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If wealthy Muslims are not wise enough to save MG, can it not continue in the form of a monthly until Allah opens the eyes of the misers and the timids.

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110


Thankyou... MG [for continuing]... we need u much more than u need us.

Maduddin Ahmad


Best of luck Milli Gazette, Milli Gazette is exellent. It covers many topics regarding Islamic world. It is broad minded and does not believe in certain caste or creed. We must help this fortnightly to survive. My prayers are with you. Best luck of Milli Gazette.

Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat


I have read and re-read brother Kaleem Kawaja's write up on "WHY INDIAN MUSLIM COMMUNITY"S ENGLISH NEWSPAPERS FAIL?". The principal reasons for this are  (1)  it has been written in  simple language  so that even those  who possess just  an elementary knowledge of English are able to  understand the subject and (2) the subject matter of the  write-up is topical. We, Muslims, especially, English-knowing Indian Muslims, should not sit fiddling even as Nero did whilst Rome was burning.    Brother Kaleem Khawaja is quite right when he says that  Muslim Community's English newspapers are dying one by one. It is an open secret, more or less.  I  concur with his views on certain points and differ with in some others. For example, he feels that English language Muslim newspapers do not follow "journalistic  cultural elements" from the country's mainstream newspapers.  Unfortunately, he failed and neglected to explain what those journalistic cultural elements are. I am  pained to note that Kaleem Kawaja Saheb is opinion that readers of Urdu newspapers possess low levels of education and have a very narrow interest in the world. This  assessment is not accurate. Most students of the AMU & the Jamia Millia - present as well as past -  are patrons of Urdu newspapers because theUthe Urdurdu papers champion their cause much more forcefully than Muslim English newspapers. Bye the bye, where are Muslim English newspapers, our friend is talking about? We have only periodicals and not a single Daily, to the best of my knowledge and belief. The writer of the article mourns that the readability of Muslim community newspapers is  dismal. He laments the poor quality of journalism. I admit it is so. These are things which have  to be mourned. The reason for this:  the staff who man the newspapers are not qualified, trained, experienced  and in short, they are not professional journalists.  There are umpteen  Muslim Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and the like BUT NOT SINGLE MUSLIM INSTITUTION to  teach Muslim students the  ABC of journalism?   It is high time Muslim leaders bestow their attention  to this deficiency.   Even as food prepared by an untrained and inexperienced cook will be tasteless, the readability of  Muslim newspapers and journals will  low as long as  they are brought out  by pseudo-journalists. In conclusion, I whole-heartedly endorse brother Kaleem Khajah's passionate plea  to our fellow religionists to patronize Muslim Newspapers  in  all possible ways.  If we fail to wake up and do something concrete to save OUR NEWSPAPERS, we will be failing in OUR DUTY.

S.M.Pasha, Convener, All India Forum of Muslim Journalists, Chennai


I was really shocked to learn that MG is going to stop is publication for wants of fund. I and my colleague Mr Iqbal Ahmad advocate tried our level best to persuade dozens of Muslim Advocates practicing in Allahabad high court but alas only to receive minimal response. a Persian couplet of Allama Iqbal comes to my mind on pathetic condition od Millat and here i quote- Muslim Hindi chara Maidan Guzasht Himmat -u boo-e Karrari Nadasht!! Mushte Khakash Aanchunam Gar Deeda-e sard Garmi-e awaze Man Kare Na Karad.... (why Muslim Indians did not face the challenge because they do not have courage of karra (Hazrat Ali RA). Their enthusiasm has become low to such an extent that even most eloquent orator could not in fuse the spirit of vallour).

Syed Khurshid Anwar, Adocate High Court, Allahabad


We pray to God for the successful future of MG.

Mr. Shuja ur Rahman Shamsi, Founder Manager Sunway Sr. Sec. School Rampur (U. P.)


My request to you that if news are negative then try to write in positive manner without Changing its meaning. And this is my small amount to save mg please try to bring unity among Muslims community and other people.            Khan Raziuddin, Maharashtra


Extremely sorry to hear that it has become to bear the financial burden in publishing the revolutionary MG. It is certainly pain ful that the second largest community of India i.e. Muslims are not interested or not able to share the financial burden of even or two English magazine but could organize dozens of international mushaira and hundreds all India mushaira

S. Haque, Patna


MG will continue to appear. I am relieved. We are living in immensely difficult times and MG is the need of the hour. I hope our joint efforts will succeed.

S. Islam,


Obama has disengaged US from murderous conflicts, really?

In the "Indian Express" of 30 Sep 2014, we have this from Praveen Swami: "Through the past decade, Obama has slowly disengaged his nation from a world riven by murderous conflicts, understanding that even almost unlimited power and wealth can sometimes achieve but little." I'd like to know which Obama the man is going on about. Can it be the one who is now bombing the hell out of Syria, presumably being murderous to put an end to murderous conflict?

Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091


Beware of the cruelty of Israel & Co

The so called looter America. The greedy Britain and the bloody cruel Israel are axle of evils of world. The dummy UNO has become the sycophants of these cunning and cruel forces. The UNO is laughing on seeing the utter cruelty on the innocents of Palestine and Gaza. Several hundreds have been killed in Gaza and Palestine. The people of Gaza have no Airport, Seaports even a Railway Station to reach or escape from the savagery Jews. It is wonder and beyond the knowledge why this UNO acting as blind and deaf. Britain smuggled all the wealth from India and Egypt etc. America looted all the wealth from Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan etc. Just formed Israel looted the whole wealth of Palestine Jerusalem etc. and forcibly occupied the land of Arabies as per the guidance of Britain and America. These nexus of evils neither god loving nor god fearing. Their hobby is making holocausts in the countries and acquire their wealth. A Hitler has to come and eradicate the barbaric jews. So, as to maintain the global peace. No use of UNO in this world since it is established in America. India should not allow such cruel countries to function their embassies or consulates. So as to avoid the sabotages and unnecessary atrocities in India. The whole world is abusing and cursing the atrocities of these counties.

Raj Mohan. A, Kochi, Kerala


India's Fake 'Love Jihad'

I don't know what is being discussed in Europe I can only comment on what's happening here. Love jehad was alleged in Kerala and Karnataka in cases of inter community marriage. The High Courts in both states said that there was no such thing and upheld the right of adult a to enter into self choice marriages. Now the battleground is UP. Because of electoral considerations. In all the cases that are being shouted about there is a consensual relationship in the background. As far as individual acts of crime are concerned the criminals are men belonging to all communities. And they should be severely punished. Let us not allow issues to be confused. Inter caste and community marriages are taking place and families are reacting in different ways. Women and girls are also being subjects to horrible violence and that should be severely punished. By bringing in issues that are imaginary like love jehad politicisation of crime and choice is being created. In this atmosphere more violence is generated and both rights and justice being denied.

Subhashini Ali,


Lady Sufi

For years I was trying to find out whether any lady sufi existed because it appeared to me that Sufistic Orders are the exclusive domain of men sufis. Whilst doing a bit of research to enable me to write a book on the controversial mystic Ibn al Arabi, I learn that he was a mureedh [disciple] of a 95 years old lady saint named FATHIMA BINTH alWALLIYA. I appeal to the readers of "MG" to write to the Bureau of Islamic Publications, 22/51, Barracks Rd., Periamet, Chennai 600003,, if they have heard about any other lady sufi.

S. M. Pasha,


'Clean India' movement must not remain photo-op

Prime Minister should ensure that his noble 'Clean India' movement does not remain a photo- opportunity with personalities lobbying for being one of the 'navratnas' for an additional feather in their caps by being nominated as one of the ambassadors nominated by Union or state governments. Big nine celebrities nominated by Prime Minister got their photos published prominently in media cleaning roads in early morning hours. Of course, such photos are essential for motivating people to join the welcome movement. But Prime Minister should also ensure that his nominated 'navratnas' do it on regular basis submitting a monthly report on their cleaning streets on day-to-day basis. Even if these highly over-occupied celebrities are out of their home-towns, they can do cleaning in cities of their stay. Union Minister of Urban Development likewise presented all the 'navratnas' of 'Clean India' movement for Delhi for a group-photo for media. It is to be seen if all these 'navratnas' having got an additional feather in cap in their celebrity-status clean capital city by themselves on daily basis or not. Celebrities nominated for India or states should be made to make media-publicised declaration for their disassociating from the movement the very day they find themselves unfit to clean streets on day-to-day basis, so that suitable replacement by new brand-ambassadors for 'Clean India' movement may be made. Accountability and transparency in 'Clean India' movement can only make 'Clean India' movement a successful mission.           

                Subhash Chandra Agrawal, DELHI 110006


Re-writing of Indian History

After Independence, the congress government at centre established and formulated the Department initiating to re-right Indian history which appears to be very funny and whimsical conception as history is always the outcome of realities, actual happenings based on facts and truth so no question of changing the position with factious, fabricated, false, frivolous, imaginary and hypothecally abed events. While re-writing about rat on e is free to call him a lion but in fsact rat will remain rat and lion in all the way lion. So no question arised of re-writing the Indian history by way of tweesting the factual positions. At any stretch of time history is made once which can not be replaced under one's wishes and whims by way of manipulation as did by the Englishmen in the Indian historians like Ishwari Prasad, Tarachand and other most reverend and reputed historians negotiated them form all directions.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


Women Entrepreneurs

On behalf of Integrated Congress of Women Entrepreneurs, we would like to suggest that ladies from Minority Community be encouraged by The Mill Gazette to opt entrepreneurship. Integrated Congress of Women Entrepreneurs is always ready to help them for their socio-economic development through group entrepreneurship.

Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya, chairperson, Integrated Congress of Women Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Skill Development Polytechnic, Khurai Road, Bina 470113


Police mentality is anti Muslims

Three senior IPS (DGPs) officers’ committee opined that Muslims considered Police as anti-Muslim and most corrupt etc. Are Muslims wrong? In Moradabad Eidgah, police fired on the running Namaazees at their backs, police shot 54 innocent Muslims in Maliana, Police killed innocent Namaazees in Hari Masjid, police fired bullets on non-violent protestors in Bhajanpura. Police swallows its injuries and does no fire at mobs exept if they are Muslim. In case of others, it fires into the air to quell the mob and lobs tears gas shells etc.

S. Haque, Patna


The insanity of India's Muslim Leaders

Today I went to attend the Sikh Justice Foundation (SFJ) citizens court that was held in a small court infront of the White House in Washington DC. In the mock court proceedings all charges in the chargesheet that was read out related to the 2002 genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. The audience of about 1000 people comprised about 80% of Sikh men and women. There were a few White Americans. There were a few desi looking guys. Some BJP guys who were standing infront of the White House fence, just a short distance away tried to come over to the "court" audience and say to the Sikhs that this was a Pakistani set up. The Sikhs told them to get lost. After being at the site for about an hour I developed great respect for the Sikh community and great remorse for the Muslim community. Look at the leaders in our community in India. Do they ever support Sikhs when they hold protest rallies for the 1984 massacre of Sikhs? The answer is Never. On Sunday in the protest rally against Modi the number of Sikhs protesting was about half of the total number of protesters. When will the Muslim leaders who give so many speeches and nothing else learn the basics. Why do they not make alliances with Sikhs and also Dalits?  Look at the upcoming election in Maharashtra. From every constituency where Muslim population is about 20% or more half a dozen Muslim candidates are running. MIM's Akbar Owaisi has made a name for himself for inflammatory speeches. Now he is camping in Muslim heavy population cities making Muslim candidates run on MIM ticket. In all those cities Muslim candidates are also running on SP, Congress, NCP, Welfare party ticket plus a few independents. So you can imagine that Muslim votes will be divided in four or five parts. Obviously Shiv Sena or BJP candidates will win from those seats.

Kaleem Kawaja


Maulana Mazharul Haque University needs a building

In Bihar, 20 yerars ago, MMH University was notified but till date MMH university has been kicked out of many quarters as it has no building of its own. Now news comes that seven new courses are being launched and efforts are being made to acquire land. Congress has suffered a jolt in MP elections because it didn't fulfilled AMU campus in Kishanganj, nor did it build the five promised minority universities. Now in Bihar, MMU university will be a sentimental issue for Muslims in assembly elections.

