Linguistic Monomania

This stupid government, spearheaded by one prejudiced, Hinduaized PM, is hellbent upon promoting Sanskrit and Vedas as the only storehouse of universal knowledge. The undergraduate education minister of India is abolishing German and other foreign languages to promote Sanskrit. She doesn’t even know that structurally, Sanskrit and German fall in the same linguistic group. All German scholars like Max Mueller, Goethe, Schiller, Arthur Schopenhauer, Nietzsche among others subscribed to this fact as they all knew Sanskrit very well. They were also scholars of Persian. While they eulogised Sanskrit, they never said that it was the only perfect language in the world or had everything in it. The rabidly Hindu BJP ministers have no knowledge of the ancient world languages like Latin, Greek, Persian, Arabic and even Sanskrit they’re so vocal about. These semi-literates don’t know Sanskrit at all. They’ve never read a single Ved (probably not even in translation) but they tirelessly talk about Vedas. This is the irony of the most ridiculous sort. Such linguistic monomania will exacerbate the already polarised scenario in the country.