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Covering Hair not brains — World Hijab Day India

Bijapur, Karnataka (31st January 2015): On the occasion of ‘World Hijab Day,’ an annual event every 1st February, some students here from Al-Ameen Medical & Dental College decided to celebrate the eve to encourage both Muslim and non-Muslim girls to wear headscarves, and experience life of a Hijabi woman at least for a day.

The main objective of this event was to showcase freedom and traditional aspect of hijab to the people, who misinterpret scarves as method of oppression & ill-treatment of females by males in the Muslim societies. At the same time, it also aimed to stop the physical judgment of a female student, & promote judgment based on intellectual abilities.

To achieve these goals the programme was ornamented by several activities like social experiment, quiz, scarf try-out & refreshments giving girls an opportunity to wear scarf for some time in the day, & get real life experience of hijab for them. It also created a connection between Burqa-clad and non-covering women. In others words it provided support for the hijabis, which they lack in many campuses.

This World Hijab Day platform was a source for the hijabi lasses to have their opinions heard. Many of them gave their feedback in writing and verbally as well. Numerous non-hijabis tried different forms of hijab in various styles for the first time.

Even boys of were invited to the event. Though few attended but they visited the venue only to discover a warm welcome by innumerable placards that scratched their conscience, wall charts that inspired them to sport beard and question chits that they needed to respond instantly. Lads were enthused by some vivid presentations, which had a niqabi and a jeans girl standing alongside asking who you would rather choose as their life-partner?

The event started in the afternoon and went until sunset. Positive responses were received from the participants who were subjected to various experimentations and had participated in tests and questionnaires.

Students of final year B.D.S. were among the main organisers. The event was appreciated and lauded by the College officials.

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