Islamic Perspectives

"Capping" the Sunnah

You wouldn't have missed him. Not with so many people glaring at him as he began to find a place among the worshipers in the mosque. He was young, and looked either Palestinian or from one of its neighbouring countries.

The obvious reason he attracted so much derision was that he was not wearing any head-covering. Those days, in Bangalore, as in most parts of the sub-continent, it was almost sacrilegious to be found in the mosque without a cap of some sort.

With the congregation over, he began to leave — many still staring at him. At the exit of the mosque, he found a beggar-woman, a small child in her lap. He stopped, bent down, picked up the disheveled child in his arms, fondled her lovingly and began playing with her. After delighting the child with his playful actions, he put her down in the mother's lap, and solemnly walked out of the mosque.

This time it was the mother's turn to stare at him, for an altogether different reason. This young man, so to speak, raised the bar, and left behind a lesson in what the sunnah is all about.

Khalid Noor Mohammed