S. Haque, Patna


Lamentations Of An Indian Muslim

Hath not an Indian Muslim eyes? Hath not an Indian Muslim hands ,organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Hindu is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

S. M. Pasha


Indian Muslims need no certificate of patriotism from PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi's recent statement of praising Muslims and calling them patriots is nothing but double speak as he not a word of condemnation against the highly inflammatory, biased and vitriolic anti-Muslim speeches of his party leaders and VHP leaders. Epoch-making and unforgettable sacrifices of Indian Muslims in the freedom struggle in which Modi's Party had no role is the established and lasting proof of patriotism of Muslims. In fact Modi has borrowed the idea that Muslim are patriots from the Congress which is the standard bearer of secularism and Indian composite national culture.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Navratri & Muslims

Even if Muslims look at Navratri dancers from a long distance, they should be punished by Muslims themselves. Does Qur'an not prohibit staring at other ladies.

S. A. U. Patel, Amod - 392110


Guj 2002

Why the Gujarat State Government not investigating the Gujarat 2002 riots from 27.2.2002 of Vadodara? The riots started from Railway Station of Vadodara at 2 PM. Three peoples were stabbed, two were Muslims and one was a Hindu. Why the perpetrators of Gujarat 2002 riots which were started from Vadodara on 27.2.2002 no investigating? Read my demand from 2002 it self . State Government is silent as the riots of 2002 were a mob of fanatics due to their sentiments that 59 Karsawaks were burnt in Godhra buy the Muslims/ Being Godhra is infamous from 1927 itself from the time of Mr. Late Murarji Desai the then Dy collector. Read report published in TOI on 03.08.2003.

Dr. R. K. D. Goel, Vadodara 390009


Maya Kodnani

As expected, Maya Kodnani, the former minister of Gujrat under Modi Government and a gynaecologist (who is by all means supposed equipped with human norms) was found guilty and sent to jail for 28 years for thick involvement and active participation in 2002 riots in the acts of brutality, butchery and genocide of Muslim men, women, children and infants alike and with the same intensity during Gujrat flareup at Noeoda Patiya massacre case with 97 Muslims. Just a few days back she has been granted bail with the suspension of 28 years jail, despite the fact that final verdict in the appeal is yet to take place by the Gujrat High Court on the grounds which are substantially have no locus-standi. On the other side what can be said about the hundreds of Muslim youths pulling their life behind the bars in jails throughout the country including the same Gujrat, whose only fault is they are Muslims and innocent too but continued to be inside the jails for years to gather even without chargesheet. Persons like widow of Jafery and so many others moving form one court to other for justice but except deliberate frustration in and out side of the temples of justice, they got nothing in return whereas declared accused like May aKOdnani, Amit Shah and several others with stigma of heinous crimes are innocent in the eyes of law of land who immediately get favourable reliefs form the courts.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur 13


Jayalalitha behind bars

The conviction of the Tamilnadu Chief Minister has proved that laws in our county are certainly not like cobwebs which catch small fries leaving big ones scot free. Corruption can be effectively rooted out if more such sensational cases are filed and more bigwigs are duly punished.

S. M. Pasha, CHENNAI 600003


What 'Clean India' means?

' Clean India' does not mean having the brooms in the hands, sweeping the roads, and getting wide coverage in the press. It means cleaning India of corruption, crime and communalism. It means cleaning the Parliament, legislatures, and all other public bodies from the corrupt and criminal elements. 'Clean India' means cleaning India from the shackles of dynastic rule. Just two days before the 'clean India mission' we are seeing Jayalalitha in jail on corruption charges, and now governing the state through her stooges, as Laloo Yadav did through Rabri Devi. So why the media cries when a mafia don runs his business from behind the bars. Why a criminal is looked down upon in society when the greater ones are sitting in Parliament and Assemblies. Have you any comment to offer.?

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow,