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Media is shielding failure of BJP centre govt and other letters to the editor

Black money stashed by desh bhakts?
Mr. Rajnath Singh on 17 April 2014 said in thane that all the stashed black money in abroad would be brought back within 100 days Mr. Marendra Modi said there was enough black money abroad for every poor to receive Rs. 15 L. Mr. Arun Jaitly F. M has claimed that HSBC information about 627 Indian name reached. Indian public money stashed abroad by whom? Are they chanters of bande matram? Now it is time for them who has been shouting “desh bhakti ki pehchan - bande matram ki gaan” to answer.
S. Haque, Patna

Judicial terrorism
The very useful and essential “anti dowry act” are so badly used in Hindustan so this act has become “Taboo” in society. The low and act was made to protect harass women. Supreme Court branded 498 A as judicial terrorism. (Hindi Daily / 06/12/14 / article Ed. Page) “TADA” of Congress. “POTA” of BJP, and other laws framed to check and control terrorism are grossly misused against innocent. But judiciary never felt it judicial terrorism and let khaki terror go unnoticed and unpunished.
S. Haque, Patna

Media is shielding failure of BJP centre govt
BJP top brass leaders in Parliamentary election targetted UPA failure for not bringing back huge black money stashed in foreign banks. They aired data of amount that every poor Indian would get Rs. 15 L share from the black money. In India approximately 40 crores are in poor category. Media had been publishing the saffron brigade written articles Now the same media is pushing logic that “the hands of government might be tied in bringing back black money form abroad but government should check black money business in India”. National Hindi daily (30 Nov) published an article to shield the failure of BjP and to divert peoples attention from the failure by raising Indian hidden money which is more that black money stashed abroad.
S. Haque, Patna

Total collapse of traffic system in Delhi
Delhi has been witnessing a total collapse of the traffic system which is due to through and highly deplorable inefficiency of Delhi Traffic Police. At New Delhi and Delhi Railway Stations Auto Rickshaw drivers charge highly exorbitant fares from passengers. The writer has personal experience of this. But unfortunately there is no traffic constable to stop this high handedness of auto rickshaw drivers. Motorcyclist and scooter walas violate the two way system and even use the corridor meant for pedestrians at the risk of fatal accidents. But there is no intervention of traffic police.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091

“Generations of avengers”
Praveen Swamy is a senior journalist with a one-track mind. Unlike an ideal journalist, who should be objective in his/her reporting or analysis, Swamy deals with so-called Jihadi terrorism. He has never bothered to go deeper into the psyche that drives people towards ‘terrorism’ or if this terrorism could be state policy to keep Muslims subdued. In following article of 1231 words, tracing Tunda’s career, he mentions about 1985 communal riot of Gujarat, in barely few words. A level headed writer, with peace of his country in mind, would have gone into both sides of the crime and come out with some peace-making, pacifying advice. On the contrary, he appears to incite and provoke one side, by exposing the other side in lurid details. Such people are guilty of sowing seeds of division among communities and are on the verge of inviting legal action for their paranoia poisoning the polity.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai