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MG closure?

Is it true that milli gazette is going to be stopped...

Ahtasham Alam

MG: This is true. This decision has been taken after years of contemplation due to continuous losses incurred by this publication. We hope our readers and well-wishers will come forward to avert this. If not, the next 1-15 October issue will be the last one.

AA: I am extremely sad to hear this news. How can one help if he resides outside India, or he belongs to rural India. Will the charity alliance also be stop working.

MG: You can help by taking out subscriptions for yourself and others if you wish. Also you can advertise or motivate others to advertise. Well- wishers are also welcome to donate to help MG continue. Charity Alliance is not part of MG and it will continue Insha Allah.


The partition of India has put the Indian Muslims in a rather awkward position. Muslims are expected to show or prove their loyalty to India at every step. Although Muslims have excelled in many spheres like sports, literature, politics and film industry by bringing a good name to India and still there is no appreciation. Very recent examples are that of Sania Mirza. Previous to that was Azharuddin. Film stars like Sharrukh too had problems’ proving his loyalty’. Hence, Muslims of India suffer from a strange psychological  problem called ‘paranopia’ which means a human being always behaves in a different way when he knows he is being watched all the time. Coming to the main point of the argument of your article as to why Muslim newspapers do not run very well in India it is simply due to the fact that the Muslims are wary or shy and do not want to be seen as clinging on to their Muslim tradition, beliefs and views. They want to show to their Hindu co-citizens that they are as much as Indian as them. Hence they choose to read mainstream Indian newspapers written in English. The younger generation has started reading in Hindi and even share Hindu views like hate towards Pakistan. Be yourself. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your history, culture andachievement apart from your unswerving loyalty to India. Be proud of your identity and not be forever apologetic. You have nothing to apologise for. In fact the Hindus have to apologise to you for not appreciating your choice to remain in India even after partition. They should also apologise for the discrimination, hate propaganda, suspicion and violent attacks against the Muslim community at every small excuse aided and abetted by the power hungry greedy dishonest Hindus politicians and some cowardly appeasing Muslim leaders too. Make the Muslim newspapers of India very powerful and internationally acclaimed. This can be done only the help of rich educated Muslims of India who should spare no effort in advertisement and heavy financing so that these newspapers are popularised and give a meaning to the existence of Muslims in India. Only in such newspapers can the true facts of Muslim life in India can be understood. The true mind of the Muslim can be understood by th e Hindu of India. India is not a Hindu country. It is a multicultural country made up of different societies.



We read with interest the question and answers between MG editor and one reader Mr Aslam Mahamud. I Appreciate the MG editor for the reply in a positive manner. All the readers may not be perfect in writing correct English. However the subject and the topic is important than the Language., and most of the letters are not in bad taste. Rejoinders / opinion / letters is the gist of the entire magazine. which most of the readers like to read and if possible send rejoinders.

Mohammad Azam, Karimnager


Love Jihad - Fact or fiction?

Who forced or lured Malyalam writer Kamla Das at an old age to embrace Islam? After release from Talibani imprisonment, Yvonne Ridley embraced Islam. Was the British journalist under pressure in Britain? Film actress Monica accepted Islam. Malika, 23-year-old Jewish girl converted to Islam before marrying Md. Mansoor in Tel Aviv. Jewish extremist group “Lehwa” was protesting at their nikah and reception place on 18 August in Tel Aviv. Non-Muslim girls and women find something to convert to Islam as Jodha Bai life was very happy in Akbar’s company.

S. Haque, Patna


BJP's Shahnawaz Hussain, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Umar Abdullah and others are promoting "Love Jihad". And if you find the fathers-in-law of these people you will be shocked and surprised to know that they are top BJP leaders.

Shaikh Faheem


BJP's new communal card is just shameful. Just because of by-election in UP, they are creating a rift in society. Where are the ''achhe din of Modi''. Doesn't he have trust in his development plank. Why his party needs to play communal card? This shows the failure of his government.

