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I hope and InshaAllah MG will continue and continue to do well in the near future. The issues raised by MG are of immense value for India and Indian Muslims in particular.

Jameel Ahmad Khan, Kanpur


MG'sstruggle for survival has a great lesson in it for Muslims of India, in particular and Muslims all over the world, in general.

All the best, and warmest regards.

Karamatullah Ghori, Toronto, Canada


I went into Sajdah, thanking Allah on getting 1-15 October issue of MG showing that our most preciousfortnightly has survived. Tum salaamat raho hazaar baras / Har baras kay din hoN pachaas hazaar.

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110


Global Warming

The smooth functioning of the Universe is controlled by set norms and thus the equation between different components of the environment is balanced. As a result of undesirable activities of man and machine, the equilibrium is disturbed and this upsets the nature. Nature retaliates; floods, draughts, diseases, pollution of water, & air are some of its manifestation. The Holy Qur'an warns the man against this disbalance & exploitation of the natural resources. "The sun and the moon follow a reckoning, and the stars and the trees al prostrate themselves, and He has raided up the heaven and has set a balance that you may not transgression the balance,” (55:5-8). Global Warming is also a question of serious concern for the humanity.

Shaista Bano, Aligarh


Madrasa banning girls

It is unfortunate that a mountain is being made out of a molehill in respect of banning of girls in a madrasa in Bihar. None but a charlatan will deny that co-education is not permissible in Islam. Hence the madrasa management has rightly exercised its powers vested in it under Art. 30 of our Constitution.

S. M. Pasha, Periamet, Chennai 600003



I read your edit in this issue regarding the ouster of Mr. Ansari from MAEF. It's commendable that you are raising the issue. But I wrote this mail to bring to your attention to the ouster of Prof. Siddiqui from National Council of Teacher Education. NCTE is the apex body of teacher education and an appointment of a Muslim as Chairman was itself a big feat. You can read on internet. But I don't even find a mention of his appointment in MG. He too was an honest officer but the way in which the Ministry officials bundled him out of NCTE was never reported by your paper. He fought the case in High Court against the GoI for justice. Leave alone the LPC issue his file for a fictitious inquiry has not been closed till date. But sadly neither the MG nor any Muslim oriented media ever highlighted this. It seems that justice is for a few. I hope in future you are able to highlight cases of such upright officers like Mr. Siddiqui and others whom we never get to hear about.

Omar Siddiqui

MG: Thank you for your feedback. I have no information that Prof Siddiqui was ousted from NCTE. I am not sure if we covered his appointment. For various reasons, many important events and issues are left out. These range from our ignorance to paucity of space. There is no deliberate policy of ignoring anyone in the community let alone an important person like Prof Akhtar Siddiqui who is personally known to me. I may add here that I did a google search right now and did not see any report anywhere about his ouster, in Muslim on non-Muslim media. Kindly provide me the details with supporting documents and we will certainly carry

OS:  I deeply appreciate your reply. I know MG doesn't deliberately ignore people. My intention wasn't meant to convey this sentiment. It's just that we need to bring issues like these to the forefront. That's all what I meant. During that time something similar happened with Mr. Siddiqui of National Minorities Commission. I keep you and MG in very high regard. Anyways as per your request please find the result for Prof. Siddiqui. You will find the details on this link: https://www. google. co. in/?gws_rd=ssl#q=ncte,+siddiqui

MG: The reports about his appointment were there on google, but I had found nothing about his removal. Now I have seen some reports in the screen shot you have sent including one in TOI which says that serious allegations were made against Prof Siddiqui. In any case, this is an old case. It will be appropriate to report it if their is some new development. I just checked in our old files and found that we had reported Prof Siddqui's appointment, in MG's issue of 1 July 2008.


RSS is biggest terrorist organisation

Kosi zone is bad dream for BJP because no BJP last all MP seats in the area. That is why saffron groups are try to drive wedge between communities and conspiracy hatched for riot in Kishanganj. Pappu Yadav MP (RJD) Madhe Pura explained that RSS is biggest terrorist (Saharsa / S.N.B.)  

S. Haque, Patna



"The [Gujarat High Court] quashed the ['Snoopgate'] probe panel's appointment in response to a petition filed by the architect's father Pranlal Soni, who demanded to put an end to the issue on the ground that the existence and functioning of this commission are in breach of his family's privacy." (Times of India, 10 October 2014) The High Court referred the matter to the Gujarat government, which of course had no objection to the ending of something which it had started. In all this, "privacy" emerges as the important consideration. No attention is given to the use or misuse of State machinery as a consequence of a request to the Chief Minister by an old family friend. The whole thing stinks of stage management.

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Cruelty of Army men in Hyderabad

The heart-rending incident occurred in Hyderabad in which a Musim young boy of only 11 years age was killed by pouring kerosene or petrol by two army officers. The boy was called in the camp gate and mercilessly punished by them before burning him alive.The boy ran out of the gate crying for help. Some passersby extinguished the fire and admitted him to hospital where the boy diedt The police recorded his statement before his death. The CM visited the house of the victim and declared ex-gratia of 5 lakh as well as ordering an enquiry into the incident. The question is why the army officers showed this ruthless, merciless behavior to the innocent Muslim boy? The wonder is that some authority in Delhi has given the clean chit to the criminals while the police promised that it will take strong action against the accused. The findings show that the conspiracy was hatched against the Muslim community to asses its sense of honour and patience. The army is supposed to protect the life and property of all countrymen from our enemies but now it is seen that our army cannot protect our borders. China is making intrusions and it is constructing roads in Laddakh. The instead of killing our enemies, our army is killing its own countrymen. The president of India should take strong action against the defaulters and the people should know as to who had given such instruction to Army officers to kill an innocent boy?

AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Black money

Dr. Vaidik should persuade Baba Ramdev, Anna, Gen VKS, Kiran Bedi etc to re-launch their anti-black money agitation. Whether double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) gives protection to foreign bank account holders, will be decided by Supreme Court of India on 28 October 28 on an a application moved by Government of India where it opposed to clubbing those having illicit foreign accounts with those having legitimate ones by saying that "mere opening of an account abroad legitimately is not a crime". But this matter is not that simple and without an all-India anti- black money agitation, the problem of black money [which is at the cost of Indian poor and of honest taxpayers including those who's income tax is deducted at source cannot be solved. Therefore Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, Gen V. K. Singh, Kiran Bedi etc should again launch AIABMA.

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


It was anticipated that the governments either NDA or UPA. Will not be able to bring back the black money , The account holders are influential political or social leaders may be holding key assignments in the government .But the Modi government has to enact some drama to hood wink the people .Modi cannot make any development with out getting back lakhs of crores of rupees It is better Modi should resign amicably and show his inability to get back the black money from the Swiss banks If he cannot take tough action against the culprits.Their crime is more heinous than the British rulers who looted India and took the money to their native land But the Indian looters took the money to the foreign banks The defaulted have. forgone the right of living in India They should vacate and get the citizenship of Swizero land .Or Modi should warn the impostors to be hand them over to IS. They will take their wealth with their owne methods. The other option is they may be asked to donate 90% of their capital to the government and keep the remaining amount in the Indian banks. Miss Jaya La litha was punished for her excess and disproportionate assets but how the owners of black money can very joyfully lead their lives in the daylight I think there are no such daredivils are seen in the foreign countries They are found only in India Where is Mr Baba Ram Dev what suggestion he can add to suggestions given above

AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Islamic book fair

Any bomb making books? Or how to kill Kaffir books available?


MG: For such books, please enquire at the stalls of RSS, VHP. Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, Abhinav Bharat, Sanatan Sanstha, Sri Ram Sene, Arya Sena, Bhonsala Military School, etc etc... You may find many more around for variety. (Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor, The Milli Gazette [this is our real name -- we do not hide behind fictitious identities]



Thank you very much Dr Saheb for this timely and much needed response [published on MG website and now on p. 20 of this issue]. More and more scholars need to stand, condemn and expose the blatantly anti-Islamic actions and hypocrisy of ISIS and its supporters. They have left no stone unturned in tarnishing the image of Islam and creating hatred against Islam and Muslims.

