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MG Please continue. Ummat needs you. It has been our tragedy that the first Qur’anic verse that was revealed to this Ummah was ‘Iqra’ (read!) but we have turned into a non reading community. Now people are awaking InshaAllah at precipice we change and we are changing. Please continue.. With ur trust in Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Ahsanul Haque, Jalandhar 144022   Whtie Paper on Terrorism You have announced in the Milli Gazette announced your target of producing the White Paper on Terrorism to be released during the next few months at a big convention in Delhi. I doubt that you will have necessary support because the issue is no longer as hot as it used to be. However, I strongly urge that the details that you have collected may be published in a small paper giving number of Muslim youths detained or arrested, statewise since 2001, number of those killed in custody, number of those prosecuted and penalized and number of those who were finally released. I doubt if any compensation was paid to any one of those released, the age of those who were released with the number of years spent in prison may also to be given. This would be useful for mounting pressure on the government for suitable compensation Syed Shahabuddin, Ex-MP, New Delhi   Complex challenge in Kashmir It is a good news that 71% of KashmirIs have turned up for voting.They have interest in elections to this extent. But we want a guarantee that no militants should intrude from Pakistan and attack our armymen and kill 3-4 Jawans and one-two army officers each time. Militants sacrifice their precious lives and call themselves “Shaheed”. The question is how long this tragedy will continue. Can the government give the guarantee that after the elections are over all the seven lakh armymen will return to Delhi and the new elected government will peacefully run the government like UP, Bihar, and Odisha. The government should not forget that we are surrounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and 60 Muslim countries which are dead against India’s anti-Muslim and anti-Islam policy. The government should allow RSS to stay in Kashmir and play its role to seduce the separatists to live amicably in India. Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Mainstream Media’s double standards An acquittal of “Muslim” terror accused after spending over a decade in jails does not mean that the accused is not guilty. It just means that Police did not investigate properly and did not collect evidence properly. The public prosecutor was not good, etc. The media seldom talks to the acquitted person. Just a small news is buried in the inside pages. Now see the case of Shweta Basu Prasad. Where does media ethics go when a Miyaan Bhai is acquitted? M. D. Khaiba
Muslim alienation The emergence of AIMIM by some Political Analysts is seen as the beginning of a new Militant Muslim Culture with Indian Polity . This is true to some extent because now after 67 years of freedom Muslims are realizing that Secular Ruling Elite had failed them to serve the community Interest. The way state machinery was used 2002 Gujrat Carnage and the Central Govt. headed by Liberal PM Atalji miserably failed to stop the killing of innocent Muslims and on the top of all the failure of of UPA-1 and UPA -2 to provide justice to the victims and punishment to perpetrators of the crimes further alienated the the Muslims. As a result secularism has become the suspect in the eyes of Muslims Under these circumstances AIMIM has provided a political platform to the Muslims. Barrister Owaisi is a liberal Middle class Muslim Leader. He can not be branded Communalist .His thrust is on unity of Muslims, Dalits and OBCs as an alternative to existing Secular Parties. His politics is Identity Based instead of personality based. May be Owaisi does not get much seats in coming elections but he is a big threat to Secular Parties. BJP is very happy to see AIMIM to contesting elections in many states which will result in division of Secular votes to the benefit of BJP. Prof. Shamim Ahmad,AMU   Why dubious character is in central cabinet? SP of Bihar Human Rights Commission, Amitabh Das, requested the government to enquire into the tacit relationship between cabinet minister Sri Griraj Singh with the banned Ranbir Sena and his name in IT loop appeared in the one crore rupees theft from his official residence. Griraj Singh during MP election delivered speeches against Muslims saying that those who oppose Modi must be sent to Pakistan. S. Haque, Patna   Minister killed, 40 years to deliver justice If the team of Guinness Book of World Records is invited, they will certainly publish this shameful case as the world’s longest lasting court matter in the world of criminal jurisprudence. Delhi’s Karkardooma District Court has convicted the accused on 8th Dec. 2014 but they will appeal in the High Court which may take 5 years to pronounce the judgement and the last appeal will be filed in the Supreme Court which will take another 5 years to beat half century score for a government case. Shri Lalit Narayan Mishra, Railway Minister was shot dead by then a 27 years old advocate Ranjan Dwivedi, an Anand Margi youth in January 1975 at Samastipur Station. He is 67 years old now and a heart patient. As 31 defence witnesses out of total 40 died during this 4 decades of hearing, how many of 4 convicts of whom one already died, will be alive when the final judgement is delivered? Why criminals in the Society and politics should afraid of such court cases? A case of justice delayed is justice denied (or died)? The remedy? Only to unite and fight for right of fair and fast justice under the banner of Save judiciary-save nation. Bhagvanji Raiyani, Forum For Fast Justice   Abdul Rahman Antulay Among the only few Muslims who got to serve as Chief Minister of any Indian State, Abdul Rehman Antulay, the ‘enfant terrible’ of Maharashtra politics, was felled by his own Congress Party for just being a Muslim. Indian Express did a hatchet job in ‘exposing’ corruption in Antulay’s Indira Gandhi Parthisthan funding, through unofficial arm twisting of builders against cement quotas while Indira Gandhi ditched him, even though the entire project was known to her, even though possibly not with her express instructions. He finally won the case against him in Supreme Court, as cleared for lack of evidence. However, Indian Express had enough evidence with them to hold a Kangaroo court trial and indict him in people’s court. Today, the same Indian Express is coming out with eulogy with tail behind the hind legs, admitting in so many words that it had wronged the man. Similarly, a mere sentence in the cabinet meeting, uttered by Antulay to institute a deeper inquiry in the death/murder of SIT Chief Karkare, got entire Congress leadership to demote him summarily and even manufacture his defeat in his own constituency. Antulay was hinting at Hindu Terror, for which Advani has warned Karkare one day earlier than his death. This is enough to prove that Congress and Hindutvatis had some understanding on the terror front, at highest levels. Antulay’s rise and fall is a sad chapter of India’s invidious communal politics that has not yet run out of its course. Ghulam Muhammed,Mumbai   Why saffron brigade targets madrasas? Madrasas are cradles of humanity where poor and destitute students are given free food, lodging and tuition. Lakhs of madrasas are run on Zakat and charity. Saffron brigades are afraid that madrasas may start teaching science, maths and modern education to Muslim children and empower them. That is why saffron brigade targets madrasas. S. Haque,Patna Muslim blood has no value Probably brutalities, murdering and killings of Muslims in large number through communal frenzies, atrocities, humiliation in various ways, fake encounters, chain of arresting of highly educated well settled Muslim youths in the name of fabricated terrorist stories, interfering in the performance of religious obligations, venomous and false propaganda at regular interval through all type of available medias were proved insufficient, now anti-Muslim elements comprising Congress and Hindutva family have adopted another mode of operation against helpless and unsaved Muslims with all force and power to vandalisd, malgn, butchering and destroying their properties with livelihood under the full vigilance, guidance and protection of custodian of law and legal process. Every now and than we come across posting images, comments on social media under Muslim identity by creating fake pages thus involving Muslims is at high peak in different forms from one place to another after which hooliganism begins against the second grade citizens alleging them responsible for causing hurt to religious sentiments of Hindus hence they deserved to be punished not by the law but by Hindutva forces themselves as the country is now hindu nations for all reasons and purposes. Faheemudidn, Nagpur   How Irani’s photo with astrologer became public? It refers to news-item with photo of Union Minister for Human Resource Development Smriti Irani having visited an astrologer Pandit Nathulal Vyas in Karoi village of Bhilwara  (Rajasthan) along with her husband Zubin Irani on last Sunday for a four-hour long meeting, where the astrologer has reported to have predicted Smriti Irani to become President of India in future! Astrologer has claimed to have earlier made a ‘correct’ forecast of Smriti Irani getting a prestigious post which she got as Union Minister despite her losing Lok Sabha elections. Smriti Irani has objected, and rightly too, against making the issue a topic of public debate while it was purely her private affair. But big question is how photo of her showing hand to the astrologer, and astrologer’s prediction reached to media if she wanted privacy in this regard. Subhash Chandra Agrawal,Chandni Chowk, Delhi   Check corruption Presently manufacturers deliberately leave a big gap between printed Maximum Retail Price  (MRP) or list-price and actual ex-factory price of commodities mainly to be used as bribe for purchase-officers in offices including those in government and public-sector. Most of the times, actual ex-factory price is just one third of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price. To overcome such bribes for purchase-officers, Union government should impose excise-duty on basis of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price rather than ex- factory price. Even presently such a system is prevailing for some selected commodities only, which should be compulsorily extended for all commodities in general. These observations are based on information provided by some manufacturers whose products are mainly supplied to various departments of Union and state governments including also to public-sector undertakings and local bodies as also can be practically observed in wholesale markets. Union government should also make appropriate changes in Packaged Commodities Act to check menace of gimmick packaging by manufacturers to cheat consumers. India should follow South Africa in extending ‘Right-To-Information’ Act in private sector too. Madhu Agrawal,Delhi   Modi promise on black money In his speech after speech during the last general elections campaign, BJP’s star compaigner Narendra Modi had promised that the colossal black money stashed in foreign banks would be brought back to India within 100 days after the BJP comes to power. In one such pre-poll meeting he went to the extent of enticing the gullible masses that after the ‘kala dhan’ is brought back, each poor person can be given Rupees Fifteen to Twenty lakh. Having failed to fulfill the promise even after six months in power, the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley should have the humility to seek an apology from the people and the opposition parties, instead of trying to defend the indefensible. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, AP   Iqbal The great poet Dr. Allama Iqbal is a phenomenon of the spiritual literary world. Unparalled and unforgettable poems are still alive in the hearts of the crores of fans which is a remarkable momentum of greatness and his glory. The master piece of Iqbal’s work remains with the title ‘Shikva Jaabe Shikva’ which is the spontaneous and remarkable questions and answers between two pure hearts. The famous poem, “Sare Jahan se Acha Hindustan Hamara” triumphs the patriotism among the whole Indians without any partiality. That song should be selected as our national anthem. But unfortunately it was no selected as our national anthem because of some narrow minded politicians conspiracy Our MG gains and wins the hearts of justified humans, because of the extreme publication of Iqbals article. Haji. M. Anwardeen, Titachery - 609703   BPJ’s lust for J&K The thirst for coming to power in J&K, by hook or by crook, seems to have prompted the BJP to trounce its own set principles. Not long ago, the talks between Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan were cancelled by the BJP government, raising strong objections to consultations held by the Pakistan High Commissioner with separatist Hurriyat leaders. However, in the run-up to the Assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir, senior leaders of BJP including Prime Minister Narendra Modi were seen warming up to former J&K separatist leader Sajjad Lone as he fits into the BJP-strategy of causing electoral loss to Mehbooba Mufti’s PDP. The BJP had been shouting from the rooftops over the abrogation of Article 370 till recently. But in its ‘vision document’ released in the State, the party chose to conveniently keep silence on the subject. While the BJP was vehemently speaking against religious-based quotas till the other day, it chose to ditch its avowed policy by announcing quota to the Kashmiri Pandits and the refugees of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Perhaps, no other political party can match with the BJP visavis double standards. S. Sultan Mohiddin,Kadapa (A. P)   Haramzada… Sadhvi Niranjan has proved that the reservation for women should not be more than 10%. The other reason is her abnormal lifestyle (being estranged from husband). This way of life affects the psychology and normal behaviour of women. If a man does not marry within a particular age, his behaviour will also be abnormal. Muslims give due respect to Sri Ram but they cannot worship him. There is every possibility that he might have been a messenger of Allah who sent around one lakh and forty  thousand messengers throughout the world. We came across hundreds of sadhus like Rampal, Asaram, Nithyanand, Pragya Thakur, Uma Bharati etc, “Haram-zada” is a purely Islamic terminology. All boys and girls who are born out of illegitimate sexual relations are called “harazadas” (bastards). This term cannot be used for non-Muslims. I shall advise Sadhvi Niranjan to discard her abnormal lifestyle and get married to an able gentleman and lead a happy married life. If not, better resign without embarrassing the government. Dr AH Maqdoomi,Hyderabad   Terror blasts WB CM Mamta Banerjee accused Centre for stage-managing Bardwan blast whcih she a conspiracy. The TMC version appeared in an English daily as “Bardwan blast was programme of BJP divisionary game plan approved by RSS” (TOI, 23 Nov., 14). Narendra Modi’s rally in Gandhi Maidan saw serial balsts in which many innocent persons died and many were injured. Bihar cabinet minister Mr. Ramai Ram said on 16 Nov. 13  why the bombs exploded in Modi’s rally? Cabinet minister Narendra Singh explained that Modi is biggest terrorist and BJP was having close links with the Patna serial blast terrorists who were used to gather public sympathy. S. Haque, Patna   Death Penalty Islam allowed death penalty 1400 years ago. If death punishment is given to a killer, It will be a lesson to other criminal minded elements  but if he is given 20 years imprisonment, it will not be beneficial to the criminal. Instead, his expenditure shall have to be borne by the public. AH Maqdoomi,Hyderabad   India’s relations with Israel and Muslim nations No secrecy is made hitherto either by Congress or continued by BJP being its fundamental policy for establishing and maintaining thick relations with Israel at each and every front at the cost of Muslim nations with whom it has still hostile relations. Baring the reins of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhi the favourable turning of India began soon with the appearance of Rajiv Gandhi on Indian political horizon with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind the curtain and BJP went ahead and openly shook hands with the rogue country which is never appreciated by Indian Muslims. Now the question is as to why blame India only. Look at Muslim countries like Egypt and others who have same friendly relations with that rogue state though they get no advantage from it. In such circumstances in case India fails to condemn Israel for brutality, massacre and all sorts of inhumanity against Palestinians but what the Muslim countries doing in this connection whereas hundreds of innocent children in Palestine dying every day by way of shuddering of blood and butchery by Israel. The existence of countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other so-called Muslim nations significantly a great shame for their motionless attitudes and anti Palestinian policies, so why to blame India a country with anti-Muslim majority, feelings, policies and hatred. Faheemuddin, Nagpur   Crime Against Women The Supreme Court has done well by awarding death sentence to a 53 -year old man from Maharashtra after he was found guilty of raping a four year old girl and stoning her to death. A three -Judge bench of Justices Dipak Misra, Rohinton Nariman and U. U. Lalit held the crime as ‘the rarest of rare’ as the child had always addressed the man from her neighbourhood as uncle and trusted him. They further stated that “ The rape of a minor girl child is nothing but a monstrous burial of her dignity in the darkness. It is against the holy body of a girl child and the soul of the society and such a crime is aggravated by the manner in which it has been committed,” Such incidents have become the order of the day. According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2013 report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Out of these, 24,470 were allegedly committed by relative or neighbour. In other words, the victim knew the alleged rapist in 98% of the cases. Why there is so much eruption in this crime. There are so many reasons behind it. (1) Immodesty, (2) Parents negligence in upbringing of their children, (3) Alcohol and (4) Ineffective law in respect of it appear to be the causes of such odds. Immodesty: It is such a menace which leads one towards adultery, fornication, rape, molestation and other obscene acts. Both male and female are responsible of allowing such circumstances to crop up. In past they were rare. Ever since the western culture has its effects situation has taken an ugly turn. This is western culture which has dampened Indian culture and smashed its social fabric. It is modesty that keeps us away from indulging in a host of evil deeds and absurd acts. There is much emphasis in Islam on observing modesty holy Prophet says: “Every religion has a distinctive quality and the distinctive quality of Islam is modesty” (Muwatta). He again says: Modesty and faith exist together and when one of them goes out, the other, too, goes out. “(Baihaqi)” Modesty brings nothing but good” (Bukhari and Muslim). Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Nadwa College, Lucknow   BJP is rumour-monger Former CM of Bihar Nitish Kumar has said that the BJP is an outfit of rumour-mongers. After two decades, Mr Kumar could open his mouth revealing the facts about Sangh Parivar. Whereas the current CM of Bihar Sri Jitan Ram Manjhi said forwards are outsiders. In facts, historians and Dalit scholars branded them “Manuwadis” while Mr Manjhi called them forwards. These Manuwadis are Aryan invaders. That is why revolutionary thinkers called them rumour-spreading society and Mayawati had said “Dalits are not Hindus” S. Haque, Patna