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Sorry to read about the plight of Milli Gazette. Hope you will get it over soon with the cooperation of the readers…Milli Gazette represents the voice of all minorities. It is the voice of Justice and fairplay especially in regard to the largest minority, the Muslim community. Since 14 years, Milli Gazette has been exposing the exploitation and discrimination of the minorities the world over in every field -- education, employment, infrastructure facilities, political representation etc. It has been supporting many Muslim minority organizations in the cause of minority rights. This is already impacting most governmental and private organizations and has had a beneficial effect on the problems facing the Muslim community in particular. We would be guilty of gross negligence if we left this valuable fortnightly to close down. It is our moral duty to help strengthen the Milli Gazette not only to continue its publication but also to continue its tirade against violation of minority rights.

Dr. Hayath Ismail, Bangalore


Please continue. Good Work.

Abdul Rashid, Taj Enclave, Delhi- 110031


Extending hearty compliments to MG Editor for selection of important issues/problems pertaining to Muslim community, important judgements of courts acquitting innocents.

Habib Badi, IAS (Retd), Surat - 395009


I pray for long life of MG for the service of the community and humanity.

Prof Ishtiyaq Ahmad Zilli, Aligarh


Today my father received the Milli Gazette newspaper which I had ordered few days back. He appreciated Milli Gazette a lot. He is saying that this newspaper presented facts and covered almost all the things which biased media never want to show us. Also he had given a few suggestion for this newspaper. 1. Publish more local news; 2. Publish a matrimonial page also so that Muslim parents can search good Muslim brides and grooms; 3. Also publish various instances where Muslims had done good social deeds like helping poor, helping flood victims, excelling in their academics, doing scientific innovation.

Farhan, Kareli, Allahabad 211016


Today's India - An Assessment of an Indian Muslim

(With profound apologies to Rabindranath Tagore)

Where the mind is full of fear and the head is bowed down,

Where employment is scare,

Where the land is broken up into fragments by narrow communal walls,

Where corruption is bliss and honesty has taken a backseat,

Where the clear stream of peace has lost its way into the dreary desert sand of communalism,

Where lives, honour and properties of minorities are In the hands of the majority,

Into that hell of superficial aazadi, o Lord, thou hast taken the Indian Muslim minority community!

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Malaria of Islamic Fundamentalism

Being a Brit. I could not help noticing this article and comments herewith and I only have to say this. Islam is often misunderstood for a religion and ppl who follow it are mistakably given equal rights. If we pull up history 1000 years ago, from Europe to Asia including India,its says it lock stock and barrel- Islam has relied on forced conversion and fundamentalism. So Mr. Thackery is NOT the only person who shares these views. Such views exist as a direct reaction to the Non conformance and parasitism exhibited by Islam as a religion. There are genuine exceptions and those have to be respected - but generally speaking- Pakistanis are the same parasites be it UK India Belgium France or Sweden. They all suffer from the malaria of Islamic Fundamentalism ( real ly its t he same word same twice ! ) transmitted by the Pakistani / Arab breed of mosquitoes. I heard that Mr Bal Thackery is no more. Bless his soul in peace and hopefully it will peacefully carry out the mission of Putting Peace in Pakis (=moving them away from Islam ) or putting Pakis in the Pit, peacefully.

Golden Baruch

MG: Are you aware of your own history? Read any pre-1948 Jewish history book and you will know that Islam and Muslims were extremely kind to your people. Your "golden age" according to your own historians was in Muslim Spain. You found refuge in all Muslim countries neighbouring Europe from Morocco to Turkey when you were butchered, burnt at stake and persecuted in Europe for centuries... And how you paid back that debt? Think for a minute. You may not have time to go researching, therefore I am pasting below an article by a Jewish scholar in a very Jewish publication []. Kindly read and ponder. By the way, your English betrays you are not Brit. (Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan)

Love Jihad

Mr. Rajnath Singh is reported to have said that he knows nothing about "love jihad". A Home Minister of India who does not know of something that has filled the newspapers for several days -- and of course the publications of the RSS -- is, I suggest, more suited to the Off-Shore Fisheries portfolio. Ms. Najma Heptulla, Minister for Minority Affairs, is reported to have said that "... Modi had told her that Muslims had been 'deprived' of their basic rights all these years". We must thank her for revealing something of which no one had an inkling. Presumably the lady will be responsible for doing fine things for all of India's Muslims as her great leader has done for those in Gujarat. How is the word "disingenuous" spelt?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091



