Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor



Our minority community newspaper is continuing its publication as usual to show the world the suppression and discrimination inflicted on our society by the fundamentalist forces. I pray to the Almighty Allah that members of our community and the well-wishers interested in your noble cause of serving the society may come forward in lending their helping hands by rendering their financial support for its non-stop publication. Ameen.

P. E. A. Abdul Rasheed, Chennai - 600001 (T. N.)


Madrasas in Madhya Pradesh

In your recent issue about the Madrasas in Madhya Pradesh providing education to Hindu students, it has been mentioned that there are many Madrasas in MP’s Mandasore district where Muslim and Hindu receive education about Hinduism, in addition to Islamic education, like Hinduism’s Solah Sanskaars, Gita Saar and Gayetri mantra 120 Madrasas are being run under the auspices of Nada Khwateen Mandal, some of which are named as Gurjkul Vidyapeeth, Gayan Saagr, Sant Ravi Das, Angel, Jain Vardhman etc. Some of them receive government assistance. In Mandasore there are 250 Madrasas with 15000 students of which 50% are Hindus. From the write-up it is not clear whether the Milli Gazette approves the system followed in these Madrasa beyond occasionally take Hindu students to follow the common course of the Madrasa or to devise a special to suit Hindu students which also implies giving instruction to Muslim students in Hindu religious rites. This needs to be clarified.

Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP, New Delhi


Peace & tranquillity

Can peace and tranquillity ever be attained so long as self-worshippers and worship the same person when out of power?!

Sultan A. Patel, Amod, Gujarat


Dark period of Indian democracy

It is incontrovertible to say that the Law and Order situation in India appeared to have been gone out of hand after the May, 2014. the visible facts are as such that the Indian Penal code and Criminal Procedure Code have been shelvedin favour of Hindutva forces altogether but the same is applicable in case of members of Muslim minority even for minor reasons or no reason. What had happened on the occasion of golden jublee programme of Vishwa Hindu Parishad at Lakhimpur (U. P.) fully support my submission above. The speakers like Sadhuvi Parchi, Yogi Adityanath, swmi Omji, Mohan Bhagwat and others went on rampant inclusively against Muslims with abusive language, threatenings to gearup all sorts of anti-Muslim activities for which non has power to control them as they are Hindu and the country belong to them. On the other hand Samajwadi Party Government and Law enforcing machinery of the Party remained simply road side dumb spectators as if it is non of their business to maintain law and order situation or the hooliganism if created by Hindutva elements as the country belongs to them and the Muslims are not wanted here. The filthy speeches did not remain confine upto Muslims only as one of the speaker Swami Omju publicly admitted hat we have already killed Mahatma Gandhi and if required we will treat Mr. Arvind Kejrival the chief of Aam Party and present C. M. of New-Delhi in the same way. The fellow also denied any role of Mahatma Gandhi in Freedom Movement at all. Still such unhealthy utterances do not come under the provision of Indian Constitution which clearly shows that we are passing through a darken period of Indian Democracy.

Bushra Tarannum Khwaja, Nagpur


True Muslimah

That Muslim women having extra-ordinary Faith even in our time also, can be found, was told to me by a villager gentleman who had observed a Muslimah using one hand to crush grain in stone ‘chakki,’ another to hold holy Qur’an for Tilawat and her foot toe to swing the cradle of her baby! Allaahuakbar.

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110



It is shocking that neither during the election campaign of Delhi assembly elections nor on the occasion of swearing ceremony Mr. Kejriwal the Aam Admi party chief has not condemned communalism which is the gravest menace not only to Indian secular democracy but to the very existence of the country. Over and above all this he has not uttered a single word against the RSS plan of converting Indiainto a Hindi country and establishing a Hindu state and the Modi government for implementing this plan and against the highly inflammatory anti Muslim speeches of BHP and BJP leaders and their programmes of Ghar Wapsi and love Jihad programmes. This confirms the suspicion that he not opposed to Hindutva or communalism.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


AAP under the Leadership of Mr. Arvind Kejrival has scripted the new Chapter in Indian Political World by testing record breaking victory with landslide majority He has proved that the elections could be fought and won in the democratic countries like India as done by AAP whereas parties like BJP and Old horse Indian National Congress under the leadership or Amit Shah and patronaged by P. M. Narndra Madi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and hundreds of Hindutva elements of all size and level and headless respectively both with their open and hidden communal ideology forced to bite dust. The BJP under the Leadership of Amit Shah in association of RSS and with full co-operation of all Hindutva forces going comfortably against Muslims with its mission of extermination with Law at its disposal. Thus within short span of time (eight months) the Hindutva elements right from an illiterate Sadhu to top ordure sants and saffron brigade are continued fastening noose around helpless, unprotected and unsaved minority Community. With conception of Hindi, Hindu and Hindu Rashtra any Tom, Dick and Harry under the coverage of safranin guise taking himself the undisputed king or ruler of the Country or the Hindu Rashtra where only the Brahminical hereditary monarchy is to be prevailed. Now the time is ripe for the the BJP review its policies against Muslims and other minorities immediately or in lieu of be ready to face more humiliation like Congress in near future as people can not be fooled all the time on the line of religious division.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Indeed beyond expectation AAP got great salutation People do have brain To sweep away chaff from grain If egotists do not become humble They must be ready to tumble

S. Akhtar, Amod , Gujarat


Modi Temple

According to Hindu mythology, it is highly improper to worship living personalities like god. Even garlanding of photos of living personalities is not considered proper. Even BSP Chief Mayawati faced strong criticism on her having installed her statues. Media-reports indicate that some people have constructed ‘Modi Temple’ in honour of Prime Minister by stalling a statue of Narender Modi at a temple constructed on land given by village-panchayat for constructing a Hindu temple, anticipating some Union or state minister to inaugurate it. Prime Minister should take note of it and persuade his followers to any such temple to prevent his image being spoilt amongst members of public.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi


Michelle Obama-Be civilised Please

Ultimately, immatured and a childish statement made by Tasleema Nasreen, a Bangladeshi fugitive found praising Mrs. Michelle Obama for not wearing a veil while on Saudi Arabian soil which is compulsory & must be used as per the tradition of that country. What the Bangladeshi droped-out called a rigid repressive rule of wearing veil, is actually the customary attachment and love of the people there with their cultural & social way of life which cannot be understood by the tired lady, till she changed her mindset. The FIRST LADY of US Mrs. Michelle Obama was expected to show all respect, whole hearted compromise, affection & love for the Saudi custom as per her tower like status & dignity which she failed to exhibit for unknown reasons. By not using veil Mrs. Obama has shown her sense of mentality towards other culture. In the same way praising someone for such irresponsible, unethical acts, shows the moral bankruptcy & mental sickness of the supporter is clearly evident.

Bushra Khwaja,  Nagpur


Teesta Setalvad

Teesta and her husband Javed have sacrificed the last thirteen years in the cause of justice for the victims of Gujarat. We the victims are ever deeply indebted to both. It is sickening that the case was filed by her own right hand man Rais Khan, who turned against her and joined hands with Modi. The thought of Teesta spending time in jail is too horrifying to think of. The Modi collaborators from Sareshwala downwards are having a merry time. Is this not a repeat of Imam Hussain at Karbala?

J. S. Bandukwala


Better Alliance Than Merger

The news is roaming that Samajwadi Party, Janta Dal and Rashtriya Janta Dal are going to merge. But the past experience shows that merger of the parties are not practical for instance the example of Janta Party in mid seventies was not successful. the mania of supremacy will lead to bifurcation. Instead of merger the option of alliance is much practical. In this option like minded parties as Congress, Trinmul Congress, C.P.I., C.P.M., A.A.P., M.I.M., Indian National League may come closer to fight fascist forces and to defend democracy and secularism. In this way a broad band and strong opposition may be formed, on the basis of common minimum programme. Which is the need of the hour for their survival and to safeguard secularism and democracy in this country.

Dr. S. R. Khan, Human Welfare Academy, Aliganj, Lucknow


Ta’leem, Tanzeem and Tejarat

The first word revealed in the Holy Qur’an was “Iqra”, i.e., Ta’leem  (Read). An important Hadith ordains the Ummah to hold fast the rope of Allah, i.e., to unite, i. e., Tanzeem. The Last Prophet (pbuh) liked business (Tejarat). Milli Gazette has appreciated the three words “Ta’leem, Tanzeem, and Tejarat” as the agenda to regain the lost glory and made it agenda of Ummah. ETV (Urdu) at 8-30 pm on 31 Jan 2015 in “Adhoore Khawab” programme highlighted the word “Ta’leem, Tanzeem and Tejarat” but Muslims are yet to focus on this agenda and the result si that the Ummah is reeling under extreme poverty and we are persecuted easily.            S. Haque, Patna


Minority representation in the Indian Forces

I draw your attention to the write-up on Minority representation in the Indian Forces by Mr. Jawed Akhter. In your latest issue what he has missed is the essential point that on one hand the total Minority representation is much below the proportion in the national population. What is the word ‘Minority’ is that the mask to cover the absolute under-representation of the Muslims in the Armed Forces because the Muslim constitutes about 15% of the population while Sikh and Christian constitute about 2% each but under the term minority much higher proportion of the recruitment reserved for the Sikh and the some extent to Christian. It is suggested that the disparity in the population of religious minority and their representation in the Armed Forces should be brought to the notice of the central government for remedial action. The recruitment should be made by holding recruitment rallies in districts of Muslim concentration as well as through national advertising for all minorities.

Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP, New Delhi


India, today

In one place a labouring woman is not permitted to breast feed her baby, who dies. In another place, thousands of gallons of milk are poured on a divinity of stone or metal. There is money to construct monstrous statues of dead people but no money to keep the living well fed and in good health. Who gains from these hollow symbols of fake grandeur?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar-1, Delhi 110091


Modi’s promises

The last nine months of Modi government simply went in praising and applauding themselves by singing their own tune for good governance and Acche Din. Right from carrying out the so called Clean India Campaign to similar other initiatives, nothing really tangible was seen by the government rather than the PM parading with his expensive suit with his name knitted over it. Though the Modi wave was able to secure the party in a couple of states election, however, the biggest blow came when the party lost miserably in Delhi. The Delhi elections, which employed one of the best resources of BJP in terms of money, power and people simply turned sour for the party and particularly to Mr. Modi himself. Their arrogance and tall claims simply gave nothing to the BJP particularly to Mr Modi and his right hand - Mr Amit Shah. They didn’t have the grace to accept their defeat in BJP and were seen with irrational justifications and voices. Interestingly, out of blue Mr. Modi came out with an idea of auctioning his gifts, which he has received so far while being in power. The suit, which created furore in the media got the highest bid of 1.25 crore by one Gujarati businessmen. However, amidst all these exercises, this appeared nothing but a damage control program being carried out by Mr. Modi itself. The last nine months of power has simply shown that the dream of Acche Din aired by Mr. Modi is nothing but farce and eye wash.

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Nagpur


Self introspection is necessary for us

The question is as to what wrong the US president Mr. Barak Obama committed. The answer is very simple: he has shown mirror to our country with regard to the religious intolerance for which we need self introspection not crying foul.

Bushra Tarannum

Tit for tat

Notwithstanding, Nature has bestowed and decorated human being with power of expression, speech and talking freely but its twisting and misuse is restricted if found injurious and inverted in the case of human society. Now the question is, have I a freedom to insult, pass dirty remarks, mocking, cracking filthy jocks against any person irrespective of his status, position, reputation under the fabric of freedom of expression or through available media, sketching, drawing, action as per my whim and wit or anyone has a right to demonstrate in scowling way against some one with sole intention of throwing mud, the answer is certainly not at all, however, the Western nations have formulated different standards of freedom of expression/speech for them and for others as slightest provocation against them amounts to be a misuse of freedom of expression whereas expression clearly found subject of humiliation, allegations, ill-motivated nefarious designed acts committed deliberately and maliciously against the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), mockery of the Qur’an, Islamic teachings not covered under the provision of restricted or disciplined exhibition of expression, really wonderful.

Faheemudin, Nagpur


Facts versus allegation and accusations

One wished that distinguished and eminent jurist-cum-author Mr. A. G. Noorani’s recent book Destruction of Babri Masjid : A National Disaster would have thrown more light on this national disaster and exposed the nasty tactics of those responsible for this national tragedy and could not have ignored facts. Indira Gandhi has been accused of striking a deal with Vishwa Hindu Parishad for constructing Ram Mandir on Babri Masjid site. But this could not be implemented on account of her assassination . But no proof has been given about this deal. It has also been stated that VHP had actually decided to drop this plan, but Rajiv Gandhi revived this deal. But before doing so he wanted to please Muslim so his Muslim loyalist made the Shahbano case an issue and Rajiv Gandhi got Muslim divorcee women bill passed by the Parliament. But this is mere accusation and quite against facts. The fact is that the Shahbano case judgment was quite against Islamic laws and amounted to an intervention in Muslim personal law. So a delegation of All India Muslim Personal Law Board delegation under the leadership of Maulana AIi Mian met Rajiv Gandhi and asked him that a law based on the rights given by Islam to divorcee Muslim women be passed by Parliament and the same demand was put before Rajiv Gandhi by a delegation of Muslim MP’s under the leadership of Maulana Asad Madni and writer who was at that time a member of Rajya Sabha was also in this delegation, so on this account Rajiv Gandhi got Muslim divorcee bill passed by the parliament. One wished that Mr. Noorani would not have ignored facts.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi-110091


Indo-Israel ties

Back to back meeting of India-Israel official present the Modi laid government foremost agenda to strengthening the ties with the jews nation. Its not a maiden instance when saffrionist government marching to escalating the ties with previous rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also a golden period of India Israel relation P. M extra heed to his Israel fellow during united nation general assembly ,home minister Rajnath Sing visit and the arrival of Israel foreign minister can be referred as a both nation desire to consolidating the bilateral ties .The RSS love for Israel is completely visible probably there mind stand behind bringing both nation in to a same platform .There alignment with jews nation is also a very much fond for them because both share a same ideology and almost same pattern of life All such action disappoint the entire nation because India share a long history of advocating the philistine rights and disavowing the Israel as nation .our endorsement for philistine as much as resemble that many country’s had started to count as Arab nation and this trend remain alive till 1991 but even after 1991 ties was limited and had very least contacts with each other

Syed Kamran Ali, Rampur, U P


NIA, too, is against injustices to Muslims

Delhi Police propagated and media blew up the arrest of Liaqat Shah as a “dreaded terrorist”. The case was later handed over to NIA. After deep investigation, it gave clean chit to Liaqat Shah and exposed Delhi Police’s dirty modus operandi applied to implicated Liaqat Shah. NIA has the authority to sue erring police official but instead of filing a case against those erring police officials who conspired to implicate Liaqat Shah, NIA referred the case to Delhi Police Special Cell for departmental action against five Delhi police officials. NIA should have taken stern action against the fice Delhi erring police officials. Department inquiry is mere eyewash.

S. Haque, Patna