Jaya convicted after 18 years; Modi can still be convicted

The news that after an 18 year court case AIADMK top politician Jayalalitha was convicted in a disproportionate assets case is good news for Indian democracy and the rule of law in India.  Now similar court cases exist against Narendra Modi, former Gujarat CM for crimes committed in that position.  He committed atrocious crimes of genocide 12 years ago and the court petition against him is about 5 years old.  In India the wheels of justice move very slowly.  The intense protest rallies against Modi by many NRIs  living in US and their international media coverage in the face of the huge hype created by BJP-NRIs in US  is encouraging.  

A US court issued summons to Mr Modi.  US rules allow that a court summon can be served from a distance of 10 feet by even throwing it at the foot of the target person. Hence Modi supporters threw a security ring around him that prevented his mobility as he was afraid that even an Indian-looking person greeting him can suddenly throw the summon paper at him.  The 56-inch-breast hero suddenly experienced fear.

Intense protests in New York and Washington against Modi for his 2002 Gujarat genocide involvement by a diverse group consisting of Muslims, Sikhs, Christians- India’s minorities- shook the confidence of Modi’s BJP supporters who spent so much money and effort to glorify him during his US visit.   

The Indian media has become slavish in glorifying Modi.  Inside India, Govt authorities and RSS in cahoots with the super-rich are controlling the  69% people who voted against Modi/BJP in the elections.  But in his very brief visit to US he and his admirers found out how dirty is his image outside India.  American media including all major newspapers gave plenty of coverage to Modi’s human rights violations as Gujarat CM.  All the money spent by Modi forces was not able to persuade the American public or media that Modi is clean..

Let us salute our Sikh brothers for the fact that several of their groups have taken leadership in exposing Modi.  The court summons in New York, the mock trial in Washington on September 30 were the handiwork of Sikh human rights groups. In Washington, they put big banners at several prominent locations in the city announcing the mock trial on Tuesday??? Date] at noon time. The mock trial was held in a small park right in front of the White House.  Indian Embassy tried to prevent this event from happening but Washington police refused.  Many Hindus asked as to why Sikhs took leading role against Modi.

It is time that Indian Muslims recognize the support from Sikhs and start supporting the human rights campaigns of Sikhs for the 1984 massacre of their community.  Muslim organisations should show some judgement and maturity.

Keep faith that we can bring Modi to justice one day.  For the sake of 2000 innocent Muslims who were butchered in 2002 like worms, for the sake of Ahsan Jafri, for the sake of Ishrat Jahan, for the sake of Sohrabuddin, for the sake of so many nameless poor Muslim victims of the 2002 genocide. They were innocent people. What did they do to get butchered in such a heinous manner?  

Wuh subah kabhi to aaye gee
Us subah ka intizar kar.