If Islam means submission and surrender to the will and the law of Almighty God; it is clearly stating that what God Almighty says in the Holy Quran has to be followed in full even if it contradicts one's own ideas, thoughts and desires. This principle is clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran: "It is not fitting for a believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision: if any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path" (Quran 33: 36) Another Islamic principle is explained in this verse "And no soul, as a bearer of burden, bears the burden of another; and if one who is weighed down by his burden, calls to (another for help to) carry it, nothing of it will be carried by that other, even if he be his near of kin" (Quran 35:18). And according to this verse, Islam freed all human beings from the original sin that Prophet Adam committed when he was in Paradise and ate from the forbidden tree. On the other hand, the Holy Quran explains itself by itself and by the Prophet's tradition (Hadith) and the practice of the companions of Prophet Muhammad and the next two generations confirmed a clear understanding to the religion of Islam. Therefore, for groups (like ISIL and Qaidah) who come with their own interpretation of the Holy Quran that contradict the Quran itself; their interpretation will make them no longer Muslims or represent Islam. And when ISIL has chosen to kill the captured American journalists and British aid worker in revenge to the actions of Western administrations, they acted contrary to the Holy Quran because the Holy Quran praises those who look after the captives "And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive, (Saying),"We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks" (Quran 76: 7-8), and, they acted contrary to the above mentioned Holy Quran principle that no soul is responsible for the actions of another soul. This is why, we and all Muslims who understand the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad's tradition condemn strongly the killing of the two American journalists and the British aid worker in Syria.

Dr Issam Ghannam, MD,

Solihull, B90 4LE, UK


There Is Only One Islam

The enemies of Islam have discovered a new terminology of Fanatic/Fundamentalist Islam and Moderate Islam. According to them Saudi Arab and Egypt belong to Moderate Islam. It is just to create division among Muslim Ummah to serve their own interest and fulfill their Agenda. In Middle East, their top priority is to ensure safe and secure Israel. So their every action there is to fulfill this objective. After victory of Hizbollah against Israel US decided to eliminate it. As Hizbollah was getting Military and financial support from Iran through Syria and then Hizbollah was supporting Hamas, an excellent example of Shia and Sunni Co-operation, so US in consultation with other western Powers hatched a conspiracy to dislodge Assad and replace him with their Agent. To achieve this goal America prepared a group of fighters which included Syrian rebels and Foreign Fighters, trained them and provided Sophisticated Arms and Financial support even assured the them of Air cover and bombardment on selected targets.Hundred of thousands of innocent people were killed in this operation. Later on America got the feed back that these fighters belong to Extremist Islamic Organizations such Al- Qaida so in case of fall of Hafiz Assad,the replacement may also not be favourable to US interest. So for more than a year there was no effort to dislodge Assad. Then ISIS came into picture and America allowed them to take over the territory in Iraq and Syria they wanted so that these fighters could not get time to involve in Gaza - Israel conflict. Now after Israel has finished its agenda to destroy Gaza, US has renewed its old agenda to finish terrorists from world map. So in the name of atrocities by ISIS it is preparing for full scale Military intervention in Syria and Iraq. In Syria,the strategy of US and its allies including some of Arab States is to create division among Muslims and then replace Assad by a leader belonging to so called Moderate Islam loyal to them. Their next target may be Iran?

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


Love Jehad and our foolishness


RSS leader Mr. Bhagvat says that we are all Hindu then why can't we get Hindu girls as wives ? Amazing ! This Love Jehad is a media hype. There is nothing like Love Jehad. Love has no boundaries. You cannot stop people from falling in love. There are certain boys and girls who behave in foolish manner. But they are very few. We are trying to create peace among communities here from Surat (India). It seems 1400 years have passed after our beloved Prophet Mohammed. He said that he will be believed for 1400 years. We have gone crazy and we kill our own people in different countries now. We are fighting among our own selves. I think the world is waiting to have a new Prophet with freshness in eternal truth.

Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat


Statement of Modi

As prime minister Modified has given a fairly good statement about Muslims of India but the the intellectuals may ask him when he was CM of Gujarat his opinion about. MUSLIMS was entirely deferential. Can he explain how this volt face took place ? But only verbosity is not sufficient He knows pretty well how the Muslims youths were treated in the UPA regime Thousands of them were apprehended and put in jails in TADA&PO TA. MANY numberof them were not even given the Charge Sheets Some of them were mercilessly killed in high security cells of jails Batla House encounter was one out the fake encounters Modis remark is purely personal just to erase the previous impressions of the world media, Modi was denied the US visa. One particular caste of Hindus are still dead against Muslims and Islam. Muslims can damage the belief of their superiority over other castes Islam is the champion of equality and fraternity of Mankind.This belief of that caste is slowly losing ground. The practical implication of this statement is to release all innocent Muslim youths languishing in Jails since years together.

Dr AH Maqoomi, Hyderabad


Yes, you are right ! Dear Mr. Narendra Modi! We are Muslims: We live and die for our nation; As we know the standards of life and death, For us, to betray our land is the greatest sin. A country always suffers at the hands by those, Who cry hoarse to show their excess of love for it; They hide their deceit and fraud under the slogans, " We are patriotic and nationalist" "Others are not"

