Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor



I hope Milli Gazette will continue its glorious service to Ummah. It will be a tragedy in the history of Muslims of India if this organ ceases its publication. May Almighty help us all.

Mr. P. A. Rasheed, P. O. Niramaruthur, Tirur - 676109


Your decisions of closing down the Milli Gazette shocked us like any thing. In fact, to start and to continue any newspaper/magazine, that too with secular image & transparent polices is a “mujahidana” task. We greet your efforts, courage and dedication. My humble request to you is to continue it. It’s a mirror you show to society, nation and country. This way you bring the facts before people. My Salam and best wishes to the whole team of Milli Gazette.                Abdul Hameed, Maharashtra


I earnestly appeal to you not to stop or close down the publication of MG. Let me quote a couplet: Tera ho ‘azm salamat, teri ho ‘umr daraaz Zamaana tujh say bada kaam lenay wala hai.

Mohammad Nizamul Haque, Varanasi 221003


Marriage vs live-in relationship

The institution of marriage needs to be upheld and protected. A newly born child needs a family to grow up. It is the family that provides both care, love and affection as vital for his or her growth. The live-in relationship experiment of the west has done immense harm to our society. We should resolutely refuse to follow the west and strictly adhere to our ideal sacred moral principles. It is most unfortunate that the Hon’ble supreme court of the country, there is nothing wrong in live-in relationship. This verdict is sure to play havoc with our highly precious social system and will destroy our time honoured moral values are the basis or our national culture and lead to sexual anarchy of the worst type. India will become another USA and the institution of marriage wil disappear and there will be an army of children legitimacy and that would be the saddest day for the country.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Birthday celebrations

The day of the hanging of Nathuram Godse,who killed Gandhiji, was celeberated by some saffron groups as “Shaurya Diwas”.. BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj called Nathuram a “patriot”. An Indian political party had celebrated the birth anniversary of Prabhakaran, the LTTE head who had killed Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi. Some groups celebrate birth and death anniversaries of Bhindranwale due to whom Indian PM Indira Gandhi was killed.          S. Haque, Patna


Indian bureaucracy

Today it is bureaucracy which is ruling ever the country. It reminds us of an anecdote of Stuart England when an English satirist asked, “who rules England” and he got the reply from a political scientist” The King”. Who rules the king was the next question and came the reply “The Duke”, and who rules the Duke the reply was the “The Devil”. In the present Indian context if the question is asked who rules the country, the reply will be “Parliament” as under democratic constitution Indian Parliament is supreme and the reply to the next question, who rules the Parliament, the reply, will be “the bureaucracy.” This reply reveals the reality. Indian bureaucracy has become the greatest stumbling block and greatest hurdle in the smooth working of India democracy. In fact it is quite in compatible with democratic setup. The two cannot go together. In a democratic setup the government is for the people must serve them and do things for their welfare. Bureaucracy on the other hand become a far more potent and vital part in our administrative system. It has indeed become the most powerful and the most effective part of our system and has been lampooned for this obsession with files and out of date rules which are not in tune with times. Very many sufferings of the common man are due to cumbersome and time consuming procedures followed by bureaucracy. If Rafi Ahmad Kidwai’s sound suggestion of scraping this system, would have been accepted an Indian would have made marvellous progress. There is rightly a hue and cry on the corruption of ministers and politicians but how strange it is that there is little hue and cry on the corruption of bureaucrats although reports raids at the houses of bureaucrats are published daily in news papers about their fabulous wealth. Time has come when the bureaucratic setup is done away and is replaced by a civil service whose members considered themselves ad servants of the people are in view of the spirit of public service.           

                Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 91


Salute to Justice N. Kirubakaran

Hon’ble Justice N. Kirubakaran of TN high Ccourt (Madurai bench) has delivered a land mark judgement in Syed Muhammad death case who was shot dead by police SI A. Kalidass, ordering TN government to give a job in the state to the kin of Syed Muhammad and asked the state govt to enhance compensation as govt had announced Rs. 5 lakh ex gratia. This landmark judgement by Justice Kirubakaran will have wide repercussions in Indian judiciary.               S. Haque, Patna


Conversions and Re-converdions

Mr Rajeshwar Singh has adopted a wrong strategy for conversions of Muslims. He is rather selling Hinduism @ of Rs 5 lakhs per Muslim. It is a costly affair. Why does he not adopt the methodology of Dr Zakir Naik who is converting people to Islam without paying a single rupee. Naik  appeals to the minds and convinces his audience by his speeches and gives authentic references from Bible, Geeta, Upanishads and Vedas. To convert Muslims to Hinduism is very bad. Hinduism has no charm.

Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad


1956,1982 and 2014 -- looking into all three years in order to finding a few similarity of course is a hectic deed nevertheless looking into very much deeper you may exactly get something similar. The discussion over religious conversion have been boiled and people have devoted their heed toward this specific issue in above years 1956 a huge really lead by a face of wreakers oppressed and poor. in this rally he wiped out his ancestor religion and went to a entirely new fold along his thousands of follower. merely conversion in ambedkar rally expressed the true picture of Indian enthusiasm for securing the higher values of secularism. after sided 1956 both years rather it were 1982 when hundreds of chhattisgarh residents came to completely new fold of their life or it is 2014 during which forcibly conversation programme organised by few extremist powers in order toflipping the communal hatred both marked the dark spot over Indian secularism. conversion is something which is coming from since long ages and must be prevail to next centuries because this is something which is depend upon each individual freewill.         

                Syed Faiz Ali


After creating communal tension BJP is suggesting to enact a law to Ban Conversion and asking opposition parties for the cooperation in this regard This is simply to divert the attention and mislead the people. BJP should know that the Constitution of India has given the right to every citizen to choose the religion of his choice. Actually BJP is trying for this law since long. Now after creating lot of tension by threatening to covert large number of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism it is trying to trap opposition as if this law will solve all the Social problems of India. The hidden agenda of BJP behind this move is to have one way conversion from Christianity and Islam to Hinduism in the name of PRAVARTAN ( Ghar Vaapsi ).. Indian Constitution guaranty the Freedom of Religion. so BJP will not succeed in this venture. More over even if Bhagwa outfits succeed to continue this game of Ghar Vaapsi then there is every possibility of Muslims producing more children. The only solution to maintain Communal Harmony is that every religion or faith should be respected. where every body have the right to propagate the teaching of his Religion but not allowed to force any body to change his Religion. which BJP is doing in the name of Ghar Vaapsi.There is only one way to have communal harmony “Doosron Ke Aqeede Ko Chedo Nahin, Aur Apne Aqeede Ko Chhodo Nahi”.              Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


US terror

America and its allies are still not satisfied even after slaughtering lakhs of innocent Muslims and their leaders and rulers. Still the notorious global terrorist hunting Muslim countries on fake and fallacious grounds in order to loot them as if it was doing in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Kuwait, Afganistan, Pakistan, Sudan etc. America looted all the wealth of Iran during the reign of Shah when citizens turned against the Shah and he fled to America with wealth loaded in several airoplanes under the dark of night. Now America trying to enter Iran at many levels.   

                Raj Mohan, Trivandrum - 9


ISIS tweeter

Good morning. You’re the best person to give me a cogent explanation to this query. The government of India and the dubious intelligence have pounced upon one IT professional Mendi as a tweeter working for ISIS in India. It’s been reported that he’s translating cryptic Arabic messages into English and spreading them. My question is: Is this 24-year-old chap erudite enough to master a difficult language like Arabic as to be able to understand its cryptic meanings? There could be something grossly wrong in the whole investigation and I smell a rat. He’s being framed by the intelligence agencies. What do you say?      SP, Poona

MG: This man had no Arabic education and even if he had Arabic education in India, he will not be able to even understand a simple modern Arabic text let alone decipher cryptic messages [Whey there should be “cryptic” messages if the same are going to be shared on an open platform?]. Another information which came to me from a reliable person is that Mehdi’s [not Mehndi] twitter account was working even after his arrest which means that either he did not control that account/it did not belong to him or that a number of persons controlled that account with a shared password. A third assumption is that this man is an intelligence asset and he is being used/or made victim as in the past, to create the kind of environment the new government is preparing in order to start afresh a vigorous anti-terror campaign in right earnest. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)

SP:.Why don’t people in India understand this simple thing that this guy is being made a scapegoat? Here in India, even Arabic professors don’t understand colloquial Arabic and this English-educated, Calcutta born chap is translating Arabic texts into English! I’m groping for words...........


