Special Reports

Solidarity with Arab masses

Hyderabad: SIO Hyderabad unit held a massive conference here on 27 March at the Khilwat Ground to show solidarity with the Arab masses struggling to break free of dictatorial regimes and police states. The conference was presided over by JIH Andhra Pradesh chief Malik Moatasim Khan. A number of scholars, journalists and intellectuals from across the country spoke at the conference attended by thousands of people, especially youths. Malik Moatasim Khan warned Indian politicians to learn a lesson from the events in the Arab world and stop corruption and injustice to the weaker sections.

Former SIO chief Bishruddin Sharqi and celebrated journalist Ajit Sahi, both of whom went to Gaza earlier this year, spoke at the conference. Sharqi said that while the caravan was welcomed everywhere, in Mubarak’s Egypt they were treated like criminals. Ajit Sahi said that a struggle is needed in India also like the one going on in the Middle East to break free of corruption and political oppression. Wikileaks has proved that Indian rulers too are stooges of America just like Middle Eastern rulers, Sahi said. Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor of The Milli Gazette, delivered the keynote address on the uprisings in the Arab World. He highlighted the historical background to the events in the Arab world, especially political oppression, corruption and foreign dominance together with the Israeli occupation of Arab lands. He said, this is an internal issue of the Arab world in which Nato and Western powers must not interfere as they are only after oil and not concerned in the least about the rights of the Arab masses.

Speakers said that the Arab world events have proved that Muslims too want democracy and know how to fight for their rights peacefully.

The conference adopted a number of resolutions calling the western countries to resist from intervention in Arab uprisings and let the people there to decide their fate themselves.