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MG Milli Gazette is the only English newspaper of Indian Muslim. It is the voice of Indian Muslim. It raises our voices and issues at national and international level. May Allah protect it.

Dr Noorul Hasan, Maunath Bhanjan-275101 (U. P.)


Al-Hamdulillah, A fine and great decision...May The Almighty Allah make it easy for you to run MG smoothly, spritually, honestly, independently and above all profitably for ever.... Aamin             Mirza


MG is doing the job right... we don't have to follow the footsteps of biased mainstream media which doesn't give a damn about the plight of Muslims.     Ashkar Akhtar


Trilokpuri riots

We, Indian Muslim aam aadmis are thankful to you for your correct and truthful assessment that the communal riots were engineered by “vested interests" (meaning the rabidly communal Sangh parivar) to polarise society on religious lines.

S. M. Pasha, Aam aadmi ki aawaaz, Chennai 600003


Indeed you have done a great work that you have informed the governor and the chief of police of Delhi about the real cause of Tirlokpuri riot. Doing so, you have washed out the blot from Tirlokpuri Muslims. Thaks for this great task!        Dr Noorul Hasan, Maunath Bhanjan (U. P.)


Where is Bhagalpur?

Just now I got your 1-15 November issue. Your cover story is about riots in Bhagalpur, but where is Bhagalpur. I have earlier also requested you to mention district and state of the place in the report. MG is doing a great job. Adding location to reports will help its readers in understanding the problem and working towards solutions.

Mohammed Javid, Tolichowki, Hyderabad


In Defence of etiquette

Kudos to Dr Zafarul Islam Khan for carrying one Shafaqat's letter (MG, Nov. 1-15). I don't understand, why this reader, or anyone for that matter, should bring in a person's qualifications to advance his/her viewpoint? This is sort of a personal attack. There's a saying in Hadith that those who don't have a concrete point to put forward, resort to circuitous ways (Bukhari's compilation of the Prophet's sayings). Yes, such people are the votaries of circumlocution. We must never challenge an individual. We must challenge his/her views. Dr Khan is a learned man, an erudite at that. If his views on a particular issue are not acceptable to a reader, s/he is free to argue. But don't cast aspersions on an individual. It's not just un-Islamic, it's against the basic etiquette, we're all supposed to have.               Sumit Paul, Pune


Burdwan blast

How come your recent article on your "fact finding" mission to the Burdawan blast in W. Bengal has suddenly disappeared from your website? Do watch Truth Vs Hype on NDTV by Sreenivasan Jain which will make you guys looking like a bunch of anti-nationals and liars! 

Truth seeker

MG:This matter is very much on MG website: finding-report Read the detailed report on Burdwan blast in the Indian Express of 26 October, 2014 to understand the politics behind the blowing up of the incident


Duplicity of the 'civilised' Western nations

The duplicity of the 'civilised' Western nations has been exposed vis-a-vis Ebola, as they have done nothing so far, beyond quarantining their own citizens. The only reason why there was no R&D by the profit-oriented pharmaceutical behemoths to prepare a vaccine for Ebola, even though it is afflicting since four decades was that - the dreadful disease has a very high potential to affect the poorer parts in Africa. To deal with the looming catastrophe, the international community including India shall take a cue from Cuba, by sending sufficient doctors and nurses to help the suffering people in Africa.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, AP



Raja thay kab? Kuch chand Mughal lootero ne talwar kee nok par raaj kar liya.Satyadeep

MG: Mere bhai! It used to be said, ignorance is bliss but now in our current Indian context, ignorance is hate. Do you know when the Mughal empire ended, India's share of world trade was 24 percent and when the British left India it had come down to 4 percent? Was that an accident? For flourishing trade, you first of all need peace, then infrastructure and a benign attitude of the State. Kindly read books on Indian history written by the non-RSS kind.


Widows of Kashmir

There are thousands of Widows Whose husbands are killed in firings//and there are thousands of missing persons whose where abouts are not known for yrs. if there cases are taken up by u with the help of some NGOs they can get a chance to live a better life. In other states there are many Muslims who will be willing to marry these widows and help their orphan children. The milli Gazette also can take up this Noble issue by which some families will get happiness.. Even chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufthi Also should come forward leaving the politics one side and jointly try to help these families. I am ready to co-operate whatever way Possible in this noble cause. yours sincerely',

P Abdul Salam, Port Blair Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744102


The Pain of Backward Muslims

Irfan Engineer’s article  (MG, Nov. 1-15, 2014) was really informative and very interesting. I hope he does a similar research on the Muslims of Tamil Nadu. Let Muslim critics show us two separate graveyards among Muslims as we have one for Dalit Christians, one for Dalit Hindus and another one for high caste  Christians and caste Hindus, Show among Muslims who stand in the front row in Masjid for worshipping God, show me people blocking Masjid entries for the so called low caste Muslims. Some present highly  exaggerated  arguments just to justify the most cruel and apartheid based caste system in Hindu societies in spite of 65 years of pretentious constitutional laws. Many academic researchers have done profound research on this in Tamil Nadu. Walk into any Muslim college in Chennai ask the Muslim students to indicate their original Hindu caste on a plain piece of paper… researchers will come up with zero information. Over a period of about 400- 800 years, Tamil Muslims  have destroyed the castes. You do the same thing in a Christian college, every Christian student knows his Hindu caste. This is the revolution that Islam has brought about in parts of India including may be Kerala Assam and Bengal. Hindu rightists are scared if the revolution spreads and makes the 200 million low caste Hindus to convert to Islam and destroy the caste system over the next 200 years or so. It is true South Indian  Christians loyally, faithfully, and proudly stick to their castes such as Mudaliar, Nadar, Pillai, Devar, Maravar, Vanniar, Naidu, Vellalar, Kallar, etc. But inspite of the fact that South India Muslims had been converted from all castes right across the board, deep research shows that their original Hindu castes had totally disappeared. This has been one of the biggest achievements of Islam in parts of India. Dalits can raise their dignity, respect, economy and status by becoming Muslims. It is high time North Indian Muslims destroyed their pride and ego and served Islam with BIRR and TAQWAH.              P.A.Mohamed Ameen (by email)


Uniform Civil Code

It is disgusting to read the article by Professor S. Gurumurthy of Sastra University in Times Of India dated 05/11/2014 under the Headline "Communalism destroyed Common Civil Code". Campaigning in favour of a debate, as initiated by the Sastra University, on the subject of Uniform Civil Code for all Indians, the Professor has made appalling misrepresentation of facts. His article is a travesty of truth regarding the Muslim Personal Law and the 1937 Act of Common Civil Code of Succession applicable to Hindus. The Professor claims that the 1937 Act could have been applied to Muslims as well, but the British imposed the Muslim Personal Law on Muslims and thus divided the Hindus and the Muslims. The Professor inappropriately believes that the British designed the Muslim Personal Law and implemented on the Muslims of the Indian Sub-continent during their Rule. He has not done his home work. He must be educated that the Muslim Personal Law is derived from the injunctions of the Muslim sacred Book, the Holy Quran. These Laws have existed for the past  15 hundred years. The British did not tamper with these Laws. The British enacted the 1937 Act of Common Civil Code of Succession with primary objective of implementing it on the Hindus because there existed (and to some extent continue to exist) variant traditional laws that were practiced by Hindu communities (castes), as many laws as the Hindu Castes. Where justice had to be dispensed on litigation between different castes, it had become untenable for the Crown Courts to choose the applicable laws. This 1937 Act made it easy for the Crown Courts. Once again let me remind the Professor that the 1937 Act was not legislated for implementing on the Muslims. The Uniform Civil Code primarily deals with matrimonial laws, inheritance laws and the laws governing family disputes. Let the Professor spell out, in letter and spirit, what his version of Uniform Civil Code intends to achieve. Does he want that the Muslims should marry their sisters' daughters? Does he want that Muslims girls should forfeit inheritance of parental property? Why is he so seriously considering the Muslims, while he does not mention a word about Christians, Sikhs and the Parsees? It is his obsession against Muslims that makes him to spew out venom against Muslims. It appears that Professor S. Gurumurthy of Sastra University is an active member of the right -wing Hindu fundamentalist organization. His article in Times of India dated 05/11/2014 clearly shows that he has a skewed background.

Dr. Hayath Ismail, Bangalore


Dwindling numbers of Muslim MLAs

dwindling number of Muslim MLAs in the nine BJP-ruled states apart from the lowest-ever number of MPs in the Parliament is posing challenge to India's secular ethos. Political representation is the key to empowerment of the nation as a whole. That was the reason why Gandhiji supported the Khilafat movement and roped-in a young Maulana Azad to head the Indian National Congress to steer the freedom struggle. One can still argue that it was an 'appeasement' by the Mahatma, but didn't such gestures avert the possibility of many Muslims getting disenchanted with the Independence movement?

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (AP)


Noble ideas of judiciary cease when Muslims matter come

Additional session judge Lokesh Kumar Sharma said that in case an appellant does not get fair representation during the trial, it cannot be considered as fair trial. In a molestation case of convict Ravi Kuamr sentence, the judge said that convict must be given fair chance to defend (14 Oct., 2014). Certainly it is a noble idea of a court to keep justice alive. But in Batla House fake encounter when two Muslim students were killed, the judiciary strangulated justice and in Afzal Guru case, many known lawyers have said that he was not given fair chance to defend. Judiciary strangulates justice in the name of majority conscience when Muslim matters come before judiciary.

S. Haque, Patna


Congress A Sinking Ship

Very previous legislative election have poured the cold water over very primitive myth about congress love for minority .unfortunately since the end of Nehru era the minority support for congress is merely due to lack of sincere alternatives . At least the dilation of party such as AIMIM ratify this . A Hyderabad based party which were completely absent in the streets of maharashtra instantly has emerged as a major distress for each major party. His 24 out of 288 candidates stood for fighting among most of them remain able to fighting even 2 have come out with huge win. invariably the dispensation of AIMIM is a tocsin of great danger for congress from whom Hindu vote bank has already gone and vote base of others including Sikhs Muslims and Christians on the verge of going away.        Syed Kamran Ali, Rampur, UP 244901


Modi's Muslim rakhi bahen

Qamar Mohsin Shaikh of Ahmedabad continued to tie rakhi to P. M. Narendra Modi since the time he was simply a small-time political personality. Every time after tying rakhi to Modi she prays for his long life and global popularity. According to her, what Modi is today it is because of her prayers. Despite him being CM of Gujarat, she had easy access to him for this specific purpose but this time she sent rakhi to him by post to New Delhi as she could not undertake Ahmedbad-New-Delhi journey. According to her, every year she waits impatiently to tie rakhi to her rakhi brother. Qamar Mohsin Shaikh originally belongs to Karachi (Pakistan) who after marriage to Mohsin Shaikh, a teacher and an artist of great calibre at Ahmedabad, till now surprisingly failed to convince her raki bhai that he is the main culprit of Gujarat genocide which caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children and that he is a big sinner  for which atleast he must tender an apology with a promise to be a noble human soul in future.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Indian Police

All countrymen rightly resent the highly deplorable, thoroughly inefficient and corrupt Indian police and its functioning. It has earned notoriety for adopting the immensely inhuman torcurous 3rd degree methods leading to custodial deaths, resorting to fake encounters, production of fabricated evidence in the courts, arresting innocent Indian citizens and keeping them for months as under-trials and for taking bribes. It is full of anti Muslim bias and it considers all Muslims terrorists. Over and above all this, it has failed to perform its primary duty of registering FIRs and allowing notorious criminals and history-sheeters to commit all sorts of crimes in return for receiving regularly money from them. Police stations have virtually become dens of worst kind of crimes Its failure to control public demonstrations and use force is the glaring example of its thorough incompetence. The need of the hour is this that the whole police system should be overhauled and revamped and a new comprehensive law is passed by the parliament removing all the defects and converting the police department into a real public service department.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP

New Delhi - 110091


In defence of Shahi Imam

Modi must be having his private laugh over Shahi Imam's bold retort to presumed Modi complaint of not being invited to the Dastarbandi of the new proposed Naib Imam. If whatever Shahi Imam said, has been said by any other Muslim leader, or even any common citizen of India, there would certainly be a case against Modi, which he will have to answer today or tomorrow. He has remained stubbornly recalcitrant to engage Muslims, whether at social or political level, even disregarding the long established protocol of Prime Ministership. 180 million Muslim citizens of India, for over generations, have every right to claim India for themselves too. Modi wants to impose a dictatorship of not proletariat, but dictatorship of the Brahmin religious elites. Nobody is supposed to accept that proposition, waiting for time, that will certainly decide how far he can go.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Dr. Javed Jamil on Muslim Radicalism

What is it that turns a tiny minority of ordinary, young, Muslim men into fanatical, cold-blooded killers? Or for that matter any other minority group The good example is that of Sri Lankan Tamils against their close Buddhist cousins? Or other examples given by Dr Javed: Naxalites, Ulfa, Bodos, Sikhs and Maoists. Are they Muslims? In some cases the desire for changes is due to hard totalitarian ideologies of the political bosses in many developing countries. Analysts downplay the role of foreign policy issues (from the invasion of Iraq to the occupation of Palestine to the west's support for Arab dictators) as huge motivators of radicalization. There is a strong link between foreign occupations, on the one hand, and radicalisation and terrorism, on the other, those who deny this are dishonest? The US political scientist Robert Pape, who studied every known case of suicide terrorism between 1980 and 2003, has concluded that the "specific secular and strategic goal" of suicide terrorists is to end foreign military occupations. What more evidence do intelligent people need? Robert Pape said "The tap root of suicide terrorism is nationalism, it is an extreme strategy for national liberation". Read the history of Tamil Eelam movement. Consider the verdict of Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's Bin Laden tracking unit and the author of three acclaimed books on al-Qaeda. "I don't think there are a lot of people who want to blow themselves up because my daughters go to university," Scheuer said in an interview last year. "People are going to come and bomb us because they don't like what we've done." Is he wrong? As Dr Javed eloquently put "Terrorism has been directly proportional to the Western meddling and involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan and most Arab countries"

P. A. Mohamed Ameen (by email)


Electoral reforms

All regarded persons of Indian society are requested to send proposals on reforms ideas in the existing electoral procedure to combine all for Marc 2015 meeting at Delhi so that honest, good, educated and deserving people go to assemblies and Parliament.

Reyaz Aatish, national council for political and social Unity


Modi’s cabinet

The assessment that the Prime Minister has addressed the concerns of Brahmins, Jats ,Bhumihars and Rajputs is hundred percent correct. From this, It is clearer than daylight that he cares tuppence for the aspirations and welfare of the Muslim minority community. The earlier he sheds his communal mentality, the better for the country.

S. M. Pasha, Periamet, Chennai 600003


Stray cows

Stray cows have potential to cause nationwide riots. Central gov and Karnataka gov should provide protection to stray cows.all stray cows in India should be sent to gowshala immediately. We know people do murder for money , even kill a person of their own religion for money.

religious fanatics can bribe same person to kill a cow , and then blame another community and cause massive riots. Provide police protection to cows. one constable per cow. A communal party always asks minority community to stop cow slaughter, but neglects the fact that India earns 15000 crores from selling of leather products made of cow skin. Govt is welcome to ban cow, slaughter , or stop blaming Muslims. Karnataka govt should initiate cid inquiry in cases where communal party is blaming Muslims for untoward incidents. make sure cid is not bribed. Once again take stray cows out of roads completely, particularly in Karnataka state. if you want to stop communal violence , then do no more delay.

Md Rizwan siddiqui, Bangalore