Islamic Perspectives

Islam needs strong women

Let us compare a sword with a flower. A sword can go on for long without rusting. A flower dies easily leaving its fragrance in the hands of its enemy who wants to crush it. A sword cannot produce a new sword but a flower can grow more flowers. A sword is for destruction, a flower is for construction. A sword kills the heart, a flower fills the heart. Thus a flower is stronger than a sword. A woman is like a flower. A man is like a sword. Unfortunately, Muslim women have forgotten their role to spread the fragrance from their heart.

It is because they do not get proper education. Education is everyone’s birth right. ‘Ilm is very important in Islam. Modern education as well as religious education are required.

Children of educated women are brought up well and succeed in society. A learned woman can behave, teach and preach well. She knows how to take care of her family. She makes a house a home.

Love flows from the heart of a good woman. Her kindness maintains and nourishes relations. A good mother opens up the heart of her daughter. Thus daughters also give away their love to their families and community. Islam says, “Heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers”.

The heart of a Muslim woman should be strong. She must believe in patience, tolerance and kindness. She must learn to speak sweetly.

Allah has not made women inferior to men. They do not have different grades. They have different roles to play in life and society. They are given different responsibilities. Their bodies and nature are different.

Men must understand this. They must respect women. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Only a man of noble character will honour women, and only a man of base character will dishonour them.”

A woman must also know how to earn respect. She should wear proper clothes. She should dress to show her modesty and grace. Her clothes should be clean and tidy. She should not go for too tight or transparent dress. Her dress should not display arrogance. Modesty is her jewel. Hijab or scarf looks beautiful on her.

She should not display her physical beauty but should always show her strong mental power and pure character and spirituality. Even in pain, she must train herself to become stronger. Pain can be a gain at times. She should grow gradually.

On a higher plane, it is possible for talented women to further the cause of religion when the right opportunity presents itself. There are many examples of such women in Islam. Men must understand this.

Islam needs strong women with a smiling face to expand. Islam is a universal truth.

There should be no competition between men and women. They are fulfilment for one another. They must go with each other. They are made for each other.

Nazneen O. Sherawala, Surat