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Rewriting History! Mahatma Jyotiba Phule is Modi's Father?

Bijapur (Karnataka): Recently an Urdu teacher sent me a photo supposed to be of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and asked me if it was really him? He said he was giving History lessons to the VIIth standard when the students saw the image in their Social Science textbook and asked if it was Narendra Modi's father. The teacher was surprised to notice the striking similarity. He searched for original images of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and found that there was no resemblance between Phule and Modi.


The textbook is published by the Govt of Karnataka. This book in Urdu has a long list of credits extending into four pages in a big font size with names in bold and coloured.  

None of all these people could spot this error? It is funny how incapable people acquire high posts in our Government offices, especially our educational departments. They draw huge salaries, take credit for every darn thing, never miss an opportunity to get their names on the cover pages and hoardings but yet they commit such blunders that they make a laughing stock out of themselves and embarrass the government.

It is also true that most government servants are actual slaves of the who ever is running the government. So these days, some of them actually behave like Bhakts and try to insert Modi into every everything.

How did that sketch of Modi reach the book? Perhaps it is the government’s irresponsible approach towards Urdu. The book designer may not be knowing Urdu, but how could the whole team of editors and contributors not catch this mistake? Can not we find a team who could properly edit and review the text books that are supposed to shape the minds of our future generation? They cannot even find Urdu knowing artists to make sure the students are presented with correct images of our great personalities.

Will the long list of reviewing committee, higher committee, editors, artists take responsibility for the blunder that is committed? Or will they just pass the buck to some one down the order? What are they actually getting paid for? Why do they acquire positions they do not deserve? Why do they take up jobs they do not know anything about?

Does any one among them even know Urdu? Their apathy towards Urdu and their "no stone unturned" efforts to make it die is no hidden secret. Yet they want to make a future out of it by drawing huge salaries.

Why was such a non-deserving lot appointed in the first place? Will the government replace these illiterate with learned and deserving Urdu knowing ones? Or will the apathy towards Urdu continue.