It has almost become evident with the Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement in the Parliament that the Bangaluru software engineer Mehdi Masroor Biswas did not recruit for IS and his activities were ‘limited to expressing support’ to the organisation. The Muslim youth should take cognizance of the episode and must be on their guard in using the social network media like Twitter and Facebook. The organisations like ISIS and Taliban have done colossal damage to Islam and its preaching of peace. Any sensible Muslim cannot express sympathy to such outfits. Having said that, hasn’t the electronic media jumped the gun once again in proclaiming a person as an offender even before the investigation is incomplete? Doesn’t the stigma haunt the whole family of the youth, which may even afflict his professional career?

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


Wish List Of The Sangh Parivar

To declare 30th a National Holiday to celebrate the ‘good riddance” of Mahathma Gandhiji by “Desh Neta Godseji” · To declare 26th of May as a National Rejoicing Day to mark the assumption of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister To declare 6th December as a holiday to celebrate it as a National Kar Sevak Day ·To penalize those who refuse to participate in Hindu festivals such as krishna Jayanthi. Holi, etc., ·To ban slaughter of birds and animals and consumption of Non-Vegetarian Food and in short · See that non-hindus return to their original homes thro: ‘ghar vapasi’ ceremonies - officially as well as non-officially and · In short, make Secular India a Hindu India!

S. M. Pasha, Periamet, CHENNAI 600003


Five lakh animals sacrificed in a Hindu mandir

Every year in Gadi Maiee mandir near Indian-Nepal border in Nepal more than 5 lakh animals are sacrificed during hindu festivals to please devis placed in the mandir. The devotees have astha in the devi idol and believe that godess would bestow her blessing on the devotees who sacrifice animals. Animal rights activists are not against these sacrifice in Hindu temple because they don’t want to hurt hindu astha. (Reuters / Hindi daily / 29/11/14) And in INdia they protest against Islamic Zabiha (slaughter) of Halal animals branding it as “jeev hathya”.            S. Haque, Patna



I struggle to understand what the Hindu Right is up to. While some of its people organise religious conversions -- never mind what they are called -- in Agra and propose to do the same in Aligarh, its parliamentarians like Adityanath and Jaitley call for laws against such conversion. Is it a matter of “We may do it, you may not”?                Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091


Let Us Work For United India

Way back in May 2014, it was all jubilation in India. Modi had won with a thumping majority. He had promised good days for the nation. Public representatives while taking oath of office, re-affirm their faith in constitution of India and they also pledge to uphold National unity. Unfortunately, law makers are the law-breakers as well. Among other news channels, NDTV’s Barkha Dutt was also seen very happy at BJP headquarters in New Delhi, covering the post-win celebrations. Rajdeep Sardesai had said on CNN-IBN after Modi’s win “Let us give a chance to Modi to prove. Of course we must be cautious”. Major credit for Modi’s win goes to media. A section of media also lost its credibility due its over coverage of Modi events. But, Asaduddin Owaisi in his first public speech after elections had made it clear, the drama of development will fade in an year and BJP will show its originals colours. Now the emerging scenario makes it clear that within 6 months Modi has proved he is RSS representative and he must act so. Irresponsible statements by BJP MPs, peace disturbing actions by hindutva forces, and govt. inaction, does it not mean the joint collusion of RSS / BJP?           Hassan Masood


Inquiry commission and deceiving commission

A judicial commission led by Justice Madhvendra Sharan was given responsibility to enquire into the police firing on a peaceful agitation in Forbesganj during which four innocent Muslims were killed by police. Four years have passed but Justice Sharan has failed to submit his enquiry report. On the other hand, the committee headed by home commissioner Aamir Subhani submitted its enquiry report into the “Ravan Dehan” stampede at Patna within just two months of its  formation. On 28 November. Judicial commission to enquire into police firing and rioting in protest of a killing in Madhubani submitted its report within two years. Some enquiry commissions are meant for enquiry while others are for deceiving people.      S. Haque, Patna


BJP policitcs

The endeavour by the BJP, on the strength of its majority, to make Gita a “National Book” is nothing but violent nationalism, which is otherwise known as imperialism and is a curse, according to Gandhiji- vide CWMG Vol: XXV - page 369.   S. M. Pasha


Peshawar carnage

Dear sir I m happy to read the resolution. Darul uloom Deoband should issue a fatwa against these organisations as Mushrik or Kafir Organisation, they are sitting silent, they should not sit like his, the world is weeping, most of the women in India and Pakistan burst into tears when saw the scene on TV, no doubt they are fighting for the powers with the cover of regions Islam and Islam is getting bad name through out the world Darul Uloom played a sign if ant role freedom of the country, they should come out.                   Capt (retd) Zainul Abedin Kkhan, LA, USA


The massacre of about 140 students and teachers in an army school in Peshawar by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan is a heinous crime which must be condemned outright by all the humanity. While Pakistan must be blamed for soft-peddling the terrorist outfit, the United States was actually responsible to create the Frankestein called ‘Taliban’ about two decades ago in the Af-Pak region, to serve its imperial agenda of dislocating the erstwhile U. S. S. R from Afghanistan. But as the irony would have it, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said over Pakistan’s flawed policy: “It’s like that old story - you can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbours. Eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard.” Ms. Hillary wants the world to conveniently forget that the so-called “snakes” were created by her nation as a part of its foreign policy.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


Commercialization of Education

All countyrmen have to lament that education in the country has now become a thriving industry. Admissions to technical institutions and to institutions imparting education in professional courses are give on the basis of donations exceeding six figures. In flagrant violation of Indian constitution which provides for free and compulsory education to students up to the age of 14, public schools are charging excessive amount of thousands of rupees from the parents and guardians of students not once but after every three months during one academic session. These publics school’s are public only in name but are really centres of worst kind of exploitation which is the norm of private sector or privatization. One has to pay for admission forms of universities not on payment of paltry amount. Mr. Kapil Sibal, the energetic H. R. D. Minister will really do a national services by adopting strong preventive measures to totally stop commercialization of education i. e. the conversions of education into a thriving industry.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Peshawar: A black day for the Muslim community

In Koran the holy book of Islam God says very clearly that He sent the religion of Islam through prophet Mohammad as a mercy to mankind, to remove oppression, injustice, mayhem, violence and anarchy from earth. Under the banner of Islam mankind made much progress and achieved much enlightenment. But presently we are in a period of time when some misled Muslim groups are indiscriminately torturing and killing innocent non-Muslims and innocent Muslims in large numbers almost every week and almost everywhere. The Muslim majority countries are in worst shape.               Kaleem Kawaja, Washington DC


India and Palestine

The BJP government which is at the helm of affairs at the Centre is contemplating to end support to Palestine at the United Nations. Mahatma Gandhi had said - “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense as England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs.” His views echoed in India’s long support to the Palestinian cause. The decades-long foreign policy framed by the Indian policy makers during the Nehruian era had been consistently watered down since the times of P. V. Narasimha Rao, which continued during the period of A. B. Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan Singh. The tectonic shift in India’s relations with Israel was based on “enlightened self-interest” as described by former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, referring to the massive arms deal between the two nations. It is very unfortunate that the country of the Mahatma has started believing in the notion of ‘running with the hounds’!

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


Muslims must revisit their agenda

Since 1901, Norway has given Nobel prizes to 864 individuals and 25 organisation for their splendid job in their respectivefields. Muslims bgged on six Nobels whereas 165 jews, 115 Christians, 11 Hindus got Nobels. Out of 205 countries, 57 are Muslim which have some 500 universities but the tiny Japan has 1200 universities. Rich Arabs are busy building tallest buildings, palm beaches, longest gold-chains, camel races, safari shopping malls, aeroplanes etc, while Warren Buffet, the American  trillionaire, donated 13000 crore rupees for charity in 2014. To regain self-esteem, Muslims must revisit their agenda.

S. Haque, Patna