A Alam


Several Muslim females (going by their names anyway) call me "Bhaiya", "Chacha", "Nana" and so on. I bask in their affection. At least two of my nominally Muslim bhatijis have married Hindu men (going by their names anyway). Does all this make me party to some sort of bloody dharmayuddha? I mean, how can anyone swallow that disgusting absurdity, Love Jihad?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091


[letter When a Muslim boy marries a Hindu girl { which he ought not to do as per the Shariah} Hindu fundamentalists term it 'love jihad". But when a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy { just as Subramaniam Swamy's daughter} they don't call it " prem dharmayudh". Why this discrimination?

S. M. Pasha, Chennai



Degredation of a noble institution The glorious institution Khilafat, which means succession, in its infancy, was “Khilfatu Rasoolillah”, meaning successor of the Holy Prophet- peace be on him. Later on, a rebel companion of the Holy Prophet(s. a. w. s) converted the noble institution into a dynastic monarchy. But that’s a different story and ancient history. Today, an insignificant mother’s son has come forward to proclaim that he is a “khalifah” and fools, who rush in where angels fear to tread, have commenced recognizing him as their “ameer” or chieftain. there must be a method in madness too. there is nothing wrong in the resurrection of the khilafath but it must done in a decent manner. a khalifah was chosen as their “ameer:” by momineen who took an oath of loyalty or bayyath as it called. but this guy abu bakr al-baghdadi is a self-proclaimed “khalifah”. Hence, he has no “loco standi” to claim that lofty and revered title. The outfit which the present day bogus Khilafah runs viz. the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria [ISIS] is an cent per cent terrorist outfit. That it is so does not require a detailed examination as it clearer than broad daylight. This ISIS must be banned - the earlier, the better for all concerned. This humble writer pleads with the Central Government to ban the ISIS forthwith and save Indian Muslims from falling into the trap laid by that terrorist outfit and become terrorist and bring disgrace to the Ummah and a nuisance to the country. Rajnath singhji are you listening !

S. M. Pasha Chennai 600003


An open letter to Mohd. Azam Khan

I watched you on TV where you were saying that Indian Muslims are facing horrible problems because the Badshah (which means PM Modi) of India wants Indian Muslims to be in such pathetic condition, hence nothing can be done. This saddened and angered me beyond words for the simple reason that anyone who knows anything about Islam cannot believe that the followers of Prophet Muhammad can reach to such demoralized state of life. More than anyone else, you know that if there is one leader who can command the confidence of ~ 200 million Muslims of India and at the same time perceived by ~ 1,000 million Hindus to be serious about socio-economic progress of India and is secular which means who practises his / her religion with faith and commitment and is so magnanimous that he / she similarly respects other’s religion too - then it will take no time to address all those problem of Indian Muslims which you mentioned. No need to mention that given your background you can easily be such leader from Muslim community provided you choose to act rather than to merely complain and sulk about problems of Muslims and instead take up some all India level political programmes by championing three martial subjects namely military, secularism and capital...It is hoped that if you believe you ever benefited from Islam then you will try seriously to ameliorate the condition of Muslims, first in India.

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


Hinduised education

Mr. Justice Anil R Dave of the Supreme Court, addressing a Convention at the Gujrath University’s Convention Hall on the 2nd of August 2014, forcefully advocated the introduction of Bhagawath Gita and the Mahabharatha in primary schools “to learn how to live.” In simpler terms he wants to Hinduize the minds of kids of tender age. He went even to the extent of declaring “Had I been the dictator of India, I would have introduced Gita and Mahabharatha in Class I.” This, he added was “to get good things from everywhere”. Are Gita and Mahabharatha alone “ good things”? Why not introduce Allama’s Iqbal’s Lab pay aatee hai du’a bankay tamanna meree? With deep regret, I am constrained to observe that if the Hon’ble Judge’s declaration is approved, secularism will collapse in our Motherland.

S. M. Pasha, Periamet, Chennai 60000


How RSS became mainstream

First it was Dr Lohia who become so personal to Pt. Nehru that he propagated the strategy of Non-Congressism, later it become ideology to his disciples. Dr Lohia once said ‘to defeat Congress I can go for an alliance with even Satan (Congress ko haraney aur hataney ke liye main shaitan se bhee haath milaney ke liye tayyar hoon).The result of this politics was formation of SVD non congress governments in 7 to 9 states in 1967. In UP and Bihar both the factions of socialists(SSP & PSP) and communists(CPI & CPM) sharing beds with Jansanghis and right wing Swatantra and Republicans in rulling coalitions. During so called JPs youth movement of 1974, JP went extra mile and gave legitimacy to RSS by giving this certificate that “if RSS is communal then I am also communal”.Later on when JP realized his mistakes during Janata party govt. and wrote to PM Morarji Desai to curb the interference of RSS in the government and Janata party. But by the time the cat was out OF bag and it was too late to control it.

Qurban Ali


Hindi-Hindu conflict

I respect the feelings of Mr Mohan Bhagwat that all Indians should have been “Hindus”. Ninety percent of Indian Muslims have converted from Hinduism. If Mohanji wants that all Muslims should come back into the folds of Hinduism, he has to modify Hinduism and make it more attractive than Islam and practice equality, eliminating caste system. In Islam, there is equality and complete divine guidance in every walk of life. If Mohanji would study Holy Qur’an, he is bound to embrace Islam and love it.

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Controversy on appointing ex-CJI as state Governor

It refers to controversy on appointing former Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam as Kerala Governor. There are two aspects to the issue. Firstly as rightly said by even Congress leader Manish Tiwari, there is no impropriety in any such appointment because retired judges of higher courts have joined political parties after retirement and have even become Parliamentarians. Rather real controversial issue is appointing politicians as state Governors, which actually require politically neutral persons like retired judges and bureaucrats to be appointed on such highly dignified posts. There have been many cases earlier when politicians appointed as state Governors have misused Raaj-Bhawans (Governor Houses) like party-headquarters dancing to tunes of political masters at the centre and ignoring even physical claim of deserving aspirants for posts of Chief Ministers claiming majority support of members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs). But second aspect of the issue is necessity of a two-year ban on post-retirement postings of retired judges of higher courts with exception of their appointment at judicial commissions/panels to check chances of pro-government decisions especially in last days of their retirement, an aspect favoured by even BJP in earlier regime when it was in opposition. While Arun Jaitley in his capacity as the then Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha stressed for a consolidated package of judicial reforms including two-year ban on post-retirement postings of retired judges, now the BJP government had got passed bill only relating to judicial appointments that too ignoring views of leading jurists of the country who suspect legislative interference in judicial interference through the passed bill on judicial appointments.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk ; Delhi 110006


CBI Director’s visitors

Supreme Court has rightly taken cognizance of controversial persons related to matters being probed by country’s premier investigating agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) visiting residence of CBI Chief as per visitors’ diary maintained at his residence with CBI Chief himself admitting some of such entries genuine. But his argument that anyone can visit him or his family-members is totally unacceptable. Persons posted on such highly sensitive posts must be careful about persons directly or indirectly associated with cases probed under their agency visiting their residences. Rather such visits should be recorded in relevant case-files. But still bigger is the question of probability of not recording such controversial visits in future in visitors’ diary after the episode having hit media-headlines, and even been taken cognizance by the Apex Court. Aspect of copy of visitors’ diary reaching in hands of media- persons is also a matter of great significance for which vigilant eye of media deserves all compliments.

Madhu Agrawal, Dariba DELHI 110006


Marriage injustice

Modesty is the most valuable ornament of a girl. Only husband is entitled to taste it. It is the gift of nature to her husband who takes wife in his safe custody till his death. Kartik Gaoda on the promise of marriage has tasted an enjoyed it. Now if he wants to deceive the girl, the police, the court and the society should support the girl. Sadanand Gaoda should resign till his son agrees to marry the model. Long police enquiry and court hearings will deny justice. It is said frailty thy name is women The police can easily find the truth if it is not pressurised.

Dr AH Maqfoomi Hyderabad


NIA exposes the reality of RSS

Sunil Joshi, a pracharak of RSS, was murdered by his associates Rajendra Pahalwan and Lokesh Sharma to stop him from revealing the real masterminds and network of Hindu terrorism. Earlier NIA was investigating on these lines. But now NIA has brought out another theory that the RSS parcharak had vulgar designs and was misbehaving with Pragya Singh Thakur is languishing in jail for bomb blasts in many places. News of such exploitation of girls comes out frequently in Naxal groups and dacoit gangs. NIA after three long years of investigation will now, after BJP’s coming to power at the Centre, will fail to complete probe of the Hindu terror cases.

