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Please drastically improve the "Letters to the Editor" page of The Milli Gazette. Aslam Mahmud, Lucknow - 226016

MG: Kindly explain how this is done. Should we write letters ourselves? Letters' column is enriched not by the staff of any paper but by readers who write, comment, protest and raise issues. Our readers are mostly passive who find it hard even to send a postcard appreciating or criticising something which has appeared in MG. This is disheartening to us who spend so much time working on an issue. May I add: we do not seem to have received any letter from you in the recent past.

Aslam Mahmud: The weakest part of your newspaper is the "Letters to the Editor" page. The trouble is that a majority of the letters are in extremely wrong and awkward English. If you are using a particular language and the letter is seen by so many readers, it is imperative that the text should be in reasonably acceptable English. It appears that such letters are reproduced without any language correction. The page gives a very poor picture of use of English by the letter writers. Some sort of proofreading is necessary. Further some of the ideas in the letters are daft and foolish. Everyone has a right to their opinion and it is not necessary to agree with each opinion. However, it is really cruel that many silly ideas and that too in grammatically incorrect English are foisted on the readers. Is it necessary to print letters with absurd ideas?. I must say that a lot of articles in the MG are very informative and I sometimes also clip and keep them in my file. That is why I am your subscriber for last many years. I want the MG to improve day by day. You have stated at the end of your letter that earlier you do not seem to have received any letter from me. It is correct. When filing up the subscriber form I wrote in the column about the readers' letters. I wish all success to the MG.

MG: You are right that the letters published in MG are at times in poor language with lots of errors. This is despite the fact that we try to correct letters of certain writers whose language is rather poor but since, as a matter of routine, letters are the last to go into any issue and always there is time pressure of the deadline, mistakes remain. I am not happy about this but since we are working with a very small staff, we bear this as something we cannot do much about. The remedy is to hire enough qualified people but our finances do not permit us to do so. MG has been a loss-maker all these fourteen and a half years and we are now fast approaching a stage where we will stop the print edition.


Offensive ads

I mean no offence but why are you allowing ads of christian missionary on your website?      Mushtaq Ahmed

MG:We are unable to see any such ad on MG website. But this is possible because we are part of a Google advertising scheme under which Google is allowed to place certain ads on our website for which they pay us. We have specifically asked them not to place offensive ads like alcohol and gambling etc but sometimes bad ads do get through in which case we delete them as soon as they come to our notice.



The news regarding the sporting of ISIS T-shirts by Muslim Youths in Thondi (Aug, 4) is alarming to say the least. This spark will, if left unchecked, lead to a conflagration. Hence, we appeal to the Government to ban the ISIS and outfits supporting it without delay.

S. M. Pasha, Periamet, CHENNAI 600003


KCR The Moghul of Telangana

The Telangana C M 's decision to celebrate Independence day at rhe rampants of Golkonda Fort is 100 percent appropriate ,which is welcomed by all Telanganites. It is just like the one at the New Delhi Red Fort. It is very strange that no former C M could even thought if this earlier. He proved to be a true follower of Nizam for incorporating Devolopmental Programmes in all the Telangana Districts Khudos to KCR for this and all his other policy decisions.     Mohammad Azam, Karimnager


"Achche Din" under Modi Government

After the victory of BJP in Lok Sabha Elections of 2014 in which fairness had been the main casualty and the formation of Modi's government BJP has loudly proclaimed that now the country would have Achhe Din or good days and there will emerge a new era in which there will be no room for dearness or mehangai, skyrocketing price will disappear and Indian economy wil become strong and policies of UPA government which were anti people would be buried. But no such thing has happened. To the contrary during these ache days prices of price of vegetables, food grains, fruits all have rsen. There has been a burdensome hike of 14% in Railway fair and flight charges have also been increased. There has been an increase in the prices of Petrol, Diesel and cooking gas. The general budget has completed disappointed as people as there has been no mention of welfare schemes. What a great difference between slogans and stark reality.Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai,

ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Swacch Bharat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his maiden speech in Parliament, asked that we prepare to gift ourselves a Swachch Bharat (clean Bharat) by 2019, on the Mahatma's 150th birthday. This quest for a national campaign for clean India began in 1986 with the Central Rural Sanitation Programme, which morphed into the Total Sanitation Programme in 1999, which was reborn as Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan few years ago during the UPA regime. And now we have the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.

