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MG closure

I’m terribly pained by this news that MG (print format) is on the verge of closure................... I’m choked with emotions and have no words.

Sumit Paul, Poona


MG has served a great cause and we hope it will continue to do so. We strongly support you and your mission. I do not know how I can contribute to this?             Abhay Kumar, JNU

MG: Thank you. To continue we have set a target of one lakh subscribers which we know is not easy but the current situation too is not easy. We will do even if we get even half of this number. We have to totally rely on our subscribers’ support since we know that the corporates will never advertise in MG which is normally the only way such publications survive.


InshaAllah there would be some way by which we will not allow this voice of sanity of the intellectuals and educated Muslim to die. MG did serve the cause of Muslims and voiced their concern for their plight during a difficult time of the so called war on terrorism. I sincerely pray that Muslim community would support materially to keep it in publication. As a writer I would freely work at my own expense and do bulk of writing for you. I will explore what more I could do.

Mustafa Khan, Malegaon

MG: Thank you for your words. Nothing is impossible for Allah ta’ala but the waseela, our community, is very weak. We hardly have the sense of what is really important and what is not. I hope there is a way out. It was so difficult to take this decision after years of thinking over it.

(These are only a few of hundreds of email, phone and letter messages received by MG after the last issue)



When Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on the Independence Day “Let’s shun casteism, communalism, divisive politics”, there was some scepticism whether the words would match with actions - because only two days before, his party MP Yogi Adityanath was applauded by the fellow BJP MPs when he openly threatened on the floor of the Parliament by saying “People who try to defame the symbol of Hindutva will have to pay the price for this”. And just two days after the Prime Minister’s benign words, the RSS chief Mr. Mohan Bhagwat has suggested that India is a Hindu state and “citizens of Hindustan should be known as Hindus”. The Prime Minister must reassure the nation that he really meant what he said from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P.)


“Achey Din” - According To The Sangh Parivar

“ACHEY DIN” will dawn in the country when

· all the States in the Indian Union are run by the BJP & Co.,

· The heads of the members of the minority communities are not permitted to be held high and their minds are never free from fear;

· The tribe of AMIT SHAH increases by leaps & bounds;

· Non-Hindus are systematically and thoroughly HINDUIZED and thus


S. M. Pasha, Periamet, Chennai 600003


Modi and media

Why NDTV has OMITTED Prime Minister Modi promising to make India, the Jagat Guru of the world and fulfill the dreams of Swami Vivekananda. The world should be ready for a new ‘religious’ movement to jump in the arena with vast resources. This is the next part of Jewish plan of Clash of Civilization to let others fight so they may rule the world under the NEW WORLD ORDER formulations. Incidentally, all memorials for Vivekananda, in places of his visits all over the world, are built by Jewish donors, with their name-plates clearly declaring Jewish benevolence and their vision to exploit him and his message. Is India now ready to carry out the Jewish plans, laid down a century earlier? Incidentally, about 15 years back, when Huntington with his ‘Clash of Civilizations’ thesis, originally proposed by British Jewish/Zionist historian and ideologue, Bernard Lewis (see and hear him on YouTube), has visited Nehru Centre in Mumbai, to give a peep on his work, the Hindutva Brigade sitting in the front row were furious that in all his narration, he was more focused on Islam and completely ignored Hinduism as a potent force. On the spot, Huntington announced to the august gathering that he will factor in Hinduism. So simple! So now we see how that inclusion of Hinduism is factored in the entire scheme of Clash of Civilization and the resultant prospects/dangers of wars and bloodbath, on which Zionists thrive. India is the next target. And the beauty is that they asked for it.   Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