M Ghazali Khan, Lonodn


I am not sure about your PhD in Islamic laws has that much accurate Knowledge of Islam. But one thing i am sure calling a group "Thugs" who is fighting more than 60 countries and receiving bombs on their head almost every hour for the name of their Religion and for raising word of Allah, they deserve more honour than you, who just are seeking to show up their Ph. D knowledge when it comes to criticize a group of our own people. That same PhD didnt comes out when Muzaffarnagar happens, when thousand of other such incident hapens. Then i think your Ph. D dont have to say anything. Just what you come up every time to criticize the incident at the maximum and raise funds to distribute and leave them again on the mercy of the same people. I use to think of you with respect, but Sorry, the columns you write and the language you use doesnt represent an Islamic PhD holder scholar. While you have quoted so much verses of the Quran against Muslim brothers, but refuse to take any lesson from it. Which clearly says "Muhammad (SAW) is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves. 48:29 So dont only rely on your Ph. D do some research on ground incidents. May be you would be able to right some good analysis. May Allah forgive us and keep us steadfast on his path.


MG: You are free to hold whatever opinion you wish about a person or his qualifications. What I have said is a considered opinion about this neo-Kharijite group which has been brought up, trained, armed and financed by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia - there is ample proof of this including what Snowdon has said about the group. I am following this group since long and have read over a thousand pages of material on it in Arabic and English including its own. This group's problem with the US now is that it has overstepped its assigned role [to annoy Iran and Iraqi Shia]. Its ordinary fighters may be totally innocent and well-intentioned, but its leaders are crooks and criminals. As regards your comment about my other activities or lack of them, like the supposed disinterest in Muzaffarnagar, I can only say that you are grossly ill-informed. I have taken full interest in Muzaffarnagar tragedy since its very early days and we continue to take interest and we are now building houses for the displaced in Muzaffarnagar. Our resources are meagre but we are doing what is humanly possible on this and many other fronts. We do not publicise as what we do is for Allah and He alone will (Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor, The Milli Gazette)


Thanks for speaking up on this issue... this is the greatest fitna we have faced in recent times... jazakallah

Aijaz Zaka Syed, Editor, Caravandaily. com


I offer my compliments on this overdue exposition of the Islamic principles vis-à-vis ISIS barbarities. Congratulations

Hasan Jowher, SPRAT, Ahmedabad


This is being done (tarnishing the image of Islam and creating hatred against Islam and Muslims.) by ISIS on the behest of Zionists and it is evident from the statement of our Brother Shafquat that he is ill informed about the Zionists. He doesn't talk about if the common people of a country can be taken as slaves or otherwise. No they can't be taken as slaves and our Hon. Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan has put forth this point with "daleel". Dear brother Shafquat please update yourself with ISIS background and also history of Islam. Try and study the Noble Qur'an with understanding & also the Hadeeth. "O ALLAH unite us all Muslims. Exalt us & afflict us not with pride! Make us worship THEE and corrupt not our worship with self-admiration".

Shafiq Ahmed


Hussian no, Ramani yes

When MF Hussain painted a Nude Bharat Mata, Sanghis & other patriots completely lost it. When Fashion Designer Malini Ramani wore a self-designed One-Piece outfit with the Indian flag on the front, Sanghis & other patriots again lost it. When a fashion label recently came out with funky designer Pyjamas & Leggings having images of Hindu Gods on both the legs, Sanghis again got OFFENDED. But now when Nita Ambani (wife of Mukesh Ambani) wore a whooping Rs. 4 million/40 Lakh worth Saree that has an image of Lord Krishna on its blouse, Sanghis and other patriots & Virat Hindus are all silent Is it because unlike MF Husain, Nita Ambani is a Hindu? (that too a Murari Bapu revering one) Is it because unlike hippie single-woman designer Malini Ramani, Nita Ambani is a 'Sanskaari" Bahu, a married woman and a vegatarian who wore a Saree, a shudh 100% Bharatiya outfit? Or (most likely) Is it because Nita Ambani's husband - Mukesh Ambani is one of the major sponsors of the Sangh Parivar and that's why Sanghis can't utter a word. https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=G4qmAF-adb0 Neeta Ambani recently wore a saree to an event costing Rs. 40 Lakhs. Name of the saree is 'Vivaah Patu' sari, it features the reproduction of 11 paintings by Indian art icon Raja Ravi Varma. The embroidery is made from real gold threads and uses Navratna stones like like diamond, emerald, ruby, yellow sapphire, sapphire, topaz, pearl, cat's eye and coral. The sari was hand woven using double warp by 36 handloom workers at Chennai Silks mill in Kancheepuram. It weighs 8kg and was completed in 12 months and has entered in Guinness book of world record as the world's costliest saree.