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow, India


Secularism & Indian Muslims

Our country's Constitution has two cardinal policies viz., (1) Non-alignment in foreign policy and (2) secularism on the home front. It was our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was mainly responsible for the incorporation of those policies, This was done, without any doubt, to enhance abroad the prestige of India. The multi billion dollar question is: has this helped and is this helping the Muslim minority community? The answer, to my mind, is NO. The Hindus constitute the majority and naturally they are the major element in the body politic. Hence, it is but natural that whatever be the form of Government, the Government is bound to tend to reflect the majority opinion. It is possible to under such a secular set-up, any Muslim to rise up to the highest office but on that account can it be taken that the occupier of the lofty position is in a position to help his fellow religionists? No. He or she can't. Assuming for argument's sake that secular form of Government is an ideal one, it will be one only if and when the masses imbibe the true spirit of secularism. The Hindu majority community is yet to imbibe the spirit of secularism completely and so it is not yet full fledged secularism minded. Secularism is yet to mature and blossom in India. The linguistic division of the various parts of the country is a terrible blow to secularism. When Muslims declared that it will be impossible to adjust themselves in an undivided India, their assertion was condemned, But when Maharashtrians and Gujrathis could not adjust themselves, the Andhras and the Tamilians et el no objection is raised but their demand for the bifurcation of the State is hailed. Likewise, the Punjabis got their State divided into Punjab and Haryana. Be that what it may, none can deny that the Muslim minority community in India is a section which has given an excellent account of itself, It does nothing which goes against the interests of the country, Muslims never demand any special rights, All that they want is that they should be allowed to live without fear keeping its head high. Their plea has been and is: " Don't give us anything special because we are Muslims but don't refuse anything because we are Muslims." If secularism can ensure this, well and good or else it is high time the form of Government is changed to one in which the minorities get their due share even without their asking,

SM Pasha, Chennai


Tall talks of Khursheed

The former foreign minister Mr Salman Khursheed has claimed that whatever they had developed in the last ten years should not be dismantled by an over-aspiring prime minister. As a matter of fact basically no change has taken place in the in the Modi government Enmity with Pakistan and appeasement of China is. The intrusion of China in an umpteen manner is being continued. Salman Says Pakistan is a difficult country.But it has been made more difficult by the caste Hindus Modi is as incompetent as was Man Mohan Singh so far the foreign policy it is framed by big heads of a particular community They are more worried about the superiority of their caste, They need a permanent foe for their unification.

AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Mahmud Ghaznavi’s commander was a Hindu

Contrary to the general belief that Mahmud Ghaznavi was a Hindu-killer or destroyer of Hindu religious places, he was extremely liberal towards them. His army consisted of a large number of Hindus and some of the commanders of his army were Hindus. Sonday Rai was the Commander of Mahmud's crack regiment and took part in several important campaigns with him. The coins struck during Mahmud's reign bore his on the one side and the figure of a Hindu god on the other. Not only Mahmud Ghaznavi but his successors also were great patrons of Hindus. In fact some of the historians of the early period feel that the main cause of the fall of the Ghaznavid Empire was their excessive reliance on Hindus and the appointment of Hindus to positions of great responsibility. When in 1034 A.D. - 426 A.H., the Governor of Lahore, Ahmed Nial Tagin was suspected of rebellion, Sultan Masud Ghaznavi sent General Nath, a Hindu, to crush him. When Nath was killed in the fighting, Masud sent another of his Hindu generals, Tilak, who succeeded in killing Nial Tagin by treachery. This is the story of the Ghaznavids who are generally considered Hindu-killers. Lets have a look at History of Mahmood Ghaznavi who not only Demolished Hindu Temples but also Slaughtered Kalima Reciting Muslims and before Demolishing Somnath Temple, Mahmud Ghaznavi fought against his own brother and also slaughtered Thousands of Muslims,

Dr Mohsin Raza, moderator, "Worldofaligs"


Yes, you are right, dear Mr. Narendra Modi!

Yes, you are right ! Dear Mr.Narendra Modi!

We are Muslims: We live and die for our nation;

 As we know  the standards of  life and death,

For us , to betray our land is the greatest sin.

A country always suffers at the hands  by those,

Who cry hoarse to show their  excess of love for it;

They hide their deceit and fraud under the slogans,

“ We are patriotic and  nationalist” “Others are not”

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


India's Intel Agencies Should Be Investigated For Terror Attacks

This seems like Muslims in India are being targeted and recently another muslim travelling to Mideast for his job was arrested in Delhi airport.

Dr Imran Khan


Lethargic response to Kashmir Floods

Indian administration is busy in depicting photos and videos of army posing as saviours of Kashmiris, when the reality is that locals help each other.



BJP leaders' hate-mongering

Hate is being termed and promoted as nationalism. Its time we stop "mainstreaming" everything which is communal, castist. Let the Hindus keep their religion at home. Its time Hinduism which has been made default culture be purged and secularised. Bumi pujjan, lighting of lamps and presence of pandits must be banned as is the case with other religions.

M Naqqaad


As long as people do not remove hatred for one another, there is always somebody to take advantage of that.

AlDossary Ahmad A


Al-Qaeda must keep away from Indian Muslims: Mushawarat

Great message zafar sahab. Al qaeda is not invited. Indian Muslims are well capable of tackling the saffron al kaida of India. We bow down to Allah s. w. t and seek his help in crushing the back bones of anti Muslims in India. Ameen.