Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Hindutva & Zionism

Anand Patwardhan (MG, Dec. 1-15) has very straightforward analysed the Sangh Parivar’s activities. Yet may humble mind wonders how despite Golwalkar’s love for Hitler the Zionist state is friendly with the Sangh?!

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110


Pravasi Divas

The newspapers are full of the latest sarkari natak, the Pravasi Divas. While one M. K. Gandhi and one N. D. Modi appear prominently, easily the most patriotic Bharatiya of the 20th century, the late N. V. Godse, is not mentioned even in passing. I protest this shabby treatment of a man who is to be honoured with a bust in Parliament and a temple in Sitapur.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Mock battle

So-called secular and saffron parties have been playing noora kushti to deceive Muslims and usurp Muslim dues. In the 31 Dec. night a mock drill to nab terrorists was aired on news channels. The terror actors were wearing skull-caps. Again on 1 January, skull cap-wearing terror actors shouting Islamic slogans during a mock drill in Gujarat appeared in media after Surat mock drill episode. TV debates started. Leaders of Congress and other parties attacked “BJP’s mindset” profiling Muslims as terrorists. Subarmanium Swamy of BJP replied that in Congress-ruled stated Maharashtra mock terror drill with terror actors wore skull-caps  in Ambadkar Stadium on 8 Sept., 2011. Congress brought TADA, BJP introduced POTA. BJP banned SIMI, Congress apealed to SC after High Court lifted the banl it rejected the demand for inquiry in the fake Batla House encounter which Congress declared as genuine. Safforn brigade protested against AMU campus in Kishanganj and dubbed it “Terror School,” Congress in eight year could not allow it to be built and before parliamentary elections Sonia Gandhi laid the foundation-stone without any budgetary allocations... In Indian politics, noora kushti is a tamasha to loot Muslim share in every walk of life.         S. Haque, Patna


Stop foul religious conversation and don’t be the learned fools

Cruelty, riots, holocausts and killings of innocent citizens in India re the hobby of the saffaronists. Since, they assumed the rule in Delhi. They have turned as big bosses of backward communities and dalits. Wo gave this patronage to the saffaronists to convert people to superstitious and barbarism. The citizens are being forced to leave monotheism and enter into polytheism. Every citizens has right to live in the country according to his religion. No rule, law or constitution to force a person to convert another religion. Saffaronists are worshiping animals, reptiles, manmade idols of stones, clay, metals, wood etc. A structure for worshiping almighty god who created the universe and mankind was demolished in day light with the support of police, military and the state chief minister only to install an idol in the name of Ram which is only a character of story Ramayana written by Sri Valmikhi which action was a savagery and a remarkable foolishness in the world history. Paying some money and threatens the poor’s who are wandering for a handful of food can easily be converted, but those converted will not be real idolaters India is going to perish by such ravage and coward, atrocious behaviour of sangh parivar, rulers. A total brain wash is urgently needed to them to enable for maintaining peace, secularism, prosperity and reputation of the country. Don’t show your timidity on innocent Muslims as they are strictly following and adhering one god and one father. We need DHAN VAPASI ie the whole wealth of Mughal Kings, Hyderabad Nizams, Arcot Nawabs, Hyder Ali - Tippu Sulthan of Mysore etc were looted by the Indian Rulers and smuggled to London which are being sold out bit by bit through public auction. The original heirs of these wealths are now wandering across the country for half stomach food. The last Mughal King Jaffer Shah and his family were driven out from Delhi by British and local Jana Sangh leaders in the dark night and they were got asylum at Burma jungles. Now the last Queen andher children are living in the Culcutta slums. Her sons are working as menials in the culcutta market. Will this pitiable situation be reformed and returned the wealth, the palaces including the gold and diamonds to these royal family members. Give preference to Dhan Vapasi.

Raj Mohan, Kochi


Godse and his statue

It is rather disgrace to the Indian nation that a culprit who killed Deshpita Mahatma Gandhi is now. Being made a hero not only this but his supporters are making his statue and bring erected , the more condemned is the fact that the central Government is mute and taking no action against culprits , all those involved must be hanged.this is crime more severe than the crime of Indian Mujahifin or the Naxalites , Modi and the BJP should resign on this misfortune. All the lovers of Bapuji should make strong protest on this proposal nd all the culprits be hanged. On janter Manter without delay.

