Why Maulana Misbahi was arrested?


By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

Famous Islamic scholar Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi, known for his moderate views and writings on Islam and jihad, was picked up by intelligence agencies from Zakir Nagar, one of Delhi’s densely-populated Muslim localities, in the third week of January. This incident caused uproar in the Muslim community across the country because he is viewed as an authoritative Sunni-Sufi scholar.  Maulana Misbahi is the chairman of a publishing house and research centre,  Darul Qalam, and founder of a local madrasa, Al-Jamiatul Qadria in Jogabai Extention.

 Maulana Misbahi is reported to have been picked up in connection with a book he wrote on the Qur’anic essence of jihad in Urdu, Aayat-e-Jihad Ka Qur’ani Mafhoom (Verses of Jihad and their Qur’anic Meaning). However, he was also asked by the Special Cell a few questions relating to his telephonic talks with people in Pakistan and other phone calls from abroad. The maulana explained that as an Islamic author of repute, he receives phone calls from all parts of the world, including Pakistan.

Maulana Misbahi said that he was pleasantly surprised to receive quite positive and encouraging comments about the book from non-Muslim intellectuals and even from Hindutva ideologues. The editor of RSS organ Panchjanya, Tarun Vijay, read his book on Jihad and praised the contents while talking to Mr. Sajid Hashmi, assistant to Maulana Misbahi, in 2013.

There are only a few erudite and well-versed Islamic scholars who can write in an international language other than Urdu. As a result, and quite regrettably, their rigorous research and untiring scholarly efforts remain confined to an almost entirely Muslim audience. Needless to say, they sometimes may be misconstrued by many if they turn out to be a target of ‘questioning’ or ‘investigation’. Given this, it is the pressing need of the time that Muslim scholars and madrasa graduates well-versed in English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish and other languages devote themselves to the noble task of rendering their invaluable works into other languages, while producing similar literature themselves at the same time. The author is a  writer and columnist
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