Fr Felix Rebello, Mumbai


Catch 22

Now its clear that the government is paralised or  ineffective when prices keep rising. The Corporate sector has spent thousands of crores on BJP’s election campaign. Now after the elections, the government has lost control over the market prices.  The corporates have to recoup with interest the monies paied at the time of electipn campaign.

AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Muslim representation in Parliament

After every election specially of Lok-Sabha, time and again there is hue & cry from certain Muslim quarters that in so and so L. S. Muslim representation remained minimum / insufficient inaccordance with the population. The critism is not unhealthy and can not be ruledout. However, experience shows Muslim Parliamentarians or in other cases state semblies belonging any political party (including Indian Union Muslim League) after entering the people houses, merely valued show pieces and noting more. Sitting comfortably in the house, watching the proceedings and dispersing at the end like moving souls. They have no courage to takepu and speak openly and boldly on the problems related to the community nor they are strong willed persons admitting openly that by and large they are Muslims and have constitutional right to speak for their community. Baring one or two Muslm representatives we can not appreciate the presence of Muslim parliantarians within or our of the house except recognising them as dumb and consciousless Muslim faces of their respective parties. They are seen deceiving and misguiding the community in every field or tow or no Muslim representative walks on the floors of peoples' houses where situation for Muslims in INdia unaltered one and the same all time.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur-13


“Love jihad”

It is utterly wrong that Islam allows to convert non Muslims by coercion or compulsion .If it had been permitted the Muslim kings who ruled India for 800 years could convert all Hindus to Islam .Not a single Hindu could remain a Hindu in 800 years period .Secondly there are good number of Muslim girls available for why Muslim boys will agree to marry Hindu girls they are mostly vegetarians they cannot easily turn non veg .Their marital life will not be peaceful. Only Brahmin girls whose marriage is difficult and who have fair colour can trap well to do Muslim boys .The offer is from girls. Take the example of Amer khan who had married BRahmin girl No congress, BjP RSS Shiva Sena VHP and other organisations has made any objection the buger meets Advani Modi and other top leaders but non of them can object or protest The same case is with Sh ah Rukh khan .The only reson is they are millionaires This love Jihad conspiracy is just to blame Muslims .Brahmins wants that wall of hatred should part the tow communities by making wrong propaganda among Hindus to stop them coming closer Islamic Ideology Islam has given more honor and respect than Hindu Dharm the educated and brilliant girls embrace Islam and later Marry Muslim youths it is the Jihad of Hindu girls against wrong principles and practices of Hindu Dharma.             AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Israel and Palestine

There is no doubt that Israel would have exterminated the entire population of Palestinians or at least tried to exterminate, the Palestinian people a long time ago had the 'objective circumstances' been available. Needless to say 'objective circumstances' here could mean a huge international event (for example, a nuclear war, a global national disaster, or a gigantic event of some sort) that would divert or shift international attention from such a genocidal feat. It is true that Israel would prefer to 'solve the problem' without a campaign of mass murder ( as happening in Gaza right now) and mass terror, like bullying and terrorizing the Palestinians, or the vast majority of them, into leaving their ancestral homeland. However, there is no doubt that Israel would contemplate resorting to the 'worst scenario' in case the Palestinians clung to their homeland and remained steadfast in their homes and towns and villages.



Dilip Kumar

I beg to invite your kind attention to a review published in the Hindu, Chennai edition about an autobiography of eminent film star Dilip Kumar (29 July 2014). He has carefully chosen the incidents of his life that he wants to show us. It seems, after reading his autobiography, that he has concealed certain facts of his life due to reasons best known to him. Readers do not get any clarification from his autobiography as to why he has concealed his original name Yusuf Khan. India is a Hindu majority country, that's why he has chosen a Hindu name. Would he had chosen Christian name had he been in Christian majority country? Would he had chosen a Jewish name, had he been in Israel? Will some of the learned readers of MG, please explain as to what may be the reasons for concealing his original name Yusuf Khan?

Farooq Abdul Gafar Bawani, Rajkot


Nail one's colours to the mast

As per news covered by various media, it is learnt that Dina Nath Batra of RSS wants NCERT to do away with English, Urdu and Persian words in Hindi textbooks as use of the words of these languages casues difficulties to children who lose interest in reading textbooks. Probably Batra has poor knowledge or no knowledge at all that Hindi is bound to move with the crutches of an Urdu mixed with Persian words. It is compelled to borrow words from Urdu for expression, presentation, proclaimation, assertion due to Urdu;s rich and sweet vocabulary. This is the reason why we find  in Parliament and out side, staunch supporters of Hindi like the then PM Mr A. B. Vajjpai and the present Foreign Minister Sushma Sawaraj use Urdu couplets to express their thoughts in public. Every cine-goer in India has full knowledge that K. Asif's most popular Mughle-Azam was purely an Urdu-film whereas a film titled “Istree” in totally Sanskeritised Hindi produced by late V. Shantaram was totally rejected by the people forcing the producer to withdraw the film within seven days whereas Mughle-Azam broke all past records as its screening throughout the country continued for more than two years. People still like to watch this film whereas no one even remember the name of "Istree". This is a lesson for persons like Batra. May God not bless with nail the bald-headed.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur 13


Hindutva historiography

Shri Dina Nath Batra says, in one or more of his books, that instead of blowing out candles, a practice borrowed from Western culture, we should celebrate birthdays by wearing swadeshi clothes, doing havans, praying to Ishtadev and feeding cows. He appears not to realise that Ishtadev and the Desi Nationalist Bovine should not be invoked going by the Western calendar, which dates to the papacy of Gregory and has nothing Indian about it. There is no dearth of desi calendars.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091



So much of the humanity across the globe - white, brown, black- support the just causes of the Gaza Palestinians. After giving so much sacrifice, 750 dead, 3000 seriously injured, houses of 50,000 destroyed, why will they stop, why will they go back to living in those horrible condition where they were blockaded from all sides and made to live like animals. At this time they must gain some real human rights, rights to live like human beings. Yes, 20 Palestinians will die for every Israeli, but their determination and awesome willpower will make a dent in the Israeli Zulm. Now that Israel made the mistake of sending its army inside Gaza, now they are facing the "Hizbollah in Lebanon" style offense from Hamas. Now they will get the punishment they deserve. If Israelis withdraw from Gaza without meeting any of their demands they will face Lebanon style doubts about their so called superiority. If they stay they will continue loosing their soldiers steadily, 5 or 10 every day. And maybe some of their airplanes at the Tel aviv airport will be hit by the rockets while landing or taking off. More and more western and white people are turning against Israeli war machine. Obama is a prisoner in the hands of the Zionists. Why is he so gutless in his second term?? Wait and watch the martyers and the cowardice of the silent sheiks of Arabia.

Kaleem Kawaja, Washington, USA


The Israeli Offence Force (IOF) claims to have accomplished its mission of destroying tunnels. Yes, but what have they achieved? Yes, they have destroyed tunnels - which will be built once again within the next 6 months. Yes, they have killed many innocent children, whose souls will go to heaven and further convince God to help their people to end the Israeli occupation and grant the Palestinian People their freedom. The Israelis' have not been able to conquer & occupy Gaza as was the original plan. The Resistance has once again proved its strength & resilience in the face of overwhelming odds, due to the very asymmetrical & skewed nature of the balance of power, both in terms of the armaments & political & economic power of their Western backers & regional collaborators. The Resistance will not surrender & will not be defeated. Israel has lost more friends & allies in the last 20 odd days and more and more people and nations across the world are now clear & determined in their opposition to Israel & full well understand the Apartheid-Fascist character of the Judeo-Nazi Occupation. Now for the next phase of the struggle - a massive & sustained Global Intifada calling for the total isolation & boycott of Apartheid Israel. We will continue to march, protest, demonstrate, speak, light candles, distribute pamphlets, boycott all Israeli, US & EU products, lobby with our governments & elected representatives, with the UN, NAM and all international bodies. We will continue to resist - till Palestine is Free.

Dr. Suresh Khairnar, Feroze Mithiborwala, Kishore Jagtap

India Palestine Solidarity Forum -


Nobody needed to die to end rocket and mortar fire out of Gaza Israel is currently engaged in its third military offensive against Gaza since 2008, ostensibly to bring a halt to rocket and mortar fire out of Gaza into Israel. There was no need for this offensive - or for the previous two offensives - for Israel to achieve that objective. Nobody, neither Israeli nor Palestinian, needed to die in order to bring a halt to rocket and mortar fire out of Gaza. All Israel needed to do was to stick to agreements it made with Hamas. But it didn't. Hamas did. For example, Israel's last military offensive against Gaza in November 2012 (Operation Pillar of Cloud) ended with an Egyptian-brokered agreement in which Israel promised to cease military incursions into Gaza and to end its blockade of Gaza. It did neither. Hamas promised to end firing out of Gaza. It did so for over 18 months until 1 July 2014. This crucial information is entirely absent from mainstream reporting of the crisis. For more information, see my Gaza: Nobody needed to die. Crucial facts about Israeli and Palestinian fatalities are also absent from mainstream reporting, for example, that, since September 2005 when Israel withdrew its ground troops from Gaza and moved its settlers to the West Bank, only 24 people have been killed in Israel by rocket and mortar fire out of Gaza, of those, 13 were killed during Israel's three major military offensives against Gaza (including the present one) which provoked greatly increased rocket and mortar fire out of Gaza. In the same period, nearly 4,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli military action. For more information, see my Gaza: Israeli and Palestinian fatalities ( htm

David Morrison



BJP loses all three Assembly by elections in Uttarkhand In an unusual about turn , the BJP has lost in all three Assembly by elections in Uttarkhand. This has occured within about two months of winning all Lok Sabha seats from that state. Incidentally one of these seats was always with the BJP for the last 20 years. What does this signify ?

J. S. Bandukwala, Vadodra


Indian Civil Services

34 Muslims were selected in civil services examination 2013. Azhagiya Kadan IAS Academy (Makkah Masjid, Chennai), Zakat Foundation of India, Hamdard Study Circle and U. P. Urdu Academy, Lucknow are providing free coaching to the Muslim aspirants for Civil Services. Perhaps these coaching institutes are not aware of rampant corruption and other malpractices in public sector in India. Honest civil servants are victimized and transferred very frequently as a punishment for being honest. Fake enquires are institted against them in order to harass them. Would Muslim civil servants comply with anti-Islamic orders of the politicians, who are highly corrupt, inviting the wrath of Allah? There is no taker of honest civil servants in Indian political system let alone Islamic ones. So is the case with other jobs in public civil sector in India. Durga Nagpal (U.P.) and Ashok Khamka (Haryana) are cases in point.       Afroz Alam, Aligarh


Muslim Scholars condemn ISIS measures against Iraqi Christians

If only we listened such condemnations of persecution of Hindus, Ahmadiyyas and Shias (in Pakistan and Kashmir) more frequently, it would have been so good. Then it would be more justified to protest spiritedly against Muslim persecution anywhere in the world. I congratulate MG for publishing this article. We want more of it!

Tabish Umar Ansari (feedback on MG website)


Conversion of a Dalit

Entire media is shaken by a news of conversion to Islam. Even if 1,000 Dalits become Buddhishts, it do not become a big news but if just one Dalit converts to Islam it is an alrming news. Baba Saheb wanted to save Dalits from the Varna system which is possible only they convert to Islam. Many officials commented on this “rape and conversion” case calling for hard steps -- not against the rapist but  against conversion of Dalits to Islam as conversion to Islam is more terrifying than rape!

Dr. Malik Asghar Khan


Good Citizens, listen

Leave habits of consuming liquors

Invest money in family instead of wasting

Quit entertainments with liquors

Urge others not to consume liquors

Organise a god society by abstaining liquors

Resist liquors lest you and your family will be ruined

Good Citizens are the nation’s wealth and pride

Man may not perish on the evils of liquors

Many homes are ruined by liquors

Liquors may carve your health and wealth

Every religion is against the liquors.

But man is still under the curse of liquors

God created everything for man's welfare

But poor man fails to hail the Welfare

Remember Consumption of liquor should not be a nuisance to others.

No Bar, No More No License. Avoid This Ugly Drinks

Khan Vellayani, Kerala