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Muslim brotherhood was never a terrorist organisation

In reference to the report published in MG 16-31 December 2014, I would like to add a few words. After M. Morsi had come to power in Egypt through democratic way, the scenario of political, socio-economic and diplomatic welfare of the country were about to revive under his great leadership. Morsi immediately closed down the Sinai-Palestine corridor signaling that Egypt would not be part of an unresolving problem, rather it will take part in solving Palestine problem after becoming a developing one. Morsi invited then Iran President Mahmud Ahmedinijad to Egypt and embraced him at the airport which showed his willingness of inclusiveness. At the same time Morsi was working towards making Egypt diplomatically important and strong. Now these were the signs which Israel, west and Saudi Arabia disliked. Someone rightly said that Israel does not fear even the nuclear arm ;it fears democracy only. Same was applicable for Saudi Arabia. So, the conspiracy began and Morsi’s dream of peaceful, prosperous and strong Egypt was brought down again to a military paradigm.

Shah Jamal


Two standards, one for Shah, another for Lakhvi

Today on TV channels two news are being shown which are very confusing. In one news it is shown that Lakhvi (mastermind of 26/11) was released on bail by Pakistani Court (in 26/11 case) saying that there are not sufficient evidences against Lakhvi hence as per Pak court it does not justify further judicial custody of Lakhvi. But India objects to it because India says that it has given enough evidences to Pakistan about complicity of Lakhvi in 26/11. These Indian evidences are allegedly based mainly on telephone (mobile) conversation between terrorist in Mumbai (who were carrying out 26/11) and Lakhvi who was allegedly giving instructions and monitoring 26/11. In second news it is shown that Subordinate (CBI) Court has given clean chit to Amit shah (Presently BJP President and then Home Minister of Gujarat) because telephone calls between Amit Shah and police officers who carried out fake encounter of Sohrabuddin were not considered sufficient evidence by this Indian Court. Is there any difference between two types of phone conversations? Were conversations between Lakhvi and perpetrators of 26/11 at Mumbai contain talks about actual operation of 26/11? Were conversations between Amit Shah and Police officers are merely call records between them but does not contain any talk / hint about said fake encounter? Can someone please enlighten !

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru, Karnataka


Ghar Wapasi

Would not the ‘root-lover’ people like Naqvi and Najma, like to discard their own ‘hateful’ names to popularise ‘auspicious’ ceremonies like Ghar Wapasi, Shuddhikaran, Dharmantaran etc.?!

Akhtar bin Umar, Amod - 392110


Muslims, be a part of BJP...

Any Muslim in India can be a part of BJP provided he is higgledy piggledy with highly decomposed blushing, victim of obstinacy, wilfulness moral bankruptcy, shameless, unenthusiastic, unfaithful to his community, willing to dance all the time at the tune or BJP and its ideology and dictates, readily and voluntarily burry his own identity, way of life, culture and even existence, consonantal all the way, one has no trouble conscience, lacking self-conscious and ever ready to give way to the order of even an ordinary Hindutva Family member can be the member of BJP ( not other Hindutva forces being untouchable and unwanted souls). Survey of of those Muslims joined BJP or having affiliation with the said Organ1sation reveals that the power greedy Muslims with the above qualifications joined BJP simple to get little political benefits in the hope of ticket and subsequently Hindu votes which is a false notion. Such opportunist Muslims must bear in mind that BJP is the brihaminical gathering of pure vegetarians where non-vegitarians have no room at al and that their position is simply a office boy / girl. Now the situation is as such that Muslims in BJP have failed on both the fronts as majority of them hopelessly failed to hit the imaginary target except false promises of offering of alm of ticket which lateron proved a mirage. Right from late Sikender Bakht to the present lot of BJP Muslim faces they have to speak, act and issue statements under the stereotyped drawn line without adding or deletion of a single word. This is the reason almost all the BJP branded Muslim spokesmen found hackled or stammering while issuing statements. One may argue that more or less same position exists in other political parties asfar Muslims are concerned but there atleast no Muslim is restricted to use skull or any other cap whereas BJP has no scope as such.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur, 440013.


13-yr-old Deodasi delivers a baby

Why Sabhato, Sanskirti and Sanskar-wale are silent? Why they are not protesting when 13-year-old Deodasi girls has delivered a bay in Akole village of Nasik. According to Dharmic Prampara, “teenaged girls are married to Khandoba god, then they are called “Morli Deodasi” which  means that anyone can enjoy them. Deodasi Ranjana Pagar and her group filed FIR against Rajendra Chauhan, Soman Bai Shekhran, Leela Bai Jadhav and Gautam Sunil Pawar. Many Hindu dharmic leaders (waghya) had sexual relations with this teenage Deodasi.

S. Haque, Patna


Amir Khan on rape case at Delhi

Anguished over rape of a woman in Delhi by a cab driver Bollywood Super Star Amir Khan staunchly recommended and voiced for suitable, swift and certain deterrent punishment towards reducing the increasing crimes of sexual assault on women. According to the actor what happened in Delhi is extremely unfortunate. Each time I read something like this in Delhi or anywhere my heart bleeds. Surely and certainly reaction of Amir Khan deserved to be appreciated as it shows that the Actor’s heart is full of human feelings but the actor must have an idea that merely condemning or expressing and suggesting that the guilt should be dealt with iron hands can not serve the purpose unless culprits are practically punished in the same manner but the same not possible in India because of several provisions and flexibility in our Criminal Procedure Code. The Actor must be having atleast face saving knowledge of Muslim Criminal Law (which is termed in India barbaric, inhuman and out-dated) which dealt with iron hands by awarding deterrent punishment for the crimes like rape and various heinous happenings against humanity where swift decision couple with deserving deterrent punishments awarded so deservingly that the World has failed to substitute the said Law in any way. The actor while pleading for the deterent punishment for rape must also be aware that law in our Country j gripped tightly by miscarriages making ways for the guilty to con out quite easily. from the clutches of Law whereas Islamic Law forced the wrong doer to think hundred time before commission of offence and the result thereafter.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur 440013


Saiyid Hamid

In the death of Saiyid Hamid, an eminent educationalist and social reformer, the Indian Muslim community has lost a tireless campaigner who tried relentlessly to persuade Madarsas to introduce modern subjects into their curriculum. He was right in holding both the so- called ‘intellectuals’ in the Muslim community and the religious scholars (ulema) as responsible for the backwardness of the Muslims. He stressed till his last breath, that unless Muslims acquire quality education by dint of hard work, they have no future in this competitive world. May Allah rest his soul in peace.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


Hijab or Niqab?

It was astonishing, rather shocking, to read the absurd statement of the president of a Muslim educational society of Kerala saying that niqab used by Muslim women to cover their faces is un-Islamic and the reason, as Mr P. A. Fazal Ghafoor explained, was unhygienic, creating deficiency of vitamin D. Even a common man can understand the doctrines of Qur’an’s chapters Nisa, Ahzab and Noor which all state these commandments. Apart from the original texts, a number of books containing Islamic laws or jurisprudence for routine life are available in markets in every language.

Mr. Abdul Ahad Khan Furqani, Rampur, UP


Health crisis in India

In 2000, India had the largest number of diabetics in the world. In January 2014 there were estimated to be over 62 million individuals in India who had been diagnosed as having the disease. Many diabetics travel on Indian trains. Yet the tea and coffee served by the Indian Railways comes with sugar pre-mixed. Diabetics are faced with the choice of doing without refreshment or else consuming sweet beverages which do them harm. It will be easy to serve these beverages without sugar added and provide sachets of sugar separately. After all, salt and ketchup come in sachets already. If, for example, six people on a train are given the job of carrying tea and coffee, two can carry these beverages without sugar added.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Rajaji deserves to be awarded ‘bharath ratna’

Chakravarthi Rajagoplachari, popularly known as Rajaji., was Tamilnadu’s - nay, one of India’s - tallest political leader. State and Union Governments have come and Governments have gone but still not a single Government cared to takes steps to honour him. Leave alone Congress Governments, as the Indian National Congress, did not consider him a good Congressman.. That’s the reason the Congress rejected his sagacious “FORMULA” for the grant of freedom to India. May I respectfully remind the readers that the late lamented Quaide Millath Ismail Saheb was Rajaji’s closest associate ; the only leader who understood him rightly and one who stood by him, shoulder by shoulder, through thick and thin. The Founder of the Dravida Khazhagam Thalaivar E. V. Ramaswamy Naicker ( Periyar, as he is affectionally called} openly declared in a Meeting on the 23rd of June 1947 that Rajaji and Rajaji alone is competent to create a DRAVIDA NADU to save Dravadians from Aryan tyranny. Doesn’t shall a tall leader deserve a BHARATH RATNA? One who gives a negative answer, in my view, is a charlatan of the first waters. I am sure the readers agree with my view.

S. M. Pasha, All India Forum of Muslim Journalists, Chennai


Are Muntazir al-Zaidi’s and Amritosh’s shoes comparable?

When Iraq’s Muntazer al-Zaidi threw the shoe at then-US President George W. Bush, his act was applauded world across. The act was heroic and against the person who had commanded so many brutalities in the world. It was against the man who caused so many lives. It was against the man who was key in waging unnecessary wars against weak nations. It was against a very insensitive fellow - a fellow who meant only American benefits. A fellow who took wars as means to generating more revenues, more clients on account of terror. A fellow who himself was an epitome of terror. Muntazer al-Zaidi was a pioneer of this sort of symbolic act of courage and compassion. Indian avatar of Muntazer al-Zeidi was Jarnail Singh when he threw his disdainful shoe at then home minister P. Chidambram. Muntazer al-Zaidi and Jarnail Singh had the same agony and anguish - the agony of innocent killings of their people and the anguish of not receiving justice. Muntazer and Jarnail Singh had pain and they were victims. After that, hurling and throwing shoes and abusing politicians became a fashion in India. Frequently, so many incidents followed. Rahul Gandhi, Nitish Kumar and so many have been victim of this act. Throwing shoe at the Bihar CM Jeetan Ram Manhi is a very different picture. There is no comparison with this incident with the previous twos mentioned here. Amritosh Kumar is a forward Hindu and he is pregnant with hatred for lower class Hindus. When he was throwing the shoe he was shouting slogans of Forward-Backward discrimination. And he was shouting slogans as if Manjhi is the root of this sort of discrimination. He was already charged with three cases amongst one is atrocity on Dalits. Others are rowdism and travel without ticket. He was already jailed on account of travelling without ticket. Amritosh Kumar may be a frustrated individual with the system based on discrimination. However, it shows something very ugly which is fast emerging on the soil of Buddha and Chishti. It is intolerance. Intolerance against the poor, the weak, the backward and the minorities is growing to a danger point.

                Mohd. Mansoor Alam, Phulwari Sharif, Patna - 801 505


Case for a Constitutional Order

Plural society in India has a long history. The Muslim community, for example, has been here for more than a thousand years as part of a conglomeration of cultures known “Ganga Jamuni Tahzib”, i. e., a synthesis of Indo-Islamic cultures. This phenomenon cannot be grasped simply in terms of Western categories. If we look at our plural society not as a western concept but as a de facto social situation and endeavour to find solution to our complex problems, we come across the Constitution of India and the secular democratic system established by it as a guide.

Shakeel Ahmed Anwar, Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad-500002


ASI renovation of foreign mandirs

Archelogical Survey of India has a deep Hindutva affiliation. It has extended its work to renovate and restore mandirs in foreign countries to facilitate puja. But as if it take any masjid in India, it bans namaz there. After PM’s Nepal visit, that country’s famous Pashu Patinath mandir, Cham mandir (Veitnam) Thirukitti Swaram mandir (Sri Lanka), Anand mandir, Ta Prom mandir (Combadia), Waat Phaou mandir (South Laos) are included in ASI;s list and trillions of rupees will be spent on the renovation of these foreign mandirs. Islamic monuments and Muslim historical places, forts and masjids are monuments but ASI doesn’t care to preserve them. ASI bans Namaz, for example, in Moti Masjid in Lal Quila, etc.

S. Haque, Patna