modi is looking forward for fast & unprecedented economic growth with much needed financial / other economic inputs (FDI, FII etc) from West (ii)- If India supports Russia on 'Two nation Theory' (based on religion or language or ethnicity) in Ukraine then it may face problems in Kashmir where West will see to it that Muslim Kashmiri separatists revive their demand with renewed vigour that Kashmir should be separated from India on the basis of 'Two nation theory', which partitioned India in 1947 (ii)- USA & Allies (including NATO) who incur most of the global defence spending and that too with cutting edge technology, will see to it that Russia is militarily humbled in Ukraine and also the countries, whichever sides with Russia in Ukraine conflict, are punished 'properly' and adequately so that in future they do not dare to take the military might of West in contempt. (6)- At the same time Russia is India's old and trusted friend not only on Kashmir issue for the last 66 years where it supported India (including with Veto power) against West and Pakistan but also in 1971 Bangladesh war where without Russian help it was impossible to win 1971 war for India, in the face of US (Pakistan's Ally) Naval threat in Bay of Bengal. (7)- India should be under no delusion. It will keep on groping in the dark for proper foreign policy unless realizes that present world order in this age of globalization (which is inevitable because of unprecedented advance in science & technology) of veto-wielding UN has collapsed due to irresponsibility and incompetence of 5 veto wielding countries (as is evident from their conduct, to name only two, in Syria and Ukraine crises, which have been exacerbated and unnecessarily made gory for no rhyme or reason). Hence India will have to work for (i)- Participatory UN with voting rights to all members as per formula based on contribution to UN of men (including martial for Peace Keeping Force & civilians as election conducting personnel to assist UNEC), material (modern machines, equipment, armaments, ammunition etc) and money (mainly based on GDP of the member countries) (ii)- The optional protocol OP - 1 of ICCPR should be replaced with mandatory protocol MP - 1 so that UN can intervene (even militarily through Peace Keeping Force) in case of serious violations of human rights in any erring member country of UN. (iii)- Elections in troubled member countries should be under Secular and Federal (if necessary) Constitution (chosen out of 4 - 5 democratic models) offered by UN Election Commission (UNEC), which will effectively ensure that fundamentalist (including terrorist) forces do not gain ascendancy in any member country of UN. (iv)- Under UN, nuclear disarmament of all should be done in a time bound program. (v)- Demand in any member country of referendum for secession or merger in another member country, should be allowed by Participatory UN only under indiscriminate international laws and by proper discussion at UN. It is hoped that Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj under the leadership of PM Modi will steer India towards a pragmatic, creative and responsible path, instead of getting bogged down in never ending Indo - Pak meaningless tu-tu-main-main.
Hem Raj Jain Bengaluru (Karnataka)

Modi's pell-mell cabinet?
Mode has spent most of his time in Gujarat therefore he could not asses fully and understand the talents and drawbacks of the colleagues .Now he gave them the portfolios in a random manner .After due course of time they may prove misfit and Mr. Modi will have to replace them .His concept of fair sex seems primitive .This is the main reason he severed his relations with his wife. If his wife failed to co operate him in day today matters he completely deserted her and did not marry an ether girl .He lost joyful company of women and lead his life without wife .Lord Ram lord Krishna and prophets had number wives .And enjoyed the romantic life .We can only say that he did get the perfect advisors in his life who could advice him to marry an other girl and enjoy the life. Even his mother could not think of The best concept given by Prophet Mohammad is Eve has created from a curved rib bone .You do not try to make her straight it will break. Make her useful and serviceable neglecting the curve .This remark has been given by the Prophet of God and it is quite right .Modi might have tried to make his wife straight and broken her and lost her. Even Mr. Vajpayee had committed the same mistake and lost his better half .Thy may not be knowing that the services of wives are more essential in old age than in puberty He has given the port folio of external ministry to SUSHMA SWORAJ THAT 100% WRONG AND internal affairs to Rajnath Singh As a matter if fact it should been vice versa .Arun Jaitly should have been foreign minister he can speak English fluently .The RSS trained individuals are lacking International vision .
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad