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Awaiting every issue of MG, like a thirsty old weakling.

Sultan Patel Akhtar Patel, Amod, Distt Bharuch 392 150,


Thanks for inspiration and example. You perform an excellent work and offer interesting contents and information.  

               Thomas Gall


Antipathy towards democracy

Our country is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world and we must be proud of this fact and our devotion and dedication should be reflected in all walks of our life. But it is unfortunate that the Indian cricket world has opted for the obsolete and rotten monarchy as is evident from the names or nomenclature of five out of ten participating teams in the recent IPL cricket tournament. These teams are Super Kings Chennai, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, Royal Challenger of Bangalore and Knight Riders of Kolkata. What else than clear anti-pathy towards democracy and strengthening the hands of forces which are creating a climate of disdain against democracy. Curiously the sixth tem has been named as the Daredevil Delhi as if Delhi is the abode of devils. One wished that any of these teams where named after any institution of democracy or after any important episode of Indian freedom struggle.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Obama on religious intolerance

A report of the Indian Express of 7 February 2015 conveniently presents in one place what Barack Obama said about religious intolerance and the responses to it of two of India's present cabinet ministers. Obama said, first, that India would not succeed if it was "splintered along the lines of religious faith" and then spoke of "acts of intolerance that would have shocked Gandhiji". The reference to M. K. Gandhi makes it clear that he was speaking of things that are happening now, or at least of things that have happened after Gandhi's death. Arun Jaitley sought to counter this by saying that "India has a huge cultural history of tolerance", clearly forgetting the violence directed, in the times of Kautilya and Patanjali, by Brahmanism at Buddhists and Jains and that between Saivites and Vaisnavites until relatively recently. As if this load of bull was not enough, Rajnath Singh solemnly told listeners in Uttarakhand that "in Indian culture ... there has never been discrimination on the basis of caste, community, religion or sect". This man, nominally Home Minister, thus washes away the work of, among others, Bhimrao Ambedkar and the Sachar Committee, and he makes nonsense of the protective discrimination in our Constitution. Obama speaks of the present but Jaitley and Singh pull a mythical past out of their Hindutva box. This is like saying that the present governmental neglect of health is justified by the grafting, in pre-historic times, of the heads of elephants on the bodies of men.

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091


News agencies labelled Obama visit as most successful visit of any US president in Indian soil. Even before his landing they began to applaud both Modi or Obama. But unfortunately these media outlets failed to highlight his significant last remark before flying to the Saudi kingdom in which he said that India would succeed only as 'long as it is not splintered along the lines of religious faiths and is unified as one nation.'  This comment seems to more then a simple taunt over the functioning of the central government.       Syed Kamran Ali


Foreign bank-accounts of Indians

Government should act swiftly before Union Budget presentation With a prominent Indian newspaper now exploding first 100 names with detailed information out of 1195 Indians having a total rupees 25420 crores in foreign banks, it is for Union government to immediately make such a list held by it public with stringent steps announced in a manner that this money may come back to India before presentation of Union Budget. Any excuse of commitment to foreign countries lost validity when Union government made three such names public. If needed, date of budget-presentation may be deferred so that Union budget may take into account provision of probable revenue-earning through unaccounted money in foreign bank-accounts. Union government should also announce immunity from criminal punishment for those who may be willing to surrender their unaccounted money in foreign bank-accounts to the government announcing, strict punishment under Indian Penal Code in case money in foreign bank- accounts may be found unaccounted. Scheme will benefit genuine account-holders in foreign banks where the newspaper has also revealed that several such persons are being harassed by tax-authorities. However it should be ensured that all money in foreign bank-accounts, accounted or unaccounted, may return to India. Union government should incorporate a permanent provision of 'Income from undeclared sources' in Income Tax returns with tax-rate of highest 30-percent slab on such head, as a practical step to effectively check menace of parallel economy of black money. With India now having a highest tax-slab of 30-percent on income, most people may find it advantageous to declare unaccounted earnings in their Income-Tax returns. System will auto-detect role of black money in property-deals when buyer purchasing property from black money will be caught in case seller takes advantage of such a provision of 'Income from undeclared sources' in Income Tax returns. There was a time when India had a highest tax-rate slab of 98-percent with people paying upto 50-percent for whitening their black money.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006


Arun Jaitely and Media

Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mr. Arun Jaitely at the time delivering a lecture during first justice J. S. Verma Memorial Lecture at New Delhi disapproved the tendency among the media to paraller trials particularly if it is an issue relating individual culpability, the parallel trial concept prejudiced the entire environment. Surely and certainly the honourable minister during his address to the august gathering must be having in his mind the ill-motivated baseless arrests and unlawful detention of innocent highly educated and well settled Muslim youths with evil designs, imaginary, false, fabricated, frivoulus, hypothetical and biased grounds wherein all type of available medias miss no chance to brand them demonic and a curse for the country without examining and investigating the matter rather microscopically and impartially before starting unreasonable cries and hues against the victims by manufacturing their own stories with full biodata but the personalities like Mr. Arun Jaitley observed complete silence probably justifying the parallel trial of media as the matter happened to be anti-Muslim which is the ultimate object of his party. As confirmed by him media in our country is loft unchecked particularly in the case of Muslim, Islam and Muslim world whereas the responsible honourable I & B Union Minister advised media for introspection against the backdrop of case relating to the mysterious death of Mrs. Sunanda Pushker for which her husband Mr. Shashi Tharoor former union minister and congressman is under intense media scrunity.    

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


Muslim World

Muslim world is glooming under the catastrophic designs of the imperialistic regimes. Muslim masses have become the easy prey for the hegemonic forces. Muslims are crying loud but of no avail. The Muslims will continue to suffer and bleed till the time we identify the black sheep and the hidden enemies within our ranks which behave like hydra headed serpents. The situation has been rendered horrific and threatening by a group of a deviant people within Ummah who use the catchy pretexts and resort to interpretational distort of the Quran and Hadith thus misleading the gullible Muslim masses. They use beautiful Islamic slogans to appease the Muslim masses. The group has been nurtured and trained specially by the agencies to meet their nefarious designs. These perverted people shed the blood of innocent masses illegitimately to please their bosses. Their soul aim is to destabilize the whole Ummah and create confusion within Muslims .This disorderly situation paves the way for the imperialists to exploit the situation for their greedy intentions. Such a chaotic phenomenon facilitates the oppressors in many ways. This has put the Ummah to a receiving end resulting in their demoralization and fragmentation thus putting their rich natural resources to jeopardy. With advancement in science and technology these oppressors do channelize these for their self interests. The situation really stands alarming and needs the immediate attention from the Muslim thinkers, preachers and intellectuals. If the situation continues so the once glorified Muslim civilization will be left in dire shambles. As such the prominent Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan will have to play a pivotal role in reshaping the destiny of the Muslim world .It becomes significantly obligatory on the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Iran who represent the aspirations of the Muslims globally and can be very effective in bringing the Ummah out from present dilemma and morass.

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar 190006


Reasoned respectability

Lately it has come into fashion education without authority in teaching methods and is proving to be a real failure. It was confirmed by the same people who promoted it. Love, example and words are not enough to educate, but it is necessary to exert the authority and always explain the reasons that lead us to advise and order a certain behaviour. Therefore, authority cannot be based on phrases such as: "I am your Father, do as I command" or "when you are older you will understand". This has to be based on the reasoning, demonstration, and respect. Parents and teachers who have to order pupils need to have authority and be respected. Due to it is very difficult educate without respect, educators who do not have the authority will have to learn. It is well known that fear have never formed the personality of guys. The continuous use of punishment, anger and constant threat produce rebelliousness of children, inhibition of initiatives and weakens the personality. The mission of educators is to enrich and do not destroy the personality of each child, fostering creativity, opening the intelligence and helping them to be free. When we have to order something, it is better to use short sentences than long harangues. It is preferable to say: "that jersey", "the dishes", because the guy can say: "what happens with the jersey? Oh, yes! I know hang it on the hanger. Now I clear it". In this way we are giving him the opportunity to exercise his own initiative and intelligence. Some parents complain that their children do not listen them and the reason is that they speak too much. A boy said: "When my mother is in the second sentence, I have already forgotten the first". The child needs authority and somehow he requested it but it is hard to admit it. A boy said: "my parents do not want me and do not worry' me because they let me do whatever I want." Some educators maintain constant concession attitudes by own convenience or fear of losing the appreciation of the guys. This will be very harmful to the students because they will grow up without appropriate conduct patterns and habits to always do what they have to do with own voluntary.

Arturo Ramo García, DO-Teruel, Spain


Name of PM Modi stitched repeatedly in pin-stripe suite!

It refers to media-reports about Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi wearing a special suite while signing Indo-US agreements during US President's on-going visit to India, with the suite-fabric having pin-stripe with his name 'Narendra Damodardas Modi' blended in the fabric throughout. It is evident that such especially woven fabric with name of the user blended in it can be only possible at a very high cost. Usually such fabric is gifted by the admirers. Our Prime minister known for his simplicity and austerity should make clear about the fabric used in the suite mentioning clearly if it was a gifted one and name of the person having made such a costly gift. If he has procured it at his own, he should make it clear to avoid unnecessary speculations.       Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Modi Offers India to USA on a Platter

The great hoopla that Modi is making covering US President Obama visit, is to fool the people of India, while INDIA is being offered to the predator USA on a platter. This is second coming of the East India Company, who had come as traders and ended up ruling India and inflicting millions of death of India's civilians to consolidate their hold on the acquired territory. The same class of traders are now in the forefront of selling India cheap to a neo-colonial super-power that will never relinquish INDIA from its predatory grip for centuries to come. The merchants of Gujarat are known to even earlier century foreigners to sell commodities at commissions. These commission agents are once again getting their upper hand to offer our great country to exploit its resources and use its cheaply acquired man-power as canon-fodder for their wars that are certain to be unleashed in the region. Modi the saviour of India is the biggest commission agent that has mesmerized its people to rob them of their country, their identity, their independence, their true standing in the comity of nations. Like Iran, India too is a great civilisation and any Superpower worth its salt will have to subdue each and every visage of earlier great civilizations with the notion, that it may be exposed to an existential threat from any such resurgent civilisation. That's their agenda of 'clash of civilisation'.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Shri Rajnath Singh calls Obama's reference to religious freedom "unfortunate" and then goes on to "endorse" it? Was he standing on his head and wiggling his toes? His statement on Ghar Vapasi suggests that Obama's remarks hit home. Many of us have known for long that the one thing that can curb the lunacy of the Hindu Right is pressure from outside; and today, Modi's India is to the USA as a dog is to its master.           Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091


Milli Unity

Ittihaad-e-Ummah can be achieved only when all of us speak and write only truth and nothing but the whole truth and invite Allah's curse upon all who speak and write half truth because the Qur'an says: "La’anatullah Alal Kaazibeen."  S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110


Mad France, Germany, America & Cruel Israel To Note

How dare you let fools tarnish the figure of a praise-worthy messenger of Almighty God who was and still is the light unto Mankind. Why you begin to insult Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by publishing the cartoons in an ugly manner. Muslims do not worship Prophet Muhammad by making his idols or pictures unlike Christians. Neither Jesus (pbuh) was crucified nor killed, instead he was raised into heaven by God. A man like his shape was produced before the rulers. When the duplicate Jesus was crucified on the cross, due to heavy pain he was loudly crying and uttering "Elohi-Elohi-Lema sabakthani" (O God, O God, why you have forsaken me). Real Jesus would not cry like that. Dear fools, why you are jeopardizing Islam and hunting innocent Muslims? You always make conflicts in Muslim countries and simultaneously loot those countries. Muslims have not destroyed any of your countries, killed your citizens, looted your wealth and have not  tarnished Christianity or burnt the Bible. In fact, they give much respect and dignity to Jesus and accept his miracles.              Raj Mohan, Kochi



"Modi gave India self-pride: Uma Bharti" is the caption to a news report. Has the woman never heard "Sarey jahan se achchha Hindostan hamara", Iqbal's "tarana-e-Hindi" first published in 1904? Like me, many Indians are in fact acutely embarrassed by the antics of the man who has made our country the world's laughing stock.

Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091


Why is the Muslim Community in Disgrace?

 The community is in disgrace because its members, by and large, have abandoned the Qur'aan. The Holy Book says, "And have trust in Allah; He comprehensively manages all affairs [Verse 33:3]." If only the Muslims would conduct their affairs in accordance with Qur'aanic instructions, and place their unflinching trust in Allah, they would not be in the sorry state they find themselves today.

Mohammad Shafi


Shri Zafar Sareshwala

Congrats to Mr. M Ghazali Khan for exposing Shree (not Janab) Sareshwala vide issue of MG 1-15 Feb. 2015. This bearded man should be felicitated by garlanding him with shoes filled with mud.

Farooq Abdul Gafar Bawani, Rajkot


Attack on churches

Muslims should defend and support Christians as their churches face violence from RSS. Obama's second shot at BJP govt. Yesterday one more Christian church in Delhi was vandalized by RSS goons. Today as Christians held a public protest rally the Delhi police pounced on them and beat them up. Pastors and nuns were beaten up and arrested. Muslims, the other minority in India, must not keep quiet. They must join Christians in the hour of their need and become part of the protest rallies to defend religious freedom. Together Muslims and Christians supported by secular Hindus can become a very formidable opposition to the Modi Govt whose ministers and MPs are supporting the RSS attacks on Muslims and Christians.  Please see below the second statement from President Obama condemning religious violence in India, just one week after the first statement in New Delhi on Jan 27. Obama is under pressure from major American Christian organizations and churches to speak out against persecutions of Indian Christians at a time when the Modi govt is begging Obama to increase industrial investment in India. Muslims should also join Sikhs in their justified protests against the 1984 massacre of Sikhs and no action by the then govt. Together Muslims, Christians, Sikhs can stop the RSS harassment of minorities. Muslims must not harp on just their problems; they should make common cause with other religious minorities.

Kaleem Kawaja