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ISIS is beyond the pale of Islam: Ahl-e Hadees scholars

Following is a translation of the full text of the Fatwa issued in Urdu by Ahl-e Hadees Muftis and Scholars at Delhi on 15 February:

There is no doubt that Islam is the religion of peace revealed by Allah, the Creator of all creatures and it is the embodiment of mercy and blessings for the entire world. There is no room for any kind of terrorism in it. This religion, based on moderation and middle-of-the-road policy, has always emphasised on the human dignity and greatness and has played a laudable role in maintaining and promoting peace. This religion, based on the principle of moderation, has always discouraged the elements who create mischief and restlessness in society. God Almighty is extremely merciful and magnanimous, and His last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent as Mercy for all Mankind. His teachings are free from violence and are full of mercy. Islam ordains peace, mutual brotherhood, moderation, humanism and rights of neighbours and all human beings without any kind of religious and sectarian discrimination. It ordains granting  rights to human beings and respecting the  rights of God. In Islam, oppression, cruelty, bloodshed, mayhem are the biggest sins after shirk [association of someone with The One God]. Allah ordains “whoever kills an innocent person it is as if he has killed the entire humanity and whoever saves one life, it is as if he has saved the whole humanity’ (Al-Maida: 32).

Islam’s teaching is that even in Jihad, children, women, elderly people of the enemy, their worshippers and devotees who are living in their temples and dormitories should not be killed, nor fields, orchards, crops, fruits etc be burnt, nor animals killed. Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) said  that a pious woman was sent to hell because she had tied and kept a cat hungry and thirsty because of which it died, and a sinful person who had drawn water from a well and quenched the thirst of a dog was sent to paradise.

In Islam’s justice system does not allow that revenge for one man’s fault be exacted from another man (Surah An’am: 164).

In Islamic government, it is the responsibility of the government and Muslims to ensure the safety and to protect non-Muslims and those who kill them without any rhyme or reason will be far far away from Paradise (Sahih Bukhari).

Similarly, non-believers, who are not fighting in wars, cannot be harmed. Imam ibn Qudama says that there is no difference of opinion among imams of Islam that unnecessary murder, i.e., murder without any reason, is illegitimate and forbidden.

Imam ibn Taymia and Imam Nawawi say that the biggest sin is shirk [association of someone with the One God] and after it, the biggest sin is murder without any valid reason. Al-Hafiz ibn Hajar says that when unnecessary killing of animals is not permitted, how can the murder of human-beings without any valid reason be permitted? Hazrat Abdullah ibn ‘Umar says that the pit of perdition after falling in which it is impossible to come out is murder without any reason.

Hence, the attempt of some organisations to take the law in their hands, throwing or exploding bombs on roads and public places, blowing off government and / or personal properties and military installations, hijacking of planes, making passengers, travellers, journalists, foreign employees and nurses etc prisoners and hostages or killing them, attacking women who do not sport veil, attacking educational institutions, offices of newspapers and TV channels, embassies, misleading and instigating people against their governments and trying to destroy peace and harmony of the country etc are not correct from the Shariat point of view. In Shariat, there are conditions for ordering good deeds and speaking out against misdeeds and every Tom, Dick and Harry is not required to discharge this duty. Shariat has, as in all cases, prescribed limits for everybody, ignoring which leads to mischiefs and riots, resulting in bloodshed and lawlessness.

Unfortunately, in present times some organisations have come out which, in the name of Islam, have become a matter of shame and disrepute for Muslims of the world. Organisations like Daish [ISIS] etc are becoming a cause of spoiling and disfiguring the image of Islam and Muslims and causing them great harm. Activities and principles of these organisations are in no way in conformity with the Islamic principles and teachings. Rather, the activities these are indulging in are out and out unlawful and terrorism which are forbidden in Islam. Self-coined claim of “Islamic State” (IS) is simply an illusion and totally against the concept of the Islamic Khilafah. This organisation neither fulfils the conditions and requirements of Caliphate nor do its activities in any way justify its claim. In view of all this, the Grand Mufti of Holy Haram and the President of Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Ulama Council, Allama Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah Aal Al-Shaikh says that “Daish and organisations like it do not represent Islam”. Shaikh Abdul Muhsin ibn Hamdul-Ibad, Shaikh Muhammad Al-Munajjid, may Allah protect them, and other respected Ulama of Saudi Arabia have said openly and clearly that these people are the Khawarij [rebels] of this Ummah. In the distant past also, because of their lack of true knowledge and understanding, Islam was harmed. What they are calling “Jihad” is nothing but mischief and terrorism because there are certain rules and conditions of Jihad which they do not follow nor do they possess the requisite conditions for the same. Similarly, there are some principles and conditions of Islamic Caliphate without following which neither can anyone be Khalifatul Muslimeen nor is it permissible for any one to use the exalted and respectable title of “Amirul Momineen” for such cruel persons and tyrants.

By hearing the news and seeing the photos of the ghastly activities Daaish and other similar organisations are indulging in, humanity cries and wails. These incidents of violence and barbarism, murder and mayhem, taking peace-loving citizens hostages and beheading and burning them alive are such evil deeds which, not to talk of mankind, cannot be justified even for animals and whatever is being done in the name of the Caliphate and Islam certainly appears to be a result of deep conspiracy of the anti-Islamic forces and murderers of humanity. It is a matter of great sorrow that some naive people describe these crimes as the reaction to oppression and cruelties being heaped on Muslims and other helpless people. This certainly is because of their lack of understanding and short sightedness. In Islam, taking revenge for anybody’s sins or misdeeds by killing innocent persons and destroying their properties is not permissible, as is clear from the above-quoted Qur’anic verses and Hadiths of the Prophet.

We have the example of the oppressed Companion, Hazrat Khibaib ibn Adi. When, seeing a razor in his hand during his captivity, a woman in the house trembled with fear, fearing that he may slit her son’s throat with the razor. Perceiving her fear and in order to remove it, Hazrat Khubaib assured her that we Muslims do not kill innocent children, and he handed over the child to its mother in spite of the fact that, because of a complaint by the family members  of that woman, he was about to be hanged after which his (Hazrat Khubaib’s) children would become orphans and his wife a widow. Daish is such an organisation which has come into existence to weaken Islamic forces, to create unrest and doubts among Muslims, to project a bad image of Islam in the world and spread hatred against Islam which is heavenly and divine revelation for the good of mankind. This undoubtedly is a danger for humanity and a cause for the decline of the Muslim Ummah. Hence, such organisations are terrorist and worth condemnation, and helping them or cooperating with them in any way is haram [unlawful] from the Shariat point of view. It is the religious and moral duty of sane people from the Muslim Ummah to warn the world against the dangers of these organisations and try to prevent Muslim youth from helping and cooperating with them in any material or spiritual way. (Full text of the fatwa in Urdu translated by the MG staff)