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Muslim education is a must for India’s growth: AFMI

Ahmedabad: India cannot achieve progress, prosperity, growth and development without the involvement and contribution of educated Muslim community was the core message of American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) convention which was held in Ahmedabad during 25-26 December.

This was AFMI’s first international conference in Ahmedabad. 18 such conferences have already been organized in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur Patna and Kolkata.

AFMI awardees 2010
AFMI awardees 2010

Literacy level of Muslims in India must be 100 percent if India has to achieve complete literacy. AFMI is dedicated to this noble cause and has been doing lots of activities in the field of education among Muslims in India. Past two decades have seen a lot of improvement in the education level of Indian Muslims said Dr. A.S. Nakadar, trustee and founder of AFMI.

During the deliberations of the two-day international convention of AFMI here, Dr. Nakadar said that encouraged by the progress in this field, AFMI was now more committed towards the cause of education among Muslims in India. He said that in the first function to give awards to meritorious students the best students had on average 78 per cent marks and now there are students with 99 per cent marks. He said that girls were doing better than boys. This time 75 per cent students getting awards from AFMI are girls. Every year, AFMI gives medals to students of class X and class XII. Initially, it started with four states and now students of 21 states receive medals. Besides medals, AFMI also funds educational institutions and helps students go for higher studies in India and abroad.

Dr Aslam Abdullah, another trustee, said that about 35,000 students and 160 educational institutions have benefited so far through assistance and scholarships provided by AFMI. About Rs 22 lakh had been disbursed as need-based and merit scholarships last year.

He said a lot of misunderstanding prevailed about the education system in madrasas, in which only four percent Muslim students in the country were enrolled and others join other formal education centres. AFMI was now giving emphasis to imparting technical education to Muslim children.

Abdullah added that the fault did not lie on the madrasas and the syllabus taught there if a madrasa alumnus gets strayed and indulges in violence. “Would you blame the syllabus of the Harvard University if one of its students kills 30 students in the campus and is it justifiable to shut down the educational institution merely because one of its students indulged in violence?” he asked, saying the madrasas had always played a role in building better citizens and human beings.

Every year AFMI holds two conventions, one in USA and the other in India. For the first time, AFMI held its convention in Ahmedabad. tentatively the next convention will be held in Ranchi.

To a thunderous applause, AFMI’s Sir Syed Award-2010 for contribution to the education of Indian Muslims was presented to MP Maulana Asrarul Haq Qasmi.from Kishanganj in Bihar who is running a number of educational institutions, said lack of infrastructure like schools and training institutions and general poverty in the community came as a major obstruction.

The convention was inaugurated by Gujarat Governor Dr. Kamla. Union Minister of law and Justice Mr. Virappa Moily, was present. Moreover, Justice Rajinder Sachar, Maulana Asrarul-Haq Qasmi (MP),Mrs. Ruchira Ghosh, Shafi Lokhandwala, Vipin Tripathi and numerous scholars from India and abroad shared their views.


List of top medalists who were awarded in the Ahmedabad convention

Std 10th - 2010

1.    Afshan Tabassum Saiyed D/o Saiyed Yusuf, Maharashtra, Pusad 99.09%
2.    S. Jasmin Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli 99.00%
3.    Uruj Fatima New Delhi, Jamia Nagar 95.00%
4.    Maaz Ahmed, S/o. Mumtaz Ahmed Jharkhand, Ranchi 95.00%
5.    Faizan Ahmed, S/o Md. Maqsood Jharkhand, Ranchi 95.00%
6.    Shahana Mol M.S., D/o M.A. Salim Kerala, Perumbavoor 95.00%
7.    Aisha Siddiqui, D/o. Imad Siddiqui Madhya Pradesh, Satna 95.00%
8.    Areeb Abdur Rahman Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh 95.00%
9.    Tanvir Ali Khan, S/o. Liyakat Ali Khan Karnataka, Ramnagara 94.56%
10.    Momin Seema Mohd. Said Gujarat, Ahmedabad 94.92%

Std 12th  - 2010
1.    Mohammed Afzal Tamilnadu, Coimbature 97.91%
2.    Amber Afshan, D/o. Syed Zabiulla Karnataka, Belur 96.83%
3.    Vali Abdulhussain Ali Asghar Maharashtra, Nagpur 96.17%
4.    Faraz Khair S/o. Sahidul Khair Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh 96.16%
5.    Farooqui Md. Abusaad Md. Yunusuddin Maharashtra, Nanded 95.60%