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Why I oppose Modi

Recently one of my friends wrote on my facebook page. “Actually I have been following your posts for last 5-6 months and after analysing all these I find that your posts are against Modi & BJP. Is there any firm reason behind it or just that we are Muslim so we should be an anti-BJP”?

Here is my answer to my friends who want to know why I oppose Narendra Modi.

Believe me my posts are not to please or demean anyone. Yes my posts are against Modi but not all of them against BJP.

In the past I have written against Congress/Samajwadis/Nitish/Shiv Sena/ MNS etc. Modi was elected PM nine months ago and in these nine months I did not find any of his actions towards the National Integrity. Modi believes in “Riot and Rule” almost similar what Britishers did “Divide and Rule”.

This feeling for Modi started way back in 2002 after Gujrat riots. Although I had a very little understanding of Indian politics then and those were early days of my university education in Delhi. During and after Gujrat riots there were many protest rallies and Dharnas in Delhi and I participated in some of them as a young student. In one such protest meeting at JNU City Centre in Delhi, I had a chance to listen many social activists including Nafisa Ali and Nandita Das. While delivering her talk Nandita Das broke down many a time describing the griming situation in Gujrat. Modi not only let the mobs attack minorities, even after this blood bath he did not allow trucks carrying relief material enter into Gujarat. This is what I heard from Nandita Das at JNU City Centre in Delhi. How a CM of a state can be so ruthless/cruel?

Moreover minorities who lost everything were forced to live in relief camps for many months and it was Modi only who described these relief camps as “child producing factories” making fun of a particular community. Modi took out a Gaurav Yatra after 2002 carnage. Sakshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachiis no Match in front of Modi. What he spoke was much more venomous.

Now the question is: should not we forgive and forget what happened in Gujarat? Yes, we should and think for the larger interest of the Nation. Most of us and largely the Indian electorate believed that Modi will reform himself as a Prime Minister of the country and will deliver what he promised before 2014 General Election. 

Although I was opposing Modi before 2014 LS polls in my own capacity but I was hoping against hope that Modi will prove me wrong. If we analyse the political situation post 16th May 2014, we will find Modi is the same person he was before assuming the power in Delhi. Only he is not spewing venom but very much allowed his party colleagues Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Prachi, Yogi Adityanath and many more from RSS (His political ideologue) to spew venom against minorities especially Muslims and Christians.

Moreover there were many attacks on churches in the National Capital Delhi very much under his nose. Don’t you think being a Prime Minister of largest democracy in the world, it is his responsibility to counter and control these fringe and anti-social elements. Although Modi’s U-turns warrant a complete article, his party has a different view on FDI and Nuclear deals etc. before May 2014 but we saw him speaking on these issues. Any layman like me who have little understanding of economics and politics can say that in such a volatile atmosphere in the country no foreign company or country will think twice before investing in India. As per reports foreign investment is on decline in last 6 months.

Modi’s behaviour and his recent outburst during election rallies in Delhi is a clear indication that a dictator is in making who want to bend and mend Indians as per the wishes of his political ideologue RSS. Gharwapsi (home coming) and “Love Jihad” are other issues where he is silent for months. Is this the Gujarat model he was talking about before LS polls 2014?

In my opinion Modi is just a propagandist who till now is successful in manipulating Indian electorate with the help of his friends from industry and media. Media and Industry has their own vested interest in projecting Modi as an efficient administrator. Nine months is enough to judge his intentions if not his work.

Result of recent Delhi elections is indeed a referendum on Modi govt. We wish Modi focus on work and the problems India is facing. He even can reduce his foreign trips; I think Ms. Sushma Swaraj is capable of handling foreign affairs. Here is my sincere request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, please keep all these Sadhu/Sadhvis/Mullahs/Babas out of govt. We really want Vikaas (development) not the division of India.

The author is a Postdoctoral Scientist in the University of Southampton, UK