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MG may kindly be published regularly. Almighty will bless you and help us in all deeds. Long live MG!   

Mohammad Azam, Karimnager, Telangana


It is a sad news that our beloved fortnightly Milli Gazette is facing difficulties and contemplating closure. It is the only mouthpiece of Muslims and the downtrodden in English language. It has a voice not only in national but even in the international flora. You may think of other options like turning it into a monthly to reduce your burden. But our voice must not die.              Dr. S. R. Khan, Lucknow


Please include a little more of Muslims around the world. so that we Indian Muslims would also know the situation of our Ummah around the world... Please do post news in brief if possible and your Islamic Perspective page is very good.                  Faraj Khan


BJP and Muslims

Since last elections in nine states, where BJP is ruling, the total number of assembly members is 1359, of which Muslims are only 32. BJP has 151 ministers out of which Muslims are only one. These states have 8 percent of Muslim population but their representation is much poor. The primary reason is that the ruling party always excludes Muslims from its list of candidates. Of late, the BJP is trying to trap Muslims in order to gat Muslim vote, particularly in J&K and West Bengal which have a high proportion of Muslim voters in the country. The BJP hopes to become a national party but it cannot leave the Muslims in the present state of despondency. I realise that it needs two hands to clap. Since BJP is the ruling party now, and Muslims have poor representation, it has to devise a special approach to increase their representation.                   Syed Shahabuddin, New Delhi


Ban preachers of communal hatred

When bomb blasts occur anywhere in the country, the pet theory immediately put forward by both law enforcing and investigating agency

and the media is that Muslim terrorist are behind unpardonable crimes and on this account a number of Muslim youths have been arrested on grounds of suspicion and most of them are still awaiting their trials. This is in addition to the highly excessive inhuman torture which they are facing in jails. But now as a result of investigation and probe of anti terrorist squad and other investigating agencies it has been found that communal organisations such as Bajrang Dal, VHP, Sanatan Sansthan, Ram Sena and RSS worker are involved in these highly deplorable incidents at Ajmer, Male Gaon, Nander and Macca Masjid Hyderabad and highly explosive material has been found both at the offices and residences of RSS & activists other communal organisation. Further collaborates the probe of the investigating agencies. Arrest of Col. Purohit and Sadhvi Pritigya the further proves the existence of the conspiracy engineered by these organisation. Not only VHP and Bajrang Dal had tried to convert Orissa into another Gujarat by killing Christians and damaging their churches and shiv sena has launched an intense hate campaign against north Indians in Mumbai Terrorism must be fought and every possible effort should be made by the government to terminate it and give deterrent punishment to those involved in these unpardonable crimes irrespective of their religion. The need o the hour is that Bajrang Dal, VHP, Shiv Sena, Gram Sena, Sanathan Sansthan, RSS, Abhnav Bharat should be banned immediately for their involvement in terrorist activities.

Dr M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M. P., Delhi - 110091


All India Forum of Muslim Journalists

I seek the hospitality of your columns to appeal to Muslim journalists - working as well as free lancers - to enrol themselves as members of the All India Forum of Muslim Journalists to unitedly, boldly and truthfully, counter the false and dangerously mischievous propaganda against Islam and Muslims, by rabidly communal Right wing fundamentalists. For details, please contact me. The Office of the Forum is situated at "Baithul Aman" 22/51, Barracks Rd., Periamet, CHENNAI 600003

S.M. Pasha, Convener


Access to Maulana Azad Library

I fully endorse the stand of the AMU VC restricting the access to the Central Library to the Under-Graduate Girl Students. There no question of defending the Vice Chancellor or the University Administration .Up to graduation except Professional courses there is no Co-education in AMU and there is separate Campus, named as Abdullah Womens College for the under-graduate girl students .All necessary facilities for the girls including Library are provided in that Campus So where is the need to allow girl students to visit Central Library . There is no gender bias in Restricting under - graduate girls students to access Central / Maulana Azad Library as there is no restriction on any post graduate and Research Girl student who are in thousands. Most of the parents including Hindus prefer their daughters to study in AMU because they feel assured about their safety and security in AMU.There is nothing wrong in statement of the Honble VC that if undergraduate girls are allowed in Central Library the strength of Boys shall increase to four times and students shall face acute shortage of space. The University use to organise Hall-wise Dinners in Aligarh Exhibition but this very old tradition had to be abandoned because of the same problem on the day of Abdullah Hall Girls Dinners.

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


Erum Agha, a reporter working with The Times of India, should make a public apology for defaming the prestige of Aligarh Muslim University by manipulating and modifying the comments of the Vice Chancellor who always talks of women empowerment and gender equality in formal as well informal meetings can never make any misogynic comments. The report published in The Times of India with all the wrong interpretations was a deliberate attempt to malign the image of this great institution. For the kind information of reporter, the girl students are treated as special ones rather than separate ones in the campus. The university has always been an example of creating history in terms of women empowerment. It is the only university in the world to have a woman as its first chancellor (Begum Sultana Jahan). The alleged report in the newspaper that the girl students are not allowed to avail the facility of Maulana Azad Library (MAL) was on the false grounds. At present more than 3000 girl students have the membership of MAL. They do not only get books issued from there but also sit and study in its reading halls as per their convenience. The university has recognition of providing separate reading halls to all the departments/ centres/ colleges/ hostels/ with an ample of updated books without any gender bias. Girls too have separate reading halls in their respective halls. Furthermore, Women's college has its own well equipped library with the plenty of important books. The women's college has its special identity of having separate facilities including library and students' union.          Shah Alam, Centre for women's studies, AMU Aligarh

Is Modi's fight against corruption selective?

Even the pledged admirers of Mr.Modi would find it difficult to justify his decision to induct some ministers in the recent cabinet expansion, whose track record are not blemish less with regard to their past credentials. While there appear to be evidence of criminal cases or case of default against a few, Mr.Jaitley has advanced weak and unconvincing explanation that the credentials have been checked by Mr. Modi. It is extremely important that Mr. Modi should not only fight against corruption relentlessly but should also appear to be doing so. His recent cabinet expansion has certainly raised suspicions and Mr. Modi owes an explanation to the countrymen. Today, the ground reality is that there is a crisis of confidence amongst the citizens about the political leaders in all parties. Mr. Modi has been voted to power only due to his promise to root out corruption at any cost and he cannot go soft on the people with suspicious background, whatever may be his political compulsions. People who voted for Mr. Modi would certainly be unhappy if he would give an impression that he would be selective in dealing with the corruption issues.     N.S.Venkataraman


Shiv Sena should move SC against anarchy in Maha. Assembly

Shiv Sena (SS) being a national political party (having members and fielding candidates in Vidhan Sabha & Lok Sabha elections in states out of Maharashtra) should simultaneously (in addition to moving Governor & Speaker) move Supreme Court against Governor & Speaker for the anarchy in Maharashtra Assembly so that arbitrariness in this matter (which has been going on in various Legislative Houses of India) can be eliminated once and for all.         Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


"Hussaini Brahmins"

The expression 'Hussaini Brahmins" is an oxymoron. One who is a descendant of Syedina Hussain bin Ali ® is entitled to designate himself a "Hussaini". One who belongs to the highest caste amongst the Hindus is a "Brahmin" . Hence how can a Muslim be a Brahmin and how a Hindu Brahmin be a Hussaini, you will wonder. Here is the solution to this puzzle: Many Muslim kings had close links with the rulers of Sindh. Many Sindhi Hindus served Muslim armies and nobles. One such noble was Abdullah bin Abdullah. He revolted against the then Khalifah Abu Muhammad Moosa Hadi, the 24th Khalifah. He possessed many Hindu slaves. When he freed them in lieu of their loyalty, they returned to India and settled down in Gujrat. The descendants of these Sindhi Slaves are known as Hussaini Brahmins.     S.M.Pasha


Spurious/adulterated Drugs

Spurious drugs are being sold by chemists/druggists throughout India. Because of such spurious drugs illness prolongs, patients Suffer because they do not get relief and this leads to some patients' deaths. Also, vendors sell chemically-ripened fruits which cause health hazards and generate serious diseases. What is surprising is that these unethical, criminal trade activities are known to almost all but it appears that the Food & Drugs Controller is unaware since no effective steps are being taken. This is unacceptable. Public health is totally ignored.

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai 400007



I understand that the Union home minister has issued a directive to the intelligence department to prepare a list of madrasas which are being run without obtaining permission from the state government. My stand is: when Art. 30 of the Constitution grants minorities permission to establish and manage educational institutions, the question of obtaining permission from the state government does not arise. Hence the home minister's directive is ultra viresS.M.Pasha, Chennai

MG: Since madrasas are educational institutions, they should in some way be registered with the government and should operate with some minimum safeguards and facilities. Minority schools, colleges and universities too operate under Article 30 but are they exempted from all other requirements to safeguard the rights of students and teachers? If madrasas function properly, their certificates and degrees too will be regularised and the madrasa graduates will benefit a lot. Moreover, spurious madrasas, which only serve the needs of their owners and caretakers, will have to shut down. Such madrasas are doing great injustice to students and the community they claim to serve. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)

SMP: I catch your point and agree. In this case: 'hount bhee hamaray, danth bhee hamaray". So we ourselves cannot condemn our Deeni Madrasas. There must be some ulterior motive with which such an inquiry has been ordered. Why not we ourselves conduct such a survey and take appropriate remedial steps instead of allowing the government to stem the rot.

MG: I know and you know that the motive is not love of Muslims but some ulterior plan being cooked. Home Ministry has given clean chit to madrasas with a "but" and this "but" will be used to tighten the noose, incriminate teachers and students in fake terror cases. We will continue to fight the government on this count. (ZIK)


Boycott Zionism

Let all justice-loving newspapers publish names of all Israeli products as well as every thing the use of which encourages Zionists. They should advise people to shun and boycott all such things. Long live humanism. Down with Zionism.   S. Akhtar, Amod - 372110


Divide and Fight

Muslims have been fighting on sectarian basis and others have been fighting on differences in ideas, concepts, beliefs and ideology. But read what Allah says in His Book about differences Unto every one of you have We appointed a (different) law and way of life. And if God had so willed, He could surely have made you all one single community: but [He willed it otherwise] in order to test you by means of what He has vouchsafed unto, you. Compete, then, with one another in doing good works! Unto God you all must return; and then He will make you truly understand all that on which you were wont to differ. (Surah 5 Verse 67). This "unity in diversity" is frequently stressed in the Qur'an. The Qur’an has its applications to the entire universe. The Qur’an has textual incorruptibility of its teachings – as well as of the fact that the Prophet Muhammad is "the seal of all prophets", - the Qur'an represents the combination of all revelation and offers the final, perfect way to spiritual fulfilment. The Qur'anic message does not, however, prevent the followers of earlier faiths from getting God's grace: for - as the Qur'an so often points out: Those among them who believe uncompromisingly in the One God and the Day of Judgment (i.e., in individual moral responsibility) and live righteously "need have no fear, and neither shall they grieve". That is "in order to test, by means of the various religious laws imposed on you, your willingness to surrender yourselves to God and to obey Him" "and thus to enable you to grow, spiritually and socially, in accordance with the God-willed law of evolution"; "inform you of that wherein you used to differ". Thus, the Qur'an tells all who believe in God - Muslims and non-Muslims alike - that the differences in their religious practices should make them "compete with one another in doing good works" rather than lose themselves in mutual hostility. The implication is that a conscious disregard of God's commandments brings with it its own punishment: namely, a gradual corruption of the community's moral values and, thus, growing social disruption and internecine conflict as we see in the Middle East between Muslim sects. Qur’an says, "And if God had so willed, He could surely have made you all one single community: but [He willed it otherwise] in order to test you by means of what He has vouchsafed unto, you.

PA Mohamed Ameen (via email)


Mahathir's thesis

This is with reference to the article by the former PM of Malaysia and former President of the OIC Dr Mahathir Mohamad in your recent issue (MG, 16-31 October 2014). I agree with most of the article but towards the end it refers to Chechnya, which is now a Republic in the Russian Federation. The Chechens fought war of independence for more than 100 years and lost many lives. Russia virtually razed their capital. The shadow war by Russia goes on. After the war, Russia spent billions of dollars to rebuild Chechnya and. Today after eight years its face has not changed though new mosques have been built up and there is official sanction of Islam. I agree that there is something needed to be done by the Muslims of the world after the Chechnya example. But all said and done, Chechnya was and remains a colony of Russia, primarily because of its location and economic resources. Acceptance cannot be justified by adopting a policy of no resistance and therefore the war against the colonial rule and exploitation Chechens have bravely waged not only for themselves but also for other causes like Palestine. Should the Palestinians also stop their war of liberation and come to terms with Israel on term prescribed for them with the support of the USA?   Syed Shahabuddin, New Delhi


Female foeticide for mere Rs. 50

Heart-rending reports about the methods of killing of elderly ladies by feeding them cold coconut water and oil bathing, known as "Taliekuthal'' are used around dharmic nagri Tirupati. BJP MP Hema Malini complained how 30,000 widows were begging in dharmic nagri Virandavan. Data of widows in many dozen other dharmic nagris must be shocking. Now a human rights organisation has brought out  heart-rending and inhuman facts of female foeticide in Naugachia of Bhagalpur where village Aya, pregnancy helper, kills female born babies) in lieu of Rs. 50-100 or a few kilogramme of grains. A woman was paraded naked over dowry demand in the presence several family member and video graphed in Jamshedpur, as per a daily newspaper on 23 Oct., 2014. In Hindustan, women are subjected to oppression and killing yet they cry over "Love Jihad".

S. Haque, Patna


Emergence of MIM, AIUDF

In Indian politics so-alled secular parties and saffron parties stage ''Nura Kushti'' (shadow boxing) to usurp Muslims' share in every walk of life while Muslims are forced to become lower than dalits. The second largest community supported every party seeking justice but every party let Muslims down. Now Muslims seeking justice are experimenting to back parties whose reign are in the hands of Muslims.

S. Haque, Patna



Read it either form right to left or from left to right, its same. They are devils having Muslim names! One is in Syria and the other is in Egypt! Both are serving the big shaitaan under the guidance of Zionists.

Sultan A. Patel, Amod - 392110, Gujarat


Blinkered Vision

I'm amused, nay appalled, at the rank ignorance of one Satyadeep who's of the opinion that Mughals were mere lutere (plunderers)!! It seems, he has never studied Indian history and whatever little he's read is RSS version of Indian history whose advocates are Poona-based P N Oak, Arun Shourie and Delhi-based Sitaram Goel. 'Indians learnt the collective sense of aesthetics and zauq-e-jamaliyaat or istihasaan-e-fun (appreciation of beauty/sense of aesthetics) from the refined Mughals, who may have come from Central Asia initially as invaders but settled on the sub continent as the epitome of whatever is beautiful and pleasant to the human senses. They were the true epicureans in the tradition of the old epicurean Greeks' (Sir Jadunath Sarkar in his seminal essay, 'The magnificent saga of the Mughals'). From 1526 (when Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the first battle of Panipat) to 1857, India richly benefited from Mughals in all respects and aspects. Be it architecture, administration, overall prosperity or general sense of contentment, the subjects (precisely, the Hindu riyaya) had no complaints under Mughal empire. Granted, Aurangzeb was a fanatic, but other Mughals never had religion or conversion on their agenda. This gentleman must realise that a lutera (pilferer) can't build the Taj Mahal, the mausoleum of love. One needs to have ultimate refinement and leisure at one's disposal for such splendid creations. It's time to go beyond all pettiness and prejudices to see the truth as it is. Ironically, the name of the blinkered reader is Satyadeep (the light of truth). He mustn't let the truth get extinguished by ignorance.

                Sumit Paul, Pune


Lost childhood

Rights are given to us by nature or God. We are born with them. Even though all things are so the world is horrible place for children of this nation. Why? Nearly one crore children are now labourers in the country, while more than 1.3 crore do not attend school. The reasons of that were understood that children ran away home as they were pushed to the edge by extreme poverty or violence at home and a lot of children who go missing are trafficked for prostitution, slavery, beggary.

K.Saleeth, Manjeri, Malappuram


Who are terrorists?

Militant groups (wrongly labeled as Jihadis) which are ready to be American mercenaries in support of American foreign policy aims are freedom fighters and moderates. Muslims or neutrality based others should not call them terrorists though many of them are despicable terrorists. But the patriotism filled nationalists or militants who fight against American military intervention in the internal affairs of their state are according to American definition "hard core terrorists" . The world has been brainwashed on this hypothetical definition too long. Would all the people be fooled all the times?

Kodimirpal (via email)