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Amazed I was. I saw Yakubmama rushing to my house on a September day. I myself went to the front door to receive him. Once comfortably seated, he hurried to tell me: "very sad news for you and us… our esteemed Milli Gazette is going to close down from 1st October. If the readers fail to take out three0year subscriptions at a time. Hearing this, I immediately showed my willingness and promised to pay my subscription. I was given to understand that Yakubmama from Kamrej, Jabir Choksi, an engineer from Kholwad, and Mohamed Kura, a social worker from Kholwad, had girded up their loins to take up the challenge and had virtually started approaching educated Muslim readers for becoming three-year subscribers to the Milli gazette. By the Grace of Allah they were successful in convincing more and more readers with their efforts and also with the efforts of other interested persons all over India. I am happy to note that the Milli Gazette has regained strength and continues publishing regularly. I hope and pray the MG continues for ever. May Almighty Allah bestow upon the management courage and vigour.

Y. R. Pathan (Kathor, Surat, Gujarat)


I am reading MG for the last two months. Very effective. I have a suggestion: You have spared full page to "Letters". Please cut half page and introduce a matrimonial section as our community is heavily suffering in this regard.

MDA Khadir


We need you. You are the voice of the Muslim ummah. Your magazine is the first English magazine published since many years facing lots of financial and other problems.

Mujeeb Patel


All Power - No Accountability

We are rightly proud of the fact that our country is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world. It is our duty to strengthen and preserve it which is possible only when all countrymen swar by it and follow its norms. Accountability is its soul. How strange and shocking is that in the temples of highest learning and knowledge i.e. Indian Universities - temples of highest education, there is no tinge of democracy. Its heads i. e. Vice- Chancellors of Indian Universities are action like despotic monrarchs. There is no provision in any of the Indian Universities Act for the removal or impeachment of the Vice Chancellor if he or she misuses his or her powers or contravenes provisions of the University Act and statutes while the holder of the highest office of the country i. e. the President of the Indian Union can be impeached if he or she misuses his or her power, judges of the Supreme court and High Courts can be impeached while Ministers of both the Central and State Governments are accountable to legislatures for all their actions and policies. One American Vice Chancellor had once remarked that he prerequisite qualifications of Vice Chancellor were that he should have Solomon's wisdom, lion's courage, Machiavellian's cunningness and goat's stomach. U. G. C. whch is the supervisory body of Universities and the H. R. D. Ministry which controls all Universities act like helpless spectators. The glaring example in that or MuslimUniversity whose 3 former bureaucrat Vice Chancellor (during the 80's and the last five years of the last century) carried on the administration of the university despotically and took important decisions under emergency powers. They contravened provisions of the University Act and statutes by bypassing the University Court the supreme governing body of the university by not getting its approval for university budget and the annual report and sending these directly of the Govt. of India suspending students union a statutory body for several years and the predecessors of the present V.? C. had been accused of grave financial irregularities and bungling by the A. G. and has been facing a CBII probe but HRD Ministry did not direct him to proceed on leave pending the completion of the enquiry which judicial ethics demanded. In Delhi University semester system had been introduce and the period of graduation has been increased by one year by the Vice Chancellor without the approval of the Academic Councillor and statutory procedure and established democratic norms have been subverted. But the HRD ministry is a silent spectator. The need of the hour is that the existing University Acts of both Central and State Universities should be amended and a new provision should be added for the removal of the VC if he or she contravenes the provisions of the University Act. It is hoped that Mr. Raju, the new HRD Minister, will do it.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M.P., Delhi - 110091



The PM, when a CM, was denied a visa to enter the USA because his actions in 2002 and later were held to go against one of the provisions of their Immigration and Nationality Act. When he became prime minister, he was welcomed as the leader of a friendly State, his real or presumed crimes being pushed beneath the carpet of diplomacy. What will the USA do if Modi, in an unlikely fit of sanity, resigns his present position, or if -- another unlikely possibility -- he is impeached and made to quit? Will the USA welcome a former leader of a friendly State or will it once again look at his record in relation to religious freedom?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091


Insulting and ridiculing the Prophet

There is no doubt that Charlie Hebdo's notorious cartoons ridiculing our beloved prophet Muhammad saddened and angered Muslims. Once in 2011 the French magazine published a cover with a bearded and turbaned cartoon figure of the prophet saying "100 lashes if you're not dying of laughter" and their offices were firebombed. Other images and articles were also vindictive and insulting, including some about the other major monotheistic religions, Christianity and Judaism, But it was Islam that the French magazine Hebdo team always really had in its sights. Its murdered editor, Stéphane Charbonnier, regularly expressed his hatred for Islam Such prejudice was in fact condemned even by the White House in September 2012, when a spokesman for President Obama questioned the judgment of Charlie Hebdo for publishing "images that will be deeply offensive to many and have the potential to be inflammatory". Richard Prasquier, head of France's Jewish council, also said he disapproved of the caricatures because they constituted a "form of irresponsible panache". We do not deny the point that none of this in any way justifies violence, let alone the horrific slaughter of last week. The vast majority of French Algerians and, indeed, Muslims across the world, were shocked and appalled by the murders, with a spokesman for the French Council of the Muslim Faith speaking of a "barbaric act against humanity, democracy and freedom of the press". But freedom without restrictions and independence without responsibilities will lead to anger, violence and public order issues between communities.

PA Mohamed Ameen (via email)


Shazia Ilmi joining BJP Is No Surprise

Shazia is highly ambitious and selfish Lady .She is power hungry ant wants to remain in Lime Light .Unfortunately even Kejriwal ,very positive and honest politician ,did not understand her .AAP made a big mistake to project her as a Muslim Face although AAP does not believe in caste and Religion .If one goes through her background then it would be clear that she was an Agent of BJP in AAP.. One of her Doctor brother was already member of BJP who is also Delhi Spokes person of BJP and top of this Former Central Minister Arif Mohd Khan is married to her sister .So it was a very well planned strategy that she became active Member of the inner core of the AAP. The position which she enjoyed in AAP shall be a dream for her .Be sure the cheaters can not have any place in heart of people and people could not be misguided for long .Now this the beginning of the end of her political Carrier .This lady was presenting herself as the ambassador of Honesty ,Secularism and Democracy and now she is in the company of most communal political party Now she says she will EXPOSE Kejriwal .Kejriwal is the only politician whose party has 100% transparency and can provide Justice and Security to every body and Corruption Free Administration.

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


A note on the pecking order

Newspaper advertisements, posters and hoardings are examples of essentially the same art form. The present Prime Rooster is seen far more often in these works than his predecessors were. His photo is always larger than the photos of Plain Roosters, even when they are more directly involved in the matter at hand. He is also more prominently placed -- at the centre or at upper left, which positions may well have been dictated by the Ancient Science of Vastu. Finally, while Plain Roosters are represented by plain mug shots, the Prime Rooster is often in one or other dance mudra, or abhinaya or whatever.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091


Is secularism going to be obliterated

There can't be two opinions that Narendra Modi led BJP Govt; at New Delhi is fully prepared and set to thrust out its hindutva agenda during five years tenure for which all hindutva families and forces allowed to move free and fearlessly to achieve the target. The law of the land is made to be gripped with lawlessness in full swing. The sadhus, sants, grus at the lowest level to the position of acharyas and shankeracharyas allied and fully backed by hindutva perpetrators like RSS, VHP, Hindu Mahasabha, Shiv sena nad number of fascit allied forces including saffron and non-saffron brigadesa t every front appeared tousled the country's constitution which is believed to have been shelved under the undeclatory planning. It is undeniable that RSS with its political wing BJP and various staunoh hinduntva champions never accepted our secular constitution and democratic setup and continued to demonstrate against the same the time it came inforce. Now the hindutva family has got full opportunity to toe it down in all the way taking into account the situation and hindutva mind set up of the taking into account the situation and hindutva mind set up of the major part of the population. RSS therefore in a great hurry wishes to indirectly a Hindu nation under the irrevocable support of US and Israel who are enemies of Islam since the day of its birth.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


How to overcome religious terrorism

Nowadays, we the Muslim Ummah is feeling highly resentment and depressive feeling due to Hindutva aggression. They spit venom for ours and our great religion, and terrorise us to leave the country. Since the birth of Modi Govt. their morale is very high. The question arises whether the constitution will prevail in this country or Hindu Rasthra. Our Constutition guarantees us to live here as a equal citizen and enjoy of our fundamental rights. Constitution also guarantees us the freedom, to practice and propagate our religion. It is the time to protect the constitution and the country. IN prevailing circumstances, it is the need of hour, that a delegation of Muslim representative should meet the President and present a memorandum.

Shafiqur Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow - 226021


Beti Bachao

It appears that now-a-days the prime minister Mr. Narender Modi taking interest in the Qur'an by himself or getting momentum form different agencies to spread its messages by way of his own created slogans amongst his countrymen. Likewise, on the occasion of International Day of Girl Child on Oct. 11/2014 the P. M. exhorted Indians to pledge to create an atmosphere for equality for the girl child to end gander biased discrimination in the country. He further stated that on International Day of the Girl Cild we celebrated the achievement of a daughter form the class room to sports. Today let us pledge to create an atmosphere for the girl child and there is no question based on gender. The P. M. also called for eradication of the menace of female foeticide form the country and invited suggestions from the citizence on Beti-Bachao on Government Portail. One has every reason to believe that Mr. Narnder Modi must have got briefed by some one that the said message was given and spread 1436 years back by Islam which happened to be dawn of new epoch for feminine. Let's see what the Qur'an says about Betiyan Bachao 'And they attributed to Allah daughters-exalted is He-and for them is what they desire (i. e. sons) and when one of them is informed grief. He hides himself form the people because of the ill of which he has been informed. Should he keep it in humiliation or bury it in the ground'. (16, Surah An-Nahl-57-60) The above Message though completely changed prevailing condition in the than Arabian Society for the womanhood but escalated woman under the highly respected creature but non-Islamic societies throughout the World continued beastliness to which our country is one of them

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013


Don't let Secular Votes scatter

Political scientist's fears are turning to reality. Merely they were the first who claimed the explosion of AAP as a rob over congress vote bank not on BJP. Emergence of a quite simple muffler man which is being observed as a eater of secular ideologies votes now seems to looking like a bigger seeker of this segment voter. Thousands of Muslims who known for congress back apparently have negated it and walking along with a merely 2 year old political group In Delhi election secular ideologies have fractured in various proportion BSP, CONGREES, AAP, CPIM and JDU are the key Claimant of this section . The noora khusti of all these group definitely would improve saffrionist position and can bestow him a cake walk victory Mean while AIMIM chief Assaduddin owaisi refusal to joining Delhi election is beyond the appreciation his decision would certainly strengthened the AAP, congress and would present few thorn over saffrionist will of holding the Delhi chair .In Delhi election secular ideologies must come over the same platform as similar to Bihar in order to waving away the right wing group

Syed Kamran Ali  Rampur, U.P


The Paris March of hypocrisy

If we world want peace then we need to understand each another priority. For Muslims, the priority starts with religion,then love, family , job and money. While this list maybe other way round for other communities. The best example that can be stated is the relationship btw Muslims and its religion is just like honey bee and honey,Its world for Muslims and Muslims are less concerned about the rest of things. Problem is many govt and organization  like to throw stone on beehives and run eg destroying a nation like Iraq ,Babri Masjid demolition,Gujarat incident, Ghar Wapsi and when Muslims become aggressive like honey-bees who lose beehives, than they are termed as 'terrorist" .So, some serious understanding is required .




The Other side of French ethnic minorities

While the world talks a lot about the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo's notorious cartoons, we can not ignore the other side of the sad story. Many in France are Muslims of north African origin who complain that discrimination against them extends to every field of life, from housing and employment to the right to religious expression. This is particularly so as politicians of the left and right regularly blame Islam for these social problems, which in fact have nothing to do with Islam. Anti-religious hate speech has thus become all too prevalent in modern France, as it is manipulated for political purposes. Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front, is a convicted racist and antisemite, and his daughter, Marine Le Pen, the party's current leader, regularly insults Muslims and other minority groups Immigration policy plays a vital role in all of this discourse. Manuel Valls, the reactionary Socialist prime minister, infamously portrayed Roma gypsies as a group who cannot integrate and who should be deported back to Romania and Bulgaria, despite being EU citizens. Terrorism is not the answer to solve these problems but Frnace's politicians should seriously consider treating the minority citizens of France without discrimination

PA Mohamed Ameen (via email)


A R Antulay

I feel sad for the demise of A R Antulay, former CM of Maharastra, who died at the age of 85 as the Unsung hero who was a loyalist to Indira Gandhi.. He has reached to the top post and did yeomen service to the Nation ,but his fate was always bad and became the fallen angel ,due to his outspokenness. May his soul rest in Peace. Amin

Mohammad. Azam,  Karimnager Telengana


Barack and god

A friend said that the security drill for the US president is practice for the arrangements to be made when god almighty, the only more elevated being, visits India. Another pointed out that while the US president too is all-seeing and all-powerful, god almighty alone is indestructible and in no need of protection. Moreover, she said, god almighty has caused a damn sight more wars than Obama and so is better qualified than him to get the Nobel Prize for peace. Who, she asked, would want to harm such a peacenik?

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091