People born in Hindustan are Hindustani, not necessarily Hindu

Mr Mohan Bhagwat, RSS chief’s argument that if people living in England / Britain are called English / British, those living in Germany are called German, those living in America are called American etc., people living in Hindustan should be called Hindu, is not quite correct. People born and living in Hindustan can certainly be called Hindustani but not necessarily Hindu. Grammatically speaking, English / British, German, American etc are adjectives and in the same way adjective of Hindustan is Hindustani and certainly not Hindu. If Mr Bhagwat says that his forefathers were Hindu or followers of Hinduism, this too will be wrong because as we are told by many intellectuals and historians in ancient, Vedic, Puranic or Aryan times the words Hindu and Hinduism did not exist at all. These words came to be used much later in India and in history. Irrespective of what many people and intellectuals may say about Hinduism (in order to express its inclusivism or expand the scope of this word) that it is not a religion but a way of life, the fact is that ever since the introduction or usage of the word ‘Hindusm’ it has come to mean in all parts of the world a religion or religious faith and belief and its followers and believers are called Hindus. Moreover, if it is a way of life, the questions is: whose way of life is it, because even in India itself, people belonging to different regions have that their own separate way of life in matters of living style, food, dress, customs and traditions and so on.

It is said that when foreigners like Greeks, Arabs etc set their foot in India (or invaded India) they used words like Hind, Hindi for India and things Indian which are of Persian origin. It is also said that when the word ‘hindu’ was introduced initially it was used in a bad and derogatory sense for some kind of bad and unsocial elements like thieves, thugs, reseals etc. This shows that by that time also terms ‘Hinduism’ or ‘Hindu’ were not used in the sense in which these are respectfully taken to mean today or since long i.e. as a great religion or followers of this great religion. Hence Mr Bhagwat’s reasoning that if people living in Germany, America, England / Britain, Arabia etc are called German, American, English / British and Arabian or Arab, people living in Hindustan should be called Hindu is not correct because ‘Hindu’ devotes follower of Hinduism and all people born and living in India are not Hindu. They may certainly be called Hindustani but not necessarily Hindu.

          Naz A. Ansari, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 


Aam Admi Party at Crossroad - need introspection

AAP was founded with great fun and fare by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal in association and warmly support of persons who till that little or unknown public figures. In the same way Mr. Kejriwal successfully magnetized common men against Congress and BJP through divulgence for their thickly involvement in the acts of misconduct, misadministration, corruption at all levels, malfeasance and misfeasance thus leading the Country to be the verge of collapse. Within no time, the Party got bestowed with the hasty entries of persons from every walk of life majority of whom at later stage proved opportunists and power greedy personalities as after the debacle of the Party in recently concluded election, those found reciting appreciation like claims, started leaving the Party on one pretext or other without claiming the responsibility of debility of the Party by themselves. Right from the beginning, political immaturity, lack of experience in the field of Indian politics of Mr. Kejriwal nad some of his stalwarts would be clearly visible who kept on weighing the Organisation merely on road shows, crowdy gatherings, empty slogans with no assessment and study of voters inclination. Now this is the time for Mr. Kejriwal nad his trusted lieutenants to review the changed political atmosphere and chalkout the future strategies with the co-operatin of those having irrevocable association with the Part and full faith in his leadership. Departure from the New-Delhi Government was a great blunder which caused absolute damage to the Party beyond repairing must not be repeated in future if come in the way as people took the action as betrayal with them. It was unwise to contest assembly and Lok-Sabha election at infancy stage with childish plannings by oversighting the presence of quite matured, powerful, seasoned, cunning and shrewd politicians of Congress and BJP. Now the Party instead of marching to state assemblies, advisably focus and turn to capture first panchayat samitees, nagarpalikas, zillaparishads, Mpl. corporations etc; throughout the Nation to make it powerful and popular amongst masses before going for assemblies.  Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Beware of cruelty of Israel & Co.

The so called looter America. The greedy Britain and the bloody cruel Israel are axle of evils of world. The dummy UNO has become the sycophants of these cunning and cruel forces. The UNO is laughing on seeing the utter cruelty on the innocents of Palestine and Gaza. Several hundreds have been killed in Gaza and Palestine. The people of Gaza have no Airport, Seaports even a Railway Station to reach or escape from the savagery Jews. It is wonder and beyond the knowledge why this UNO acting as blind and deaf. Britain smuggled all the wealth from India and Egypt etc. America looted all the wealth from Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan etc. Just formed Israel looted the whole wealth of Palestine Jerusalem etc. and forcibly occupied the land of Arabies as per the guidance of Britain and America. These nexus of evils neither god loving nor god fearing. Their hobby is making holocausts in the countries and acquire their wealth. A Hitler has to come and eradicate the barbaric jews. So, as to maintain the global peace. No use of UNO in this world since it is established in America. India should not allow such cruel countries to function their embassies or consulates. So as to avoid the sabotages and unnecessary atrocities in India. The whole world is abusing and cursing the atrocities of these counties.     Raj Mohan, Kochi, Kerala


Inclusion of Gita and Mahabharta in in school syllabus

Justice A. R. Dave’s strong advocacy for including Gita and Mahabharta in the syllabus from class-I is not new one but the repetition of the same time to time utterances RSS making since long. The pleading of Justice A. R. Dave is simply like an old wine in new bottle which amounts to be an act of provocation and issuing directions to the Hindutva forces from Ahmedabad to all BJP ruled states aswellas Centre Government to march ahead with the object necessarily required to be implemented for converting the Country A Hindu Rashtra which is a long standing dream of the Fascist Hindutva Organisation. The statement also indicates the intention of Judiciary in general and Justice A. R. Dave’s in particular is quite clear that in case the proposed inclusion of Gita and Mahabharta is challenged, the Judiciary is there to say finally in this connection.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Love jihad

BJP it is seen love’s the moves. Which are anti Muslims or anti Islam but it does not take the trouble to note the fall out of such harmful methods, due to caste barriers the marriages of girls are difficult problem specially in Brahmin community, The girls who are from orthodox families patiently wait for a suitable mach, They don’t mind passing the total youthfulness and finally lost hope of marriage As the proverb goes the tiger starve for many days but doesn’t eat grass. There are also highly educated girls They study the religion. not only Hinduism, Christianity but also Islam and they infer that Islam is the best religion, After coming to this level they start choosing a Muslim youth of their choice. They have the basic requirement beauty and education. The well off Muslim boys who could see the talent and their behaviour can accept the marriage proposal. The HINDU girls do not use purda therefore their selection becomes easy In medical and other higher education institutes Hindu and Muslims girls and boys come closer The institution serves the purpose of dating. This love Jihad movement gains momentum The Muslims girls are put to loss.some girls may be attracted towards Hindu boys. The BJP if makes chaos more Hindu girls will be selecting Mus I’m boys as their husband the Muslim boys have one more hidden attraction,         Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


ISIS is made-in-USA

Americans who are making a hullabaloo over the killing of one of its citizens by the ISIS conveniently forget and/or hush up the fact that it was America which contributed a lot to the rise of that terrorist outfit. Yet another thing to be noted in this connection is that Uncle Sam is a pastmaster in the art of hunting with the hounds and running with the hares.                S. M. Pasha, Chennai - 600003


Telagana & Jammu Kashmir

The historical knowledge of BJP legal cell convenor Mr KKaruna seems scanty. But the activism is more He must know that. Ex Hyderabad state consisting of 16 district was an independent state. It was annexed to Indian Union when NIZAM 7th generation king was in power. The same case is with Jammu&Kashmir.Mr Karnak should also know that India was ruled 800 years by Muslim Emperors and 200 years by British. Though Karuna might not have borned but he cannot negate the Historical facts To file a case and invoking some sections by the police is nothing but a political prejudice against the learned MP Kavita if Mr Karuna is not having a good venture He should take up the issue of caste barriors and untouchability gang rapes taking place every where.

Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Education according to Socrates

Previously, we discussed what the concept of education was for Roman philosopher Seneca was; education for him was fundamentally having an honest life. This time around, let us discuss the concept of a “good life” according to Greek philosopher Socrates, whose thoughts were well known four centuries before Seneca’s. First of all, one must distinguish between a “life that is good”, which is the search for perfection and truth, and the “good life”, which searches commodity, pleasure and riches. Professor Polo would point out that Socrates opted for a life that is good, thus sacrificing the good life. He sacrificed well being up to the extreme of dying while defending truth without compromises. Socrates’ choice for a life that is good is biographical, in other words, it incarnated within his own existence. The attractiveness of his character is huge, precisely because he is an authentic man that abides by his existential compromise with truth until the very end. From Socrates we learn about coherence: he taught about what he lived by, and preferred to die instead of relinquishing his convictions. A life that is good is based on virtue and law. For the Greeks, a happy life can only be achieved in the polis, where both individual and social virtues are developed. However, in the city, other than talking and coexisting, what is right is both searched for and realized. For Aristotle, security must be placed in nomos, in the agreement among free humans that search for a life that is good; which does not consist in richness. Humans have always had the temptation for idolatry: to become a god of material goods, to enjoy a life full of commodities. However, the accumulation of material goods does not seize the thirst for them, if not, it increases it. The more one has, the more one needs, and the more one wants to have. In today’s society, advertising bases itself upon lust (the disordered appetite for life’s sensible pleasures) in order to favour consumerism. A life that is good and a culture that is genuine aim to cultivate: intelligence (to learn to think); will power (to learn to want what is good); and affectivity (to learn to love others and develop good sentiments towards others). On the other hand, the good life and subculture consist of being guided by the instincts, wishes, appetites, and emotions that someone may have at a given instant. This is nothing but a predisposition to animal life (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).

Arturo Ramo


An advice to Indian Muslims

This vicious circle of ‘fascism’ and ‘secularism’

Has brought you to the present despicable low;

But still you are not ready to come from its trap,

Still you are not able to judge the water’s flow.

The old secular brokers are again in the field,

They are the same who have given you a blow;

You have had enough time to test their worth,

You alone are their easy prey: You must know.

Only on your demands, please keep an eagle eye,

Different slogans and groups may come and go;

All, in their quest for power, use you as tools,

Learn the lesson to use them, if you want to glow.

(With specific reference to Lalu-Nitish grouping. May I ask Mr. Nitish Kumar whether BJP had become secular when he was having alliance with it?)

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Israel Coiled India

Nagpur is a City famous for oranges on one hand and being a hub of Hindutva on the other where from hectic Hindutva activities through different centres are carried out regularly out of which one such is Bhosla Military School. The School is run, managed and maintained by Hindutva force which continued to fed a large number of militarymen through high trainings from Dehradun and other places which made the present defence forces Hindutga influences machinery. The majority of present militarymen of all branches, influenced totally by Hindutva considered it pious to remove the secular fabric of the country by replacing it to Hindu Rashtra. This is the reason why BMS is regularly visited highups from Israel and other nations who are the staunch enemies of Muslims or in other words Islamic World. In this connection it is said that Israel is totally convinced and agreed with Hindutva agenda for its various dignities are the regular visitors of Bhonsle Military School and other Hindutva centres of the City. In one of such cases on 04/08/2014 Mr. Matan Zamir, Dy. Chief of Mission, Counsulate General of Isreal Mumbai visited Bhonsla Military School, Nagpur where he was given red carpet welcome by the School authorities and Rtd. Col. J. S. Bhandari. The said visit particularly in the wake of illegal aggression by Israel on unarmed and helpless Palestine supported by India calmly.

Bushra Khwaja, Nagpur


Role of Saudi Arabia In Indian Muslim Uplift

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been a bliss for Indian Muslims. It continues to be a land of opportunity for them. Firstly, Saudi Arabia has been a platform for the educated Indian Muslim to give a boast to their careers. Secondly, It has also proved to be a constructive place for the not much educated but admirably skilful working manual labour-class Muslims moving to Arabia for a far better payment they get in India. Both the young graduated Muslims and skilled labours in India see Arab as a better option to work because of the striking salary and affordable living conditions. Saudi Arabia continues to be a land of opportunity for Indians. Indians have surely benefitted the most. They are not only successful in their country but have spread their arms of achievement abroad too. Saudi Arabia offers a good prospect for workers. It is a great place to Live and Work and offers excellent potential to save money. The living standard is good and cost of living is the cheapest compared to other countries of middle-east. Indians workers are preferred of their hard work and law abiding citizens. Indians account for the highest expatriate population in Arab lands. According to recent statistics, 3.5 millions Indians are working throughout the Kingdom. It has become second home country to Muslim Indians as they are both spiritually and financially satisfied in working in the birthplace of Islam. These workers bring much needed capital to their home countries.  People have also worked in Arab and then invested the money they earned in establishing their business in India. In numerous ways, Saudi Arab has changed the face of Indian Muslims. Recently, India signed Labour Cooperation Agreement which will go a long way in protecting Indian workers. With Arab being a catalyst in development for the future let’s hope for the best!

Sumaiya Ali, Shakti Nagar, Lucknow - 226016