S. Haque, Patna


Indian Muslims & Al-Qaeda's Non-existent "Indian Wing!"

The non-Brahmin Hindus of India must understand this point that the enslavement of Indians in general by the Brahmins was to a great extent challenged by the advent of Muslim rule in India. Oppressed Hindus did not know how to revolt against this Brahminic hegemony and inhuman oppression. Dalits took for granted that they were 'born to be untouchables or born to do menial work no matter how low it was. They accepted as natural that they should be ruled as it so says in their religious beliefs. The Muslim rulers broke this myth and saved this part of the population from living as animals. Instead of being grateful they forget their history and all join to act against Muslims. It is the Brahmins who are scared to death regarding equality. Indian Hindus ot today need so mu ch educa tion and guided to true path. Their leaders are taking them for a ride for their own benefit and materialistic profit.



Advice to Indian Muslims: you are safer in India

Muslims of India are well-advised to remember the treatment of those who emigrated to Pakistan after Partition and have ever since been looked down upon as Mohajirs. Of course, if you are Shia or Ahmadiya or Sufi or a Tamil Muslim or a Kannada Muslim or a Bengali Muslim, in Pakistan, God help you because they will treat you as not one of them, if at all they consider you to be a Muslim. For those of you who have had the benefit of working in Arab countries thinking you would get special treatment, you are given that treatment only when you are spending money on the Hajj, not if you are in any Arab country as an employee. The Arabs do not differentiate in treatment between Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims of any background and in their heart of hearts do not give Muslims of the Sub-continent the same respect as they give to their own fellow Arab Muslims from other Arab countries. For those who dream of assisting either ISIS or Al Qaeda, please be clear in your minds that as citizens of India you have a fundamental right to freedom of movement and cannot be denied an Indian passport for travel outside India for any purpose whatsoever. However, as far as I am aware, for those of you who may want to fight for ISIS or Al Qaeda outside India if they offer you good money or if such activities offer other opportunities, no Arab country is willing to confer citizenship to any foreigner in their country and also do not approve marriage with their daughters, although Arab men freely go around marrying women from other countries including from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. If any person, even a Muslim, is caught fooling around with their (Arab) women, the punishment is as per Shariat Law in countries where Shariat law is practiced. You are, therefore, safer in any country where Shariat Law is not practiced by the Government. I can confirm also that despite the fact that there is a BJP Government in India and also despite the fear of possible adverse actions that many people (including many non-Muslims) may have that the present BJP Government will begin taking various adverse actions against Muslims in India, a fear which is being spread by various anti-Indian interests to cause friction within India, Mr. Modi's Government is going to concentrate on development, and will not waste its time in anti-Muslim activities. After all, despite Mr. Ayman Al Zawahiri's claims to help his Muslim brothers and sisters in Kashmir, who is helping them during the present flood situation? Soldiers of the predominantly Hindu Indian Army, with funds from the predominantly Hindu Government of India from the predominantly Hindu taxpayer in India, who are paying normal taxes, neither Zakat nor Jiziya. Please note, just from observing activities in our neighboring countries, that Indian Muslims are very much safer in India under India's present Laws than they would be in some of our neighboring countries. India is still a stable nation based on Rule of Law, provided these Laws are passed by the democratically-elected Indian Parliament.  More Muslims of India, especially those who are well educated, should follow the example of Mr. Owaisi of Hyderabad who I have total respect for because he has not run away and is not bitter towards India but stands and fights for the rights of his people like a true Indian. He continues in his work despite being misunderstood by many around him. I am a Hindu myself and refuse to brand Mr. Owaisi and people like him as anti-Indian.

Vijay Tonse


Muslim rule & English education for every evil

ICHR head Y. Sudarshan Rao blamed Muslim rule and English education for all the evils in Hinduism. The evils of caste system and untouchability are prevailing among Hindus due to the Muslim ruler and English education according to him (TOI, 17 July, 14). When Lalu Yadav was ruling Bihar, Sangh Parivar target him for every misdeed, vandalism and bad incident in Bihar. One of Lalu’s MLAs had said then that if the news of a saffron leader’s wife’s delivery came they would blame Lalu Yadav.

S. Haque, Patna