Who pollutes Ganga?

Sewers from towns and industrial wasters are not major pollutants. Instead, the dead bodies burning at Ganga ghats and idol immersion are vital pollutants. Ministry of Environment has started initiatives to curb the pyre burning and idol immersion in Ganga. Shankrachary instead of throwing out Sai idols form Sanatan mandir, should have started agitation against such dharmic prampara to save prakirti

S. Haque, Patna


A report says that RSS Sarkaryavah (General Secretary) Suresh Joshi saying, "Girls who fall victim to 'love jihad' have to suffer and face injustice. This is a social problem and should not be related with any community." Just whom is this Hindutva luminary trying to fool? The word "jihad" alone makes it clear that the supposed gigantic plot is hatched by Muslims. His comrades in arms have been screaming for months about the danger to young Hindu women posed by the plot. Is the RSS trying to ease out of the trap in which its lies have put it, as one by one they are exposed?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Swachch Bharat Abhiyan: RSS and BJP plan to belittle Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti i. e. the birth anniversary of the Father of Nation i. e. Mahatma Gandhi the idol or millions of Indian under whose supreme leadership the country became a free and Independent country is celebrated on October 2 throughout the country. He stood for an united, secular and democratic India, equal respect for all religions, for composite national culture and the elimination of hatred and discrimination though his highly inspiring principle of ahinsa. But the RSS and BJP who aim at converting India into a Hindu country and establishing a Hindu state are deadly opposed to Gandhian philosophy so they launched swachch bharat abhiyan a nasty plan which aims at burying the highly ideal principles of Gandhiji which had changed the course of Indian history. The highly inflammatory and hate speeches against Muslims by the BJP leaders have resulted in the outbreak of anti Muslim riots throughout the country due to Muslim have suffered heavily but PM has not uttered a word against these hate speeches. But surely the majority if Indians who are inspired by Gandhian principles are sure to defeat this nasty plan of chauvinistic Hindu communal forces represented by BJP and RSS.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Shiv Sena

If parted, Shiv Sena will damage BJP immensely, if it becomes responsible about SS in rest of India. Maharashtra Assembly 2014 Election has delivered a fractured mandate where BJP with a little less than majority may form a minority government with the support of small parties other than SS and Congress and independents and with promised outside support of NCP. But the way it is projected in media that it may be bad for SS and very good for BJP is not the whole political implication of this development.

SS since late eighties started spreading out of Maharashtra but it did not have alliance with BJP in rest of India (contrary to what it had in Maharashtra). The national leadership of SS (Thackerays) did not want SS to become powerful in rest of India because it never wanted to weaken BJP in rest of India (due to Maharashtra factor).

If Udhav Thackeray start doing politics for honor and for peace and prosperity of India by behaving responsibly towards SS members of rest of India as mentioned above then the corporate sector of India (and its media) etc who are saying that at the most they can support only one political party as the party of the centre (which presently it is doing for BJP, with ideology of exclusive private capitalism against joint - capitalism etc) may have to think again especially in view of spectacular rise of SS on the horizon across India. Therefore Modi / BJP before pushing SS too much against the wall, should keep also the potential political demise of BJP in view - in case Udhav DECIDES, as mentioned above, to live up to even a bit of the legacy of Bala Saheb Thackeray.

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru,