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Depriving Urdu schools of privileges is regrettable

Mumbai: Opposition leader in Maharashtra state assembly, BJP-MLA Eknath Khudse said while speaking to Urdu journalists on 10 March that Maharashtra State Waqf Board authorities themselves have no detailed knowledge of Waqf properties because their attitude and working shows that they themselves are not serious and knowledgeable about their properties. Under such circumstance what steps will they take for the welfare of Muslims, he asked. He said that if only Auqaf properties are handed over to Muslims, they will not be in need of help by any government and their problems will be solved automatically. Describing the policies of state government regarding the welfare of Muslims as mere eyewash, he said that these policies are simply to befool them. Clarifying his statement he said that during the past two years the state government has not provided any facilities and privileges to any new Urdu medium school whereas educational institutions of other languages start getting facilities and concessions from the very next month of their establishment. Therefore this attitude of the state government is a living example of step motherly treatment to Urdu and Urdu schools. He also expressed his dissatisfaction and displeasure over the working of Maulana Azad Financial Corporation which is meant for providing loans on easy terms to people belonging to minority community i.e., Muslims. He said that applications were invited from the youths of this minority community from all over the state for getting loans from this Corporation but all this turned out to be false and a hoax because so far no positive action has been taken on their applications and these are gathering dust in Corporation’s office.