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Indian Muslims in US Condemn Attacks on Churches in India

MARYLAND, USA (February 5, 2015) : It is with much sadness that we Indian Muslims who live in the United States of America have learned that in the last couple of months several Christian churches in New Delhi and elsewhere in north India have been vandalized. Also some militant sectarian groups have organized forced conversion of poor Christians into Hinduism in some cities in north India in the last few months.  As of now the police has not apprehended any of the culprits.  When Christians held a peaceful protest rally in New Delhi the police beat them up and arrested several of them including pastors and nuns.

These incidents are terrible violations of the human rights of peaceful Christians.  We Indian Muslims who live in US condemn such incidents very strongly and appeal to the Prime Minister of India to take strong and effective action to protect India's Christians and their places of worship, schools, houses etc and to bring the culprits to justice in accordance with the laws of India. 

We echo the statements of US President Barrack Obama who has expressed much anguish on the occurrence of religion based violence and the baiting of religious minorities in India.  It s incumbent on the Indian government to not allow the occurrence of sectarian violence and tension in India and ensure that Indians of all religious persuasions get equal opportunities in all walks of life.

Kaleem Kawaja
Executive Director
Association of Indian Muslims of America
Association of Indian Muslims of America PO Box 10654, Silver Spring, MD 20914 kaleemkawaja#gmail