The Anti-Christ on “Good Governance Day”


Now, if your governance were good,

You would not be wasting food

On those whom your lord meant

To be meek and beloved of god.

You would hoard every morsel

To profit those who are smart.

Unburdened by a feeling heart.

If your governance were good,

You would have understood

That only those whose Christ is

In Kashi, Mathura, or Hardwar.

Whose Mohammed is not too far

From  Ayodhya may have an  aadhar

Card, and claim to citizenship.

Excising all the others, how  much

More compact and genuine, pure

And pristine our governance would

Have been. You think good governance

Should mean giving unto all according

To need without discrimination;

Mor fool you: there can be no good

Governance unless you feed

The productive greed of those that have,

Reliance must be put on  Reliance,

For they are the true nation;

The rest are mere population.

You think good govgernance means

Cleaning up the Augean stables.

Not so. Good governance means

Propagating that idea but, visible

Broom in hand, sweeping only a  nice,

Clean street, and fixing some loose cables

You think good governance means

Doing the things you say you will do;

Not so; it only means saying ad nauseum

You will do, you have done, you always do,

Unlike the other fellows, making

Brazen babble stand for what you

Never do or mean to do. Otherwise,

What sense would it  make to say

You are a  posse  with a difference?

Where others falter in actions, you

Accomplish in words. When a word

Is spoken, think that the  deed is done,

And make all the others think so too.


Good governance means, whatever

The circumstance, however keen

The anchor, never go into a blinker

Even in the midst of the most blatant

Untruth;  kosher  nationalists must

Never feel shame; good governance

Means to make it seem that even

In the grossest funk, you are

On top of the game. Good governance

Means when all else fails, beat a bold

Drum, and  drown the critic in “vande mataram.”

Good governacne means calling the “lost

Souls”  back into the fold, but not let

Them make bold to enter the temple.

Good governance  means giving women

Ample room to be Devis or “Fallen” ones

Instead, but never let them be women

In flesh and blood.