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Milli Gazette

I am an ardent fan and reader of Milli since the last two decades. I congratulate the MG team for its bravery and boldness in bringing this fortnightly despite of many hurdles. Long Live Milli Gazette.

Mohammad. Azam, Karimnager, Telangana


Sharia courts & fatwa

The statement by Prof. Faizan Mustafa that “The sharia courts of Bihar are widely respected” is not at all true, if the role of “Imaarate Sharia Patna” will be evaluated after its existence more than many decades ago. This Sharia court within “Imaarate Sharia” is mainly used to ensure divorce for the poor Muslim Women mostly in case of triple talaque. But in case of rich and influential families the Nazim of “Imaarate Sharia” personally suggesting to approach for Ahale Hadish Maulana to avoid this triple talaque. In case of poor and illiterate families the so called Sharia Court within “Imaarate Sharia” will make relationship illegal immediately. There are thousands poor and uneducated families devastated with many kids because of the wrong influence of “Imaarate Sharia” and these Maulana’s are taking sadistic pleasure to pronounce this without understanding Qur’anic positions of Talaque. From last thirty years, this “Imaarate Sharia” is only used by influential clergy to extract political benefits from ruling regime irrespective of the political parties starting from Congress Jaganath Mishar, RJD Laloo Yadav and JDU Nitish Kumar. Political parties are in competition to influence Nazim of “Imaarate Sharia” for media statement for vote bank politics without any care for genuine grass root issues of modern education, health, employment and rule of law for the poor minority population of Bihar. This is a very sorry state of affairs that a person like Professor Faizan Mustafa is quoting this Bihar case in a good light without knowing the ground realities.                P. Mohammad, New Delhi


India and Gaza crisis

BJP leader Chandan Mitra’s statement that the Opposition parties’s logic to condemn Israeli aggression was ‘more emotional than logical’ is baffling. Mr. Mitra must understand that Gaza is like an open-air prison where 1.5 million people are living under constant fear of shelling, while the borders from all its sides are virtually sealed. Even the hospitals are not spared by the Israeli air strikes. In such a heart-wrenching scenario, what is wrong if the opposition parties are becoming emotional at the plight of the Palestinians? Should the Israeli status of being an arms supplier absolve us from condemning the cold-blooded murder of a hapless people? If the “logic” of Israeli help during Kargil war was to be valued, India has been a big recipient of oil, the nerve-centre of its economy, from West Asia. It is time we, as a great nation which had been a great supporter of the cause of Palestine should demand an immediate halt to the violence in Gaza.     Syed Sultan Mohiddin Kadapa (A. P)


The BJP government’s refusal to discuss the recent bloodshed in Gaza in the Parliament and the External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj’s aversion to make any ‘discourteous’ reference to Israel are a sad commentary; as how India’s foreign policy has morphed over the years, from being a strong votary to the Palestinian self-determination.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


All power, no accountability

We are rightly proud of the fact that our country is the largest parliamentary democracy of the World, it is our duty to strengthen and preserve it which is possible only when all countrymen swear by it and follow its norms. Accountability is its soul. How strange and shocking is that in the temples of highest learning and knowledge i. e. Indian Universities - temples of highest education, there is no tinge of democracy. Its heads i. e. Vice-Chancelors of Indian Universities are acting like despotic monarchs. There is no provision in any of the Indian Universities Act for the removal or impeachment of the vice chancellor if he or she misuses his or her powers or contravenes provisions of the universityact and statues while the holder of the highest office of the country i. e. the president of the Indian Union can be impeached if he or she misuses his or her power, judges of the supreme court and high courts can be impeached while ministers of both the central and state governments are accountable to legislatures for all their actions and policies. One American vice chancellor had once remarked that the prerequisite qualifications of vice chancellor were that he should have Solomon’s wisdom, lion’s courage, Machiavellian’s cunningness and possess the quality of having goat’s stomach. U. G. C. which is the supervisory body of universities and the H. R. D. ministry which controls all universities act like helpless spectators. The glaring example in that of Muslim University whose 3 former bureaucrat vice chancellor (during the 80’s and the last five years of the last centry) carried on the administration of the university despotically and took important decisions under emergency powers. They contravened provisions of the university act and statutes by bypassing the University Court the supreme governing body of the university by not getting its approval for university budget and the annual report and sending these directly of the Govt. of India and suspending students union a statutory body for several years and the predecessors of the present v. c. had been facing a CBI probe but HRD ministry did not direct him to proceed on leave pending the completion of the enquiry which judicial ethics demanded. In Delhi University semester system has been introduced and the period of graduation has been increased by one year by the Vice Chancellor without the approval of the Academic Councillor and statutory procedure and established democratic norms have been subverted. But the HRD Ministry is a silent spectator. The need of the hour is that the existing University Acts of both Central and State Universities should be amended and a new provision should be added for the removal of the VC if he or she contravenes the provisions of the University Act. It is hoped that Mr. Raju, the new HRD Minister, will do it.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Indian stand on Gaza crisis

The Central Government’s stand on the Gaza conflict in the Rajya Sabha debate has exposed its diabolical running with the hares and hunting with the hounds policy, which deserves to to be strongly condemned.

S. M. Pasha, Periamet, Chennai 600003


United We Live

Globally all religious groups and nations have united secretly under the common plan to carryout all sorts atrocities, humiliation, barbarism, terrorism against Ummat-e-Muslima by kept on tighting noose around true Muslims from every corner. We are aware of miserable position of Muslims around the World, we see Muslims are being continued to victimised for no reason in India. We have the example of Palestine and the pictures of Afghanistan, various Arab countries and African nations. In India we routinely witness rowdyism against Muslims fully supported by Law of the Land, we come across frequently the arresting and killing of educated Muslim youths at regular interval by charging or implicating them in false terrorism by the police and Hindutva forces fully supported by the governments at all levels. In fact these acts are the clear evidence of terrorism against Muslims but Muslims are projected as terrorists. Similarly, USA and its European allied nations are openly engaged since long in attacking bombing, destroying Muslim nations and killing lacks of innocent people under one pretext or the other but non of them is called terrorist whereas in an attempt to defend themselves from the barbaric and inhuman actions the Muslims are branded terrorists. Since more than 65 years Israel is involved in all kinds of barbarism, illegal and forceful occupation of Palestine and killing of lakhs of innocent Palestinians but never it is called a rogue or terrorist country but poor Palestians if defend themselves for the liberation of their land are branded militants.

                Bushra Khwaja, Nagpur  440013.



It is ugly that the Congress and other opposition leaders are making undue hype of the the Vaidik and Sayeed meet in Pakistan Hundreds of leading journalists travel though out globe and meet political social and religious leaders and write on deferent topics and give the the readers a good informative write ups.our media and opposition parties making Saeed a hero or villain of the film and accusing Vaidik as he had instigate Saeed to make another terrorist on Delhi to murder Modi and Amit Shah and 200 innocents. The congress government should have sent our commandos to attack on Karachi kill Saeed and his top. Bras. But the congress government started weeping like a helpless widow at the cost of our national dignity in the international political arena. Now it is high time that we should try to normalise our relations with Pakistan to make a base for the friendship with China to restore our territory from China. The short sighted and narrow minded Congress leaders should not make mountains out of moles and make constructive criticism on BJP and let not the precious time of loke Sabha and Rajiya Sabha be wasted in childish issues.           AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Hindutva logic

In the “Telegraph” newspaper of 18 July 2014, Swapan Dasgupta says that by pointing out that Yellapragada Sudershan Rao has published nothing in a peer reviewed journal, “[Romila Thapar] is, in effect, suggesting that the community of professional historians is akin to a private members’ club...”. Will Dasgupta tell us who, then, is best placed to evaluate the work of historians? People who have no clear idea of what history is about? Or, perhaps, a “lapsed historian” such as himself? If “Rao’s authorship of ‘popular’ articles on the epics doesn’t necessarily warrant condescending asides”, then Dasgupta should tell us just how popular were these articles. Certainly he is not an A. J. P. Taylor, whose name has gratuitously been brought in. My guess is that no one outside the Sanghi circle will have heard of Prof. Y. S. Rao. Oddly, Dasgupta himself says that he had not heard of him until recently. Finally, if “[t]he ICHR is a completely redundant government body”, then will it not make more sense for the BJP sarkar to scrap it than it does to fill it with its own people and thereby control the wasteful distribution of largesse?                Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091



Hamas had rightly rejected the unconditional Ceasefire Proposal brokered by notorious and biased Egypt. Egypt being the most trusted and closest ally of Israel can not be allowed to play the role of the mediator. Egypt is the leading part of the conspiracy hatched by US and majority of Arab Countries who are working for elimination of Hamas. It is Al- Sisli of Egypt who has convinced US and Arabs that the only solution to Middle East problems is the complete inhalation of Hamas So Egypt has convinced Israel to continue it onslaught against residents of Gaza till nobody is left there to stand against Israel and in the mean time it will engage the other world players in discussing the ways and means to stop the conflict. Al- Sisli feels that he has been successful in doing the same experiment with Islamic Brotherhood to permanently silence them but he is mistaken,he will have to pay heavy price for what he has done to his Country man. Every body wants to settle scores with the Hamas.Saudi is angry because Hamas did not listen its advice to fight against Assad in Syria and Al-Mursi supporters in Egypt. In case of Syria, almost all Arab Countries were united to dislodge Assad but Hamas had its own compulsions. Hamas was surviving on the support of Hizbullah and assistance from Iran through Syria so it could not afford to side with the opponents of Assad. But let us know where all those who wanted regime change in Syria have vanished. Regarding Egypt there is a division among Arabs, Qatar still supports Mursi. If world powers are really serious to stop Israel atrocities in Gaza then they should project some neutral country as a peace broker, Turky is eligible to play this role although Israel with tacit support of Egypt may not be willing to accept Turkey.        Prof. Shamim Meraj Ahmad, AMU


Sir Syed Ahmad and ‘Ulama’ of his time

It is a known history that after the horrible failure of the First War of Indian Independence in 1857, the ‘Ulema’ of the time declared a total boycott of anything which could be branded as the ‘British’. When it was brought to the knowledge of the then Governor General, he replied with a broad smile, “It is nothing but the hubris of a fallen race” (yeh kuchh naheen hei, sirf eik giree huee qaum ka takabbur hei). I have used its full reference in my book ‘Qur’an and Modern Jurisprudence’, but this time it is slipping my memory. These ‘Ulema’ kept on lamenting and weeping over the British atrocities, without thinking that past was now irreversible, but did not pay attention to what they must do for the future. On the contrary, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a great visionary. He was sure that at least for hundred years, it would not be possible to uproot the Britishers, and so the confrontation with them will prove suicidal and disastrous. He did not weep over the past, but rather drew inspiration from it to chalk out the future strategy, and sought the Britishers’ cooperation and coordination in a positive manner. What treatment he received from these myopic ‘ulema’ is also a history. I think this great vision of Sir Syed is still an example for us to emulate. Those who keep on weeping over the past can never think in a constructive way.               Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Muhammad Adeeb

The beautiful article “Muslim Community on the crossroads” by Muhammad Adeeb, M.P., Rajya Sabha with comments by Zafarul-Islam Khan is unfortunate. The points raised by the writer are very much correct and pertinent to the current situation. As an avid reader of MG, I have witnessed that MG is raising same thought/line continuously. What personal agony of Zafarul-Islam Khan is with the writer is unknown to us which led him to discuss the writer’s electoral defeat, number of votes gained by winners or losers. For the welfare of community, this should be eschewed. These are irrelevant points with reference to this beautiful article. One may quote readership of your paper, which you are regularly quoting that “qaum so rahee hai”. My personal opinion is that both persons are doing very good milli work. Muhammad Adeeb is regularly raising voice in Parliament on various issues related to Muslims. He is representing the community in the media also. The editor of this esteemed paper is raising various issues related to Muslim concern through pen and paper. It gives us pain to read negative comments in this esteemed paper. Muslim intellectuals should be utilized for betterment of society, which MG cherishes.          Umar Farooque, Patna


Failed Abortion

In 2000, 19-years-old Gianna Jessen explained her life to a of U. S. congressmen group: “my biological mother was 17 years old and was 7 and half months pregnant when she decided to abort me by the process of saline injection. I am the person that she aborted. I lived instead of dying. My mother was at the clinic and doctors programmed the abortion at 9 in the morning. Fortunately, the abortionist was not in the clinic when I was born at 6 am on April  6 1977. I hurried. I am sure that if he had been there, I wouldn’t be here today because his job is to end life and not save it. Some people say that I am a “failed abortion; the result of a badly done job.” This is the summary of her life. But this would not be a complete story if we do not know the life of her mother. A journalist finds her and got the interview. Her name is Tina and told her that a member of her family tried to rape her as a child. When she was 10 her parents divorced. In adolescence and young adulthood she felt a sense of abandonment and lack of affection that caused her depression and anxiety. She suffered from compulsive overeating disorder and weighed 145 kg. She became depressed again but this time she have decided to not to eat and weighed 55 kg. In these circumstances she met a young man and fell in love of him. He left her pregnant and disappeared. She wanted to have the child, to the point of becoming vegetarian to ensure child’s health. But her “friends” and “family” advised her to abort. And the main instigator of abortions in the US arrived: Planned Parenthood. We assume the other part of the history, until we relates it with the start of the story...

José Antonio Calvo, Zaragoza, Spain


A new low in Indian politics

The coming days will be tough for our community. The RSS agenda of Ayodhya temple, of full Kashmir integration into India, a uniform civil code, Sanskrit and Surya namaskar in schools will be implemented in full swing. But more serious is the poison of Muslim hate seeping into our armed forces, the police, intelligence etc. That could wreck havoc for our community. At 15 % population, we are about 200 million. But in social, economic and educational terms we rank the lowest, even below tribals and dalits. With RSS in command, Muslims will slowly fall lower and lower, until the Golwalkar criteria is established, We will become the untouchables of India. The only way to escape this horror is to go all out for education, business and industry. In ten years, no Muslim boy or girl should be married, without being a graduate, and that too in medicine, engineering and management. Zakat must be used wisely to help our weakest Muslims. Frequent Haj and umra must be discouraged. The amount should be spent for our community. Our mosques must be simple, avoid Taj Mahals. We need few, but excellent ulema. That requires they be paid well. Finally avoid totally any sectarian divide within our community. It can destroy us. We are all Muslims, believing in Allah, His Quran and the Prophet.   J. S. Bandukwala, Vadodra, Gujarat


Israelis are vulnerable all around the world. The Muslim World can very well respond by holding them responsible for the carnage in Gaza. But the ruling regimes are afraid of their own position, protected and supported by US and its allies British and Israelis, and therefore hardly be expected to move against any Israeli interest. Only massive show of protests by the entire population and not just the Muslims, can force the rulers to act with some conviction and force. We must gather support from all across the board, for the tragedy is human, even though it has community dimensions.              Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Hindutva politics

I await the determination of the precise dates of the events described in that historical masterpiece, the “Mahabharata”. Once I get the date of the death of either Ashvatthama, I can complete my astrological analysis of the mating behaviour of white elephants, which is to be financed by the Indian Council of Fairy Tale Research.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091



In theory their best weapon is the very existence of Palestinians and the demographic time- bomb they represent, but Israel will continue to work on defusing it by means which could go all the way to a final round of ethnic cleansing.           Pamohamedameen


An intolerable hell

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, angel headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night.”, wrote the poet Allen Ginsberg. Now drugs, often mixed with alcohol, are wasted by some 48,000 young people between 14 and 18 and announcing serious dangers of getting involved with cannabis and cocaine. They are 2.2 percent of the population. But the phenomenon is already alarming, producing the aftermath of the lack of memory, abandonment of classrooms and fights, which may be the first signs of the problem. Narcotics are also at the root of the traffic accidents. The more the drug is consumed, the more it is needed with imperiousness. The seller provides for dupe teenagers, to “take you to paradise,” but he doesn’t’ tell that the price to pay is the self-destruction, the physical and mental deterioration and that this a-moment-heaven will become a prolonged and unbearable hell. The fight against trade and consumption of narcotics, the will to stop this harmful threat to society, which raises the murder, terror and promotes physical and emotional devastation of many mortals, claims a political pact, international cooperation and the assistance of all. “From the depths of anguish, fear and escapist phenomena, such as drugs, characteristic of the contemporary world, there emerges the idea that the good and happiness are not obtained without the effort and commitment of everyone,” said saint John Paul II.

Clemente Ferrer, Spain