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Sciences are helpful in the understanding of Qur’an

Saharanpur: Prof. (Dr.) Irfan Khan, a former Professor of Philosophy in AMU and presently the Director of Association for Qur’anic Studies, Chicago said here in a meeting that Qur’an is the fountain head of all sciences and knowledge in the world and as human mind and sciences develop and progress, the mysteries and wisdom of Qur’an will continue to be revealed to mankind. He said that Qur’an has always been inviting the attention of all scholars, intellectuals and men of learning to reason and prudence and whether it is Hazrat Ali, Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood, Imam Ibn Timia, Roomi, Razi, Shah Waliullah or Allama Iqbal, all these personalities deeply and extensively studied the Qur’an and discovered the gems of knowledge and learning in it.

He said that today the scope of knowledge has expanded very much and natural and all other sciences are progressing fast and all these sciences are not impediments but helpful in understanding Qur’an. He said that if Muslims take advantage of the Qur’an by their intellect and power of reasoning, God will restore supremacy and leadership of the world to them. He added that God has sent Muslims as benefactors of the world and it is their responsibility to establish peace and justice in the world.

Regarding the growing interest of Americans in the Qur’an after 9/11, he said that Qur’an has always been a subject of attention and attraction for the learned and intellectuals but the character and actions of Muslims are deterrents to them. Narrating an incident about Qur’an-burning he said that someone in America wanted to burn the Qur’an but before that when he studied the Qur’an, tears started flowing from his eyes and he desisted from his intended action. He said that Muslims, instead of losing their temper on those who are anti-Islam and indulge in provocative speeches and acts, should be patient and in reply to their sinful acts be benevolent.  Prof. Irfan Khan had come to India for participating in the 3-day World Qur’an Conference held at Jamiatul Falah, Bilaryaganj and Madrasatul Islah, Saraimir (Azamgarh). Saharanpur is his ancestral home town but he is working for spreading the message of Islam and Qur’an in America for the past about 35 years.

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