Indian Muslims move on! What?

Move on? What does that suppose to mean?

While the verdict on Babri Masjid seems to have disappointed most Muslims, our Hon'ble intellectuals, mostly Hindus, sympathising with Muslims, once again came out with a noble suggestion, “Move On”. Is the task of “Moving On” left only with the minorities of this country who, for the last sixty years, have always been at the receiving end after suffering from the menace of the majority community?

Be it Muslims, Sikhs or Christian. Genocides, carnages, humiliation, discrimination and bias attitudes seem to have become their everyday fate. Why the Hindus didn't move on after the killing of Indira Gandhi? Did she belong to Hindus alone? Why the Majoritarians didn't move on after the killing of a Priest in Khandmal, allegedly by a Maoist and went on rampaging and killing hapless Christians? Why didn't they move on after 56 kar sevaks, whose identity to this day is a mystery were burnt inside the compartment, went on killing, burning, and raping three thousand innocent Muslims in Gujarat in 2002.

And did Hindus move on after Babar, allegedly, destroyed the temple and built a mosque in Ayodhya six hundred years ago? NO! NO!! NO!!! Hindus, being the majority and eternal patriots of this country ought to have an eternal right to retaliate with total brutality even after six centuries. But minorities, being vulnerable and “lesser” patriots, despite being wounded, in order to prove their patriotism, needed to keep on moving because India is moving. No matter, however brutal atrocities they may have had to suffer from the “Indigenous”, crooked, biased, corrupt and hate mongering bosses of this country. Ask historians, and they would prefer even on their death, an “enslaved” India, either by the British or the “Invader Mughals” over the horribly “patriotic” and terrifyingly independent India. Shame on such an insane majority.

Mushtaque Madni,
Editor, Urdu Usool,