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I don’t know how to begin but I would like to thank you as your newspaper, Milli Gazette, has certainly made me realize who I am and made me proud of being Muslim. There is this “identity crisis” that young Muslims suffer from, though very few realize this and your publication has helped me to figure it out! I have written this letter to enquire if there is any such organization in India such as MSA (Muslim Student Association) in USA. I have heard some lectures by MSA people and they are just awesome. You can check them out at The masjid where I go to pray and most of the masjids in Mumbai have religious books in Urdu and the younger generation (at least most of them) being educated in English are not able to access their religion....and thus due to lack of knowledge and ignorance personal identity crisis I referred to earlier sets in (that is what happened with me at least). Again thanks a lot for all those enlightening articles and would like to request you to include more articles related to youth in India and how should one improve oneself in the Indian context and maybe you could launch a book section where you could mention the essential reads for a Muslim!!

Shoeb Shaik


Indian Muslims: Identity Crisis?

Apropos of Nilofar Suhrawardy (MG, 16-28 February 2011). This article presupposes a unified entity called Indian nation, to which the Indian Muslims have to acquiesce. I think that misses the whole point of identity crisis altogether.



Living legend Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

I am very happy to read about the living legend Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. A letter published in MG (16-31 March) by Nasir Hussain Peerzada, is worth reading. I adore and am proud of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan who became a living legend of millions of fans around the globe not only Muslims but for other sections too. He is the messiah of peace whose teachings and writings influenced not only youth but all ages and castes. His books on the Holy Prophet and God Arises are landmarks for religious tolerance and spread the message of ‘oneness’. No religion teaches hatred. The only religion is Humanity. His teachings have influenced my life and lead me to do service to the poor and needy, irrespective of caste and creed. His teaching goes with Islam and modern science. His monthly magazine Al-Risala is only the proof of his yeomen service to the society. Mr.Mohammad. Azam, a retired district education officer of Karimnagar, has introduced me the Milli Gazette which I am enjoying by reading the very authentic articles on Islam and other religions. I request the editor to publish works of Maulana Waheedudin Khan in Milli Gazette where the true message can reach millions for peace.

G.A.Rahim(IPS Rtd), Hyderabad Gujarat riots

Mr. Modi’s reply to Michael S Oven, Consul General in Mumbai, who mentioned Gujarat riots to him during a meeting in 2006 that the riots were an “internal Gujarati matter “ vide MG 1-15 April 2011. I would like, with all due respects to state that Mr. Modi’s assertion is not acceptable to thousands of Gujaratis like me, who have been living in Gujarat for more than five centuries . Mr. Modi wants to internalise the riot’s issue so that nobody can come to the rescue of affected Gujaratis who are Muslims. By localising the issue he has exposed his anti-Muslim mindset.  I, a Gujarati, do not agree with Gujarat’s Chief Minister’s opinion.  Gujarat riots of 2002 can be and should be an international issue so far as violation of human rights are concerned. Anybody from across the globe inclusive of NRGs ,NRIs and non Muslims has got every right to speak for riots 2002 whose hearts are filled up with humanity and compassion. The latest intervention by UNO led by America and its European Allies in Libya was prompted by dictator Colonel Mummar Gaddafi’s army which killed nearly one thousand Libyans protesting against his rule. If America and its Allies would not have intervened, Libya would have seen bloodshed.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat

Road in Delhi named after Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan

This is in reference to the report “Road in Delhi named after Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan” (MG 1-15 March 2011). It is a matter of immense pleasure to know that a new road linking ring road near Sarai Kale Khan with Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station Marg has been named as a tribute to Sarod master Ustad Hafiz Ali of Gwalior. Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan is the father of the famous player Amjad Ali Khan.

S.A. Frank, Gorakhpur – UP


“The Soul of the Desert”

Regarding the book review by Mr. AG Khan (MG 16-2 Feb 2011), what does he know about modern poetry? By disparaging a book that many, including Ziauddin Sardar, has praised he proves how presumptuous and silly people can be when trying to hide their jealousy and ignorance. He blames the author of ‘The Soul of the Desert’ for not sticking to any metrical pattern. This shows his complete ignorance of modern poetry. Meter was something to which early poets religiously adhered to but which most modern poets have totally dispensed with. Mr. Khan’s knowledge of poetry doesn’t seem to match even that of average literature undergraduates. He quotes Dr. Johnson to disparage the whole institution of religious poetry. Even if one agrees with him on the evaluation of The Soul, how can any one in his senses subscribe to Johnson’s views on religious poetry? The whole book is full of lines like these that are a delight to read and inspiring. What is most abominable about Khan’s review is his presumption of being able to judge poetry, while he evidently lacks all critical acumen to do so. In the review of the book, I read in Malayalam published in Madhymam, the critic had talked about how the introduction adds to the appeal of the book. For Khan, the informative introduction is nothing but a needless appendage. Milli Gazette is not the newspaper where people want to read this kind of disparaging articles where reviewers take perverse pleasure in the game of one-upmanship.

Kamer Muneer

MG Editor: You are free to hold your views but be polite and considerate to others. Dr AG Khan is a retired professor of English and a serious scholar of Islam and literature.

Be clear on Gaddafi

I strongly feel that it is a big and serious responsibility of committed and well-respected Muslim newspapers like Milli Gazette to create the correct public opinion of Muslim Umma of India and the world towards the Libyan crisis. If MG is going to care too much about individual Muslim opinions, freedom of speech, giving analysis on Libyan crisis and so on, and then make Muslim individuals to decide on the best solution, it is not going to work effectively in forming a strong collective Muslim public opinion in unseating Gaddafi. This is what happened in the case of Saddam Hussein (just think of the opposite). Is not MG in favour of kicking out Gaddafi? If yes, then MG should try hard to create a public opinion in favour of overthrowing Gaddafi and bringing democracy to Libya with or without Western support. Since Muslim nations, OIC, the Arab League et. al. are incapable of bringing the necessary regime change by dumping murderous Gaddafi into the dustbin of history, whether we like it or not, we have to seek the support of other powerful non-Muslim nations which go along our line of thinking. Now look at the way Milli Gazette is behaving in this respect. It has published five articles on this in the April issue - two in support of the rebellion and overthrowing of Gaddafi (by Amayreh and Zafarul Islam), one by Eric Margolis was a lukewarm response. Eric’s “Is the West ready to risk getting sucked into another conflict?” tells his side of the story. Next, Karamatullah’s article on Libya is more descriptive and critical of Arabs and Americans. His long winded, verbose descriptive adjectives, as usual, do not spell out and pinpoint the direction to be taken by the Ummah. And finally, Arshi Khan’s article is totally negative and he seems to have a hidden agenda in continuing to keep Gaddafi in power. And in the process, he wants Libyans to fight and die in tens of thousands. By publishing an article like that of Arshi, MG has done a disservice to the overall international cause of the Ummah. In my opinion this is not a good idea to give widely different views on a vital political issue of the Ummah. At least the Editor should have added his personal comments below Arshi’s article. MG should take a clear stand and guide the Muslims, 95% of whom do not understand the international machinations. If our opinions are divided, we are indirectly aiding the adversaries of Islam. We have seen this happening right now in Gujarat (some Muslims falling in love with Modi’s administration, some Muslims joining BJP and so on). Going back to my Iraq comment: the newspapers that I used to read: Radiance, Impact, Crescent, Newsweek and so on brainwashed me to hate Saddam Hussein and support people like Ahmed Chalabi in killing Saddam Hussein for his crimes with the help of munafiqs. What was the result? Ya Rabbi, it is far beyond any reader’s imagination how much I sobbed, regretted spending sleepless nights and devastated to see the Iraqi nation raped and ruptured by foreign forces and millions losing their lives. And then I realised my folly and the Muslim media’s flaws. How the people of Iraq could have been saved if only Saddam had been in power, in spite of his weaknesses. Is it not the media, now MG, that made me hate Saddam? Hence I am appealing to MG to take a clear stand, no wishy washy, no two yardsticks, no sitting on the fence strategy based on the direction of the wind. I have no private axe to grind.

PA Mohamedameen (via email)

MG editor:Thank you for your feedback. We are not confused about Gaddafi. He should go, the sooner the better but should we welcome foreign troops on the Libyan soil in the bargain, as we did in Iraq? It is now a general demand all over the Muslim world that foreign troops must not land in Libya and perhaps this is one reason why western troops are yet not on the Libyan soil, at least officially. Your prescription of welocming even foriegn troops to get rid of Gaddafi quickly means that we should be ready to accept in Libya an Iraq-like situation with effective American control even if and when most of their troops go home after years of occupation - that will amount to the Arabic proverbial replacement of hot dust with fire. Even without landing on the Libyan soil, foreign powers have already started taking control of the Libyan oil assets and interests. The other point here is about Muslim media or MG. MG is not run on the Crescent International lines. We do not look at facts with a tinted glass and do not want to thrust any particular line or opinion on our readers. We have no axe, local or foreign, to grind, no personal interest in this or that situation. Our idea is to truthfully inform the community and others about the community and let them make their own opinions. We do not function like a political party organ.

Mohamed Ameen: Thanks for the quick response. It looks you are like me not watching the cricket final, but working on the more vital issues of the umma. jazakallah. I understand some of your points but unable to accept some. Okay foreign troops should not land in Libya. Then take a firm stand asserting that countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, Tunisia etc must be ready to send troops and OIC and Arab league must meet to discuss this urgent issue. The rebels are going to lose without weapons supplied by the US and Europe and eventually whether we like it or not Western forces are going to land in Libya. What mechanism you(we) have to stop this? Agree, no point in replacing the hot dust with fire? Then take a firm stand to go for some sort of compromise or negotiation with Gaddafi’s regime and and stop the killings of 1000s and wait for a more appropriate opportunity to change the regime. We can not have the cake and eat it too. You say, Our idea is to truthfully inform the community and others about the community and let them make their own opinions. We do not function like a political party organ. This is the sticking point. How would scholars like you expect the ignorant, poverty stricken, ill-informed community to make their own opinions. Imagine you were running a newspaper in 1920s, 30s and 40s, would you say the same thing about your readers making their own opinions in fighting against British colonialism and India’s independence struggle. Or would you thrust your opinions on the need to fight against the filthy British? How could we go about getting international volunteers to join on the side of anti-Gaddafi’s forces if responsible newspapers like MG are uncommitted on the side of revolution Based on Ethics and Taqwa you have to thrust sincere and God Conscious based opinions on your readers.

Editor: Intervention by a Muslim or even a Third World country with no colonial aspirations is ok but we are in no position to do anything in this regard. Running a newspaper in pre-Independence India would have certainly been different from the situation we face today.


It appears from the article “Libyan oil West’s Main Target” by Dr Zafaraul -Islam Khan as well as the Panel Discussion conducted by Farid Zakaria , CNN 3rd April, that the western powers do not rule out the idea of dividing Libya into two parts by the ill-famed policy of Divide and Rule. Instead, they can earn a lot of goodwill by a wholesome policy of Unite and Guide and usher an era of democracy and prosperity which will naturally favour the coalition countries for development work in Libya. In order to unite the country, a framework must be worked out to form a Unity Government by selecting about 20 leaders from either side who will take initial charge of of the country and appoint ministers and fill key positions in various Government Companies. While the leading men in eastern Libya are already in the forefront, the men to represent western Libya should be selected from among the defectors of Gaddafi’s ruthless and repressive regime , since most countries of the world agree on removing Gaddafi from power, so his henchmen.

Dr. Hayath Ismail, Bangalore [served for decades in Libya as professor and technical advisor]    hayathismail@


“Vishwa Hindu Parishad was paid by US to demolish Babri”

L. K. Advani had narrated in an Economic Times interview, how a US doctoral dissertation was sent to him, recommending how aggression can be translated into political power. This was in reference to his Babri Demolition Rath Yatra. Its widely believed that Babri Demolition was a test case tried by Zionists, American as well as Israelis, as a forerunner of their long standing plans to destroy Masjid al Aqsa and Dome of Rock Haram, so that they can rebuilted their Temple destroyed by Romans thousand years back. They are aware that Muslim will never stomach this kind of attack on their Holy Places in the Holy city of Jerusalem. The Zionist conspirators tried the demolition project in India and power-hungry Sangh Parivar fell for it. It is time, our Judiciary bring in conspirators from among our own people as well from foreign lands, who indulged in criminal acts of such grand scale, try them and send them to prison terms here in India, the same way Israel and US do. Demolition of Babri Masjid entailed loss of hundreds and thousands of Muslims around India, in the communal riots masterminded and executed by criminal elements, both in the state machinery as well as political organisations.

Ghulam Muhammed (feedback on MG website)


“Vishwa Hindu Parishad was paid by US to demolish Babri Masjid”: Nothing to be surprised about. Far right Hindu organizations in the US and Britain have always been actively working in collaboration with far right Christian fundamentalists in these countries by perpetually demonizing the religion of Islam and the entire universal Muslim community because of the actions of a few individuals. Muslims in India do not have leadership. There is not one strong leader to speak for the plight of the 150 million Muslims who are denied even houses, bank loans, government jobs, military service etc. At the slightest excuse, there is genocide committed against them just as it happpened in Gujarat under Modi. The worst thing is that is even State-sponsored. So where is the security for Muslims in India who have been sidelined ever since Partition. Muslims mostly live in slums and sometimes worse than Dalits. These are the Muslims who chose to remain in India after partition because they preferred to live in a democratic state. Apart from a few film, business and academic personalities, Muslims of India have a very uncertain future and a very frightening one. The few prosperous Muslims do nothing to help their brethren because they are frightened or just too selfish. Indian Muslims must produce a very powerful leader who could voice their grievances to the United Nations, III

Basically, these BJPwallas are bent upon to disintegrate the country in the name of pseudo-nationalism at the behest of foreign powers. The group named “Friends of India” operating in US is the front organization through which funds are being diverted to the Indian soil to carry out such disruptive activities.

Naqvi Farman(feedback on MG website)

Shame on you, Dr. Syedna

I am enclosing herewith a photograph published in the Indian Express Ahmedabad Edition of 4 th April ,2011. The photograph shows senior BJP leader L K Advani with Dawoodi Bohra community’s religious leader Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin who felicitates Advani offering shawl. It is a well known fact that Advani belongs to RSS ,which is an anti-Muslim organisation . He is responsible for the demolition of Babri Masjid . He is also respnsible for killing of thousands of Muslims (inclusive of Dawoodi Bohras), looting and burning of property of Muslims (inclusive of Dawoodi Bohras ) worth crores of rupees. Action of Dr. Syedna is highly objectionable and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms by all secular persons and organisations . How can Dr. Syedna felicitate a rabid communalist like Advani? Shame on you, Dr. Syedna

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat


AMU can be another Georgetown Uni

I am also one among the lakhs of alumuni of AMU, and I surely owe to this great institution. What I really think is the mindset of the teachers, they have got a streotype of mindset and do not want to comeout of the cocoon, administration has got lot of loopholes, everyone wants to loot and for that they can go upto any length. Among students we have groupism based on geographical location/domicile, teachers are also biased on same lines. No body thinks/bothers about the reputation of this great institution. When I see AMU from a distant location,my heart bleeds in pain, we have forgotten the teachings of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the prophet’s(SWS) way of brotherhood among ourselves.

Captain Kh Nasirul Haque

Violence in Kashmir

With Maulana Showkat Ahmad Shah’s murder in a mysterious explosion outside a mosque, killing the well known Kashmiri cleric’s death has again started the typical killing spree of the coming summer. We are losing our think tanks and leaders cheaply and so fastly. After Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq and especially after recent killings of Abdul Gani Lone and Sheikh Aziz, the religious leader ,heading a religious group Jamiat-e-Ahli-Hadith and also the social activist’s death is yet another big blow to Kashmiris which will increase resentment,anger,hatred,disharmony and chaos, sense of insecurity and ceaseless bloodbath among masses. Let the government take the security of leaders of different capacities seriously, so that such heartrending incidents can be checked. After all when will the sense of security prevail in the valley? Syed Adfar Rashid Shah, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi